The Maknae Has to Be an Idol – Chapter 71

Chapter 71

This is bad. I hadnt expected Only Ones image to be portrayed like this. Of course, the editing wasnt as blatant as it was in Select Your Idol because The Showcase wasnt a hyper-drama-focused program. Yet, the viewers watching the show wouldve clearly caught the storyline.

They made Only One act like the kingfish in a small pond. At best, Only One showed a carefree and leisurely attitude toward the upcoming performance, and at worst, they looked like arrogant snobs who thought they already made it big. I didnt know if things were going to change later since the episode hadnt ended yet, but right now, the mood of my surroundings was dreary.

What a mess, I thought.



Let me go to the restroom a bit

The other members warily glanced at Only One.



Why did theywith that scene

Meanwhile, the Only One members continued to stare at the screen as if they were in disbelief. Park Young-Hos eyes looked especially teary, like he was going to cry any moment. He looked angry and regretful. Though I didnt do anything wrong, I wanted to apologize to him. And because of the guilt that was rising inside me, I had to avert my eyesto only see Kang Hyun-Sung in another spot. There was no safe haven to run away to. Thus, I moved my eyes away from Kang Hyun-Sung and simply stared at the screen.


Then, I heard someone drag the chair from somewhere. Kang Hyun-Sung was dragging his chair towards me. I thought he was going to crack the beam projector with his chair, but instead, he moved his chair beside me.

? I wondered what he was doing, but he asked, What do you think about the episode?

What was this? Was this some kind of high-pressure interview? I didnt know what he wanted to hear from me, and I thought things could go really wrong if I said the wrong answer. Of course, since the producers took back their cameras the moment our practice ended, there was no way what I said now would come out on the show.

Wow, look at his eyes. Kang Hyun-Sung looked like he wouldnt leave me alone until I answered. Of course, I didnt think he would really attack me or anything like that but perhaps, he would do everything besides that.

Why only me? I thought regretfully, knowing that I did nothing wrong.

What do you want to hear? I asked honestly.

Theres no answer I want to hear. Im just asking for your opinion.

Why was he asking me such an uncomfortable question? Did he want to see me struggle with a difficult question because he was in a bad mood? This was like the way bullies from high school talked to their victims, asking a question with a pre-determined answer. Anyway, I was in a crisis.

I was quite taken aback by the editing direction of episode 2, I finally said. Yet, I knew I could overcome it and said my honest thoughts. I didnt expect the producers to edit you guys like that.

But simultaneously, I didnt think this editing was all bad news for Only One. Though it was disappointing for me as a fellow competitor, the second episode felt like a build-up for episode 4 that would come out the week after next week.

Thus, I said, But wont things turn around by episode four? Since you guys won first place by yourselves in the second round, the fourth episode would be edited to put your team in the center. Then, I think the story that had been going against you would turn in your favor again.

Since episode three was the mini-game, it was an exception, and I expected the shows storyline to change in favor of Only One on episode 4 again. That meant the producers were drawing up a big, dramatic picture for Only One to rise again. Of course, this could all be my delusion.

I see, Kang Hyun-Sung said. But it didnt seem I was the only one who thought this. Kang Hyun-Sung appeared quite satisfied with my answer. He smiled faintly like a company CEO.

Thank you, Kang Hyun-Sung said while tapping my shoulder and getting up. It was ridiculous that he got up like some seasoned businessman and went back to where the other Only One members sat. I still wondered why he asked me a question like that. Perhaps, this was what he felt when I abruptly appeared at the prayer room while he was experiencing a burn-out.

What if the system is also ordering him too? I wondered and decided to quit my useless delusions. Ah, whatever.

I waved my thoughts away because it was too ridiculous. I sighed inside my mind and looked at the screen again. The show progressed until it was already the end of the performances. I picked up my phone.

I think I can check the responses now at this point. After calming my mind down in preparation, I quickly looked through social media sites and community forums to check the responses to episode 2.


While The Showcase

Ah quickly show us the video

I look forward to seeing all their performances

I love seeing pretty guys cry

Even those who werent fans of the groups had high expectations for the show. When the show started, the first responses were all about how Siren placed last. As soon as the announcement that they became last place was made, there was a close-up shot of the Siren members faces.

Yeon-Hoon is about to cry.

This is freaking annoying.

No way this is real!!

They were all angry comments that Siren placed last. Of course, there were also those who jumped at the opportunity to drag Siren down.

Hahahaha You idiots who keep hyping up Siren to the heavens deserve it

Yeah~ They dont even have the skills to pose a threat~

Hahaha. Those sea fairy or whatevers performance was so stupid that they came last place

Though there were some mocking comments, they soon disappeared without much support. It was because even other fandoms knew that Siren got last place because the other groups were keeping them in check and not because of their actual skills. The next scene was the hosts announcing the content of the first-round mission.

Singing with colors?

The hell, is this some kind of children's show?

Hahahaha. The Color of Showcase? The way they keep using English randomly like this is funny.

Most of them insulted the producers and the situation that followed afterwards.

At this point, Sirens are getting outcasted by other groups.

Are they seriously giving blue to guys who just wore sailor uniforms??? Whats up with them?

Look at how they also gave black to Bleshu haha. Thats hilarious, jk. Im seriously upset.

The color selection scene clearly showed the rivalry between different groups. However, before the conversation became overheated, surprising information was revealed.

victory0505 is Kang Do-Seung?

What does that mean???

Did he compose a song and say it wasnt him??

What, why Do-Seung? Others are dying to spread their work, so why?

It was revealed that Do-Seung was the composer behind Sailing.

So, Bong Tae-Yoon wrote the lyrics and Kang Do-Seung composed the melody?

Yup, its kind of complicated but its true.

So, the song is completely self-produced.

I heard Lee Woon also did the choreography.

Reply: Tell me, why in the world are Sirens supposed to be doomed idols?

Reply: You took the words out of my mouth

Reply: WD Entertainment is truly amazing for not having debuted guys like this

With this, it was revealed that Sirens performance was entirely made by the group members: Tae-Yoon with the lyrics, Woon with the choreography, and Do-Seung with the song. It was already surprising that a pre-debut team showcased a similar performance quality as Only One, so people were further surprised that the group members had also self-produced their song.

Our black catis actually a genius?

Picked up a stray cat and it was actually a genius composer

Black cat seemed to be the nickname some Do-Seung stans started to call him, and now they were trying to push the genius cat image on him. However, from this point on, the shows mood turned a bit strange.

Huh? Whats with Sirens stage order?

Are you serious? They are going third? Thats such a bad spot.

Just please leave Siren alone.

Sirens, who seemed to be receiving setbacks from the beginning, also got a poor stage order. And because of this, negative comments about Only One began to pour out.

It was already so ridiculous that Only One got first place in the introductory performance. They must realize how bad they look trying to stomp down Siren, right?

Damn it. Its too much seeing the Only One guys keep smirking. Do they think they are first-tier idols or something?

Someone, please tell Hyun-Sung to quit being so arrogantVIssT n0(v)eL/b(i)(n). for the best novel reading experience

Hyun-Sang, you think you are all that?

Did Only One guys come out here to just watch?

Im getting sick of all the members of Only One. They are all getting too haughty.

Though these were responses coming from those who already hated Only One rather than the general public, they could be commonly sighted in social media feeds. Since the show provided content to hate on, people who already hated Only One began to rise to the surface. Of course, Only Ones fans didnt back down from these comments.

Damn it. Producer idiots, get back your senses.

Our guys are the ones who are making this show famous. This is too much.

Anyone can see that this is some evil editing. How can people judge their characters based on this?

People whove always dragged down Only One are having a field day.

These responses died down a bit when Sirens performance began to start. At this point, comments about Siren flooded the community forums and social media feeds so that they blanketed even the negative comments about Only One.

Did you see Sirens performance?

I literally screamed from my chair.

Whaaat? Its seriously amazing!!

I cant believe Do-Seung composed this song, Tae-Yoon wrote the lyrics, Woon made the choreography, Yeon-Hoon sang the high note, and Dong-Jun is just cute.

Wow, this is seriously a legend.

How the heck are these guys doomed idols?

The responses that had been dying down because of the stages that came before were heating up again after seeing Siren.

I truly love Siren

Look at these guys

Everyone, look at our cute, squishy peach, Yeon-Hoon

Our black cat is dominating the stage

This part kills me (BongTaeYoonsEnding.jpg)

How is Dong-Jun not a real puppy? (ParkDong-JunSmiling.jpg)

I have been replaying this part of Woon erasing the red paint on his lips

Reply: Yeah that part is gold

Is everyone seeing this? (LeeWoonErasingLipPaint.jpg)

Reply: Ah I love you Woon

Reply: Woon looks like a cute rabbit but is so sexy at the same time

Peoples comments poured in, and Siren fans took this opportunity to recruit more members into their fandom; and the part that got the biggest response was the scene of Yeon-Hoon crying after being touched by the audiences cheer.

Is Yeon-Hoon crying?


No our cute peach is crying :(((

Im so sad :(

Look at Bong Tae-Yoon rushing to cover Yeon-Hoons face haha

It looks more like they are in a historical period because hes covering it with his overcoat

Everyone is gathering to comfort Yeon-Hoon. Im crying

How is Yeon-Hoon the oldest? Hes just a cute peach

Like that, Siren swept the viewers attention as the main characters of the first-round performances. Luminins performance startlingly had no responses from the crowd, and finally came Only Ones performance.


Did Park Young-Ho just make a mistake?

Damn, the dance is a mess.

Why are they dancing out of place??

In Only Ones performance, the editing repeatedly highlighted Park Young-Hos mistake. Only One looked like guys who messed up their performance after acting all prideful and arrogant.

Siren and Only One are both in the first place!

Thus, when the announcement that both Siren and Only One ranked first place was revealed, the comments exploded.

Damn it, those bastards.

This is crossing the line.

This is way too much!

Chapter end

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