The Grand Secretary's Pampered Wife – Chapter 343.2: Father and Son

Chapter 343.2: Father and Son

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Eunuch Wei nodded and brought Eunuch He to the imperial study under the cover of night.

Eunuch He saluted the Emperor and said, "This servant pays respect to Your Majesty."

The Emperor asked in a deep voice, "How is the thing Zhen asked you to investigate going?"

He was referring to the incident where Imperial Concubine Dowager Jing was attacked in the imperial garden.

Eunuch He answered, "We haven't found any major leads yet. We only found out that the assassin must have infiltrated the imperial palace from around the Cold Palace, where the defense is relatively weak. This servant suspects that the assassin had accomplices who diverted the Dragon Shadow Guard's attention while they attacked Imperial Concubine Dowager Jing."

Unfortunately, the Dragon Shadow Guards were death warriors who only obeyed orders and never communicated with anyone, so Eunuch He didn't bother interrogating them.

The Emperor also knew the unique nature of the Dragon Shadow Guards and didn't blame Eunuch He for his lack of progress.

He was just curious about how someone could divert the Dragon Shadow Guard's attention.

The Dragon Shadow Guards were different from ordinary dark guards who would abandon their masters at the slightest disturbance.

Unless Imperial Concubine Dowager Jing ordered them to pursue the other party, which she didn't.

The Emperor couldn't figure it out, just who had the ability to lure away the Dragon Shadow Guards?

Furthermore, Eunuch He searched the entire palace but found no trace of any body or any bloodstain, which meant that after the Dragon Shadow Guards were lured away, either they didn't meet that person or they did, but didn't engage in combat.

It was impossible not to meet the other party, as the Dragon Shadow Guards would never fail to catch up to their target.

But why didn't they engage in combat?

The Dragon Shadow Guards wouldn't easily attack someone who was defenseless. This was probably an order set by the late Emperor to prevent them from killing innocent civilians by mistake.

Could it be that the person who lured them away had no martial arts skills?

But if that were the case, how could they have managed to lure the Dragon Shadow Guards away?

The Emperors head spun from too much thinking.

Just as he was wracking his brains over this matter, a eunuch from the Kunning Palace rushed in with an urgent report, "Your Majesty! Not good! Something has happened to the Seventh Prince!"

The Emperor immediately left his official duties and went to the Kunning Palace of Empress Xiao.

Empress Xiao sent for the imperial physician while relaying the news to the Emperor. The imperial physician and the Emperor arrived at the same time, and the imperial physician hurriedly walked into Qin Chuyu's bedchamber with his medical box, not even stopping to salute the Emperor.

On the spacious and soft bed, Qin Chuyu clutched his chubby belly while writhing in pain, "Mother It hurts It hurts to death!"

Empress Xiao was deeply distressed as she sat by his bed, trying to pull him into her arms.

But Qin Chuyu was in too much pain; he couldn't stay in her embrace.

The imperial physician hurried over, set down his medical box, and knelt by the bed to take Qin Chuyu's pulse. Eunuch Su and another strong nanny held him down to prevent him from moving.

Empress Xiao was so anxious that her eyes turned red, "Imperial physician! What's wrong with the Seventh Prince?"

The physician bowed respectfully, "Your Majesty, this one has to finish my examination before I can tell you his condition."

"Then hurry up and examine him!" Empress Xiao urged.

The imperial physician was already in the middle of his examination, but he still respectfully responded, "Yes, Your Majesty!"

The Emperor walked in with a solemn expression, "What happened to Little Seven?"

"Your Majesty!" Empress Xiao threw herself into his arms, tears streaming down her face and falling onto the back of his hand.

Empress Xiao, who had always maintained her identity as the mother of the country, had never lost her composure in front of the Emperor. But at this moment, she broke down in tears like any ordinary woman and mother.

It was only at this moment that the Emperor realized that the Empress was also an ordinary woman, and an ordinary mother.

The Emperors heart softened. He patted her shoulder and said, "Don't cry, tell me what happened?"

Empress Xiao choked with sobs, "This Empress doesn't know what happened. Little Seven was fine when he came back, but suddenly he held his stomach and said it hurts..."

The Emperor asked, "What did he eat for dinner tonight?"

"He, he ate at Renshou Palace..." Empress Xiao wiped her tears with a handkerchief and called sternly, "Little Dezi!"

Little Dezi dragged his injured body into the room.

Obviously, Eunuch Su punished him just now.

He knelt down to kowtow to the Emperor and Empress, This lowly servant pays his respects to His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress.

Empress Xiao asked in a cold voice, "Answer honestly, did the Seventh Prince eat anything strange at Renshou Palace?"

"Something strange?" Little Dezi scratched his head. "It was all pretty strange. The noodles and buns were shaped like pigs and fishes, I've never seen food like that before..."

The Emperor understood. Those were the unique snacks that Little Jing Kong ate at Bishui Alley. "Anything else?"

"Just some regular dishes." Little Dezi reported the dishes on the table.

There was no problem, as they were all dishes that the Emperor and Empress would also eat on a regular basis.

Empress Xiao asked, "Did they give anything special to the Seventh Prince to eat separately?"

It wasnt surprising that Empress Xiao was so suspicious. The tragic fate of Xiao Heng was still fresh in her mind, and she didnt want her son to become the second victim of the Empress Dowager's poisoning.

"No." Little Dezi shook his head.

"Could they have fed him something separately but you didn't see it? Were you with the Seventh Prince the whole time?" Empress Xiao furrowed her brow.

"This..." Little Dezi lowered his head guiltily. He said in fear, "This servant, this servant went to the latrine."

"You!" Empress Xiao was so angry that she almost slapped him!

Meanwhile, after the imperial physician finished his diagnosis, he reported to the Emperor and Empress Xiao, "Your Majesty, Seventh Prince ate too much and upset his stomach, accompanied by bloating and abdominal pain. This one will give him some digestive pills later. Seventh Prince cannot eat like this again in the future, it is very harmful to his health."

Empress Xiao said furiously, "Your Majesty, did you hear that? Renshou Palace really has bad intentions!"

The Emperor already knew that Qin Chuyu was taken to Renshou Palace by Little Jing Kong, and Gu Jiao was also there. However, the Emperor didnt think that Gu Jiao would allow Qin Chuyu to eat excessively.

The imperial physician fed Qin Chuyu the digestive pills, and after releasing a few big farts, Qin Chuyu finally felt better.

He had heard the argument just now, and both his imperial father and mother thought that it was his imperial grandmother who had fed him like this.

In fact, it wasn't.

But if he told the truth, he would be punished.

His heart was in turmoil.

The old Qin Chuyu would never have confessed. After all, he was most afraid of being punished by his imperial father. In order to avoid punishment, he could lie shamelessly as a child!

But this time, he chose to confess.

He gritted his teeth, made up his mind, and said, "I didn't eat too much at Renshou Palace...I ate again after leaving Renshou Palace...Gu Jiao told me at Renshou Palace not to eat anymore But I...I couldn't resist..."

"What did you eat?" The Emperor asked. DiiScver w storis on no//e()/lbin(.)com

Qin Chuyu dared not look into his imperial father's eyes and hung his little head low, "I ate a few pieces of osmanthus cake... and drank a bowl of iced sour plum juice..."

Empress Xiao's eyes narrowed, "Who gave the Seventh Prince this food? This Empress has warned you all before, do not secretly give the Seventh Prince food! This Empress wants to see who dares to disobey my orders!"

Eunuch Su whispered, "Your Majesty, Kunning Palace didnt make any iced sour plum juice today."

Eunuch Wei cleared his throat and said to the Emperor, "Your Majesty, the Huaqing Palace has made it."

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