The Grand Secretary's Pampered Wife – Chapter 342.1: Gotten Closer

Chapter 342.1: Gotten Closer

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At night, Little Jing Kong wrote an emotional letter to his brother Ming'er, and then hung it around the neck of his falcon Little Nine before going to the east room with it. "JiaoJiao, I also have a falcon!"

He wanted Little Nine to deliver the letter to Ming'er.

Gu Jiao found it amusing and shook her head at him, "Little Nine has never been to the State of Liang and doesn't know the way. Besides, even if it knew, wouldn't the letter fly away if it's hung around its neck like that?"

How could kids be this amusing?

Little Nine was no longer a baby falcon but a real gyrfalcon. It didn't understand what its little master wanted it to do and its falcon eyes stared at him with a puzzled expression.

"Okay then." Little Jing Kong felt a little disappointed. After all, if he used a falcon which could fly very fast, brother Ming'er would receive his letter in two days!

"Can we send it as an 800 li urgent letter?"

He really hoped that brother Ming'er could receive his reply soon!

Gu Jiao looked at him and said, "Common people like us cannot send an 800 li urgent letter."

Little Jing Kong tilted his head, "But, but I sent one last time! When I sent a letter to my master, brother-in-law sent it as an 800 li urgent letter!"

This little guy was probably tricked by Xiao Liulang.

Well, she wouldn't expose him because he was her husband.

Gu Jiao said, "Brother Ming'er is not in the State of Zhao, and the 800 li urgent letter from the State of Zhao cannot reach the State of Liang."

Little Jing Kong hung his head down, "I see."

Seeing the little guy feeling low, Gu Jiao felt a little sorry and thought for a moment before saying, "Tomorrow, we can go to the palace to see Grandaunt and ask if she has sent any official letters to the State of Liang recently. Official letters are sent much faster than private letters. If there are any, we can send your letter with them."

"Okay!" Little Jing Kong was happy again!

The next day, after Little Jing Kong finished school at the Imperial Academy, Gu Jiao took him to the imperial palace.

Gu Xiaoshun and Gu Yan had to go to their craftsmanship class, so they didn't bring them along.

Little Jing Kong saw a red wax seal on the letter Ming'er sent him and asked Gu Xiaoshun to make one for him too.

Gu Xiaoshun carved a unique seal for him, dripped the burning red wax onto the envelope, and stamped it with the seal while it was still hot.

Not only that, Gu Xiaoshun also made an exquisite and practical wooden box to hold the letters for him.

Little Jing Kong took the wooden box and his gyrfalcon Little Nine along with him.

Little Nine had never been to the imperial palace before, so Little Jing Kong decided to take him to see the world. Plus, JiaoJiao said that Little Nine didn't know the way to the State of Liang, so he was thinking of sending Little Nine for a trip to the State of Liang so it could learn the way.

He wasnt afraid that Little Nine wouldnt be able to fly back.

Little Nine was a majestic gyrfalcon with beautiful and glossy feathers. With its wings spread open, it exuded the power to soar through the sky.

At first, the people at Renshou Palace were afraid of Little Nine, but after observing it for a while and realizing that it was really harmless, they became braver and started to feed it and pet it gently.

However, they didnt know if it was just their delusion but they couldn't help but notice that this falcon seemed a bit like a chicken.

Dont birds usually hop when they're on the ground? How come this falcon was swaggering around?

The court was recently sending letters to the State of Liang, which were all official correspondence, and Empress Dowager Zhuang had someone put Little Jing Kong's wooden box in with the accompanying letters, with a note that it was to be sent to the Yu Qinwang Estate.

After playing in Renshou Palace for a while, Little Nine flapped its wings and flew out.

Little Jing Kong ran out to look for it, and Eunuch Qin quickly sent two imperial experts to follow him.

Little Jing Kong ran all the way to the imperial garden, where Little Nine landed on the shoulder of a chubby boy.

The chubby boy was none other than Little Jing Kong's classmate, Qin Chuyu.

Qin Chuyu had missed several days of class because he had caught a cold and had been resting in Empress Xiao's Kunning Palace.

He often went to Gu Jiaos medical hall, and Little Jing Kong had taken Little Nine there with him a few times. Except for their first meeting when Little Nine almost ate his little bird, they had gotten along quite well after that.

"Brother Chu Yu! So Little Nine was looking for you!" Little Jing Kong ran over to him.

But Qin Chuyu didn't run over to him as excitedly as he used to. He hesitated for a moment, then turned his chubby back to him.

Little Jing Kong came up behind him and looked at him in surprise, "Brother Chu Yu, what's wrong with you?"

Qin Chuyu hung his head low and tried hard not to turn around. He already knew who Little Jing Kong was. Although he wasn't from the Zhuang Family, he called Empress Dowager Zhuang "Grandaunt" and had close ties to Renshou Palace.

Even though he was only eight years old, he vaguely understood that his grandmother, the Empress Dowager, didn't like him and his imperial father and mother, as well as his big brother the Crown Prince, and sister-in-law the Crown Princess.

He had never had anything to do with Renshou Palace.

Brothers were important, but so were his imperial father and mother.

He had parents before he had brothers, and he couldn't abandon his own parents for his brothers. He could only be sorry to Little Jing Kong.

But it really hurt! DiiScver w storis on no//e()/lbin(.)com

They were such good brothers!

They fought together, skipped classes together, collected protection fees together, and even snuck out everywhere together!

"Brother Chu Yu!" Little Jing Kong came around to his front. "Are you crying?"

"I'm not!" Qin Chuyu quickly wiped away his tears with his hand.

Little Jing Kong didn't understand where his little friend's sadness came from. He thought for a moment and said seriously, "I heard you were sick. Are you crying because you're not better yet? JiaoJiao is a very powerful physician. She's in the palace right now. I can take you to her and ask her to treat you!"

That isnt why I am crying! Qin Chuyu roared in his heart.

"Brother Chu Yu?" Little Jing Kong tilted his head and looked at him, his eyes showing a hint of worry.

The cute little guy was like a young animal, innocent and powerless. Qin Chuyu lost all resistance in an instant. He lowered his voice and said chokingly, "No...I can't go to Renshou Palace..."

I couldn't meet you anymore either.

We are destined to be a pair of unfortunate brothers!

In this life We can only live in each other's memories!

Little Jing Kong patted his small shoulder, saying. "It's fine, don't worry. JiaoJiao's medical skills are really amazing. She can definitely cure you."

He spoke and took Qin Chuyu's chubby little hand.

Qin Chuyu had originally intended to shake his hand off, but for some reason, his head spun and before he knew it, he was pulled into Renshou Palace.

Qin Chuyu had always been deeply afraid of Renshou Palace. He had never come here on his own, except for necessary greetings on holidays, but he was always with his imperial father and mother.

As he arrived at the entrance of Renshou Palace, Qin Chuyu suddenly came back to his senses and turned to run away. But Gu Jiao, who was coincidentally adjusting the swing in the courtyard of the main hall, saw the two little ones and greeted them, "Chu Yu is here, come in and play with Jing Kong."

"I don't..." Qin Chuyu opened his mouth to refuse, but then he saw the swing that was taller than a tree, and his attention was immediately drawn to it.

Having fun was a child's nature.

Moreover, Gu Jiaos presence here made him feel like he was simply back in the small courtyard of the medical hall.

As a matter of fact, the courtyard here had indeed been renovated and was reminiscent of both the house in Bishui Alley and the small courtyard of the medical hall.

Qin Chuyu walked in blankly.

The courtyard not only had a tall swing but also a novel and unique wooden horse and a slide embedded in a fake rockery, which were all designed by Gu Jiao.

Qin Chuyu was amazed.

"JiaoJiao, Chu Yu is sick. Can you treat him?" Little Jing Kong came to Gu Jiao and asked adorably.

"Alright." Gu Jiao beckoned to Qin Chuyu, "Come here."

Qin Chuyu walked over in a daze.

Gu Jiao touched his forehead and then took his pulse, "There's nothing wrong. You're doing well."

Little Jing Kong looked at Qin Chuyu happily and said, "Did you hear that? JiaoJiao says you're okay! You can relax now! Don't cry anymore in the future!"

"Go ahead and play." Gu Jiao smiled.

Playing was a child's nature, and regardless of how much Qin Chuyu feared Empress Dowager Zhuang in his mind, at this moment, with Gu Jiao and Little Jing Kong's company, he was just a happy little chubby boy!

The two of them played in the courtyard, sweating profusely.

At first, Qin Chuyu was a little restrained, but as he played, he became even more excited than Little Jing Kong. His laughter and screams filled the entire courtyard, and even the notorious little trumpet player couldn't outshout him!

In the study, Empress Dowager Zhuang who was reading a memorandum frowned.

This chubby kid was really noisy!

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