The Grand Secretary's Pampered Wife – Chapter 341.2: Gifted

Chapter 341.2: Gifted

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Childrens words were often not in vernacular when playing house and writing letters. The letter from Minger was the same, but Gu Jiao could understand the general message.

Ming'er, Yu Qinwang and Yu Qinwangfei had returned to the State of Liang three days ago. Afterwards, Ming'er started fulfilling his promise to write a letter to Little Jing Kong.

Ming'er sent the letter using the hunting falcon of the Yu Qinwang Estate, which was delivered to the imperial post station of the State of Zhao. That was why Little Jing Kong was able to receive Ming'er's letter so quickly.

The weather in the State of Liang was very hot. Ming'er wrote in the letter that it was so hot that he almost turned into a steamed bun. Because he was about to turn ten years old and was no longer a child, he needed to learn the etiquette that a Junwang should have. Therefore, he would be very busy in the coming days.

During the process of reporting to the ruler of the State of Liang, a major incident occurred the ruler of the State of Liang was dissatisfied with Yu Qinwang's unauthorized exchange of the colored glass technology with the State of Zhao, and almost punished Yu Qinwang for his offense.

From this, Gu Jiao could tell how much Yu Qinwang had compromised for Ming'er in the first place.

However, the letter also stated that the ruler of the State of Liang ultimately didn't punish Yu Qinwang, all because Ming'er presented the long-lost original music score "Zhao Ying" created by the legendary musician, Lord Yue Ying.

Lord Yue Ying was the top musician in the six states. He not only created the highest quality Fuxi guqin imitation the "Yue Ying Fuxi guqin", but also created the extraordinary masterpieces "Jing Hong" and "Zhao Ying" suitable for playing with Fuxi guqin and jade flute together.

"Jing Hong" was the first half of the music score, which had always been in the palace of the State of Liang. However, the second half of the music score, "Zhao Ying", had been lost.

Lord Yue Ying himself also disappeared from the State of Liang five years ago.

The ruler of the State of Liang was very fond of music and was also quite proficient in it. He recognized at a glance that it was the original manuscript of Lord Yue Ying, he was so excited that he couldn't speak for a while.

Because of the recovered music score of "Zhao Ying," the ruler of the State of Liang pardoned Yu Qinwang's fault.

Ming'er wrote in the letter that he didn't expect Little Jing Kong to give him such a precious gift.

Actually, it was something that Ming'er randomly picked himself.

Little Jing Kong originally gave Ming'er a gold ornament, but Ming'er thought it was too precious and couldn't accept it, so he just picked a piece of old paper that he thought was not valuable at all.

Perhaps this counted as an example of how not being greedy could sometimes lead to more rewards.

Ming'er strongly expressed his gratitude in the letter and told Little Jing Kong that he had also prepared a gift for him, which was on its way.

In addition, Ming'er asked how Little Jing Kong got that music score and whether he knew Lord Yue Ying.

Little Jing Kong shrugged and said, "I don't know him. Those are the things that my master didn't want!"

Gu Jiao felt her mouth twitch. Things his master didnt want?

Was that white-bearded old monk really so rich?

In a certain inn in a certain city in a certain country, a young and handsome monk with a teardrop mole under his right eye was drinking and eating meat when he mercilessly sneezed, "Ah-choo!"

The moonlight was as captivating as ever.

In the study of the East Palace, the Crown Princess was sitting on a cushion, focused on playing chess with herself.

The young palace maid by her side gently fanned her.

"En, I'm done." After making the final move, the Crown Princess breathed a sigh of relief and ordered, "You don't have to fan me anymore."

The weather wasn't as sultry after the rain.

"Understood." The young palace maid put away the fan.

The court lady stepped forward and asked, "Crown Princess, are you going to continue playing? Why dont you take a break and walk around? You've been playing chess for a long time."

"Hm, all right." The Crown Princess also felt that her body was stiff and sore.

She reached out her hand, and the court lady hurriedly helped her up and said to the young palace maid beside her, "Go get some snacks and brew some flower tea."

"Yes!" The young palace maid took her orders and left.

The Crown Princess walked to the bedside, and the slightly cool night breeze blew in gently through the window, carrying the fragrance of flowers throughout the courtyard, which made people feel refreshed and joyful.

The Crown Princess remained standing in front of the bed, staring dazedly at the flowers in the courtyard that had yet to bloom. When the young palace maid offered the snacks and tea she brought, she didn't take them.

The young palace maid looked at the court lady awkwardly.

The court lady took the tray from her and said in a low voice, "I'll do it. You can go."


The young palace maid left as she was told.

The court lady placed the tray on the table beside her and poured a cup of flower tea, handing it to the Crown Princess, "Crown Princess, have some tea."

The Crown Princess sighed and took a sip of the tea. The court lady asked, "Is something on your mind, Crown Princess?"

The Crown Princess looked into her cup and asked, "I wonder if the Emperor's letters to the five countries have been received?"

The court lady replied, "Is the Crown Princess talking about your success in solving the Kun Puzzle? The State of Chen, which is closest to us, should have received it first, followed by the States of Jin and Liang."

"What about the State of Yan?" The Crown Princess asked.

The court lady thought for a moment before saying, "The State of Yan...it's not the farthest in distance, the problem is that there are too many checkpoints, and there are a lot of areas that prevent us from passing through."

The State of Yan was the hegemon among the six states, firmly holding the position of the leading country. If they said someone couldn't pass through a certain place, then that person couldn't.

The court lady continued, "But it should arrive soon."

The Crown Princess's eyes flickered as she murmured, "I wonder if I could catch Old Master Meng's attention."

The court lady smilingly said, "The Crown Princess definitely can! You are the first person in the six states to solve the Kun Puzzle. How could Old Master Meng not be impressed by your talent?"

The Crown Princess muttered, "If only I could become Old Master Meng's disciple."

Then she would have the backing of the State of Yan.

A person would only deeply remember when they had been deeply hurt.

To this day, she still felt a thorn in her heart whenever she recalled her experience of visiting the State of Liang!

Back then, even though she had the best knowledge and talent, she had no chance to speak up. No one paid attention to her, and no one cared about her. In the State of Zhao, she shone like a brilliant pearl, but in the State of Liang, she was just a tiny grain of corn that fell into the sea.

They didn't care about her extraordinary talent, nor her stunning appearance.

They praised the unremarkable girls, calling them heavenly beauties with graceful manners, even though they couldn't walk with the same elegance as her.

In order to stand out in the State of Liang, she walked ten thousand steps a day, she practiced until her legs were sore and numb. She made sure that when she bowed, she was the most elegant and graceful one.

But who cared?

She could only watch on as those so-called princesses and high-born daughters of the upper countries answered the simplest questions and recited the most superficial poems, while she sat alone in the corner, feeling isolated.

Finally, when no one else could answer the questions, she thought her chance had come, but then she heard the princess of the State of Liang say, "That's it for today. Congratulations to Young Miss Murong, Young Miss Lin, and Young Miss Zhuge for being the top three at this banquet. This princess will reward you all generously!"

Top three?

How ridiculous.

She, who truly had the ability, had sat on the cold chair all night, while those who could only perform at such a low level had been rewarded.

Young Miss Zhuge, who had made it to the top three, was from the State of Qing, which was also a lower country. However, because she had a renowned teacher from an upper country, she had gained the favor of the princess of the State of Liang.

Old Master Meng actually hailed from the lower country as well. After he became known as the Chess Saint of the six states, he was personally invited by the ruler of the State of Yan to the State of Yans imperial capital, where he was granted the title of Senior Official of the State of Yan and bestowed a mansion. Diiscover new tories at nve/lbin(.)c/o

If she could become Old Master Mengs disciple, she would no longer be looked down upon by others. She would have a fair chance to compete with others, and she would become famous for her true abilities throughout the six states.

Meanwhile, after challenging Gu Jiao for more chess matches at the stake of ten taels of silver, the old beggar became deeply worried.

The reason was simple he was a beggar, so where could he get the silver taels from?

Ten taels of silver were hard for him to come by. However, if he didn't have the silver taels, the little girl wouldn't play chess with him anymore.

The old beggar was at a loss.

As he passed by a chess club, he overheard someone saying with a sigh, "I didn't expect that Master Maoshan would lose. The new chess player is really good. If only I had bet on this person!"

The old beggar was struck with a sudden idea and stopped the person, "Young man, do you want to earn your money back?"

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