The Grand Secretary's Pampered Wife – Chapter 338.2: Mutual Affection

Chapter 338.2: Mutual Affection

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Not many people knew about his real identity. Only Gu Jiao, Yao Shi, and the little monk at home know a bit about it. Gu Yan, that little devil, might have guessed something, but he probably hadn't figured out Xiao Heng's identity yet.

As for Gu Jiao, Xiao Liulang didnt ask as to what extent she had guessed.

However, Gu Jiao didnt seem to want to get to the bottom of it. She respected him and trusted him, regardless of who he was.

Gu Jiao said with a smile, "Alright, let's go eat braised noodles!"

Even though the noodle restaurant was newly opened, both the upstairs and downstairs were full of people.

"Uh, so many people eating noodles so late?" Gu Jiao asked strangely.

The waiter apologized and said, "Since this branch has just opened, most of these customers are old regulars. Besides, our restaurant not only serves noodles, our cold dishes and stews are also excellent! Since it's hot right now, it might be more comfortable for you two to sit outside in the yard instead of inside where it's hot. Would you like me to set up a table for you out there?"

There were also several tables set up in front of the restaurant, which looked like a popular street stall in Gu Jiaos previous life.

Gu Jiao felt a sense of familiarity.

Xiao Liulang glanced at her and said to the waiter, "Okay, please set it up for us."

"Yes, two guests, please come this way!" The waiter greeted them with a smile and led them into the noodle restaurant. They walked through the lobby and arrived at the spacious yard.

The yard was large and quiet, but their view was not obstructed, and sitting here one could take in all the scenery in the restaurant.

There was a feeling of having seen all the myriad ships of the world sail by.

The waiter brought a table and benches over.

The two of them sat on a long bench, and each ordered a bowl of braised noodles and two plates of cold dishes. They didn't order any stew because it would be a waste if they couldn't finish it.

While they were waiting for their braised noodles to be cooked, the waiter came over with a smile and asked, "Excuse me, our tables are all taken, and two more guests have arrived. Can they sit here with you?"

Neither of them had any objections.

The waiter brought the guests over, but no one could have predicted that they were the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess, who were traveling incognito and didn't bring any palace servants or eunuchs, only an imperial expert as their coachman.

Obviously, the Crown Prince and Crown Princess didn't expect to run into Xiao Liulang and Gu Jiao here either.

The Crown Prince would always be reminded of a thick stack of arithmetic problems whenever he saw Xiao Liulang now, causing his head to instantly ache!

The Crown Prince had never met Gu Jiao, but seeing Xiao Liulang sitting with a woman surprised him.

He heard that Xiao Liulang was married.

Was this woman Xiao Liulang's wife or one of his unsavory mistresses outside?

The Crown Prince didnt care, as women were just men's appendages. He wouldn't bother looking at her whether she was Xiao Liulang's wife or not.

The Crown Prince frowned and felt a little unwilling to eat here. After all, anyone would lose their mood to eat when faced with a teacher like Xiao Liulang, for all they would be able to think about were the problems he gave them!

But the Crown Prince couldnt kick Xiao Liulang out either, as that would be too arrogant and contrary to the reputation he had built among the common people over the years.

He just wanted to leave.

Suddenly, the Crown Princess tugged on his sleeve and said softly, "Your Highness, there's a seat here."

"He..." The Crown Prince said inwardly, don't you recognize who that guy is? Xiao Liulang! He looks like my uncle's son, hes my imperial father's trusted official, and my Hanlin Academy teacher!

The Crown Princess said gently, "It seems to be Senior Compiler Xiao. What a coincidence."

As she spoke, her gaze fell on Xiao Liulang's unparalleled handsome face.

Coincidentally, the waiter brought two bowls of braised noodles. Xiao Liulang didnt even raise his eyelids, as if the waiter's voice was too loud so he didn't hear the Crown Princess's greetings.

The Crown Princess felt a little embarrassed.

The Crown Prince, however, thought she was talking to him and sighed helplessly, "Yes, it's him. What a coincidence."

The Crown Princess's eyelashes trembled slightly, and she said with a smile, "The capital is so big, it's fate that Your Highness and Senior Compiler Xiao happened to meet while having a late night dinner."

Her words were not loud, but they were just enough for Xiao Liulang and Gu Jiao to hear.

But neither of them paid any attention to her.

The Crown Prince sneered and said disdainfully, "Who wants to have fate with him!"

"I'm hungry." said the Crown Princess.

"Then let's sit down!" The Crown Prince reluctantly pulled the Crown Princess to sit across from him, and said to the waiter, "Bring out all the delicious dishes you have here!"

"Can the Crown Prince finish all that?" Xiao Liulang finally responded, but his tone wasnt friendly.

The Crown Prince glanced at the two bowls of braised noodles in front of them and thought they looked shabby. He generously said, "Its my treat tonight. Senior Compiler Xiao, please feel free to eat. If the salary at the Hanlin Academy is not high enough, you can come to my palace and work as an aide."

Xiao Liulang looked at him expressionlessly and said, "Forming cliques and seeking personal gain is a felony. Is the Crown Prince sure he wants to do this?"

It wasnt uncommon to have officials dine as a guest in one's home. The Emperor generally turned a blind eye to it, unless the person was the Emperor's disciple. That would be crossing the line.

Xiao Liulang continued coolly, "I am the Emperor's disciple, and I should serve His Majesty wholeheartedly. If the Crown Prince wants me to be an aide at his palace, where does that place His Majesty?"

The Crown Prince choked and couldn't say anything.

He was busy ridiculing Xiao Liulang and had forgotten that he was the top jinshi, who was summoned by the Emperor and attended the Luming Banquet. He was a proper disciple of the Emperor.

Was he trying to take away the Emperor's people?

What would others think of him, the Crown Prince, when the word got out?

"Cough, cough, cough!" The Crown Prince said seriously, "It was just a test. Just remember your identity." RAd latSt chapters at n(v)e(l)bin/.c/o/m Only

Soon, their cold dishes arrived, consisting of a plate of cold salad and a plate of braised lamb.

Xiao Liulang picked up a tender piece of lamb and put it in Gu Jiao's bowl.

The Crown Princess looked at Xiao Liulang, and then at Gu Jiao. This was her first time meeting them up close. Xiao Liulang's appearance and the image of the youthful boy in her memory overlapped and separated repeatedly in her mind.

That boy was sunny and carefree, with innocent and warm eyes.

The current Xiao Liulang, however, had an additional touch of aloofness and coldness that kept people at a distance. His features were less childish, and more restrained and dignified.

But his gaze towards Gu Jiao was different; it carried a tenderness that even he himself did not notice.

He used to look at her like that, as if she was the only one in his eyes.

The Crown Princess tightly squeezed her handkerchief in secret.

What was she thinking?

Why did she mistake him again for Ah Heng?

The lamb meat at this restaurant suited Gu Jiao's taste. She enjoyed it very much.

The Crown Prince originally had no intention of paying attention to her, but having been choked by Xiao Liulang, the Crown Prince felt awkward and unconsciously looked at Gu Jiao's face.

Without looking, one wouldn't know, but once one did, it was startling. Why was her face

"Guest! Your dishes are here!"

The waiter brought out the restaurant's signature dishes to the table.

Although they all looked appetizing, for some reason, he felt that Xiao Liulangs plate of lamb was the most delicious!

Gu Jiao and Xiao Liulang finished their meal and were planning to leave when Gu Jiao suddenly sniffed, "Waiter, what smells so good?"

The waiter smiled, "It's our restaurant's sweet osmanthus brew. If the guest likes it, I can give you a jar of it as a gift! This is the first day of our new branch, and we welcome you to come often in the future!"

"Is this a type of wine?" Gu Jiao asked as she looked at the bottle the waiter handed over.

The waiter replied, "It's not really wine, and it won't make you really drunk. Young ladies like it the most"

Gu Jiao took a sip.

The next second, with a loud bang, her head hit the table, and she passed out!

Fortunately, Xiao Liulang was quick to react, placing his hand behind her forehead in time.

The waiter said awkwardly, "The guest is really... unable to hold her drink..."

The Crown Princess said softly, "We have a carriage. Let the coachman take you back."

The Crown Prince secretly sneered, wondering why they were being so kind to them.

Xiao Liulang said expressionlessly, "No need."

The Crown Prince chuckled, "See, they don't appreciate our kindness."

Xiao Liulang ignored the Crown Prince and gently patted Gu Jiao's shoulder with his other hand, calling out to her softly in her ear, "JiaoJiao, it's time to go home."

"Huh?" Gu Jiao blinked her starry eyes.

"It's time to go home." He said tenderly.

Gu Jiao sat up straight, her phoenix eyes widening and her expression serious, "I'm not drunk!"

"Okay." He coaxed her, the corners of his mouth curling up. "JiaoJiao isn't drunk."

His clean and youthful voice carried a hint of magnetism that directly melted people's hearts.

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