The Grand Secretary's Pampered Wife – Chapter 330.1: Fetal Movement

Chapter 330.1: Fetal Movement

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By now, Gu Jiao only needed to rely on her face to enter Renshou Palace. All the imperial experts and servants in Renshou Palace already knew her and knew that she was Empress Dowager Zhuang's favorite, hence no one dared to stop her.

Even though Empress Dowager Zhuang had ordered that she would not see anyone this afternoon.

Imperial Consort Zhuang wasnt so lucky. She was stopped by the imperial experts as soon as she arrived at the gate of Renshou Palace.

Imperial Consort Zhuang: "Inform the Empress Dowager that this imperial consort has urgent matters to discuss with her."

The imperial expert: "Apologies, the Empress Dowager has ordered us that she will not see anyone today."

Imperial Consort Zhuang frowned, "But this imperial consort just saw someone go in."

"That was Young Miss Gu, she went to diagnose Empress Dowager's illness." The imperial expert knew better than to pull hatred to Gu Jiao.

When she heard that it was for medical treatment, Imperial Consort Zhuang was relieved. But in the next moment, she asked anxiously, "Is Empress Dowager feeling unwell?"

"Empress Dowager felt a little unwell yesterday, and invited Young Miss Gu to the palace to treat her. Young Miss Gu is here today for a follow-up visit." The imperial expert explained.

Imperial Consort Zhuang thought for a moment before saying, "Then all the more this consort must go in and visit Empress Dowager."

"This..." The imperial expert hesitated.

"This imperial consort won't make things difficult for you. Empress Dowager told you she doesn't want to be disturbed, but Young Miss Gu didn't say anything about that. Go and invite Young Miss Gu to come here." Imperial Consort Zhuang said.

"Yes." The imperial expert glanced at a nearby palace maid.

The palace maid understood and hurriedly caught up with Gu Jiao, who was chatting with Eunuch Qin in the small garden in front of the main hall.

"The imperial consort is here to see you, Young Miss Gu." The palace maid said.

Eunuch Qin was astute. Imperial Consort Zhuang was not familiar with Gu Jiao, so meeting her was likely to ask Gu Jiao to inform Empress Dowager of something.

"...Empress Dowager is reading memorandums, and this servant dared not disturb her."

"Um, then I'll wait." Gu Jiao didn't make a big deal out of it.

"Okay." Eunuch Qin smiled and took Gu Jiao to Empress Dowager Zhuang's bedchamber.

In fact, with Empress Dowager's favor towards Young Miss Gu, she would not mind her disturbance at all. She would rather feel happy having found some amusement in the midst of her tedious daily official affairs.

However, Young Miss Gu never relied on the Empress Dowagers favor to be arrogant. She had her own principles and bottom line.

She cared for the Empress Dowager sincerely, not for the sake of gaining her favor, but to genuinely hope that Empress Dowager would live well.

Eunuch Qin went to the entrance of Renshou Palace to see Imperial Consort Zhuang, politely saying, "Young Miss Gu is also waiting for the Empress Dowager's summons."

At this point, Imperial Consort Zhuang could not say much more.

Fortunately, there were not many tasks for today, and Empress Dowager Zhuang soon came out of the study.

Eunuch Qin reported, "Empress Dowager, Young Miss Gu and imperial consort are here."

Empress Dowager Zhuang nodded and said, "Let her in."

This referred to Imperial Consort Zhuang.

She understood the rules she had set. JiaoJiao could always come in anytime, but others couldnt.

"Yes." Eunuch Qin led Imperial Consort Zhuang into Empress Dowager's bedchamber.

Gu Jiao had just finished checking on Empress Dowager Zhuang. Her throat had recovered quite well, but she seemed to have a bit of heatstroke due to the hot weather. Gu Jiao brought ginger slices and oil to scrape her arms.

Imperial Consort Zhuang respectfully bowed, "Empress Dowager."

"Speak up, what's the matter?" Empress Dowager Zhuang asked faintly, still feeling some pain when speaking due to her sore throat.

Eunuch Qin had already led the palace servants to withdraw, leaving only the three of them in the spacious bedchamber.

Imperial Consort Zhuang glanced at Gu Jiao, who was scraping Empress Dowager Zhuang's arms, and understood that Empress Dowager Zhuang wasnt avoiding Gu Jiao's presence. She lowered her gaze and said softly, "Empress Dowager, are you really not going to care about Heng'er's marriage? How could Heng'er marry

She looked at Gu Jiao again, considered her words for a moment, and skipped the unfriendly adjectives, saying directly,"...Gu Jinyu? She is just the adopted daughter of the Marquis Ding'an Estate, with a lowly status and poor morals. Marrying her will only bring shame to Heng'er. Im afraid he will become a laughing stock in the capital."

Empress Dowager Zhuang looked at her calmly, as if indicating that she could continue speaking.

Imperial Consort Zhuang's gaze swept at Gu Jiao and said, "Moreover, Gu Jinyu took credit for Young Miss Gu's achievement. It's unfair to elevate her status like this."

Empress Dowager Zhuang spoke with a deep voice, "Stop using others as a tool."

Imperial Consort Zhuang hesitantly responded, "Yes."

Gu Jiao continued to give Grandaunt a massage and had no intention of participating in their conversation.

As for Empress Dowager Zhuang, she had little reaction to Imperial Consort Zhuang's grievances.

This wasnt what Imperial Consort Zhuang had imagined. Empress Dowager had a heart of stone, but she loved Zhuang Yuheng the most. She had even refused to send him to the State of Chen as a hostage prince in the past.

Why was Empress Dowager Zhuang unmoved now that Zhuang Yuheng had been cheated by the Emperor?

Imperial Consort Zhuang went on, "Empress Dowager, the wife of a nobleman like Yuheng must be a good match for him and have the ability to assist him. But what does Gu Jinyu have? She isn't even Marquis Ding'an's own flesh and blood! Can Marquis Ding'an Estate continue to support her in the future? I suspect that His Majesty just wants to plant a spy in the Zhuang Family!"

Marquis Ding'an Estate was the Emperor's trusted ally. By marrying Gu Jinyu into the Zhuang Family, the Emperor could both prevent the Zhuang Family from forming alliances with other powerful families and monitor An Junwang and the Zhuang Family's every move.

Imperial Consort Zhuang believed that this was the Emperor's plan.

In fact, the Emperor had no such intention. But just as he didn't trust Empress Dowager Zhuang, Imperial Consort Zhuang didn't trust the Emperor's intentions.

The Zhuang Family couldn't afford to slip up and miss a great opportunity to form an alliance with a powerful family.

The more powerful An Junwang became, the more help he could provide for her son, Ning Wang.

"Aunt..." Imperial Consort Zhuang realized that reasoning wasn't working, so she played the family card.

Empress Dowager Zhuang closed her eyes and rested her mind.

Imperial Consort Zhuang became anxious and turned to Gu Jiao. "Young Miss Gu, what do you think?"

She knew that Gu Jiao and Gu Jinyu had a strained relationship. She believed that Gu Jiao wouldn't speak up for Gu Jinyu and wouldn't care about the struggle between the Zhuang Family and Marquis Ding'an Estate.

Gu Jiao was Empress Dowager Zhuang's person.

Gu Jiao continued to massage Grandaunt and paused before saying, "This is An Junwang's marriage. Shouldn't he make the decision himself? After the Emperor bestowed the marriage, did you ask him whether he would accept it or not? Is imperial consort representing his will?"

Imperial Consort Zhuang was suddenly at a loss when asked this question.

In the end, Imperial Consort Zhuang returned without success.

After Gu Jiao finished giving the Empress Dowager Zhuang a scraping therapy, she went to tinker with her own black gunpowder.

Bishui Alley's space was limited, and she dared not be too reckless for fear of blowing up the entire house.

Renshou Palace had enough open space, so if something exploded, it wouldn't matter.

Eunuch Qin went into the room to serve Empress Dowager Zhuang, whose complexion improved a lot and whose chest no longer felt tight.

Eunuch Qin offered freshly cut fruits and asked, "Does Empress Dowager really not care about An Junwang's marriage?"

Empress Dowager Zhuang spoked with a seemingly mocking tone, "The Emperor acted first and then reported later. He already cost Aijia a big loss, what can Aijia do about it? Isnt it true that this country should really be surnamed Zhuang? Aijia has shed blood and tears for many years, meticulously planning and calculating every move. Everyone thinks that Aijia's power was gained easily, but who sees Aijia treading on thin ice?"

Eunuch Qin agreed deeply.

Outsiders only saw Empress Dowager's dominance, but they didnt see the blood trail behind her.

Empress Dowager Zhuang said lightly, "If Zhuang Yuheng wants to back out of the marriage, he will come to Aijia himself. If he doesn't say anything, then it means he accepts it."

As soon as she finished speaking, there was a loud noise from the small lawn of the side hall, and the whole Renshou Palace seemed to tremble three times.

The two people's faces changed at once.

Eunuch Qin hurriedly took small steps and ran out, shouting, "Young Miss Gu, Young Miss Gu, are you okay?"

A large patch of grass on the lawn was blown away.

However, there was no sign of Gu Jiao.

Eunuch Qin was immediately frightened and shouted, "Young Miss Gu!"

"I'm here."

A weak voice came from above Eunuch Qin's head. Eunuch Qin looked up and saw Gu Jiao, with her face blackened and her hair standing up like a chicken's nest. Her arms and legs were drooping like a small puppet, hanging lifelessly from the high corner of the eaves.

Gu Jiao opened her mouth and spit out a mouthful of black smoke.

Eunuch Qin: "..."

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