The Grand Secretary's Pampered Wife – Chapter 324.2: Progress

Chapter 324.2: Progress

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Little Jing Kong complained aggrievedly, "Grandaunt gave brother-in-law so many things, but she didn't give me as much. Am I still Grandaunt's favorite little man?"

He emphasized "little man" because he excluded Gu Jiao from the equation. In his mind, Grandaunt could treat JiaoJiao the best, and he wouldn't be jealous.

Gu Jiao chuckled and said, "But Grandaunt didn't give your brother-in-law anything before."

After seriously thinking about it, Little Jing Kong realized that was true. So Grandaunt didn't intentionally give more to his brother-in-law, she just made up for not giving him enough in the past.

Thinking this way made him feel better.

But he still wanted to take this opportunity to ask for a kiss. He hung his little head low and said, "But it still pains me a bit."

Where did he learn to sound like an adult?

Hearing a new vocabulary came out of his mouth, Gu Jiao found it novel and cute. Findd new tories on nov/e(l)bin(.)com

Gu Jiao gave him a kiss.

Little Jing Kong was finally satisfied and ran back to the house to find a handkerchief, covering his face with his hands.

Gu Jiao walked through the front yard into the main room, intending to go to the west room. But when she lifted her head, she saw that the door to the study was open, and a lamp was lit inside. Xiao Liulang was studying under the lamp.

The study door was usually closed, especially when Xiao Liulang was studying.

But, from the door frame to the threshold, every inch seemed to silently convey the message, come in.

Gu Jiao took a step forward and entered the room.

The study was as tidy and clean as usual. Xiao Liulang's desk was facing the door, and because Little Jing Kong often used it as well, it was now half-occupied by Little Jing Kong's books and writing tools.

The other half was Xiao Liulang's domain, where a delicate brocade box was prominently displayed.

Xiao Liulang, who was facing the door, didn't look up, as if he were immersed in studying arithmetic.

Since he got this advanced mathematics book of the State of Yan, he had been studying and researching it every night, which was not surprising to Gu Jiao.

But she still found it strange.

The atmosphere was a bit strange.

The chair in front of him was also arranged neatly.

As if he was waiting for someone to sit there.

Gu Jiao sat down on the chair opposite to the desk and asked, "I heard that you went to the palace today?"

Xiao Liulang replied seriously, "Yes, I went to see Grandaunt."

The brocade box was also placed perfectly within Gu Jiao's reach. She pointed to the brocade box and asked, "Did Grandaunt give you this?"

"En." Xiao Liulang nodded solemnly.

You can take a look.

His eyes conveyed the message silently.

This time, it was not about showing off, but sharing. Sharing his joy and harvests.

He had already thought about doing this on the way back. He wasn't sure what kind of emotion it was, but he just wanted to tell her about it.

"Im going to take a look." Gu Jiao said.

Xiao Liulang nodded solemnly.

Gu Jiao opened the brocade box while Xiao Liulang watched her.

This reminded him of when he was a child and received praise from a teacher for his writing. He would eagerly bring his article to the Princess Mansion and tell Princess Xinyang about it.

As Princess Xinyang read his article and the teacher's comments, he would feel both excited and nervous.

It was the same as right now.

But what was the reason for it?

Did he care that much?

"There are more things than I thought." Gu Jiao thought that Grandaunt had only made up for the gifts she had not given before, but there were actually many more items. No wonder Little Jing Kong was so jealous.

But there must be another reason for this.

Maybe Grandaunt and Xiao Liulang had some misunderstandings.

Now it seemed that the misunderstanding had been cleared up.

Gu Jiao bent the corner of her lips upwards and looked at him, saying, "Grandaunt cares about you a lot."

Xiao Liulang suppressed the corners of his mouth from curving upwards and said lightly, "Its for you."

"Which one is for me?" Gu Jiao asked, looking at a box of valuable items.

"All of them are for you." Xiao Liulang replied.

Gu Jiao widened her eyes and said, "All of these?"

Xiao Liulang saw the surprise in her eyes, and the corners of his mouth hooked up. He took out a money pouch from his pocket and handed it to her, saying, "This is also for the household expenses for this month."

Wow, she struck it rich!

Gu Jiao blinked, looked at the money pouch, then at the items in the box, and couldn't believe it for a moment.

Xiao Liulang looked deeply at her, and the sight of her with her mouth slightly agape, looking bewildered, made him draw closer to her involuntarily.

He watched her face slowly enlarge in front of him, and his heart thumped rapidly.

The world seemed to be shrouded in silence, leaving only the sound of his heart pounding like a drum.

"Big sis! You're here!"

Gu Xiaoshun suddenly ran in.

Mainly because the door was open and he didn't expect Xiao Liulang to steal a kiss from his sister at such a time.

Of course, he arrived fast enough that Xiao Liulang didn't actually get to kiss Gu Jiao. He quickly sat back in his chair, creating a distance of tens of thousands of miles between him and Gu Jiao!

Gu Xiaoshun scratched his head, "I seem to have seen something, but also seem to have seen nothing!"

Anyway, the important thing was the task at hand!

"Brother-in-law." He greeted Xiao Liulang.

Xiao Liulang's eyes were gloomy.

Gu Xiaoshun: "..."

Gu Xiaoshun had come to ask Gu Jiao for help in fixing his knife. The handle of the small knife had come off, and he couldn't put it back on himself.

"Okay, I'll go take a look." Gu Jiao nodded, put away the money pouch into the brocade box, and left the study with Gu Xiaoshun.

Xiao Liulang leaned weakly against the back of the chair.

He felt a little sense of loss.

But he didn't know what it was about exactly.

At night, when everyone was asleep, Xiao Liulang rubbed his sore eyes, closed the book, put it back on the shelf, and planned to rest.

He came to the main room and found a figure enjoying the cool breeze on the newly made swing in the front yard.

At the side of the swing was a lit mosquito-repellent incense, which was made by Gu Jiao herself.

When Xiao Liulang came out, the figure on the swing suddenly stopped, walked off the swing, and came up to him, "Are you done with your work?"

Xiao Liulang looked at her in surprise, "You're not asleep yet?" He paused and asked, "Were you waiting for me?"

"En." Gu Jiao nodded, looking at him with a pair of eyes clear as water.

He had seen how cold her eyes could be towards others, but right now they were gentle and innocent. Her pupils reflected the candlelight in the hallway, as well as his stunned expression.

"You..." He opened his mouth, feeling their proximity, and his heart started beating wildly.

Gu Jiao tiptoed.

He had grown taller.

She had to tiptoe to reach him.

Xiao Liulang watched as she suddenly leaned in closer to his face, his eyes flickering and his heart almost leaping out of his chest. He covered his chest, trying to remain calm, "You..."

Gu Jiao maintained her tiptoeing posture and looked at him obediently, "Didn't you want it earlier?"

Want... what?

Xiao Liulang's blood rushed to his head.

He wasn't stupid; how could he not understand what she was saying?

She found out... How did she find out? She actually acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary, making Gu Xiaoshun not notice anything unusual.

Gu Jiao tilted her head and said, "If you don't want it, I'll go then."

As she spoke, she put her tiptoes back down and turned to walk back to her east room.

But before she could take a step, Xiao Liulang grabbed her wrist.

His palm was hot and carried an irresistible force, bringing her to his front. He held her wrist with one hand and wrapped his other arm around her slender waist.

His breathing became irregular.

He raised his hand and covered her eyes, lowering his head gently.

The moon was shy and intoxicated with tenderness.

Dawn just arrived when Little Jing Kong woke up as usual. His first action was to take off the handkerchief that was wrapped around his face and head, and then look at his small face in the copper mirror, "My little kiss has sprouted!"

He ran out quickly, came to the backyard, scooped half a ladle of water onto the stone bench, and used his fingers to sprinkle a few drops of water lightly onto his little face.

"Are you washing your face, Jing Kong?" Grannie Fang asked with a smile.

Little Jing Kong corrected her, saying, "I'm not washing my face, I'm watering my kiss!"

Grannie Fang burst out laughing.

Xiao Liulang came out of the kitchen with a basin of water in his hand. He placed the basin on the stone table and splashed water onto his face loudly, even getting water into his mouth.

Little Jing Kong snorted and asked, "Youre washing your face too?"

Xiao Liulang raised his eyebrows and said, "No, I'm watering it."

Little Jing Kong: "...!!"

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