The Grand Secretary's Pampered Wife – Chapter 323.2: The Richest One

Chapter 323.2: The Richest One

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Today, both the Imperial Academy and Qinghe Academy finished school early. Nan Xiang and Master Lu went out on a trip for three days, so Gu Xiaoshun and Gu Yan didn't have to go to their craftsmanship classes during these days.

The three little boys gathered at home in the afternoon.

Little Jing Kong had fallen asleep last night as soon as he came back from the palace, so he didnt have time to distribute the gifts from Grandaunt he had brought home, and he had forgotten about it as well when he went out in the morning. It was only now that he remembered.

Little Jing Kong took the brocade box out of his room and ran into the main room with a clatter, saying, "Grandaunt asked me to bring this!"

The things that Grandaunt sent home were usually for everyone.

Yao Shi sat in the corridor, enjoying the cool breeze. She watched the children playing in the main room with a smile. Tp vl updates on n/(o)/v/lb/in(.)com

She felt that such days were lively and beautiful, a life that she hadnt dared to imagine for the past ten years.

"Oh, I can't open it!" Little Jing Kong's strength was too weak.

"I got it!" Gu Xiaoshun rolled up his sleeves and opened the box with a snap.

The box, which looked large when carried by Little Jing Kong, wasnt exactly big, but it wasnt exactly small either as there were quite a few things inside it.

The three little heads squeezed together and eagerly looked at the gifts inside the brocade box.

Little Jing Kong took out the gifts one by one and said, "Cat's Eye, this is for big brother Yan! Gemstone dagger, this is for big brother Xiaoshun! Silver needles, for JiaoJiao! Golden bowl, for me!"

There was also an embroidered picture album that was obviously for Yao Shi.

"Poor brother-in-law didn't get anything." Little Jing Kong shook his head and said, "How pitiful!"

Xiao Liulang, who was pitied by Little Jing Kong, entered the room proudly and placed a brocade box that was twice the size of Little Jing Kong's on the table with a bang.

The three younger brothers widened their eyes and looked at the brocade box, then looked at him.

"What is it?" Little Jing Kong asked.

Xiao Liulang responded with practical actions. He opened the brocade box and slowly took out its contents and placed them on the table. The first item was a token from Renshou Palace, the second was a fist-sized night pearl, and then came an inkstone made of millennium warm jade, followed by...

He moved gracefully, neither too fast nor too slow, taking a full half hour to remove all the stuff from inside the box.

The table was completely covered with items!

The three young boys' eyes widened in amazement.

Little Jing Kong was stunned and asked, "Are these from Grandaunt?"

There were so many amazing things!

Little Jing Kong then asked, "Which one is for me?"

Xiao Liulang extended his slender and jade-like fingers, which wandered around the gifts before picking up a dazzling golden lock. He said, "This one is mine."

Little Jing Kong swallowed hard.

Then, Xiao Liulang picked up the inkstone made of millennium warm jade and said, "This one is mine too."

Gu Yan swallowed hard.

Next, he picked up a Turkic dagger embedded with a green gem and said, "This one is also mine."

Gu Xiaoshun swallowed hard.

"This one is still mine."

"Also mine."

"Ah, it seems like they are all mine." In an instant, he became the richest one in the family!

After showing off his spoils, Xiao Liulang put the last item, the token of Renshou Palace, in the box and arrogantly went back to his room!

Everyone: ...

What was wrong with their brother-in-law today? He looked like he was asking for a beating!

Gu Jiao didn't know about her husband's childish behavior. She had just left the medical hall and got on a carriage to Heavenly Music House.

She wanted to find out who was behind Heavenly Music House.

She had a feeling that the person who tried to assassinate her was connected to the person behind the Heavenly Music House. At the same time, she also suspected that Yuan Tang had powerful allies in the capital.

In any case, everything was connected to Heavenly Music House.

Mo Qianxue didn't take the Heavenly Music House token from Gu Jiao, so she easily entered Heavenly Music House with it.

She was still dressed as a wealthy young master and wore a half-face silver mask that perfectly covered her features.

The only trouble was that her chest was bound too tightly, but there wasn't anything she could do. Besides adjusting her height taller, it was the only way to conceal a woman's figure properly.

It was very hot.

Gu Jiao wiped the sweat from her forehead with her sleeve and walked towards the center of the lobby. She wasn't planning on going directly to the girl she met last time, she just wanted to walk around and listen.

Everyone loved beauty, and it must be said that the girls at the Heavenly Music House were all like figures in a painting, pleasing to the eye.

Gu Jiao walked casually when suddenly, a peony flower landed on her shoulder.

This was an old rule of the Heavenly Music House the one who was hit by the ladys flower was someone the lady had taken a liking to, and they would have the honor of becoming her guest.

This time it was a young lady in yellow, with delicate eyebrows and a charming but not vulgar appearance.

The ladies from Heavenly Music House seemed to not have any hint of worldliness about them. They were well-versed in the four arts music, chess, calligraphy, and painting as well as poetry, songwriting, and even some were experts in eight-part essay and arithmetic. To be noticed by them was considered a great honor.

Gu Jiao looked at the peony in her hand and hesitated for a moment. In that instant, the servant girl of the yellow-dressed lady walked down the stairs and respectfully bowed to Gu Jiao, "Young Master, my miss invites you."

Although this lady was on the second floor, no one dared to throw flowers again at Gu Jiao after she did. It should be known that last time, she was almost buried in flowers.

Gu Jiao didn't believe that her charm was gone, but it was likely that this girl's status at the Heavenly Music House was not simple.


She was the one.

Gu Jiao followed the servant girl up to the second floor.

The young lady in yellow held a circular fan to cover her appearance. She smiled at Gu Jiao before turning and gracefully entering the room, even her walking emitted an ethereal charm.

"Young Master, please." The servant girl brought Gu Jiao to the door of the young lady in yellow. This room was at the end of the corridor and had an extra door compared to the other rooms, confirming that the lady was of high status in this place.

Gu Jiao nodded and walked inside.

The young lady in yellow sat in front of the window and played a song with her back to Gu Jiao, the melody was gentle and sorrowful that sounded like a heavenly tune.

After she finished the piece, she covered her face with the fan and walked up to Gu Jiao to greet her gracefully, "Greetings to the young master. May I ask how I should address you?"

Gu Jiao naturally didn't speak to her. Just as she was about to take out her small notebook to write down her response, a figure in ice-blue dress wearing a veil suddenly burst in and pulled Gu Jiao behind her, slapping the young lady in yellow across the face!

The attack was so sudden and unexpected that it left even Gu Jiao, the customer, a little stunned.

She didn't do anything when she was pulled behind her because she didn't sense any malice directed at her from the other party. She just didn't expect her to be so bold as to attack the young lady in yellow.

The young lady in yellow was slapped so hard that her head turned to the side, revealing a few red finger marks on her cheek.

She covered her face and looked at the unexpected guest in the room with disbelief and anger, "Mo Qianxue! Are you crazy!?"

"You're the crazy one! How dare you touch the person that I, the top courtesan, have my eyes on!" Mo Qianxue said, pulling out the sachet from her waist and throwing it on the ground with a cold sneer, "You even used charm spice! Hua Xiyao, you have some nerve!"

The eyes of the young lady in yellow called Hua Xiyao flickered, showing a hint of fear unconsciously.

She took a step back.

Mo Qianxue sneered and said, "Humph! For the Lords sake, I'll spare you this time. But if you ever try to touch my people again, I'll scratch your face!"

After speaking, she grabbed Gu Jiao's wrist and led her out of Hua Xiyao's room.

As Mo Qianxue walked away, Hua Xiyao's eyes were filled with resentment.

Mo Qianxue pulled Gu Jiao directly to the third floor.

The third floor was as quiet and empty as usual.

Gu Jiao poked Mo Qianxue's shoulder and asked her with her eyes if she was the only one staying on this floor.

Mo Qianxue replied impatiently, "There is also the Owner."

The Owner?

Owner of Heavenly Music House?

Mo Qianxue pulled Gu Jiao into her room and looked at her fiercely, "Where did that woman touch you?"

Gu Jiao shook her head like a rattle.

Mo Qianxue furrowed her eyebrows, "She didn't touch you? Are you sure?"

Gu Jiao nodded.

Mo Qianxue's expression cleared up a little, and she motioned towards a stool next to the square table, "Take your seat."

Gu Jiao seated herself.

"Bring some water." Mo Qianxue ordered the servants.

"Yes." A little servant girl brought a basin of cold water.

Mo Qianxue wrung out a towel and personally wiped the sweat on Gu Jiao's forehead.

Gu Jiao instinctively leaned back.

Mo Qianxue's hand missed her head, "Don't dodge!"

Gu Jiao replied: Oh.

Mo Qianxue wiped Gu Jiao's forehead carefully while grumbling in a bad mood, "Are you stupid? Why didn't you just go straight to the third floor when you arrived? No one would dare to stop you!"

Gu Jiao thought to herself, well, its not like I came here to see you.

Mo Qianxue pursed her lips and explained expressionlessly, "I didn't tell you before but, yesterday was my birthday, and I went to the lake for a lake-viewing, that's why I wasn't at the Heavenly Music House."

Gu Jiao thought again, er, you don't need to explain anything to me.

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