The Grand Secretary's Pampered Wife – Chapter 320: Jealousy

Chapter 320: Jealousy

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Little Jing Kong ran all the way to Renshou Palace without paying attention to Xiao Liulangs plight. When Empress Dowager Zhuang asked who sent him, he said it was his bad brother-in-law, and thus Eunuch Qin quickly came over to pick him up.

When Eunuch Qin first saw Xiao Liulang, he was scared witless by his appearance and thought he was seeing a ghost.

Later, he realized that it shouldnt be possible. If he was really the deceased Xiao Heng, how could he have saved the Empress Dowager?

Xiao Liulang and Eunuch Qin went to Renshou Palace.

Empress Dowager Zhuang was just about to have her meal when Little Jing Kong arrived, so she asked the kitchen staff to prepare some vegetarian dishes.

Empress Dowager Zhuang wasnt surprised by Little Jing Kong's sudden visit, but she was shocked to learn that he had been sent by Xiao Liulang.

Of course, she didn't show it on her face.

The small kitchen staff moved very swiftly; in a short while, several exquisite and delicious vegetarian dishes were served.

Eunuch Qin brought over a chair.

Little Jing Kong was small in stature, and in the countryside, children of his size generally did not sit at the table to eat, but were given a bowl and ate on the side with the womenfolk.

But Gu Jiao didn't have the habit of not letting children and women sit at the table, so she personally made a special chair for Little Jing Kong. It was higher than an ordinary chair, with a guardrail in front to prevent him from falling.

Xiao Liulang didn't expect Renshou Palace to have such a chair.

Obviously, it wasnt made by Gu Jiao.

Xiao Liulang glanced at Empress Dowager Zhuang but didn't say anything.

The three of them started to eat.

Empress Dowager Zhuang dismissed the palace staff who were serving the food.

It was only after entering the Hanlin Academy did Xiao Liulang learn about the specialized Hanlin officials who recorded the Emperor's daily life, including his daily routines and meals, as well as his manner of speech and deeds. And the same was done for the Empress Dowager and the Empress.

These records were kept in the palace archives for future generations to review.

Empress Dowager Zhuang's dismissal of the palace servants might seem like a small matter, but it will actually be recorded as well.

She wasnt completely indifferent to it, otherwise she would have let loose long ago.

But although she cared, she still did it without any explanation.

If it wasn't for his position as a Hanlin official, who knows what else she would have done for them?

For them?

Or for Little Jing Kong?

Xiao Liulang lowered his eyes.

Forget it, why was he caring about such things?

He didn't come here to have a happy family time with Empress Dowager Zhuang, Little Jing Kong did.

He had important matters to attend to.

The Renshou Palace had been expanded twice and was now bigger than the East Palace of the Crown Prince, and Little Jing Kong began his expedition as soon as he was done eating.

"Wow! Such a high swing!"

As soon as Little Jing Kong entered the side hall, he saw a super big swing that was three times higher than the swing in the East Palace. He couldn't wait to see the entirety of the palace while swinging.

"I want to play! I want to play!"

He was already eager to try.

Eunuch Qin called two skilled imperial experts to accompany Little Jing Kong on the swing.

Xiao Liulang had been to Renshou Palace when he was young, and it was here in this courtyard that someone had poisoned him, but after the passage of so many years, even after revisiting this place, it didnt trigger any more memories.

However, he was sure of one thing, and that was the fact that the former Renshou Palace definitely didn't have such a swing.

Because Empress Dowager Zhuang didn't like children.

Xiao Liulang soon discovered that there was more in Renshou Palace than just swings, there were also many pieces of wood waiting to be carved, jade stones for people to admire, and rare medicinal herbs from all over the world. T/his chapter is updatd by nv((l)biin.co/m

Gu Jiao and her three younger brothers all had things that belonged to them here.

But Xiao Liulang had nothing.

Xiao Liulang repeatedly muttered "don't care, don't care" in his mind, but an inexplicable and uncomfortable feeling welled up inside him.

He didn't know what it was, but it definitely didn't feel good.

Xiao Liulang tried to ignore the strange feeling in his chest and turned to find Eunuch Qin. But he caught a glimpse of Empress Dowager Zhuang sitting on a rattan chair, leisurely drinking tea.

Empress Dowager Zhuang was watching Little Jing Kong.

Xiao Liulang let out a sigh. Indeed, not only did he not have a token or anything that belonged to him here, but he couldnt even get a single glance from her.

Forget it, he didn't care about it anyway.

Eunuch Qin brought over a plate of fresh sliced fruits and smiled at Xiao Liulang, "Senior Compiler Xiao, this servant noticed you didn't eat much earlier. Did the food at Renshou Palace not suit your taste?"

Eunuch Qin had been to Bishui Alley and knew how much Xiao Liulang could eat.

Xiao Liulang replied calmly, "No, the food was great. It's just that the weather is too hot, and I couldn't eat much."

Eunuch Qin said, "This servant knew it would be like this. This is freshly cut melon, chilled with ice, and there's also sour plum soup, both of which are appetizers. Senior Compiler Xiao, please eat a little bit, and I'll have the kitchen make some dishes you like later."

"No need." Xiao Liulang declined.

"I want, I want!" Little Jing Kong shouted from high above.

The corner of Xiao Liulang's lips twitched. He was so high up there, yet he could still hear them talking so quietly over here.

Eunuch Qin smiled and looked at him, "Good, good! What do you want to eat? This servant will have someone make it for you later!"

"I, I, I can't remember right now!" Little Jing Kong exclaimed anxiously. Wait for me to come down and talk to you later!"

Eunuch Qin nodded with a smile, "Alright!"

Xiao Liulang couldn't help but glance at Empress Dowager Zhuang again.

Empress Dowager Zhuang was still bowing her head, sipping tea. She didnt seem to have looked his way even once.

Xiao Liulang's chest felt tight. Was he really that unwelcomed here?

Taking a deep breath, Xiao Liulang decided to get down to business first, "Eunuch Qin, can I ask you about someone?"

"Sure, who is it?" Eunuch Qin replied.

"Do you know any palace maids or imperial concubines with a mole on their left wrist?"

Eunuch Qin carefully thought for a moment before shaking his head, "This servant doesnt know and has never seen such a person before." He chuckled and explained, "This servant is a eunuch. If you ask this servant about eunuchs, I may know more, but as for palace maids and imperial concubines... This servant wouldn't dare stare at their hands for a long time."

He didn't ask Xiao Liulang why he was inquiring about this.

Xiao Liulang wasn't surprised by this answer, as he didn't have high hopes in the first place. He asked again, "How about the Empress Dowager, did she know someone like that?"

"This servant shall go ask." Eunuch Qin didnt tell him that he could ask the Empress Dowager himself. Since Xiao Liulang had asked him, it could be understood that he didn't want to ask the Empress Dowager in person.

As for whether it was because he was embarrassed or for some other reason, it was unclear.

After asking, Eunuch Qin came back to Xiao Liulang and said, "Empress Dowager also hasn't noticed anyone of sort."

"Then forget it, it's not really that big of a deal." Xiao Liulang said nonchalantly, "By the way, is Supervisor Zhang of the Imperial Household Department in the palace today? One of her old acquaintances asked me to bring her something from outside the palace and I need to give it to her in person."

Eunuch Qin called a young eunuch over and said, "Go to the Imperial Household Department and ask if Supervisor Zhang is on duty. If she is, bring her to Renshou Palace."

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