The Grand Secretary's Pampered Wife – Chapter 318.2: Honor

Chapter 318.2: Honor

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The Emperor laughed joyfully at the Crown Princes remarks.

You could tell that he was really in a good mood. One of the memorandums he had just received was related to the East Palace urging the Crown Prince to take in more concubines to expand the imperial family.

However, the Crown Princess suddenly gave him such a big face, so the Emperor temporarily put aside this one memorandum.

The next day, after Gu Jiao sent Little Jing Kong to the Imperial Academy, she went directly to the medical hall.

As she passed by the women's academy, she overheard people talking about the Crown Princess solving a chess puzzle.

"Have you heard? The Crown Princess solved Old Master Meng's chess puzzle."

"But didn't the Crown Princess solve it already?"

"Oh, no. It's the Kun puzzle this time, the seventh chess puzzle of Old Master Meng."

"My god! She solved the Kun puzzle too? Isn't it said that no one can solve the Qian and Kun puzzles?"

"Thats why, the Crown Princess is not human at all, but a celestial being!"

Of course, there were still those who still held a grudge against the Crown Princess because of the broken bridge incident on the New Year's day.

"She solved it, so what? Why are you so happy about it? It's not like youre the one who solved the puzzle. Besides, how do you know if she really solved it or just pretended to?"

"How can she fake this? Just wait and see, she'll be on the imperial announcement soon!"


Gu Jiao calmly walked past the group of young ladies from the women's academy who were quarreling with one another.

She didn't care about the Crown Princess and wasnt interested in her glory and achievements.

Recently, she had obtained some saltpeter and wanted to try making something. She had never done it before and was a bit unfamiliar with the process.

She poured out the saltpeter, sulfur, and charcoal onto the ground.

What she wanted to make was gunpowder.

Weapons could make up for her insufficient strength. She needed something powerful to protect herself until she regained her strength from her previous life.

If she had had gunpowder during the assassination attempt at the cliff, she wouldn't have been forced to almost fall off the cliff.

Gunpowder was one of the four great inventions of ancient times, but this alternate dynasty seemed to not have invented it yet.

With the current materials she could find at present, she could only make black gunpowder, which wasnt as effective as yellow gunpowder and not as powerful as explosives, but it was still much more powerful than silver needle darts.

Gu Jiao had a rough idea of the raw materials needed, but she wasnt sure about the proportion. The slightest difference could lead to a huge error. Also, a slight change in dosage could greatly reduce the power of the black gunpowder.

Therefore, she had to experiment with patience.

Charcoal was basically odorless, sulfur was tolerable, but as for this saltpeter...

Second Owner covered his nose with his sleeve as he entered Gu Jiao's small courtyard, "Little Gu! What... What is this?"

"Saltpeter." Gu Jiao answered. Seeing that Second Owner didnt seem to understand, she rephrased it. "Um, it's soil with bird droppings in it!"

Second Owner: "..."

The corner of Second Owner's mouth twitched. "You, you... What are you going to do with soil with bird droppings in it?"

"Heat it on fire." Gu Jiao responded.

Second Owner felt a twitch at the corner of his mouth again, looking at Gu Jiao with an indescribable look, ...It's not the one I understand, is it? Youre not going to boil it in a pot, right?"

Gu Jiao nodded, "Well, you need to boil it to get the nitrate. After filtering it, it will be made into saltpeter. You have come just in time, help me boil it."

Second Owner looked like he was about to die.

You, a young girl, was boiling a bird dung out of all the other things you could boil. What was wrong with you?

"Saltpeter is clean." Gu Jiao stated.

Second Owner: I don't care, I don't want to boil bird dungs!

Fifteen minutes later, Second Owner reluctantly started boiling the bird droppings, picking them up with a stick with a sad expression.

After boiling it, the white foam was skimmed off, filtered through a piece of cloth, wrapped and buried in wood ash.

The weather was hot, so the water evaporated quickly. By the afternoon, several heavy bags of saltpeter were ready.

The saltpeter made by Gu Jiao was crystal clear with a touch of white.

Gu Jiao was very satisfied. She looked at the disgusted Second Owner and said, "Saltpeter is actually a very good medicinal material."

"Don't tell me you have fed it to me before." Second Owner asked.

"En!" Gu Jiao nodded seriously. "Last time you had indigestion, I gave you a bag of white powder. Don't you remember?"

So he ate bird dung at that time?

Ah! Just let him die on the spot!


The Second Owner was deeply shocked that he had to be carried back to his room for rest by Little San.

Gu Jiao had the servants clean up the scene and prepared a batch of black gunpowder with a ratio of 50% saltpeter, 30% sulfur, and 20% charcoal.

The little rubbers last time were still quite useful. She filled them with water, wrapped them in cloth, and made a simple version of a safety airbag.

She put the safety airbag on herself and put on a helmet.

After igniting the gunpowder, she found that the explosive effect was not ideal.

Gu Jiao then increased the proportion of saltpeter and decreased the proportion of sulfur.

Then, she was blown away

Marquis Xuanping happened to pass by here today, and intended to see his daughter-in-law.

Mainly because when he went to Bishui Alley last time to see his daughter-in-law, he met Little Jing Kong instead, and he received tremendous blows from him that he even forgot why he went there in the first place.

Today he was smart enough not to go to Bishui Alley, but come to the medical hall directly.

This way, that little monk wouldn't be able to get in the way.

He walked through the hallway and came to Gu Jiao's small courtyard, but what did he see?

On the lush branches of the tree, Gu Jiao was tied up with a bunch of cloth strips, wrapped up like a small cocoon, hanging on a tree branch, creaking and swaying.

Only her small head was exposed, her face plastered with a cold expression.

Marquis Xuanping couldn't help but laugh! Read latest ovls at nv/e/l/bi(.)com

Some people never change. Clearly, he was here to win people over. He was even thinking about what to say to her on the way here, but once he saw Gu Jiao's embarrassed and cold appearance, he couldnt help but have the intention to bully her.

Marquis Xuanping raised his head, his lips curled up, "Girl, do you want to come down? Call me father and I'll let you down."

Gu Jiao ignored him.

She spun around and left him to see the back of her head!

Unfortunately, she used too much force, spinning 360 degrees and simply returning to her original position.

Marquis Xuanping looked at her cold face, and his body shook with laughter.

If anyone else laughed like this, they would simply look greasy and make people want to beat them up, but Marquis Xuanping was naturally handsome, with no dead angles. Even when he was laughing like this, he was still pleasing to the eye.

Gu Jiao looked at his handsome face, hesitated for a moment, and then asked with a cold and ruthless expression, "What do you want me to call you?"

Marquis Xuanping raised an eyebrow, "Father."

Gu Jiao nodded, "Son!"

Marquis Xuanping: ...!!"

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