The Grand Secretary's Pampered Wife – Chapter 317: Untitled

Chapter 317: Untitled

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In the afternoon, a soldier from the military camp came to the medical hall to deliver the message of Medic Lu, "There seems to be a problem with the jinchuang medicine in the camp. Medic Lu wants you to come over and take a look!"

This was a big deal, as it wasn't just a few bottles being transported to the military camp, but hundreds or even thousands of them. If something went wrong, it could result in the loss of thousands of lives.

"I'll go too." Second Owner said.

Gu Jiao nodded and they both got on a carriage and went to the military camp. REad updated stries at n//vel/bin(.)com

Medic Lu was anxiously waiting in the military tent for a long time. Finally, he saw Gu Jiao enter through the curtain and he quickly approached her, "Young Miss Gu, please take a look. After I used the jinchuang medicine from your medical hall on him, he became like this!"

As he spoke, Medic Lu led Gu Jiao to the wooden bed where a wounded soldier was lying.

The bed was very narrow, just enough for one person to lie down.

The wounded soldier was about seventeen or eighteen years old. He had a leg injury and yet his face was red and swollen. He had passed out, and his breathing wasnt smooth.

Gu Jiao took out a stethoscope from her small medicine chest, listened to his heart rate, and then unfastened his clothes to examine his body, "Did the facial swelling and unconsciousness occur only after he used the jinchuang medicine?"

"Yes." Medic Lu answered. "He accidentally cut his foot with a sword, and I thought the injury wasn't serious, so I didn't stitch it up. I just cleaned it and applied some jinchuang medicine. But while I was away in the latrine for a moment, he passed out on the ground and became like this."

"It isnt present on his body." Gu Jiao paused and closed his clothes back up, "Let me see the jinchuang medicine he used."

Medic Lu handed Gu Jiao the half-used bottle of jinchuang medicine.

Gu Jiao first sniffed it, and then dipped her finger in it and applied a little to the palm of her own injured hand.

"Aiya!" Second Owner tried to stop her, but this girl was too quick!

Gu Jiao didn't have any adverse reactions.

Therefore, the jinchuang medicine itself wasnt the problem.

"Could he be allergic to something he ate?" Second Owner asked.

"It doesn't seem like it." Gu Jiao replied.

"Did he eat something bad?" Second Owner asked again.

"That's not quite either." Gu Jiao's gaze fell on the patient's swollen face, and she thought of something. She walked towards the patient's head and bent down to untie the patient's headband.

She began to carefully examine the patient's hair and scalp, not missing a single strand.

"Found it, here." Gu Jiao used her hand to brush aside a strand of hair near the patient's *Baihui acupoint. [T/N: *located on the highest place of the head.]

Second Owner and Medic Lu leaned over to take a closer look, and saw a small red bump.

Second Owner exclaimed, "What is that?"

Gu Jiao took out a blade from her small medicine chest and said, "It's a venomous insect bite. This insect is quite dangerous."

The weather was hot, and the Hushan Camp was located at the foot of the mountain, where venomous insects and snakes were not uncommon. Every year, there were many soldiers bitten by insects and animals, but this was the first time that Medic Lu encountered someone who had been bitten on the scalp.

He felt embarrassed, as it was him who was careless and misunderstood the medical hall.

Gu Jiao treated the patient's wound and applied anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic ointment. "The venomous insects on the mountain are very dangerous. You all need to be careful in the future."

Speaking of this, Medic Lu sighed, "Actually, I often remind them, but you don't know. These big men are afraid of the heat and would rather sleep shirtless at night and be bitten by mosquitoes than hang a curtain around them... Thank you, Young Miss Gu, for coming in time. If you hadn't come, I don't know what would have happened to this patient."

Medic Lu also apologized after expressing his gratitude.

Second Owner repeatedly assured him that everything was okay.

With the matter resolved, it was time for Gu Jiao and Second Owner to leave.

"I need to go to the latrine, you go to the carriage first." Second Owner said to Gu Jiao.

"Okay." Gu Jiao left Medic Lu's tent and walked towards the outside of the military camp.

As she passed by an open tent, she was attracted to it, and her gaze couldn't help but look towards the tent.

With just one glance, her footsteps came to a halt.

It was actually a small armory, with various types of cold weapons displayed inside. Among these weapons was a majestic red tasseled spear.

The spear was a bit longer and heavier than the one Old Marquis had bought for her from the martial arts school, but the spearhead was really exquisite, emitting a sharp cold light.

This red tasseled spear was also bright in color, as if it were painted with the blood of enemies.

Some factors in Gu Jiao's bones were stirring again.

She walked in and took down the red tasseled spear, which was heavy and had a solid feel in her hand.

She casually performed a few moves, each one full of murderous aura, and she loved it so much.

She fondly touched the red tasseled spear in her hand and exclaimed, "Wow!"

"Who's there!"

Accompanied by a majestic voice, Old Marquis walked in with his hands behind his back and a solemn expression on his face.

When he saw that the person who broke into the tent was Gu Jiao, his gaze cooled down, "What does a woman like you doing here? Put it down! That's something you cannot handle!"

Gu Jiao hesitated for a moment, pursed her lips, and reluctantly put the spear back.

Old Marquis looked at her resentful eyes and frowned.

Ha, she was still feeling wronged?

Didn't he warn her already not to come to this place?

"Why are you back at the military camp again?" Old Marquis asked in a cold tone.

"The medical hall had something to attend to here." Gu Jiao replied.

Old Marquis said coldly, "If you want to be a medical woman, just stay obediently in the medical hall and don't show your face in public all day long!"

The status of medical women was very low, and it was already embarrassing enough for the daughter of a Marquis Estate to become one, and yet, she was still running around among a group of men here. What kind of behavior was this?!

Today, the old man was not cute.

Gu Jiao looked at him with disdain, said nothing, and went out expressionlessly.

This girl...

After getting angry for a while, Old Marquis's gaze fell on the red tasseled spear.

He was used to using the nine-section whip and a longsword, and wasnt particularly interested in spears, but after being stirred up by that girl, he couldn't help but take a few more glances at the red tasseled spear.

Not bad.

It looked pretty imposing.

As a matter of fact, this red tasseled spear had a history.

It was originally the weapon of the renowned General Xuanyuan Li from the State of Yan. Xuanyuan Li gave it as a gift to the Emperor of the State of Chen, who in turn bestowed it upon the military commander of the State of Chen. During a battle between the two armies of the State of Zhao and State of Chen, Marquis Xuanping killed the military commander of the State of Chen and claimed this weapon as his own.

When the Emperor of the State of Chen surrendered, he had hoped to retrieve the red tasseled spear, and His Majesty had agreed to it. However, Marquis Xuanping refused to return it.

It wasn't necessarily because he liked it himself, as it had just been collecting dust in the armory.

Most people couldn't use this red tasseled spear. Firstly, the weight of the red-tasseled spear was kind of heavy for them to handle it smoothly. Secondly, they were also afraid that Marquis Xuanping might suddenly decide to take it back.

After all, he was a man capable of doing such a thing.

Holding the red tasseled spear in his hand, Old Marquis suddenly thought of his sworn brother.

He wondered if his Little Brother Gu would like this red tasseled spear.

However, his Little Brother Gu was still too young, and he wasn't sure if he could handle this kind of legendary weapon from the State of Yan that had seen so much bloodshed.

Leaving the military camp, Second Owner said, "I'm not going back to the medical hall yet. I have to go to my brother-in-laws house first."

He gave the address to Little San, and it happened to be not far from the Heavenly Music House.

Gu Jiao had originally planned to wait until the dust had settled before going to Heavenly Music House again, but now that she was at the door, she might as well go in.

After Second Owner got off the carriage, Gu Jiao changed into men's clothing and put on a mask.

"Okay, just stop here." Gu Jiao told Little San. "I'll walk the rest of the way myself."

"Alright." Little San replied.

Gu Jiao got off the carriage, crossed a street, and arrived at the door of Heavenly Music House.

However, Heavenly Music House was closed.

Gu Jiao was puzzled and asked a young man selling oranges on the roadside, "Why is the Heavenly Music House closed?"

The young man replied, "It's said that today is the birthday of a courtesan at Heavenly Music House, so the building is closed for the day. They rented the biggest decorated pleasure boat on the lake to celebrate. If you want to see them, go to Li Lake. Though I don't know if the boat has sailed now."

"Thank you." Gu Jiao said, expressing her gratitude.

Instead of going to the decorated pleasure boat today, however, she decided to just come back another day.

Gu Jiao was used to walking on the right side of the road. The left side she had walked on to get here had now become her right.

Halfway through her walk, she saw an old beggar lying by the roadside, fast asleep with a ragged straw hat covering his face.

In front of him was a chess game in a certain state of play. The chessboard was old and was drawn by hand, probably by himself, and the pieces were made of stones, with a bit of ink haphazardly applied to some to make the black pieces.

A tattered piece of cloth lay beside the chessboard, with crooked words written on it: One game, one tael of silver.

In other words, anyone who played a game with him had to pay him a tael of silver.

Everyone passing by laughed at the beggar's madness. It should be the other way around, why dont he try offering a tael of silver and see if someone would be willing to play with him?

Next to that was another row of crooked words: One loss, ten taels of silver.

In other words, if he won, he could take ten taels of silver from the opponent.

Everyone wanted to laugh even more.

Did a stinking beggar even know how to play chess? He actually dared to fine the opponent ten taels of silver if they lost, who did he think he was? The Chess Saint of the six states?

Furthermore, he looked so impoverished that he couldn't possibly have ten copper coins in his pocket, let alone ten taels of silver!

He was clearly a madman.

Gu Jiao observed the state of the game on the chessboard, took a black piece from the box, and executed a move before leaving.

The old beggar didn't wake up until sunset.

Today was another day of no business.

He yawned and was about to pack up his things and leave when he saw that his chess game had been touched by someone at some point.

He thought it was just some bored child fooling around, but when he took a closer look, he was dumbfounded.

His chess puzzle... had been solved!

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