The Grand Secretary's Pampered Wife – Chapter 302.2: JiaoJiao Beats Up People

Chapter 302.2: JiaoJiao Beats Up People

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If his father was really the murderer, then he must understand that the court hadnt wronged anyone.

If his father was not, then the court would also give his father justice.

Xiao Liulang took the child to the Ministry of Justice.

Seeing that the other party was a Hanlin official, the guards of the Ministry of Justice were very polite. One of them took Xiao Liulang to the side hall where An Junwang was discussing the details of this case with his uncle, Assistant Minister Qin.

Because the culprit refused to confess, they had to find more evidence to convict him of murder.

"Lord Qin, someone from Hanlin Academy has come." The guard reported outside the door.

Assistant Minister Qin wondered, "Why are the people from Hanlin Academy here?"

An Junwang shook his head, "I don't know."

He was also confused.

"Come in." Assistant Minister Qin said.

Xiao Liulang came in with the child.

"Its you?" An Junwang frowned and his eyes fell on the child. "Who is he?"

"He is the son of the suspect, and he went to Hanlin Academy." Xiao Liulang answered neither humbly nor arrogantly.

Assistant Minister Qin had heard a little about the new Zhuangyuan. When he saw him leaning on a crutch, he almost guessed the identity of the other party.

Humph, this was the guy who robbed his nephew of the top spot?

The child said, "My father is not a murderer! He didn't kill anyone!"

"Who told you to bring him in? Get people out of here quickly!" Assistant Minister Qin shouted sharply, but Xiao Liulang didn't move, so he said coldly, "Somebody!"

A guard came in and took the crying child out.

Xiao Liulang stared at An Junwang.

He didn't say a single word, but for some reason, his gaze made An Junwang feel like there was a thorn on his back. He sighed, "He appeared on the street in the middle of the night, which was suspicious enough. When Wu Yang found him by following the blood trail on the ground, he was planning to bury the tools used to commit the crime."

"My dad isnt suspicious! I had a stomach ache ! He went out to call a physician for me! Its you people who are suspicious! Youre accusing an innocent person!"

In the corridor outside the door came the stubborn roar of the child.

"Can I go and take a look?" Xiao Liulang asked.

Hanlin Academy was not supposed to interfere with the work of the Ministry of Justice. An Junwang was purely doing his uncle a favor, but since he had already interfered, it was no big deal to let Xiao Liulang take a look as well.

The corpse was left in the icehouse of the Ministry of Justice.

Xiao Liulang went to check the corpse first, and then went to see the child's father.

"The child's father is a butcher."

An Junwang told Xiao Liulang.

As if to tell Xiao Liulang that those who took the life of living creatures were likely to find killing a human easy.

"You have arrested the wrong person. The murderer is not him." Xiao Liulang stated.

Assistant Minister Qin simply laughed angrily, "Hes not because you say so?"

Xiao Liulang said, "The wound is in the lower right abdomen of the deceased. The spine of the blade was on top while the edge was on the bottom, with the tip slightly inclined to the left of the back. This is an oblique stab wound, and stabbing such an angle with the right hand isnt so easy. The culprit clearly used his left hand to hold the knife, it means his dominant hand is probably his left hand."

An Junwang furrowed his brows, "Are you saying the culprit is left-handed?"

Xiao Liulang nodded.

An Junwang: "That butcher..."

Xiao Liulang: "I tried him. Hes not left-handed."

An Junwang's expression suddenly looked dignified.

Assistant Minister Qin sneered, "What nonsense are you spouting about? How could An Junwang catch the wrong person?"

Assistant Minister Qin was never this arbitrary in the past. But he had too much confidence in An Junwang and felt that as long as it was someone caught by An Junwang, it could never be wrong.

"Are there any footprints at the scene?" Xiao Liulang asked.

"Yes." An Junwang handed Xiao Liulang the sketches drawn by the painter at the scene. The footprints are deep on one side and shallow on the other, so they must have been injured, and the suspect's leg happened to be hurt too."

Xiao Liulang looked at the drawings and said, "This is not an injury, but a natural limp. The footprints of an injured person are messy and different in depth. On the other hand, these footprints are very regular. "

An Junwang was speechless.

He wanted to ask him how he knew when his eyes swept over his leg. He knew the answer in an instant.

There were no signs of struggle at the scene so the assailant was more likely an acquaintance.

And he should be a man, about five feet tall.

Assistant Minister Qin didn't believe it at first, but even if he didn't, someone else did. Another Assistant Minister surnamed Ming went to find the culprit with his men.

According to the characteristics provided by Xiao Liulang, the real murderer was arrested and brought to justice with just a small effort.

Assistant Minister Ming's eyes were crooked from smiling too much.

Heavens ah, this credit was simply a pie falling from the sky! Who knew that bunch would be catching a fake murderer!

He patted Assistant Minister Qin on the shoulder and said with a smile, "It's not always better to strike first, right?"

Assistant Minister Qin felt the corner of his mouth twitch in anger.

Assistant Minister Ming went to the Minister of Justice to report his contribution, and of course, he didn't forget to bring Xiao Liulang along.

The Minister of Justice was surprised, "How did you know all this?"

They were not teaching this stuff in Hanlin Academy, were they?

Xiao Liulang paused for a moment before saying, "My eldest brother used to be a coroner."

In order to support his mother and the young Xiao Liulang, eldest brother Xiao gave up the opportunity to study and became a lowly coroner.

The Minister of Justice suddenly remembered hearing a little about the background of the new Zhuangyuan. He heard that he was born in a poor family, but he didn't expect him to have another big brother who worked as a coroner.

The Minister of Justice asked, "Your eldest brother is now..."

Xiao Liulang said in a low voice, "He passed away."


The Minister of Justice did not have a good impression of Hanlin officials, perhaps because he failed to enter the Hanlin Academy at the beginning, just like saying the grapes were sour because he couldn't eat them.

But he felt that Xiao Liulang wasnt the same as those Hanlin officials who felt they were superior to others, so he accidentally chatted with Xiao Liulang for a long time.

It was noon when Xiao Liulang came out of the Ministry of Justice.

It was about the same time as Gu Jiao expected.

On the other hand, the news that An Junwang arrested the wrong person had been reported back to Hanlin Academy, and Reader-in-Waiting Yang rushed to the Ministry of Justice furiously.

Just what was wrong with Xiao Liulang? He considered everyone else beneath him just because he was a little clever, was that it? How dare he tear down An Junwangs face in public? Did he still want a nice life at Hanlin Academy?

Couldnt he have secretly offered advice to An Junwang instead of hitting An Junwang in the face in public?

Reader-in-Waiting Yang was really enraged!

The carriage stopped in an alley near the Ministry of Justice.

As soon as Reader-in-Waiting Yang jumped out of the carriage, he was sacked by someone!

Hanlin Academy wasnt too far from the Ministry of Justice. The only reason Xiao Liulang hired a carriage this morning was because the child couldn't walk. Now Xiao Liulang planned to walk back.

He took a shortcut.

When he walked through the secluded alley, he felt that something would happen. He looked back, but saw nothing.


Suddenly, he had the illusion that he had been saved.

In a stable near the Ministry of Justice, Reader-in-Waiting Yang was beaten inside a sack, screaming.

"Help Ow"

"Me Ow Ugh"


You bullied my husband huh, hehehe!

Gu Jiao's little fist greeted him like a rain.

Reader-in-Waiting Yang was beaten up to the point of doubting life.

If he said that he was assaulted just outside the gate of the Ministry of Justice, no one would believe it.

Gu Jiao was so excited about beating up people that it took her a long time to remember another important matter.

Oh boy!

She forgot there was still a young Taoist nun to be saved!

It would be bad if she fell to her death!

In the dream, she didn't fall to her death because Xiao Liulang cushioned her fall, but now there was no human cushion waiting for her below!


Gu Jiao threw Reader-in-Waiting Yang a last kick, took back her own exclusive sack, and ran to the alley where the young Taoist nun would fall.

It was a pity that she was too late.

The young Taoist nun had already stumbled and fell from a third-floor window.

Gu Changqing just came out of the military camp and caught a glimpse of her sister sneaking around the Ministry of Justice.

He was curious about what the little girl was doing, so he urged his horse over.

He was just halfway through when he heard a loud noise overhead, then a small figure broke through the window and fell from above.

Gu Changqings eyes move. He flew up, caught the other party in the air, and slowly landed back on his horse.

The young Taoist nun gave him a shocked look and her eyes lit up, "...General Fu?"

Then she tilted her head and passed out!

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