The Grand Secretary's Pampered Wife – Chapter 314.2: Tyrannical JiaoJiao

Chapter 314.2: Tyrannical JiaoJiao

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At first, Rui Wangfei did indeed faint, but halfway through, she woke up and cried for a while before eventually falling asleep.

Rui Wang angrily exclaimed, "Those people were too much, even daring to commit crimes at the foot of the Emperor, causing the young miss to be frightened!"

Rui Wang obviously thought that the assassins were targeting Rui Wangfei, after all, Gu Jiao was just a small medical woman. Who would go after her?

"Farewell." Gu Jiao turned to leave.

"Wait, Young Miss Gu." Rui Wang called out to Gu Jiao.

"Yes?" Gu Jiao looked towards him.

Rui Wang didnt have any airs of a prince, which was related to his background, as well as his own personality. He sincerely looked towards Gu Jiao and said, "Many thanks, Young Miss Gu."

It was rare for a prince of a country to thank a humble medical woman.

"You don't have to thank me for today." Perhaps Rui Wangfei was actually implicated by her.

Rui Wangfei smiled sadly, "Even without today's events, I still have to thank Young Miss Gu. Qiannqian is too straightforward and easily offends people, she has few friends and is actually very lonely in the residence. Young Miss Gu is her most cherished friend. I hope that Young Miss Gu can come to the residence to sit and chat with her more when she has time.


This word was unfamiliar to her.

Just like she had no family in her previous life, she also didnt have any friends.

"Alright." Gu Jiao said.

Rui Wang smiled cheerfully.

Ning Wang's carriage was sent to take Gu Jiao back.

Gu Jiao went back to the medical hall.

She had suffered a few wounds, with splinters and gravel embedded in the flesh, which had to be removed one by one.

As soon as she got off the carriage, she bumped into Liu Yisheng, who had come to the medical hall to buy medicine.

Liu Yisheng was here to buy medicine for Ah Nu, who had a bit of a cough.

He caught sight of Gu Jiao's stiff right hand and asked her, "What happened to your hand?"

Gu Jiao replied, "It's just a small injury, it doesn't matter."

Liu Yisheng said, "I saw the guards of Jingzhao Office move out just now, saying that someone had been assassinated on the outskirts of the capital and that it was reported by Ning Wang.

Gu Jiao's eyes showed no surprise.

Liu Yisheng looked at her deeply and asked, "You know? Were you also"

"En." Gu Jiao answered, not saying any more and going back to her small courtyard to get medicine.

Liu Yisheng watched her retreating figure and furrowed his brows.

At night.

Yuan Tang once again sneaked into Liu Yisheng's courtyard. He smiled at him, who was weaving a bamboo basket, and asked, "It's so late, why did cousin ask me to come over? Could it be that cousin missed me?"

Is it you who did it? Liu Yisheng asked bluntly.

"What did I do?" Yuan Tang was confused.

Liu Yisheng fixed his gaze on him, his eyes sharp, "Stop pretending."

Yuan Tang furrowed his brows, "I really don't understand what cousin is saying though?"

Liu Yisheng's gaze fell on his waist, "Where is the tassel on your jade pendant?"

Yuan Tang coughed lightly, "It's broken, I just left it there."

Liu Yisheng said calmly, "Did someone take it away after you did something bad?

"Who did something badWait, wait!" Yuan Tang suddenly realized something, his phoenix eyes widened, Did that girl come to see you? Did she ask you about the tassel? And I was wondering how she suddenly guessed it was me! Cousin Liu, how could you sell me out!

Liu Yisheng didn't explain that he hadn't sold him out, and that it was all Gu Jiao who guessed it herself. Besides, he also didnt give him prior notice about not exposing his tassel casually.

He coldly looked at Yuan Tang, "If you dont want to get exposed, then dont do anything in the first place."

Yuan Tang covered his heart, "I'm hurt, Im heartbroken."

Liu Yisheng wasnt softhearted at all, "So, just because she found out your bad deeds, you wanted to kill her to silence her?"

He didn't ask Yuan Tang what he did specifically, but it wasn't difficult to guess that it was related to the Emperor's assassination a few days ago.

Yuan Tang completely had no idea, "What do you mean? Has something happened to that girl?"

Liu Yisheng sternly said, "I said, don't pretend in front of me."

Yuan Tang was wronged to the extreme, "I am not! In all honesty, she is someone my cousin cares about, so how could I possibly do anything to her?"

Liu Yisheng furrowed his brows and averted his gaze, continuing to weave the basket in his hands, "We don't have the kind of relationship youre thinking."

Yuan Tang laughed mischievously, "Alright, alright, whatever cousin says goes."

Liu Yisheng looked at him again, "Its truly not you?"

Yuan Tang held up two fingers, "I swear to heaven, it wasn't me! I would never hurt her!"

Liu Yisheng solemnly said, "You'd better remember your words today."

Yuan Tang helplessly looked up to the sky, "I will, this is a promise to my cousin. But cousin, when will you be so caring towards me?"

Liu Yisheng fixed his gaze at him, "Do you lack people who care for you?"

Yuan Tang: "No."

His imperial concubine mother showered him with favor and love, for he was her only son. The Emperor also held him in high regard. The Crown Prince position of the State of Chen had been left unfilled for many years, and only after he completed his mission would he be appointed as the Crown Prince and his imperial concubine mother appointed as Empress.

It could be said that he had everything a prince could ever wish for. UppTodatd frm n/v/e/lb(i)n.c(o)/m

"But none of them is cousin." Yuan Tang sighed. "Why can't cousin be a bit nicer to me?"

Gu Jiao quickly tended to her wounds. Such a minor injury wasnt considered an injury to her at all. After she got home, she did what she had to do like usual.

Nevertheless, someone had noticed something was wrong.

Just as she was carrying the clothes Yuya'er had mended into her room, Xiao Liulang followed her in.

He rarely stepped into her room of his own accord, let alone loitered outside her door in the manner he was doing now.

Gu Jiao turned and blinked at him inquisitively, "What is it?"

Xiao Liulang did not answer, but instead stepped forward and closed the door behind him.

Seeing him follow her into her room, closing the door as if he was about to do something bad, Gu Jiao's eyes sparkled with anticipation!

Seeing the little look in her eyes, Xiao Liulang knew she got the wrong idea. He remained silent for a moment, and then reached out his hand backwards to open the door a little, leaving a slight gap.


Gu Jiao was disappointed.

Xiao Liulang:

Gu Jiao sat at the head of the bed, busied herself with checking the mended clothes.

Xiao Liulang walked over to the side of the bed.

"What's wrong with your hand?" He asked.

"Nothing." Gu Jiao replied.

She usually complained about the slightest pain when she was actually fine, but when there was something wrong, she would hide it away.

Xiao Liulang was not easily dismissed by her this time, forcefully gripping her wrist with an aura that didn't allow her to refuse, as well as a warmth that only belonged to him in his palm.

Gu Jiao's cold wrist suddenly felt hot.

She turned her head and stared at him blankly.

Xiao Liulang sat down beside her, flipped her hand over, and slightly parted her slender, jade-like fingertips to reveal her hand filled with wounds.

The wounds were not taken care of carefully.

"You treat other people's wounds well, how come youre like this to yourself?" Xiao Liulang felt angry and didnt know how to go on.

For a physician to neglect their own treatment was really foolish.

"It's nothing, theres really no need to treat it carefully." Gu Jiao said.

"Wheres the medicine?" Xiao Liulang asked, his tone very serious.

Gu Jiao glanced at the medicine chest on the table.

It's there, take it yourself if you can.

See if you can open it!

Xiao Liulang reached out and flipped the lid open with a click.

Gu Jiao:?!

Oh, she forgot to lock it!

"Which one is the jinchuang medicine ?" Xiao Liulang asked in confusion.

"Well" Gu Jiao said, her eyes sweeping over the medicine chest before her pupils nearly dropped out of her head!

Where was the disinfectant? Where was the antibacterial ointment? How did it all turn into turned into

Unable to believe the evil she was seeing, she snatched up the small medicine chest and up-ended it on the bed, then the whole bed was filled with little condies!

Thin Phantom, Classic Zero Sense, Three-in-One Moistening...

Gu Jiao:???

Gu Jiao:!!!

What was wrong with the medicine chest? Where was her medicine? What about the medicine? Where was the medicine!

"Are these medicines?" Xiao Liulang was accustomed to seeing medications he had never seen before, so he picked up one and tore it open.

Gu Jiao felt as if the string atop her head had snapped.

"It's so slippery." Xiao Liulang exclaimed in surprise.

Don't say anymore, it would form a picture on her head!

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