The Grand Secretary's Pampered Wife – Chapter 313.1: Assassination

Chapter 313.1: Assassination

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Due to the scorching weather, several young misses from the women's academy suffered from heatstroke for several days in a row, leaving Gu Jiao so busy that her feet hadn't touched the ground for days, thus she was unaware of Grandaunt's illness for the time being.

"...Yes, no need for medicine, just some water boiled with fish mint, just the broken basal part. Is there any fish mint at home? If not, get some from the medicine boy." After Gu Jiao had finished prescribing medicine for a young miss, she recorded it down, then she said, "Next."

The door was pushed open, revealing none other than Rui Wangfei she hadnt seen for many days.

Rui Wangfei hadnt tried to cut in line this time and patiently waited for about half an hour, which was kind of tough for a five-month pregnant woman like her.

"What brings you here?" Gu Jiao invited her to take a seat.

Rui Wangfei's complexion was as rosy as ever, the state of her pregnancy truly commendable. Only, her eyes were slightly swollen, seemingly from having recently cried.

"Where are you uncomfortable? Let me see." Gu Jiao gestured for her to extend her hand.

Rui Wangfei shook her head, "It's not me, it's Imperial Concubine Dowager Jing. I went to see her yesterday, and she's not feeling well again"

As Rui Wangfei spoke, tears started to fall.

Rui Wangfei wasnt so prone to crying in the past. It was only after she became pregnant that her tear glands became especially active, so much so that she would cry at the slightest thing even though she herself didn't know what was wrong.

It was pregnancy hormones. Gu Jiao handed her a handkerchief.

Rui Wangfei wiped her tears, the rim of her eyes red as she looked at Gu Jiao, "When will you finish your work today? After you're done, can you come with me to see Imperial Concubine Dowager Jing?"

Gu Jiao called out to Physician Song, "Is there a physician out on duty today?"

Physician Song replied, "No, everyone is in the medical hall today."

Gu Jiao nodded, "Alright then, I'll go out for a while, you all watch over here."

Physician Song agreed, "Yes."

Gu Jiao added, "Also, the medicinal materials, remember to have Little Jiang Li collect them later."

Physician Song said, "I will."

After taking care of the matters in the medical hall, Gu Jiao and Rui Wangfei traveled to the nunnery near Puji Temple.

On the carriage, Gu Jiao learned that Imperial Concubine Dowager Jing fell ill due to hearing news of the Emperor's assassination.

The Emperor was the son she had raised with her own hands. Imperial Concubine Dowager Jing had only been blessed with a daughter, Princess Ning'an. To her, the Emperor was like her own son. Upon hearing of his misfortune, Imperial Concubine Dowager Jing was more worried than anyone else.

Rui Wangfei said, "Imperial Concubine Dowager hadnt been so weak in her early years, but one winter when there was a heavy snowfall and the nunnery was shrouded with coldness, she caught a severe chill and has been unwell ever since. Over the years, the Emperor has attempted many ways to treat Imperial Concubine Dowagers condition, but to no avail. Young Miss Gu, do you have any methods to treat the Imperial Concubine Dowagers body?"

Gu Jiao replied truthfully, "Imperial Concubine Dowager is in the age where she must focus on nourishing her health, with treatment as a secondary measure. There is no quick fix for her ailment."

Rui Wangfei felt frustrated.

The two of them entered the nunnery.

Imperial Concubine Dowager Jing was lying on her sickbed in her quarters, she just fell asleep. There was a soothing scent permeating the room.

Her personal elderly servant, dressed as a nun, saw the two of them and saluted, "Rui Wangfei, Young Miss Gu."

Grannie Cai extinguished the nerve-calming incense in the censer and opened the windows for ventilation, so that it would not affect the pregnant Rui Wangfei.

Rui Wangfei looked at Imperial Concubine Dowager Jing's pallid face and said, "Grannie Cai, why does Imperial Concubine Dowager seem to be even weaker than yesterday?"

Grannie Cai let out a sigh and said, "Imperial Concubine Dowager is so worried about His Majesty that she cannot rest or sleep, and she hasnt eaten a single grain since yesterday as well Seeing as it is getting worse, this servant quietly lit some nerve-calming incense."

Rui Wangfei felt a pang of heartache.

Rui Wangfei belonged to Ning Wangs side, and Ning Wang was in the same faction as Empress Dowager Zhuang. The Emperor was desperately trying to dethrone Empress Dowager Zhuang and replace her with Imperial Concubine Dowager Jing, but it seemed to be just a game between the Emperor and Empress Dowager Zhuang, with no one else involved.

The relationship between Rui Wang and Wangfei and Imperial Concubine Dowager Jing was quite good.

Grannie Cai brought a chair for the two of them to sit down.

Gu Jiao sat on the edge of the bed and took Imperial Concubine Dowager Jing's pulse.

Imperial Concubine Dowager Jing wasnt sleeping soundly. As soon as Gu Jiao felt her pulse, she opened her eyes.

When she saw that it was Gu Jiao, her pale face revealed a smile, "Young Miss Gu is here. She then looked at the teary-eyed Rui Wangfei, and said helplessly, "I said I was okay, why did you make a fuss and bring Young Miss Gu here too? Cant you just peacefully raise the fetus at home? I'll have to write a letter to Rui Wang later to remind him to take care of you."

Rui Wangfei choked and said, "His Highness would not forbid me to come, His Highness is more worried about your health than I am."

"Ai, you two" Imperial Concubine Dowager Jing shook her head, as if she didn't know what to say.

Gu Jiao finished examining Imperial Concubine Dowager Jing. Red the latest stories n novlbin(.)com

Imperial Concubine Dowager Jing looked at Gu Jiao and said, "I'm fine, it's just that the weather is too hot, and this happens every summer. Young Miss Gu, there is no need to worry.

Judging from her pulse, Imperial Concubine Dowager Jing was indeed not seriously ill, only suffering from stagnation of qi, depletion of blood, and general physical weakness.

"You can't go without eating anything." Gu Jiao said.

Grannie Cai echoed quickly, "Listen, listen, even Young Miss Gu said so. Is Imperial Concubine Dowager still not going to eat?"

Imperial Concubine Dowager Jing said with a smile, "It's too hot, I can't eat."

Rui Wangfei said, "Imperial Concubine Dowager, His Majesty has already returned to the palace."

Imperial Concubine Dowager Jing was immediately stunned, "Is that so?"

Rui Wangfei responded, "If Imperial Concubine Dowager doesn't believe me, ask Young Miss Gu. She wont lie to you."

Imperial Concubine Dowager Jing cast her expectant gaze upon Gu Jiao's face.

Gu Jiao nodded, "His Majesty has really returned to the palace."

Imperial Concubine Dowager Jing anxiously inquired, "How is his condition? I heard he was attacked by assassins and was injured, but I don't know how serious it is"

Gu Jiao truthfully replied, "He has recovered. His Majestys dragon body is in good health."

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