The Grand Secretary's Pampered Wife – Chapter 302.1: JiaoJiao Beats Up People

Chapter 302.1: JiaoJiao Beats Up People

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What was wrong with him?

Although he also had moments of agitation in the past, they were quickly suppressed by him, but this time...

This uncontrollable feeling made Xiao Liulang at a loss and even a little annoyed.

Did he read so many books of sages, only to become a beast in the end?

He shook his head, forcing himself to dismiss the distracting thoughts from his mind.

But the effect wasnt satisfactory.

It was as if the more he tried to suppress it forcibly, the more it became like a seething lava, burning his entire chest.

In the end, he had no choice but to get up and head to the well in the backyard to draw a bucket of water and take a cold bath.

Meanwhile, Gu Jiao was much more heartless. Teasing him just now was real, and falling asleep after teasing him was also not fake. FiNd pdtes on n()/vln(.)cm

Someone fell sound asleep as soon as her head touched the pillow.

However, she was destined to sleep restlessly.

She dreamed again.

She dreamed of Xiao Liulang as an official in Hanlin Academy.

With his humble origins, Xiao Liulang beat An Junwang and became the new Zhuangyuan, which led to the jealousy and envy of many people.

And with the Hanlin Academy being the territory of Grand Preceptor Zhuang, his situation as a Hanlin official could be imagined.

However, gold would always shine as they said. No matter how those colleagues suppress and ostracize Xiao Liulang, Xiao Liulang still managed to get a chance to display his intelligence.

Only, it didnt occur in Hanlin Academy, but in the Ministry of Justice.

As it turned out, the Ministry of Justice was currently handling a murder case. The murderer was captured by a passing Hanlin official and handed over to the Ministry of Justice. But not long after that, the murderer's family made their way to Hanlin Academy and accused the Hanlin Academy of arresting the wrong person, stating that his father was not the murderer.

The other party was a nine-year-old child.

No one would believe a child's words, only Xiao Liulang made a trip to the Ministry of Justice and found out that the child's father was indeed not the murderer.

Xiao Liulang helped the Ministry of Justice arrest the real culprit and was thus greatly appreciated by the Minister of the Ministry of Justice.

As things progressed, everything seemed to have really gone smoothly for Xiao Liulang. Finally, the clouds parted to reveal the moon for him. However, on his way back from the Ministry of Justice, a young Taoist nun who fell from upstairs of a building knocked into Xiao Liulang.

He was knocked unconscious on the spot, and so was the young Taoist nun.

In broad daylight, an unconscious woman was lying on top of an unconscious man. Those who were unaware of the incident thought that something was going on between the two people.

At that time, Xiao Liulang was wearing the official uniform of Hanlin Academy, and it didnt take long for the matter to spread.

Xiao Liulang's reputation was ruined, and his official career had come to an end.

Gu Jiao woke up and sat up on the bed, holding the quilt with a toothache.

Luck was truly against her husbands side ah.

Youre smart if youre smart, and youre unlucky if youre unlucky, she guessed.

The chance of being hit by someone in the street was about the same as winning the lottery in her previous life. How could he come across such a thing so easily?

In fact, this accident could be avoided easily. She remembered that when Xiao Liulang left the Ministry of Justice, he was summoned by a Hanlin official surnamed Yang to be reprimanded. If he hadnt been delayed by him, Xiao Liulang would have been able to avoid the disaster perfectly.

Gu Jiao got up before dawn.

Xiao Liulang was used to getting up early, but not earlier than Gu Jiao. Today was an exception.

The first thing he did was draw water from the old well in the backyard. After filling the bucket with water, he carried it back to the kitchen and poured it into the water jar.

From the way he was sweating, it was easy to guess that he had been doing it for a long time.

"Why are you up so early? You didnt stay up all night, did you?" Gu Jiao asked strangely.

He had too much energy and must do some physical work to burn it off, otherwise he might explode with internal heat.

Of course, Xiao Liulang didn't say that.

He said with a serious face, "I slept. It was a little hot, so I got up early."

It was true that the temperature was pretty hot, especially for people of ancient times who wore many layers of clothing.

Gu Jiao thought that the weather in the capital was hotter than the countryside. She just slept and her bed clothes were already soaked with sweat.

She fetched some water and went back to her room to freshen up.

Listening to the splashing sound of water, Xiao Liulang's blood started boiling in his chest, and he only felt that his tossing about all morning was all in vain.

Little Jing Kong didn't go to school today. He trained in the backyard for a while, then after breakfast, he went to play with Zhao Xiaobao next door.

Gu Yan and Gu Xiaoshun were also on their tenth-day holiday today, and they were still sleeping in their room.

Gu Jiao didn't tell Xiao Liulang what he saw in her dream and simply went to the medical hall as usual.

Xiao Liulang also went to Hanlin Academy.

As soon as he entered the main entrance, he saw many Hanlin officials standing in the open space in front of the main building. The atmosphere was intense and he had no idea what they were discussing among themselves.

He had always avoided the hustle and bustle and didn't intend to join them. He simply headed to his office.

But before he could take his second step, he saw Ning Zhiyuan quietly waving at him from one corner of the corridor.

After thinking about it, he went over there.

Ning Zhiyuan pulled him to the other side of the corridor and whispered, "Have you heard? An Junwang made a great contribution this morning! "

"Oh." Xiao Liulang responded perfunctorily, not at all interested.

"Hiss," Ning Zhiyuan drew a breath of cold air, "He is at least your rival, are you really not curious about what merit he has achieved? You are the number one scholar while he is the number two. It stands to reason that you have to climb faster than him. If hes faster than you... Well, that is actually normal too. You cant compete with his familys background and influence after all."

This was the truth. A poor scholar who had struggled for ten or eight years might still not be able to reach the starting line of others who were well-born.

Some people were simply born at the end of their path.

Ning Zhiyuan still told him anyway, "There was a murder case in Beifang Street, which was reported in the middle of the night. The murderer was caught this morning."

"An Junwang caught the culprit?" Xiao Liulang asked.

Ning Zhiyuan responded, "Yes. He was on his way to report for duty. When he passed by the Ministry of Justice, he met his uncle who is an Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Justice. He told him about the case, and he caught the culprit right after based on the bloodstains at the scene! He can't leave the Ministry of Justice at the moment, so he asked someone to come to Hanlin Academy to ask for a leave, saying he would come to report in the afternoon. Why do you think hes so capable?"

Not only was he well-born, he was also more outstanding and hard-working than ordinary people. How could ordinary people still want to live?

The news of An Junwang solving a murder case had caused a sensation in the whole Hanlin Academy. Just then, there was a sudden noise outside the gate.

"You have arrested the wrong person! My father is not the murderer! Its not him!"

It was the voice of a child.

Xiao Liulang looked at the direction of the sound.

Ning Zhiyuan said, "Lets go and take a look!"

He thought Xiao Liulang would refuse. After all, he was never a person to enjoy watching a bustling scene.

To his surprise, Xiao Liulang actually kept up.

There was a commotion outside the gate.

The child was dressed in commoners clothing and looked to be less than ten years old. He was thin and unkempt. Perhaps because he had been running all the way, he was sweating profusely and one of his shoes had fallen off.

He tried to charge inside, but was stopped by the Hanlin Clerk of the Hanlin Academy.

The rim of his eyes were red, but he tried not to let the tears fall, "You Hanlin Academy people arrested the wrong person! My father is not a murderer! He didn't kill anyone!"

It was a child after all. When he heard that a Hanlin official helped solve the case, he thought his father had been brought to Hanlin Academy.

He shouted aggrievedly, but no one present believed him.

The Hanlin Clerk said a bit impatiently, "How would we know if your father is a murderer or not? If you want to cause a fuss, do it in the Ministry of Justice. Our Hanlin Academy is not a place to hear cases!"

"Where, where is the Ministry of Justice... I already had a hard time finding Hanlin Academy...." The child finally couldn't help it and began to cry in despair. They could tell that he could no longer walk as there were blood blisters on the soles of his feet.

But he was the murderer's child.

Not many people really sympathized with him.

Just as he was crying his eyes out, a tall and upright figure came to his side and said, "I'll take you to the Ministry of Justice."

His crying came to an abrupt end. He raised his tearful eyes and saw a face as peerless as a celestial being. He said in disbelief, "Really, really?"

Everyone looked at Xiao Liulang as if they were looking at a fool.

Helping a murderer's child, was he crazy?

"I'll be taking a leave." Xiao Liulang told the Hanlin Clerk.

The Hanlin Clerk was probably shocked by his behavior as he forgot to utter a word.

Xiao Liulang hired a carriage and took the child to the Ministry of Justice.

The child's narrative was fairly clear. From his mouth, Xiao Liulang learned that he had suffered abdominal pain in the middle of the night, so his father went out to invite a physician for him. As a result, he didn't come back all night. The next day, he only heard that his father was arrested for a murder.

His mother had fainted upon hearing the news.

Xiao Liulang asked, "Is there anyone else at home?"

He shook his head, "No.. My Lord, my father won't kill anyone! He really won't! Please believe me!"

Xiao Liulang only believed in evidence.

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