The Grand Secretary's Pampered Wife – Chapter 311.3: Doting

Chapter 311.3: Doting

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Eunuch Wei quickly responded, "How can this servant speak for Empress Dowager? This servant was just thinking, at that time when I was lying in a pool of blood and dying, Young Miss Gu came alone, and I forgot that she was just a woman. Instead of telling her to escape, I asked her to save Your Majesty. With what kind of feelings did she go without the slightest hesitation? Knowing full well how dangerous it was ahead and knowing that Your Majesty and the Empress Dowager did not get along..."

Gu Jiao rescued the Emperor without mentioning the details. The Emperor thought she merely stumbled upon him on her way. He didn't know that she actually risked her life to find him.

The Emperor's mood suddenly became complicated, and there was an unpleasant feeling in the bottom of his heart.

Eunuch Wei looked at the Emperor with tears in his eyes and said earnestly, "Your Majesty, you don't have to believe in Empress Dowager, but can't you believe in the little miracle physician?"

The Emperor fell silent.

The next day, Yuan Tang was recuperating in his room when several guards from the Court of Judicial Review and State Ceremonial Bureau came to his residence.

The official of the Court of Judicial Review said, "His Majesty was assassinated and the Court of Judicial Review caught one of the assassins, who turned out to be someone close to the Sixth Prince. We also found the personal belongings of the Sixth Prince at the scene. Asking the Sixth Prince to come with us to the Court of Judicial Review!"

Yuan Tang frowned.

He didn't expect that Gu Jiao really had the ability to convince the Emperor.

The witness was naturally a planted evidence of the Emperor against Yuan Tang. After all, a mere piece of tassel wasnt enough to arrest Yuan Tang as Yuan Tang could simply say that this tassel had been lost or stolen.

But with a witness suddenly appearing, the situation became quite a pain in the ass for him.

And that witness was also a guard under Yuan Tang.

Not a personal guard, just a third-class guard.

Yuan Tang's expression turned ugly, "To actually buy off the people around this prince. Alas, this prince still underestimated the imperial family of the State of Zhao."

Yuan Tang had no way to verify when he was bribed by them. Fortunately, the other party was only a third-class guard, and there were not many opportunities to see him on normal days, so he was unlikely to have come into contact with his secrets.

But in any case, being bitten by this person made things a little tricky.

The man in gray looked murderous as he exclaimed, "I'm going to kill him! I wont let them obtain any testimony!"

Yuan Tang said coldly, "It's no use. He must have already confessed and signed the confession documents. Even if he dies now, the evidence is already established."

Of course, Yuan Tang wouldn't obediently let himself be arrested, but he was already forced to this point, and it was simply impossible not to give the State of Zhao an explanation.

In the end, Yuan Tang had no choice but to give up the rook to save the king. He handed over one of his trusted aides.

His aide took all the blame upon himself, saying it was his own personal act and had nothing to do with Yuan Tang at all.

When he was in the State of Chen, this aide was a vassal of his family. He was resourceful and loyal to him. He gave him a lot of advice and helped him out of danger many times.

When he handed him over, Yuan Tang's heart was bleeding!

If he could, he would simply hand over a random guard, but the State of Zhao would never buy it!

It wasnt that he was afraid of death, but before his great cause was achieved, he couldn't die just yet. Fll0w current novls on n/o/(v)/3l/b((in).(co/m)

The news of the Emperor's assassination caused an uproar in the capital, and even the imperial court was sent into a slight turmoil. However, the Emperor minded none of it as he completely became an idle housemate in Bishui Alley.

Of course, he didn't let the fact that he was living in Bishui Alley get disclosed, but had people announce that he was resting in the temporary imperial residence.

Although the misunderstanding with the assassination had been solved, the relationship between the Emperor and Empress Dowager Zhuang essentially remained like a block of ice.

The Emperor still didnt like Empress Dowager Zhuang.

And Empress Dowager Zhuang still didnt care about the Emperor.

Empress Dowager Zhuang left after playing leaf cards.

At first, Empress Dowager Zhuang was still avoiding the Emperors eyes when she was playing cards with the neighbors. Later, seeing the Emperor staying here, Empress Dowager Zhuang no longer bothered to hide it.

She just wanted to play cards, who cared about what others thought!

The Emperor glared at the confident and easy-going figure of Empress Dowager Zhuang as she went away after playing cards. He gnashed his teeth, "Disregarding female virtues, has no sense of shame, disobeying the palace rules, disregarding the ancestral teachings, truly not worthy of being"

The Emperor's mouth was stuffed with a thermometer by Gu Jiao.

"Keep it in your mouth. Don't talk." Physician Gu said seriously.

Emperor: "..."

The news of the Emperor's assassination made a lot of noise in the capital. Although he didn't disclose his identity to the rest of Gu Jiao's family, the only ones in the family who failed to guess his identity were Little Jing Kong and Gu Xiaoshun.

For Little Jing Kong, the first impression was the strongest. He had long accepted the fact that he was Chu Yu's father, Uncle Chu, so it was difficult for the outside world to influence him.

Gu Xiaoshun was purely naive.

Even Gu Yan guessed the identity of the Emperor.

After all, there was no one in the world who had the courage to blow his top and glare at Grandaunt.

Lately, the weather had been unbearably hot, so much so that Gu Yan suffered a heat stroke while in Qinghe Academy. After which, Gu Jiao went to the academy to ask for leave for him so that he could rest at home.

He refused to go to school before, but now, he found that being idle at home was unbearably boring.

He sat beneath the shade of a tree in the yard, sighing.

Gu Jiao went to the medical hall, Xiao Liulang went to Hanlin Academy, Gu Xiaoshun and Little Jing Kong went to school, so he had no one to play with.

He suddenly longed to attend school again...

Just then, a tall figure appeared, blocking the light from above him and presenting a beautiful wooden bow in front of his eyes.

Gu Yan was taken aback, gazing at the bow before looking up at the person holding it.

"Its you?" Gu Yan turned his face away.

Gu Changqing circled around him, pulling the bow in his hand, he opened his mouth to ask, "Do you want to try shooting arrows?"

Gu Yan replied calmly, "I don't know how to shoot!"

Gu Changqing said softly, "I'll teach you."

Deep down, Gu Yan had always harbored the dream of becoming a heroic figure in the martial arts world riding the fastest horse and shooting the farthest arrows. Unfortunately, his small stature had denied him the opportunity to even ride a horse, let alone shoot arrows.

He couldn't even draw the bowstring!

Gu Yan suppressed his inner excitement and replied disdainfully, "I refused!"

Gu Changqings voice remained soft, "JiaoJiao said that your body has improved a lot compared to before; you should be able to pull the bowstring. If you don't believe me, why dont you give it a try?"

Of course, he couldn't say that in consideration of his health, he had specially made an extremely light bow so that even a four-year-old Little Jing Kong could draw it.

Men have to save face, even the fifteen-year-old Gu Yan.

Gu Yan furtively glanced at the bow Gu Changqing was handing him, it was exquisitely crafted, each arc and pattern suiting his aesthetic.

Most importantly, it was even inlaid with jade.

It wasquite heart-stirring.

Gu Changqing saw through him but said nothing, handing the bow to him and walking over to set up the target, "Give it a try."

Gu Yan drew the bow with a reluctant expression.

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