The Grand Secretary's Pampered Wife – Chapter 310.2: Stones Will Appear As The Water Recedes

Chapter 310.2: Stones Will Appear As The Water Recedes

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Qin Chuyu's little guise was so well covered that so far, Little Jing Kong and Xu Zhouzhou still believed that his surname was Chu, his full name was Chu Yu, and that his father was an official in the court.

The Emperor had just woken up, and his mind was still a bit groggy. When he saw Little Jing Kong, he remembered that he was resting here in the little miracle physicians place.

"Jing Kong." He greeted him weakly.

"Uncle Chu, are you sick?" Little Jing Kong walked up to the bed and looked at him with wide eyes.

Gu Jiao was a physician so it wasnt surprising that there was a patient at home. What he found strange was the fact that he was actually staying in Grandaunt's room.

"Why is Uncle Chu staying in Grandaunt's room?" Little Jing Kong asked.

Childrens minds didnt have as many twists and turns as that of adults, so they tended to always ask what was on their mind.

"Why doesn't Uncle Chu stay in my room instead?"

Then I can sleep with JiaoJiao at night!

The Emperor didn't expect that this room was actually Empress Dowager Zhuang's room. He was very shocked, "This is your Grandaunt's room?"

"En!" Little Jing Kong nodded as though he was pounding garlic.

"Then, the things here..." The Emperor paused in the middle of his sentence.

He was rescued by the little miracle physician in the middle of the night from the assassins. His life was almost gone and the little miracle physician was busy saving him, so where did she get the leisure to decorate the room specially for him? Nww hapters will be fully updated at (n)ov()l/bin(.)com

A table, a chair, a lamp and a candle. It could be assumed all these had been arranged here beforehand.

The thought that everything here was decorated by Empress Dowager Zhuang made the Emperor feel like there was no love left in this world.

Little Jing Kong didn't have any clue about what was going through the Emperors mind. When he saw his face suddenly looked depressed, Little Jing Kong only thought he was feeling uncomfortable somewhere. He came forward, patted his hand and said, "Uncle Chu, you will be fine. JiaoJiao's medical skill is very high. She will definitely cure you. Don't worry!"

The Emperor looked at the little hand on the back of his hand, thinking that he, a grand Emperor, was actually comforted by a four-year-old child.

For a moment, the Emperor didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

Soon, he realized that he had slept; his clothes were rumpled and his hair was disheveled, which was detrimental to the image of a country's ruler, so he wanted to call someone to tidy up his appearance.

However, he remembered that Eunuch Wei was injured, and there was no other imperial servant to wait upon him. His face suddenly turned pale.

Little Jing Kong asked, "Uncle Chu, what's the matter?"


Forget it. He could do it himself.

The Emperor reached for the headcrown on the bedside table.

Little Jing Kong said, "Uncle Chu, do you want to comb your hair? Let me help you! Don't move if you are sick!"

"You know how?" The Emperor asked.

"Of course!" Little Jing Kong patted his chest and said.

He combed Little Eights hair every day!

Little Jing Kong went to the dresser to get a comb, kicked off his shoes and climbed onto the bed. He then stood behind the Emperor and began to comb his hair.

He was doing quite good.

The Emperor was happy and chatted with him more, "Can you recite poems?"

Little Jing Kong replied, "I can, but I don't like reciting poems."

The Emperor said with a smile, "Then what do you like?"

Little Jing Kong answered, "I like singing."

He just learned some new songs from JiaoJiao recently.

"Oh?" The Emperor laughed, "You also know how to sing? Let me hear you sing a song or two then."

"Okay..." Little Jing Kong paused his action of combing hair as he thought carefully.

After brewing up some emotions, he raised a small hand and began to sing, "The north wind blows~ the snowflakes floats~ the snowflakes flutters~ the year comes~ Dad went out to hide from his debts~ exactly a whole seven days~"

The Emperor felt his body shiver.

Why was it such a gloomy song?

Was it because he thought his mood wasnt miserable enough?

Little Jing Kong sang with great devotion, with sad emotions and tears flashing under his eyes.

The Emperor couldn't bear to look at him directly, "Cant a child like you sing something happier?"

"Sure!" Little Jing Kong switched moods in a blink of an eye, and while braiding the Emperor's hair, he sang with his head bobbing, "Somebody else's daughter wears flowers~ flowers your dad who had little money cant buy~ So I tear off a two-feet red string~ To tie up my daughters hair~ Oh~ Tie it up~"

The Emperor, whose hair was tied up into a big braid, had a dark expression all over his face!

What kind of nonsense were all these?!

The Emperor felt that he couldn't listen to him any more, otherwise, he might sustain some internal injuries from anger.

"I, I, I... I have another song!" Little Jing Kong cleared his throat and grabbed the Emperor's braided hair, his little body shaking, "Yah!"

He exerted too much force so that the Emperor's hair was pulled hard, making him feel as though his scalp had been torn off his skull!

"Ahem, I got the tune wrong, Ill do it one more time!" Little Jing Kong once again gathered up his emotions first, and then with a passionate expression, he exerted all his strength

"Yah~ Uncle Ba and Uncle Xiao~

Yi~ Dont show off your wealth in Lhasa~

Eyy~ He didnt say anything about killing his father~

Eh~ Hes probably here to kill his mother~

But a bunch of fathers has already died~ "

In fact, Little Jing Kong thought that the last line of the song didnt flow right so he went and revised it a bit.

He was such a smart kid!

The Emperor didn't enjoy it as much as Little Jing Kong did.

Why was this boy only singing these kinds of songs? What was up with killing someones father and mother? Was it really fine to let him sing such a cruel song at an early age?

He must find Huo Xian and ask him what exactly the Imperial Academy was teaching the children!

Also, if you want to sing, just sing. Can you stop pulling his hair?

Did he think it was easy to keep such thick hair at an old age? Be careful not to turn him bald!

Xiao Liulang was the first one to return from Hanlin Academy, and thanks to his arrival, Little Jing Kong finally ended the double destruction of the Emperor's dragon hair and dragon ears.

He went to his bad brother-in-law to show off his height.

After showing off, he sat at the door, stretched his calves and put his trouser legs in the most conspicuous position to show off every time someone in the family came back.

Gu Xiaoshun rubbed the tip of his nose, saying, "Could it be that you simply raised your pants high?"

Gu Xiaoshun pulled Little Jing Kong's small waistband back to his belly button position, "See, isnt it covering your shoes again?"

Little Jing Kong:

Little Jing Kong burst into tears!

Gu Xiaoshun was indeed someone who would slap you with reality!

In the end, Gu Jiao measured Little Jing Kong's height and showed him the data she had recorded previously to make sure that he really grew taller, just not as much as two inches.

"You have grown an inch." Gu Jiao said.

Little Jing Kong settled in Gu Jiao's arms, playing with Gu Jiao's hair sadly, "Does growing an inch means I became taller?"

Gu Jiao stroked his little head, "Of course."

Little Jing Kong bowed his head and pointed his both index fingers together, saying,, "That, I should be rewarded with a kiss then."

Gu Jiao kissed his head.

Little Jing Kong jumped down to the ground, covered his little head with his tiny hands and ran back to the west room quickly.

At night, when Gu Jiao went to redress the Emperors wounds, she asked the Emperor if he had seen the multicolored tassel.

The Emperor shook his head, "Ive never seen it before."

The next day, Gu Jiao entered the palace.

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