The Grand Secretary's Pampered Wife – Chapter 309.2: The Person Behind The Assassination

Chapter 309.2: The Person Behind The Assassination

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"What brings the young master to Heavenly Music House?"

This was a strange question.

What would a man do in a brothel? Lay down on bed with a woman, cover themselves with a quilt, and then simply exchange words?

The young lady propped her elbow on the table, her forefinger gently resting on her chin as she said with a smile, "Young master is too clean. At first glance, one can tell that hes not a man who frequents brothels."

Gu Jiao wrinkled her eyebrows a little.

Was her acting really so bad? She was obviously playing the role of a hedonistic spoiled young master today!

Was she only good enough to fool the likes of Gu Chengfeng?

The young ladys gaze fell on Gu Jiao's throat.

To think she would also doubt her gender! Fortunately, she was prepared and put a fake Adam's apple on herself in advance.

When the young lady saw the Adam's apple on her neck, she withdrew her gaze and continued to look into Gu Jiao's eyes.

Gu Jiao didnt avoid her scrutinizing gaze. After all, her lacking acting skills wasnt enough to make her any less confident.

The young lady stared at her for a while but failed to catch anything fishy, so she asked again, "Is the young master here to look for someone? Which relative is it? A younger sister or an older sister?"

Gu Jiao thought about it for a moment, took out a small notebook and a charcoal pen, and wrote in swift movements: To tell you the truth, I'm here to pick up hot chicks!

The young lady felt a twitch at the corner of her mouth.

Pick up what?

Gu Jiao ohed silently, crossed out the last two words, and wrote mightily: I mean flowers and willows!

A giggle suddenly escaped the young ladys mouth.

But the next second, she couldn't laugh anymore.

Because Gu Jiao wrote on the paper: Call out the most beautiful girl here!

The woman's smile froze on her face, "Does the young master mean Im not beautiful enough?"

Gu Jiao wrote in reply: If you say so, theres nothing I can do.

The woman was so angry with Gu Jiao that she forgot to question Gu Jiao why she was writing on paper instead of speaking.

Who would have known that the most famous courtesan of the Heavenly Music House and the number one beauty of the capital would be disdained by someone one day?

She said indignantly, "Your eyes must have gone blind, I guess!"

Gu Jiao swiftly maneuvered the charcoal pen: I'm not blind, I just don't think you are particularly good-looking.

Youre not as good-looking as my husband.

It was a sentence that simply pushed the hate bar to the limit. The woman was so enraged that she threw a palm strike at Gu Jiao.

Gu Jiao quickly dodged away.

The force of the palm strike landed on the chair behind Gu Jiao, shattering the chair made of mahogany into pieces!

Sure enough, people here knew martial arts.

Gu Jiao put away the charcoal pen and the small notebook and exchanged blows with her inside the room.

The woman's martial skills were beyond Gu Jiao's expectations. Fortunately, she got some advice from Old Marquis beforehand, some of which happened to restrain the opponent's techniques.

Gu Jiao pinned the young ladys hands behind her back and pressed her down on the bed.

Who knew that this young lady was far more cunning than what she showed. Twisting her body like a loach, she actually managed to slip out from under Gu Jiao's body.

And while Gu Jiao was unprepared, she immediately pounced on Gu Jiao on the bed.

She seized Gu Jiao's hands with both hands and pressed Gu Jiao's leg with both legs, "I'm not beautiful enough, you say? Then let me take off your mask and see what kind of appearance you are hiding in there that you actually dare to deny my beauty!"

She restrained Gu Jiao's hands above her head with her right hand then raised her left hand to take off Gu Jiao's mask.

However, Gu Jiao broke free from her restraints, and with a swift kick, she flipped her over on the bed. She then got above her again, holding her hands and legs down.

Gu Jiao sat on her lap, untied her hairband and used it to fasten her hands to the bedpost.

The young lady struggled and her clothes slipped down, revealing a large part of her snow-white skin.

"You..." The woman felt ashamed and resentful.

Gu Jiao took out her small notebook again and wrote: Whos behind the Emperors assassination last night?

The woman was taken aback.

Honestly, Gu Jiao wasnt sure whether she knew about this matter or not, but she was the most popular figure here, having a high status and possessing martial arts skills, so she had a high chance of knowing it.

Maybe she was even involved.

The woman said with a laugh, as though finding her question a joke, "I'm but a mere courtesan, how can I possibly know about the matters of the current Emperor? Did the young master get the wrong person? If you want to investigate the case, shouldn't you go to the yamen instead?"

Gu Jiao wrote: Shouldn't the first reaction of normal people be to ask in surprise whether the Emperor really encountered an assassination?

That was how Gu Chengfeng reacted.

The woman choked on the spot.

Gu Jiao's domineering side leaked out as she wrote: Stay mute and Ill take off your clothes and do it on the spot!

The woman's expression took a change, smiling slowly, "Alright, be my guest. If you don't dislike my pair of jade arms and charming body, go ahead then. It was I who took a fancy to the young master first, and it was my blessing to be able to serve him. But

While speaking, her eyes seemed to sweep Gu Jiao's pants and she said with a smile, "The young master seems to have no interest in this young lady."

Gu Jiao: Er... I forgot to equip a fake gourd!

The woman continued to look at Gu Jiao meaningfully, "The young masters skin is so white, his appearance is so delicate, and his body is slim. Moreover, he is indifferent to a stunning beauty like me... Young master, you should not be a male"

Before she could finish her words, Gu Jiao tore open her own outer robe, took it off and threw it on the floor with a fierce look, as though proving something to her!

Just at this moment, the door was suddenly knocked open and a drunken man broke in.

Quick as a flash, Gu Jiao grabbed her long robe on the floor back and wrapped it on the young ladys body, covering her up tightly.

"Aiya, what are you guys doing? How could you let someone break into Miss Qianxue's room? Miss Qianxue is entertaining a guest right now! Can you afford the consequences if Miss Qianxue loses a guest?"

It was the fierce voice of the young ladys personal servant girl.

"Im sorry, Miss Qianxue!"

A female guard of the place entered the room without looking elsewhere and arrested the drunkard.

Afterwards, Gu Jiao got out of bed without the intention of forcing the woman further. She turned around and walked towards the door.

The woman was greatly stunned and bewildered the moment she was wrapped in Gu Jiaos clothes, and seeing Gu Jiao let her go just like that, her eyes faintly moved, "Don't you, don't you want to know the person behind the assassination?"

Not in this way.

Gu Jiao continued to walk out of the Heavenly Music House.

If this was in her previous life, she would have extorted a confession by any means. After all, that was what her godfather taught her since childhood.

But in this life, it seemed that something was different.

Gu Jiao looked at her own hands.

Suddenly, a small box fell into her palm.

Gu Jiao looked up at the third floor of the Heavenly Music House, only to see a window closing in violently. Read latest ovls at nv/e/l/bi(.)com

Gu Jiao opened the small box, which contained a tassel of a pendant and a note.

Imperial palace, southwest corner.

The culprit was from the imperial palace and residing in the southwest corner, and this tassel was their personal belonging!

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