The Grand Secretary's Pampered Wife – Chapter 301: Alone Together in the Middle of the Night

Chapter 301: Alone Together in the Middle of the Night

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When Gu Jiao returned to Bishui Alley, Gu Jinyu had already left.

Grannie Fang had been guarding at the door, and when she saw her return, she hurriedly welcomed her back and talked to her about Gu Jinyu's visit.

"I see." Gu Jiao nodded.

Grannie Fang sensed her stiffness and asked worriedly, "What's the matter with you, eldest young miss?"

"Nothing, I'm fine." Gu Jiao replied.

Today, she encountered a tough nut to crack in the martial arts school, which made her arm numb. It had been a long time since she met such an interesting opponent.

"Seeing how the second young miss looks today, it seems shes truly repentant." Grannie Fang said thoughtfully, "I wonder what has she experienced when she went to the villa that made her change so much?"

Gu Jiao paused and said, "She didn't go to the villa, but to a child care residence."

Grannie Fang was surprised, "Eldest young miss had met her?"

"En, I happened to treat her once." Gu Jiao told her about her last house visit there.

"I can't believe she went to such a place to suffer." Grannie Fang suddenly didn't know what to say.

Grannie Fang also watched Gu Jinyu grow up. Whether she was sincerely repenting or was just putting on an act, Grannie Fang was confident that she could still tell the difference.

Second young miss seemed to have really changed, so... Would eldest young miss forgive her?

Gu Jiao said nothing and stepped into the house.

The sky turned dark late after the arrival of the sixth month. When Xiao Liulang came back from Hanlin Academy, it was still bright.

Little Jing Kong went to walk his chickens.

Gu Jiao arranged some rooms next door for people.

Before the elderly woman regained her memory, in order to snatch Old Chief's private money easily, she had Old Chief open a gate in the backyard wall connecting the two courtyard houses.

Xiao Liulang walked into the backyard and saw Gu Jiao holding several clean mattresses.

He stopped her, "Is there a guest at home?"

Gu Jiao answered, "It's Gu Yan's dark guards."

It wasnt only them who had come back, but they also brought Yuyaer from the Hot Spring Villa.

It was Gu Jiaos instructions.

Gu Yan had lived in the Hot Spring Villa for so long, and the only servant he hadn't driven away was Yuyaer. Even Grannie Fang was almost kicked out by him once.

There were more and more things to be dealt with at home, and Gu Jiao thought it would be nice to have an additional nimble servant girl around.

There was no room for them to stay in the house, but fortunately, there were still many empty rooms next door.

After the two houses got connected, it was already considered one household. Grannie Fang had moved there earlier, so she no longer shared a room with Yao shi.

Xiao Liulang also helped in moving some stuff.

The two dark guards didnt usually show themselves.

But Yuyaer was at the scene the whole time. When she saw Xiao Liulang for the first time, she was so excited that her eyes widened as if they were gonna pop out, "Oh oh oh oh! Is this Guye? Guye is so handsome!"

Gu Jiao tilted her head and said, "En, I think so too."

Yuyaers explicit praise didn't make Xiao Liulang feel anything, but Gu Jiaos simple words of agreement made his heart boil with peculiar feelings.

He cleared his throat and said quietly, "Im going to see if Jing Kong has come back."

With that, he turned around and went out.

Looking at his strange walking posture, Yuyaer quietly approached Gu Jiao and asked with an inexplicable expression on her face, "But, young miss, why is Guye walking with the same hands and feet?"

There was no need to learn craftsmanship today. Gu Yan directly returned home from Qinghe Academy and saw his dark guards and Yuyaer, whom he hadnt seen for a long time, at home.

Young master! Do you remember this servant?" Yuyaer asked cheerfully.

Gu Yan almost forgot Yuyaers name. It took him a long time to say with a frown, "Douya(bean sprout)?"

Yuyaers face turned black.

Everybody came back all at once. After dinner, Xiao Liulang checked the homework of several children as usual.

He didn't bring his experience in Hanlin Academy back home. He collected himself with great restraint and patiently tutored Little Jing Kong, who bickered with him the whole time, and Gu Yan and Gu Xiaoshun, who spent the whole night with their minds wandering somewhere else.

At night, when everyone went to rest, he took out the ancient book and continued to study the formulas in it.

Gu Jiao gently pushed open the door which was left unlocked, "May I come in?"

"Come in." Xiao Liulang answered.

Gu Jiao pushed the door and came in with a bowl of lotus seed soup in hand. The weather was hot, so this bowl of lotus seed soup was chilled with well water to cool off the summer heat.

Xiao Liulang was wearing thin bedclothes, and because he was sweating a little, the bedclothes stuck to his skin, inadvertently revealing the outline of his figure.

His young body exuded a vigorous masculinity that perfectly combined with his youthful aura.

Gu Jiao's eyes were fixed on his body.

Xiao Liulang gently coughed and said, "Its so late, why are you still up?"

Gu Jiao put the lotus seed soup on the table, saying, "I brought you lotus seed soup."

Xiao Liulang: "Have you eaten some?"

Gu Jiao shook her head.

Xiao Liulang: "Then would you like to..."

Would like what?

Eat together?

Or did he want her to eat first?

Obviously, there was only one bowl and one spoon.

"You eat first." Xiao Liulang quickly pushed the bowl to her.

Gu Jiao sat down in front of him and looked at him with her chin cupped in her hands, "I won't eat it, it's for you."

Xiao Liulang felt it would be unreasonable to continue refusing.

He paused, moved the bowl to his front and gently sip a spoonful of it.

The bitter lotus plumule was removed while mint and osmanthus sugar were added. It was cool, sweet and not greasy.

"Is it delicious?" Gu Jiao asked.

"Delicious." He replied.

Gu Jiao bent the corner of her lips upwards.

Xiao Liulang finished a bowl of lotus seed soup as Gu Jiao kept looking at him with her cheek propped up on her hands.

Because of the hot weather, she didnt wear much clothes.

She was wearing a thin summer shirt over her bedclothes. In the past two months, she didn't grow much taller, but her figure became more and more exquisite.

Xiao Liulang swore he didn't mean to peek at anything, but as she sat right in front of him, his eyes inadvertently swept over

Gu Jiao's lapel was slightly opened, revealing a part of her delicate dudou* lace. [T/N: *undergarment covering the chest and abdomen]

It was just the lace and supposedly wasnt a big deal. However, in the darkness of the night, it gave off a sense of intimacy and charm.

"Why are you still sweating?" Gu Jiao cocked her head at one side and asked, "Is the lotus seed soup not enough to cool you off?"

It was indeed weird for someone to sweat after eating something cold. Xiao Liulang didnt know how to explain himself. Now, not only was he sweating, but his heart also began to beat faster.

No, this had nothing to do with the feelings between men and women. It was purely a man's instinct, right.

After all, a man and a woman were alone together in the middle of the night, and the woman was so gentle and sweet...

Even though in reality, this woman was probably a grumpy little kitten who tended to blow her top behind his back, and that at this moment, she was simply being deceptive.

Just as Xiao Liulang was stumped for an answer, Gu Jiao suddenly stood up and leaned toward him across the table.

The distance between them suddenly narrowed, and her warm breath and fragrance assailed his nostrils while the delicate dudou lace suddenly enlarged in his vision.

He quickly closed his eyes, but the blood rushed to the top of his head in an instant.

Gu Jiao gently wiped his sweat for him.

His eyes remained shut.

Suddenly, he heard Gu Jiao chuckle softly, and then came the rustling sound of clothes, "I dealt with my clothes, you can open your eyes now."

This.... What did she mean exactly by that!

In the end, Xiao Liulang didn't know whether to open his eyes or not!

Gu Jiao couldn't help laughing.

If not for fear of waking Little Jing Kong up, Gu Jiao would have really laughed her head off.

Xiao Liulang didnt feel the shadow in front of him left for a long time, and he could still smell her fragrance and feel her breath.

He was a normal man. He couldn't be indifferent to a woman getting so close to him in the middle of the night.

He took a deep breath and said, "You..."

He wanted to say, go back to your room and sleep.

But just as he opened his mouth, he heard her say, "Look, what's outside the window?"

He turned his head, opened his eyes and looked at the dancing shadow created by the moonlight outside the window.

Everything was as usual.

"Theres nothing there..." He said, turning back his head.

Just then, Gu Jiao propped herself up the table and moved forward.

Xiao Liulang saw Gu Jiao's movements as he turned his head back, but it was too late for him to avoid it.


Little Jing Kong's sleepy, childish voice suddenly echoed inside the bed curtain.

Gu Jiao swiftly moved her body back!

Xiao Liulang's lips touched the air.

When he wanted to avoid it, he couldnt, but now that he had really avoided it...

Gu Jiao walked over to the bed and opened the curtain. Little Jing Kong wasnt fully awake, but he seemed to want to pee as he was covering his little butt and muttering, "JiaoJiao

"I'll do it." Xiao Liulang came over and took the half-awakened little guy to the backyard to help him pee.

Some things, once interrupted, were hard to continue.

Xiao Liulang put the little guy back on the bed. The weather was so hot that Little Jing Kong was only wearing a small red undergarment as he slept on the bamboo sleeping mat.

Xiao Liulang drew the curtain close and said to Gu Jiao, "It's getting late. Go back to your room and have a rest."

Gu Jiao let out an oh, took out the bowl, washed it and went back to the east room.

Xiao Liulang's mind kept flashing with images that he shouldnt have, and it took him a great deal of effort to calm down.

After forcing himself to study for half an hour, he thought he was finally able to clear his mind of unspeakable desires, but as soon as he put down his book, the undesirable thoughts sprang back again.

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