The Grand Secretary's Pampered Wife – Chapter 307.2: The Whole Truth is Revealed

Chapter 307.2: The Whole Truth is Revealed

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Xiao Liulang was going to send her back to her room, but he didnt know whether there had been too much tugging when she was saving the Emperor, the button knot on her chest part was broken and her lapel parted, revealing a piece of white inner dress embroidered with pink lotus.

Xiao Liulang, who happened to glance at it, looked away in haste, but the pink and tender lotus was already nailed into someone's mind like a nail and lingered for a long time!

Obviously, Gu Jiao didn't realize that one of her buttons was broken.

"You..." Xiao Liulang was about to remind her when Gu Xiaoshun and Gu Yan came back from the outside.

Since there were now dark guards to protect them, their craftsmanship classes had been extended a little longer, and they no longer had to worry about any dangers they might encounter on the road.

"Yi? Brother-in-law?" Gu Xiaoshun saw Xiao Liulang and...

Before his eyes could fall on Gu Jiao, Xiao Liulang turned to one side and firmly blocked Gu Jiao from his view, placing Gu Jiao between himself and the wall, with his hands on both of her sides leaving no space for sight.

He looked very much like an animal safeguarding his food.

He turned his head around and said to them, "You guys go into your rooms first!"

The two people who had never been treated so severely by their brother-in-law even though they were always at the bottom of their class: "..."

Brother-in-law's eyes were so fierce!

The two of them went into their rooms obediently.

Gu Jiao blinked her eyes as she looked at Xiao Liulang who was very close up front, thinking: her husband just pulled a kabedon on her.

Xiao Liulang cleared his throat and withdrew both of his hands from her either side. He tried to say something, but in the end, he didnt remind her that her lapel was open and instead took off his robe and wrapped it around her, saying, "Go back to your room, it's cold at night."

It wasnt after midnight that the Emperor regained consciousness.

The effect of the anesthetic had worn off and he felt pain all over his body.

Yuya'er, who had been staying guard in the room, went to call Gu Jiao the moment he woke up.

Gu Jiao told Yuya'er, "Go and take a rest. You dont have to stand guard."

"Yes." Yuya'er went back to her room.

Gu Jiao pushed the door and entered.

Yuya'er took good care of the Emperor and didn't make him sweat or catch cold. Everything was just right.

"Help me up." The Emperor wasnt accustomed to talking to people while lying down.

Gu Jiao helped the Emperor sit up and also placed a cushion for him to use as a backrest.

The capital was hot during the day, but it was still a little cool at night.

The Emperor couldn't wear his original clothes, and since his figure was similar to that of Gu Yans dark guard, Gu Jiao borrowed a new set of clothes from the dark guard for him to change into.

Gu Jiao lit up the oil lamp, "What's the matter? Are you hungry?"

The Emperor shook his head. He looked pale and haggard. He said, "I'm all right... Where's Eunuch Wei?"

Gu Jiao replied, "He was injured when I saw him, but he asked me to save you, so I left him behind alone. When I went back to find him, he was gone."

"I hope he managed to escape and wasnt caught by those people." The Emperor closed his eyes. Eunuch Wei had been with him for more than twenty years and had long since become more than an ordinary servant to him.

This was also his carelessness. Because he wasnt attacked when he left the palace several times before, he thought it was fine to bring a few dark guards less, giving the other party an opportunity to assassinate him.

"Why did you save me?" The Emperor asked out of the blue.

Gu Jiao looked at him strangely.

The Emperors heart was stung by this look. He glanced away and said in a weak and dull voice, "Isn't me dying exactly what you want? Or were you thinking... that if you save me again, you can trick me once more? Let me tell you clearly, stop wasting your time. I will never be deceived again."

Gu Jiao gazed at him fixedly, the emotion within her eyes gradually changing from the initial strangeness to surprise, and finally the surprise faded to a trace of clarity.

She didn't say anything.

She didn't defend herself either.

She just stood there silently, placed down a painkiller medicine and a glass of warm water on the bedside table, and then went out of the room.

Her actions of opening and closing the door were very light, as if she didnt have any temper.

However, her silent and lonely little figure inexplicably made the Emperor's heart ache.

He knew full well that this wasnt the case at all, that because he didnt die so she needed to cheat his trust again. In the first place, if she hadnt showed up back then, he would have already died under the blades of those assassins. What was the point of saving him and then cheating his trust once more?

But he just couldnt control the anger from the bottom of his heart. Since Ning'an left, it had been many years since he had met someone who could enter his heart. As long as he thought that the little miracle physician who should be on his side had joined Empress Dowager Zhuang's faction, he felt really angry.

In fact, he also understood that none of it was her fault. After all, she knew Empress Dowager Zhuang first, and then she met him after.

But he couldnt stop the hurtful words from coming out of his mouth.

Perhaps it was because of the closeness that people were more likely to say hurtful words.

This was also fine. It was better to keep the pain short than let it last long.

Since she chose Empress Dowager Zhuang, he and she were doomed to break their bond.

His life was really miserable. Everyone he cared about had been taken away by Empress Dowager Zhuang. First Ning'an, then the little miracle physician. He wondered who would be next.

But fortunately, he no longer had anyone else to care about.

No, there was another one.

This was one person who would never turn his back on him. He and Empress Dowager Zhuang had been sworn enemies since the former Emperor was alive. He put Empress Dowager Zhuang into the cold palace, and Empress Dowager Zhuang exiled him to the borderland.

Anyone could join Empress Dowager Zhuang's camp, but never would he!

At the thought of this, the Emperor finally felt a slight relief in his heart.

The Emperor was seriously injured and couldn't return to the palace. Naturally, he didn't attend the morning court the next day, but the court was not chaotic at all, and the capital was neither turbulent.

The Emperor wasnt surprised in the least. After all, Empress Dowager Zhuang was still there to govern behind the curtain. She was like the anchor of the State of Zhao. With her there, the Emperor was dispensable!

Thinking of this, the Emperor hated Empress Dowager Zhuang even more!

Little Jing Kong and others didn't know that there was a patient at home, and the three of them went to school after breakfast.

Xiao Liulang also headed to Hanlin Academy to report for duty, and Gu Jiao went to the medical hall to get some medicine for calming the mind.

Aunt Liu came to the house.

She came to return the bowls she borrowed. When she passed by the elderly womans room, she heard something moving inside and thought it was the elderly woman who had returned.

She was so excited that she put the basket of bowls on the stone table and walked quickly over, "Aunt Huo, lets play leaf cards!"

As a result, she saw a handsome middle-aged man instead of the elderly woman when she opened the door.

Although the Emperor's appearance wasnt as good as Marquis Xuanping's, he was also a first-class handsome uncle.

Aunt Lius eyes glowed green!

The Emperor's eyebrows jumped!

"You, are you Aunt Huos son?"

The Emperor frowned, "You have mistaken me for someone else."

He was a true dragons son, how could he be the son of a common elderly lady?

Aunt Liu said, "Oh, I dont think Im mistaken. You look so much like Aunt Huo. At first glance, I know you must be her son!"

It happened that Old Chief, who was on his way to the Imperial Academy, passed by the door.

Aunt Liu, who had sharp eyes, called him to a stop, "Uncle Huo! Your son has come!"

His son?

He had a son?

At a loss, Old Chief walked over strangely, pushed the door open and saw the Emperor.

The Emperor also saw Old Chief.

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