The Grand Secretary's Pampered Wife – Chapter 307.1: The Whole Truth is Revealed

Chapter 307.1: The Whole Truth is Revealed

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When the Emperor saw Gu Jiao holding up a pair of scissors towards him, the color of his face changed at once, "Zhen doesnt want to!"

It must be done even if you don't want to.

With a clicking sound, the Emperor's trousers were cut open, and the bloody piece of cloth was torn from his wound by Gu Jiao.

The Emperor only felt a chill between his legs, and endless embarrassment rose from the bottom of his heart.

This embarrassment even overshadowed the pain of the wound, making him feel extremely ashamed.

The Emperor had lost too much blood, and was too weak to resist. He bit his lip, and every strand of his hair on his body was silently expressing his refusal!

Gu Jiao: I see nothing!

The Emperor gritted his teeth, "You..."

Gu Jiao put down the scissors, changed into a pair of clean gloves, and took out the infusion bag and intravenous puncture needle from the medicine chest.

The moment the Emperor saw the glimmering needle tip, the fear of being given an injection dominated his heart, spreading to all his limbs and making his entire body tensed up, "I don't want an injection!"

Come now.

It was only through injections that one can recover.

Gu Jiao squeezed his hand and stuck the needle into the back of his hand without the need to feel his vein first.

Sure enough, she was getting more and more skilled.

The Emperor looked at the cold thing stuck on the back of his hand, which really scared his whole person into trembling violently. Being stabbed with a blade wasnt so terrifying.

He struggled.

Gu Jiao said with a straight face, "Don't move, Ill give you a second shot if this needle is misplaced!"

She was serious. She looked super fierce!

Emperor: "..."

The Emperor barely managed to suppress his urge to struggle, looking away dejectedly without looking at the needle in his hand.

In the past, Gu Jiao gave the Emperor an intramuscular injection. This was his first time receiving an intravenous drip. In order to prevent him from messing around and misplacing the needle, Gu Jiao brought a small wooden plank that she only used when giving an injection to Little Jing Kong.

Gu Jiao tied the small plank to the Emperor's hand and fixed it with a bandage.

Then Gu Jiao took out a razor.

The Emperor's expression took a change once again, "Are you going to shave me?

Gu Jiao answered, "Just a little."

The Emperor's face turned red, "Don't touch my crane hair!"

Gu Jiao firmly replied, "It's leg hair!"

Hes also got an injury outside the tibia. The wound was a little deep and had to be sutured.

Of course, the large wound was at the root of the leg, but there was no need to shave there.

But the remaining part of his leg was not better either after being shaved. His leg was covered with more than ten wounds of various sizes caused by hidden weapons, and although most of them were not deep and didnt need stitches, they still had to be disinfected and medicated.

The Emperor was put into various embarrassing positions to make it easier for Gu Jiao to clean his wounds, disinfect them, administer local anesthesia, stitch them up and apply medicine.

The light was too dim for Gu Jiao to see clearly. She said softly, "Spread your legs."

Emperor: "..."

He really no longer had any face to see anyone!

Wu, this was truly too humiliating!

By the time Gu Jiao finished the operation, the Emperor had passed out. It was unknown if he fainted from excessive blood loss or passed out from shame and indignation.

Gu Jiao tidied up the room and walked out with her medicine chest.

Seeing Gu Jiao coming out, Xiao Liulang walked up the stairs at the porch and took the small medicine chest from her hand, "Mother said there was a wounded patient at home."

Xiao Liulang had been waiting in the yard for a while. He went to Lin Chengye's house earlier and when he came back, he saw traces of blood on the ground and Yao shi walking around the yard anxiously.

Only after he asked did he learn that Gu Jiao had brought back an injured person, who seemed to be seriously injured. Gu Jiao had been inside for half an hour.

Xiao Liulang told Yao shi to take a rest while he waited for Gu Jiao outside.

Xiao Liulang called Yao shi mother. Gu Jiao was her biological daughter, but if she had a knot in her heart, she didnt have to call her that. Xiao Liulang, as a son-in-law, would make Yao shi feel that she was an outsider if he too didnt call her mother.

In fact, Gu Jiao had already accepted Yao shi in her heart, she was just embarrassed to call her mother. Thus, hearing Xiao Liulang calling Yao shi mother made her feel very pleasant.

It was as though if he called her that, the bond between them would never be cut off.

As for her, she needed a bit more time.

She had to get rid of the shadow from her previous life completely first.

Gu Jiao understood that Xiao Liulang was curious about why she didn't send the patient to the medical hall, but instead brought him home directly and even let him stay in Grandaunt's room.

You know, that was Empress Dowager's room, and most people couldnt stay in it.

Gu Jiao turned around, gently pushed the door open, and looked at him with sparkling eyes that seemed to talk.

Xiao Liulang walked into the room and saw the other partys face by the light of the oil lamp.

"His Majesty?" He was greatly surprised. "Did he encounter an assassination?"

No wonder she didnt send the other party to the medical hall. It was very dangerous to send him to the medical hall in this kind of situation.

The Emperor had fallen asleep, and his injury had been dealt with, but looking at his pale face, it still wasnt difficult for people to see what kind of danger he had gone through.

Xiao Liulang closed the door for the Emperor and looked at Gu Jiao, "Are you all right?"

The Emperor was assassinated, and she happened to pick him up in the middle of it. It would inevitably make people worry whether she had also encountered a wave of danger.

But why did he use the word "pick up"? The main reason was that Gu Jiao liked to pick up people and bring them home...

He picked up the Empress Dowager, then picked up the little monk, and then the former Imperial Academy Chief

Fine, she didn't pick up Old Chief. Grandaunt did.

Gu Jiao wanted to say that she was fine, but when the words reached her lips, her eyes spun and she held out her petite hands, "My hands hurt a little."

"What happened to your hand?" Xiao Liulang subconsciously held her pair of white hands and examined them carefully, from the palm to the back of the hand, and from the web between the thumb and forefinger to the fingertips.

After checking and seeing that there was no wound, he looked at her strangely.

"It felt sore." Gu Jiao explained without changing her expression.

Xiao Liulang:

Xiao Liulang was about to take his hand back when he heard Gu Jiao let out a cry.

With one hand still held by him, she raised her other hand to cover her left eye, looking very uncomfortable.

Xiao Liulang wouldnt let himself be easily fooled again. He simply asked, "Whats wrong? Your eyes are sore too?"

Gu Jiao rubbed her eyes, "Sand got in."

Xiao Liulang didn't know whether sand really entered her eyes or she was just faking it, but seeing her rub her eyelids and cheeks red, he couldn't help but raise his hand and move her hand away, "Let me see."

His slender jade fingertips gently touched her eyes, his thumb falling on her red birthmark, which had no temperature, but his fingertips were somehow hot.

Perhaps sand really got into her eye, her left eye was red, and there was a glimmer of moisture. The end of her eye was slightly red as well, giving her a touch of frailty as if she had just been bullied.

It was incredibly stirring.

Xiao Liulang's throat gulped, and it felt a little dry.

He slowly lowered his head, drew close to her eyes and blew softly.

"Is there still sand left?" He asked in a tender voice.

Gu Jiao blinked to feel it, "Yes."

He bowed his head again, as if to kiss her eyes.

"Aiya, I didn't see anything! Guye, young miss, please continue!"

Yuya'er, who had just finished cleaning up the kitchen, witnessed her guye and her young miss kissing on the porch. She was so taken aback that she quickly covered her eyes, turned around, fled back to the kitchen and closed the door in one go! Gtt the latest chpters on n/velbin(.)com

Xiao Liulang felt a burst of shame in his heart.

They werent kissing at all, but they could only let themselves be accused of kissing. It made him feel wronged.

In fact, Gu Jiao's eye was fine.

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