The Grand Secretary's Pampered Wife – Chapter 306.1: Spoiling One’s Grandchild

Chapter 306.1: Spoiling One’s Grandchild

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"Theres still homework?" The Crown Prince looked at Xiao Liulang with a frown. This guy sure had a lot of nerve. He hadnt even fully grown his hair yet*. This time, he only came here to temporarily give him lectures. Did he already think of himself as the Crown Princes teacher? [T/N: *A mocking remark which means young and inexperienced.]

The Crown Prince was at least the Emperor's son and the future monarch. He had the capital to be prideful. He looked down on Xiao Liulang, a little cripple from a humble background. Of course, it might also be the work of his deep-seated complex emotions for Xiao Heng, a part of which was being projected by him on Xiao Liulang.

Was he fond of Xiao Heng?

Of course, he was.

Despite having a lot of siblings in the palace, he didnt have a real brother or sister before Little Seven came.

What more, they all wanted his position. They flattered him on the surface, but secretly envied him and cursed him.

The only one who was like his own real brother was Xiao Heng.

Xiao Heng was such an excellent child, so much so that even though he was five years younger than him, he could read better than him, recite poems better than him, and even his appearance was better than his.

But in his mind, he thought that this was his cousin, and he would be his courtier in the future, so it was also a good thing for him to be excellent.

He had never envied him until he met Wen Linlang.

That year, he was thirteen years old, and Wen Linlang was eleven.

He was just a teenager who still didnt understand the love between men and women, but inexplicably, at the first sight of Wen Linlang, he thought that this was the Crown Princess he would marry in the future.

His imperial mother often summoned the daughters of those officials into the palace to accompany him, but he didnt like any of them.

If there must be someone to accompany him on the road to the imperial throne, he wanted that person to be Wen Linlang.

"What's your name?"


"Sister Linlang!"

The eight-year-old Xiao Heng ran over with a childish face, tilting his head as he looked at Wen Linlang, and then at him, "Brother Crown Prince, youre here too? Let me introduce you. This is Sister Linlang, Sister Linlang, this is my cousin brother, the Crown Prince."

"Greeting to His Highness the Crown Prince!"

She hurriedly knelt down and saluted.

After that, she took Xiao Heng's hand and walked away, wiping Xiao Heng's forehead full of sweat.

He heard her say in a soft voice, "Ah Heng, don't climb trees again, it's dangerous."

"But I want to pick fruits for you. Don't you like them?"

"But I prefer Ah Heng to be well. I don't want Ah Heng to get hurt."


That day, he quickly went back to the palace and told his imperial mother that he liked Ah Heng's beautiful sister, but her imperial mother solemnly told him, "She is Ah Heng's fiancee. She saved Ah Heng's life, and their marriage was decided long ago. You are his brother, you can't rob your brother's marriage partner."

"Your Highness the Crown Prince, Your Highness the Crown Prince!"

Xiao Liulang's voice interrupted the Crown Prince's thoughts.

The Crown Prince broke out in a cold sweat.

He cast a look with a trace of guilt at Xiao Liulang. This was simply terrible. This man really resembled Xiao Heng too much.

Just what was his imperial father thinking?

Letting this guy give him lectures, was he not afraid that he would have nightmares at night?

The Crown Prince composed himself. Adhering to good self-restraint and princely demeanor, he suppressed the impatience and discomfort he was feeling and said in a normal tone, "I didn't hear about the homework just now, may Senior Compiler Xiao say it again."

When the Crown Prince came out of the study hall, he was soaked to his skin.

The palace attendants waiting outside the door immediately stepped forward and passed him the handkerchief and fanned him.

Fortunately, it was a hot summer day, so it wasnt surprising for him to be sweating.

Only the Crown Prince understood that most of his sweat was cold sweat.

Xiao Liulang calmly walked out of the study hall.

The Crown Prince glanced at his crutch.

Xiao Heng was very proud of his good looks and cared about the way other people looked at him. Once when he was a child and was in the period of changing teeth, he lost his two front teeth and didn't speak in front of people for half a year.

He would never allow himself to have any flaws. If it were him, he would rather be sitting in a wheelchair than limping in broad daylight.

He wasnt Xiao Heng.

He wasnt.

On the other side, Imperial Concubine Shu left Changchun Palace in a sedan chair.

The Emperor was going through the memorandums in the imperial study when Eunuch Wei reported, "Your Majesty, Imperial Concubine Shu has arrived."

The Emperor furrowed his brows, "Now?"

It was lunchtime now.

The Emperor looked at Empress Xiao who was waiting for him silently at the side, cleared his throat and said to Eunuch Wei, "Allow Imperial Concubine Shu in."

"Yes." Eunuch Wei stepped out.

Empress Xiao didn't say anything and simply sat silently in the opposite chair, sipping tea.

Qin Chuyu was rolling about on the ground.

He was practicing the toad stance, which they, the three little thugs of Imperial Academy, saw from a small story book. It was said that this kind of martial arts skill was very powerful, and if you learned it, you could fight off a lot of bad guys.

He was showing his skill to his imperial father and telling him that he was also a person who could protect him.

The Emperor didn't think his son was doing any martial arts at all. He just thought that his son was too fat and should lose weight, and rolling about like that could be considered an exercise, so he didn't say anything about it.

Imperial Concubine Shu thought there was only the Emperor inside the imperial study, but the moment she entered the door, good grief, all three members of the imperial family were there!

"Greeting to Your Majesty the Emperor and the Empress." Imperial Concubine Shu held back her embarrassment and gave the two of them a salute.

Empress Xiao smiled.

The Emperor said, "Little Seven."

Qin Chuyu, who was halfway through a roll, turned to look at his imperial father, "Imperial father?" And then he saw Imperial Concubine Shu on the side, "Yi? Imperial Concubine Gu?"

He got up and gave Imperial Concubine Shu a polite salute, "Little Seven greets Imperial Concubine Gu." FOlloow ewest stories at n(v)el/bi/n(.)com

"How lovely." Imperial Concubine Shu said with a smile.

How could he roll around the floor like that? What kind of decorum was this? Seemed like the Empress also let the rules she learned go into the cow's stomach, allowing her son this kind of behavior.

"Is something the matter, Imperial Concubine?" The Emperor asked.

Thats right, but how could she open her mouth to say it with the Empress the Seventh Prince here?

"Eunuch Su, take Little Seven out." Empress Xiao said.

As for herself, she was going to stay.

"Your Highness, let us play marbles outside." Eunuch Su said with a smile.

Qin Chuyu had been obsessed with marbles recently, so he quickly went with Eunuch Su.

"You all, step down as well." The Emperor said to several palace maids who were fanning him and Empress Xiao in the room.

"Yes." The palace maids went out in a file.

Eunuch Wei stood at the door.

"Go ahead, what is it?" The Emperor asked concisely.

Imperial Concubine Shu had a tangled face.

Empress Xiao smilingly said, "It seems that it is inconvenient for this Empress to listen. Then, I shall visit Your Majesty another day."

"No!" Where could Imperial Concubine Shu get the courage to speak with His Majesty behind the Empresss back? It was fine if no one knew about her actions, but since it was already out in the open, it would be against the rules.

Imperial Concubine Shu smiled and said, "What matter is there for me to conceal from the Empress? I was simply thinking about how to say it, but the Empresss remark gave me an idea. Speaking of it, this matter also needs the Empresss testimony. "

Empress Xiao picked up the cup, gently stirred the tea with the lid and said, "Oh? What matter needs this Empresss testimony?"

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