The Grand Secretary's Pampered Wife – Chapter 300.2: Marriage

Chapter 300.2: Marriage

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The young Taoist nun let out a sigh and went on, "He refused the Godly General of Great Xia and insisted on the Sixth Princess instead. If thats not being blind, then what is? He is a sickly person with a black heart, a match made in heaven with the mighty and cold General Fu! Couldn't he see General Fu's infatuation with him?"

Old Chief felt a twitch at the corner of his mouth.

When did General Fu become infatuated with Li Wang? Why didn't he, the author, know?

The young Taoist nun sighed again, continuing, "Same goes for the Empress of Great Xia. Shes blind too. How could she like the Great Xias Emperor when Imperial Concubine Huo is so good to her? Wouldnt it be more nice if she just got together with Imperial Concubine Huo? Imperial Concubine Huo clearly flirted with her so many times

Old Chief:

No, Imperial Concubine Huo never flirted with her!

Imperial Concubine Huo and the Empress had a pure monarch-subject relationship!

That was all wrong, young miss!

No, young Taoist nun!

How exactly did you read it?!

What kind of imagination had you formed in your head?!

Imperial Concubine Huo and Great Xias Empress were mortal enemies stabbing each other in the heart!

.....Hold on, that wasnt the point. The point was that they were both women!

And General Fu and Li Wang were both men!

You, you, you... Was it really okay for a young lady like you to have such heavy taste? Th. most uptodat nvels are published on n(0)velbj)n(.)co/m

Old Chiefs heart seemed to have been pierced with ten thousand arrows and felt that he could no longer look directly at the book...

The sixth month arrived in the blink of an eye and the capital entered the summer season completely.

The capital was particularly cold last winter, and the summer this year too was particularly hot.

The women's academy even took a few days off because of a young miss who had fainted in class.

The news that the young Taoist nun of the Yuan Family had returned to capital quickly spread in the capital, but what really fermented the event was the marriage between Taoist Nun Yuan and An Junwang. Reportedly, Grand Preceptor Zhuang intended to tie the knot with the Yuan family and sent someone to visit them to get the Gengtie.

After checking their Gengtie, as long as the two birthdates didnt conflict, they could continue to discuss the marriage.

This year, the young Taoist nun of the Yuan Family wasnt the only one to discuss her marriage. Zhuang Yuexi, Du Xiaoyun, Gu Jinyu and other young misses were also of marriageable age, and the family had long started to handle this matter.

Gu Jinyu also ended her stay in the child care residence and returned to the Marquis Estate to await the marriage arranged for her by Old Madame Gu and Imperial Concubine Shu.

Seeing that she was tanned all over and looked haggard and rough, Old Madame Gu's gray eyebrows twisted in displeasure, "How did you end up like this? Didn't you say you were just going to stay in the villa for a few days? What have you done exactly? How can I take you out with me with that kind of appearance?"

Gu Jinyu didn't speak.

Neither did she please Old Madame Gu like she used to before.

Old Madame Gu was rather annoyed as she said with impatience, "Don't go out again these days, stay in your boudoir and get your fair skin back!"

Gu Jinyu mumbled, "I want to visit my mother."

It would have been better if she did not mention this. Now that she did, Old Madam Gu was really furious.

That damned Yao Shi actually used her to deal with Concubine Ling, and then moved out of the estate right after!

Whenever people asked about her, she had no choice but to vaguely say that she had moved back with Gu Yan.

The upper class Madams and young misses in the capital only thought that Yao shi and Gu Yan had moved back to the villa to recuperate and didn't say anything.

Everybody knew that Gu Yan was in poor health.

Hearing that Gu Jinyu wanted to visit Yao shi right now, Old Madame Gu naturally refused, "Youre not allowed to go anywhere! If you still think of yourself as the daughter of the Marquis Estate, then just stay in the Marquis Estate obediently!"

"Yes." Gu Jinyu respectfully replied.

She complied, but the moment she turned around, she snuck out of the estate!


She arrived at Bishui Alley, got off the carriage and entered the courtyard impatiently.

Yao shi was sitting in the main hall, busying herself with a thread-woven bag.

At the moment, several children at home had gone out to school and work, and hadnt come back yet. Gu Yan had gone to school as well.

Only she and Grannie Fang were idle at home.

Actually, she hadnt been idle all day. In the morning, Aunt Liu called her to help her daughter embroider her wedding dress, and in the afternoon, she was visited by several servant girls of the Wang Family to ask her for her guidance in needlework and cooking.

The few servant girls just left.

Her days were quite fulfilling.

The baby in her belly was growing day by day, and she could already feel the fetal movement.

Once in a while, she would miss Gu Jinyu.

But when she heard that she had gone to one of the villas outside the capital to relax, it was difficult for her to call her back.

Hearing the familiar voice, she paused.

Just as she turned around, Gu Jinyu came over and tried to jump into her arms as usual, but then she suddenly saw her slightly protruding belly.

People wore less clothes during hot weather, which made ones pregnancy become more obvious.

Yao shi had a slim figure, and her five-month pregnant belly was very prominent.

Gu Jinyus almond eyes widened, "Mom... You... You..."

"Youre back?" Yao shi smiled, took her hand, and said with a nod, "En, mother is five months pregnant."

"Then, Mom got pregnant when Concubine Ling was still in the estate..." In the middle of her statement, Gu Jinyu realized that she had mentioned someone she shouldn't have. She said guiltily, "Sorry, Mom, I shouldn't have mentioned that person."

Concubine Ling had harmed Yao shi for more than ten years. It was true that Yao shi didnt want to hear her name ever again.

Yao shi skipped this topic, patted the chair on the side and said, "Take a seat and let mother have a good look at you."

Gu Jinyu sat down obediently.

Yao shi raised her hand and stroked the hair on her temple. Her voice carried a trace of distress and surprise as she said, "Youve tanned, and your hands became rough. Did you have a hard time in the villa these past months?"

Marquis Ding'an Estate owned many villas, there were several outside the capital. Yao shi had no idea which one she went to.

Gu Jinyu lowered her eyes and didn't speak for a long time, but tears dropped on the back of Yao shi's hand.

Yao shi suddenly panicked, "Jinyu, what's the matter?"

Gu Jinyu did not answer, but stood up and knelt down in front of Yao shi, then said while choking with sobs, "Mom, Jinyu was wrong..."

Yao shi was confused by her sudden actions, and her heart began to panic, "Get up and talk, what's the matter? Is something wrong? Don't frighten mother... "

Gu Jinyu shook her head with tears, took hold of Yao shi's hand wanting to help her up, and sobbed, "Mom I I'm sorry Mom I"

Yao shi was anxious, "You... What's the matter with you?"


"Second young miss is being overdramatic. Isn't it just not visiting Madam for a while? Madam is your mother, how could she mind such a thing?"

Grannie Fang walked out of the kitchen with a smile, holding a plate of fried peanuts in her hand and then saying to Yao shi, "Wasnt Madam craving for this just now? I made it."

Pregnant people had no resistance to food, thus her attention was immediately shifted and she said to Gu Jinyu, "Try it too!"

Grannie Fang put the peanuts on a stool beside her and helped Gu Jinyu to stand up, "The ground is cold. Madam knows that second young miss is filial, so theres no need to blame yourself. Did second young miss have a good stay in the villa? I can see that second young miss has grown taller, youre no longer so thin, and your face has become less pale."

Gu Jinyu used to be so thin due to Imperial Concubine Shu. She abstained from eating sweet and fatty foods, which made her look fragile. Now, although she was a little tanned and her skin was a little rough, she was really a bit rounder.

Yao shi thought it was true.

Having been interrupted by Grannie Fang, Gu Jinyu thought it wasnt good to continue pleading her guilt in front of Yao shi. Going along with Grannie Fang's words, she said, "I didnt come to see mother for a long time and missed mother so much. I dont even know that mother is pregnant. I was really unfilial."

Yao shi breathed a sigh of relief, "So it's because of this. I was scared to death, I thought something else had happened. I don't blame you, alright? But, why did you suddenly go to live in the villa? Is it because youre not happy in the Marquis Estate?"

"Its not that." Gu Jinyu lowered her eyes. "It was close to the mansion which Father is overseeing the construction. Staying there, I was able to spend time with father."

"I see." The father and daughter had a good relationship, so Yao shi didnt suspect anything.

The mother and daughter talked for a while, and Grannie Fang was always by the side.

After Yao shi felt tired and went to take a nap, Grannie Fang took Gu Jinyu to the front yard and said to Gu Jinyu, "Second Young Miss, the thing you just said to Madam, I hope you won't say it again."

Gu Jinyu froze, "Grannie Fang"

Grannie Fang said, "Madam was suffering from a very serious depression before she was finally cured by the eldest young miss. This servant doesn't want her to get sick again, not to mention that Madam is pregnant right now and can't stand any stimulation."

"It was my thoughtlessness..." Gu Jinyu bowed her head sadly. "I originally wanted to confess my sins to Mom. I did something wrong that let my sister down, I robbed her of her credit and made her suffer. I don't want to hide it from mother anymore."

Grannie Fang naturally knew these things, but she didn't expect Gu Jinyu to have the courage to admit it.

1. Gengtie is a piece of paper where men & womens birth stats were written, used to check whether both parties are compatible, or if their marriage are auspicious or not, etc.

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