Naruto: I Am Not Really Related – Chapter 106: Long Time No See, Kagami-Sensei

Chapter 106: Long Time No See, Kagami-Sensei

Haru originally did not want to meddle in other people's business. The previous attack was also because Nagato and the others were the craftsmen he had reserved, so he had made a wave of goodwill in advance.

There were countless people dying every day in this world. Even if he wanted to save them, he could not save them. There was also the possibility of being cursed at by others. Regarding this point, even Haru, who was the first protagonist, was well aware of it.

It's just that when he noticed that the besieged people were wearing Konoha's forehead guards, and those eyes were the eyes that he was very familiar with, he immediately became restless.

Why did he have to make a trip to Rain Country?

In addition to being a little nervous and not knowing how to go back to see those 'old friends', it was also because there was a high chance of meeting Konoha Ninja in Rain Country. He wanted to inquire about the specific situation first, so that he could have a bottom line in his heart.

Moreover, didn't Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru still fight with Hanzo in Rain Country not long ago?

Although the people he brought were all dead, he also had the title of Konoha, Sannin, whose name shook Ninja World.

He just didn't know where they were now.

Haru also didn't want White Zetsu to pay too much attention to him. Otherwise, with Madara's character, he might do something, and it would be too late to regret it!

In fact, at this time, Haru was ready to make a move.

Although the six years of memories that he had lived with Tobirama and the others were short, they had recorded too many beautiful things, which made him have a good impression of Konoha.

Therefore, at this moment, he would not sit idly by.

Then, he finally saw the man in the center of the encirclement, and the person beside him shouted,

"Lord Kagami!"

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In a split second, all the memories that had been sealed for a long time flooded over like a tide.

When they first met...

"I have frightened the two of you. I am Uchiha Kagami, who was ordered to protect the two of you in secret."

In front of Senju's mansion...

In Konoha's practice field...

"From today on, you will call me Kagami Sensei."

When the Four Kages attacked Konoha

"Get lost!"

As the image circulated, Haru's memory finally stopped at the scene of Kagami, who was covered in wounds, standing in front of him and being blown away by Mizukage.

Then, the figure in his memory began to gradually merge with the middle-aged man in front of him who was covered in dust and had experienced the cruelty of life...


With a special Kunai thrown out, Haru's figure also disappeared in the same place.

"Be careful! There is a sneak attack!"

An old bird who could survive from the war until now could not be killed by a lonely Kunai.

However, the moment Jonin of Hidden Sand Village avoided this Kunai, a sharp katana directly pierced through his heart from behind.

"Who betrayed..."

In disbelief, the Jonin used the last of his strength to twist his head, wanting to see who had betrayed him and attacked him.

However, when he fell to the ground, what he saw from the corner of his eyes immediately made him widen his eyes and swallow with an extremely shocked expression.

Kunai continuously shuttled back and forth on the battlefield. A black and white flash suddenly appeared like a ghost, and then disappeared in an instant!

The screams of panic proved the panic in the hearts of these hidden Sand Ninjas!

In just a few blinks of an eye, the hidden Sand Ninjas surrounding Kagami and the other two were slaughtered, all of them lying in a pool of blood.

Under the attack of Flying Thunder God, if they had not concentrated all of their attention in advance to be on guard, otherwise, there would be no difference between Jonin and Genin, and they would all be killed with one slash!

The unforeseen event happened in front of the Uchiha Team!

When Kagami and the other two came back to their senses, all the enemies around them had already died.

And Kagami was still constantly replaying the scene just now in his mind

"Could it be that?! No, it is impossible!"

"Lord Tobirama's... Why is he here?"


Before Kagami could recover from his shock.

The Hidden Sand Reinforcements in the distance had almost arrived, and there were almost a hundred of them!

Haru took back Flying Thunder God Kunai, and the katana, his eyes narrowing slightly.

This distance... was really good!

Haru quickly made a series of hand seals, and then held his right wrist with his left hand, his right hand in the shape of a pistol.

Water Escape: Water Bullet!


Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Countless 'water bombs' the size of a human head shot out, and the Sand Hidden Guards who had rushed over were severely injured.

This kind of powerful and large-scale water bombs had broken their tendons and bones, and they had lost half their lives.

If a vital point was hit, he could take it on the spot.

What was even more shocking was that this level of Ninjutsu should not be one-shot!

Whose sniper rifle could shoot the speed of a machine gun, and its power and range was not reduced by much

What was the fuss

The Sand Ninja, who barely managed to avoid the first wave of attacks, immediately fell into despair.

Because there were at least a few hundred 'Water Bombs' flying towards them.

They instantly cleared the area!

Although these Sand Ninjas tried their best to defend and dodge, in the end, they were still submerged under this unreasonable 'Water Bullet technique' together with the sturdy puppets.

I'm sorry, with enough control oh my chakra, I can do anything.

Not to mention the environment of Rain Country. For a ninja like Haru, this place was simply a home field battle. Not to mention hundreds of water bombs of this scale, even a thousand of them would not be a problem at all!

From the moment Haru appeared, to the moment the enemy and the reinforcements were completely annihilated, it was as if it was a god's work before it ended.

Such powerful strength...

Who exactly was this person?

Kagami had a dazed look on his face, and there was a faint excitement in his expression, yet he didn't know how to speak.

At this moment, Haru had already turned around to face him and said, "Long time no see, Kagami Sensei. Do you still treating me for lunch today?"

Kagami's two lines of clear tears almost fell in an instant.

That's right!

There was no mistake!

The iconic black and white hair, cynical but intimate tone, and the famous Flying Thunder God Technique of Lord Tobirama and the powerful Water Escape ninjutsu!

When Haru called out his name, Kagami was already extremely excited.

18 years!

A full 18 years of searching!

"Is it you? Is it really you?"

Kagami took a step forward and held Haru's shoulders tightly.

Haru did not care about the pain at all. He smiled and then hugged Kagami.

"Sorry for making you worry."

"You... You're back."

The strong Kagami, who had persisted for 18 years without giving up, shedding tears, and complaining, actually cried like a child at this moment.

As Sensei, he did not want to lose so much face in front of Haru.

But the pressure of 18 years was released, the knot in 18 years was finally solved, and the 18 years promise was finally completed!

Kagami only wanted to say to Tobirama, who did not know where he was, "I found him, I really found him!"

Chapter end

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