Naruto: I Am Not Really Related – Chapter 83: Four Kages Appear

Chapter 83: Four Kages Appear

In the blue sky, a figure covered in bandages was flying at high speed.

And this bandaged strange person was holding another strange person in his hand.

This person had a head of long gray hair, and on the top of his head were two raised horns. On his cheeks, there was the texture of Rikudou Sennin's beard. He was wearing a purple short-sleeved shirt and a white vest. There was a word "Silver" on his arm, and he was holding a large earthen-yellow jar in his arms. It was unknown if it was used to pickle vegetables.

Soon, the two strange people landed in an uninhabited jungle.

After gently putting down the big jar in his hand, Ginkaku forcefully opened the lid. In an instant, several figures appeared in front of the two of them.

"Still not here?" A man with no eyebrows and mustache asked while moving his muscles.

"We will arrive at Konoha in two hours. At that time, we can kill Senju Tobirama and reverse the situation!" It was rare for the bandaged man to not go against him.

At this time, there was an azure dragon and black dragon claw tattoo on the head and right eye. There were two brown braids on the back of the head and a big man wearing a yellow cloak with a black tight combat suit on the inside threw a small bottle at the bandage man.

"This is the antidote that we agreed on in advance. It will arrive at Konoha soon. You'd better not play any tricks."

The bandage man chuckled and took the antidote. After more than ten seconds, he directly spat out a few mouthfuls of black blood, but then his whole body was smooth.

On the side, a rough old man with dark skin, long beard, and tied up hair was leaning against a large tree, resting with his eyes closed, as if he was preparing for the next battle.

If Tobirama was here now, he would immediately recognize that these people were the four Kages that had suddenly disappeared a few days ago!

Under the great pressure, these four Kages not only chose to join hands, but also set up a shocking beheading plan under someone's advice!

If they broke through from the ground, then they would inevitably be intercepted by Konoha's ninjas, and even alarm Senju Tobirama who could come and go freely on the battlefield in advance.

Even after so many attacks, they were still unable to kill the other party. This time, even if the Four Kages joined forces, they might not be able to kill the other party. FiNd pdtes on n()/vln(.)cm

However, if the battlefield was placed in Konoha's main camp and Senju Tobirama had nowhere to retreat to, this plan would have a very high possibility of success!

Then the problem would become how to silently pass through the Fire Country and enter Konoha's main camp.

Thus, the strange bandage man, the Nidaime Tsuchikage, became an indispensable part of this plan!

Because he was one of a very small number of ninjas who could fly!

Konoha's people never thought that they would attack Konoha from the sky.

Then the Nidaime Raikage brought Ginkaku, whose brother had died in the hands of Tobirama, and proposed to use the amber bottle left by Kinkaku as a tool to perfect this plan.

This proposal would undoubtedly greatly reduce the burden of the Nidaime Tsuchikage. At the same time, it could also speed up their progress, so that they could launch a thunderous attack before Konoha's side reacted.

However, even if they chose to join hands, the four Kages could not trust each other.

If the Nidaime Tsuchikage took advantage of the time when they were not in the outside world and attacked, then their respective villages would be in danger.

In the end, the Nidaime Kazekage took out a unique poison to balance the Nidaime Tsuchikage.

The amber bottle was also handed over to Ginkaku to continue watching, which was an extra layer of insurance.

After taking all their worries into consideration and leaving enough backup plans, they finally came here. They were only one step away from completing the decapitation plan.

After eating and resting, Ginkaku once again put the other three kages into the amber bottle and let the Nidaime Tsuchikage grab him and fly high into the sky.

"Just wait, Senju Tobirama. I will definitely take revenge on you a thousand times over!" Ginkaku's eyes revealed a cruel and crazy expression.

However, what the Four kages and Ginkaku did not know was that not long after they flew away, a dark figure just came out from where they had just landed and was silently laughing at something.

"This good show is finally about to start..."

Black Zetsu did not really want to go back and tell Madara because he wanted the little ghost to die in Konoha.

However, after weighing the pros and cons, he still slowly drilled into the ground.

Because this little thing had destroyed the foundation of his trust that he had built with great difficulty, making Madara doubt himself. It really was a bit of a loss.

At most, he could just stall for a bit of time.

The strange laughter startled a flock of birds.


On the other side, there was still a peaceful atmosphere inside Konoha.

As in the war, Konoha has occupied an absolute advantage, and the villagers are no longer too worried. After all, life is still going on as usual.

At this time, Haru was still bringing Sakumo and Kato Dan around to catch the cats and dogs, doing boring enduring tasks.

"Student Haru, can I ask, what method do you usually use to increase your strength? I think I have worked very hard, but the speed of improvement is very slow"

In his free time, Kato Dan, who had gradually become familiar with each other, finally could not help but ask.

Haru casually replied, "Isn't this thing just a casual practice? If hard work and hard work are useful, then what's the point of having talent? Just like me, I can even increase my chakra by drinking water. I can just look at Ninjutsu or something. What can I do? I am also very desperate!"

Then he patted Kato Dan's shoulder with a blank expression, and then said earnestly, "Sometimes, I really envy ordinary people like you. You can even experience the joy of improving your strength. Unlike me, I have long been used to it and have no sense of accomplishment at all."

Kato Dan was so shocked that he began to doubt life.

As expected, he should not have asked this question!

He angrily slapped away Haru's hand that was on his shoulder, and Kato Dan was so angry that he wanted to go under the tree to draw circles.

However, after the skin was peeled off, Haru still gave his own pertinent suggestion, "In fact, everyone has their own talent. Just like Sakumo, when did he waste his time on other techniques?"

"No! Because he knows that he is the best, and what he likes the most is the saber technique!"

So no matter what he learns, the first goal is to construct the entire combat system around his own Saber Art. This is the clear goal.

I can't tell you how to improve your strength, but why don't you try to find out what you are best at and then strengthen it?

For example, your mental strength is very strong, and you have a certain level of talent in illusions. Why do you never try to dig deeper, and instead be entangled in what kind of body art and escape technique? Perhaps you can walk a completely different path.

After patting the thoughtful Kato Dan again, Haru, who had opened his God's perspective, felt that his reminder was very obvious.

Chapter end

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