Naruto: I Am Not Really Related – Chapter 227: A Trip to the Land of Iron

Chapter 227: A Trip to the Land of Iron

After Haru finished absorbing the information he obtained from the contract, he immediately felt as if he had hit the jackpot.

The sea race's inheritance history was far longer than the Three Hidden Sage Lands!

Apart from Mount Myouboku, Ryuchi Cave, Shikkotsu Forest, these three, there was an additional Onda-fuka Sea.

That's right, the so-called Onda-fuka Sea refers to the sea outside the island where the Land of Whirlpools was located. No one knew how big the sea here was, and how many powerful sea race that had been preserved since ancient times resided!

And now he had become the only contractor of the Onda-fuka Sea. All the sea tribes living in this sea and recorded on the contract, as long as he had enough chakra, all of them could be summoned to fight for him!

Like the Sea Nighthawk and Turtle Prime Minister, the Salamander that Hanzo had signed a contract with, and even many sea spirit beasts that Haru had never heard of or seen before would become his help.

Of course, just like how Orochimaru could not summon the white snake, Jiraiya could not summon the big toad, and Tsunade could not summon the sea slug, Haru also could not command the lazy mermaid.

Fortunately, her daughter was still very lively and active, otherwise her family would be a paralyzed family, that scene was too beautiful.

However, while Haru was happy, he couldn't help but mutter in his heart. The sea race was undoubtedly only able to unleash their true strength in the water ring realm. They wouldn't be like the King Fish, who would just randomly flop around on the shore.

If not for the fact that he had seen the brute force of the Sea Nighthawk Dori and the petrified foam, he would probably be more worried now.

It was already a pleasant surprise that the problem of the Contracted Beast was solved unexpectedly, but what surprised Haru even more was the so-called sea race inheritance.

Haru studied it carefully. Wasn't this Sage Mode's training method?

He absorbed natural energy from the sea, and then transformed it into a new form of chakra to release Senjutsu.

However, what would he become after he practiced this?

Jiraiya and Naruto both had the characteristics of frogs, so they simply trained themselves into the appearance of a human, a snake, and a snake.

He wouldn't have a long tail, right?

Haru suddenly felt some toothache and decided to put it aside for now, and study it later.

Looking at the silly appearance of the little girl next to him, Haru could not help but go up and rub the little girl's head.

It was not until the little girl was so angry that she wanted to bite him that he took back his hand with satisfaction.

Well, finally comfortable.


Having completely resolved his worries, Haru took the little girl back to Uzushiogakure and met up with the others.

Although there were some changes, it did not affect the results.

The little girl Kanna directly called over a huge whale with a voice, and then, under the shocked eyes of everyone, everyone climbed on the back of the whale together and then headed to the outer sea.

This time, Haru saw clearly that as the little girl's voice changed, the surrounding environment began to change.

Although the sea water was still the sea water, it was not necessarily the original sea water.

No wonder the water tornado created by the hard vortex water blade was about to suck it over, but it suddenly returned to calm.

In fact, it was not that the water tornado had calmed down, but that it had blended with each other and entered the Onda-fuka Sea. The water tornado was left outside, which caused the sudden disappearance of the water tornado.

It was the same now. Many people only felt that the surrounding environment was a bit illusory, and then they lost that feeling. What was the difference between sea water and sea water?

The whale continued to move forward and soon left the Onda-fuka Sea. The island where the Land of Whirlpools was also suddenly disappeared.

Only then did Ashina and the others know that they had come out.

"Let's stop here. If this goes on, it will be too shocking if we meet someone." Haru said to the little girl.

It would be very easy for her to play with Haru in the future, so she did not think too much about it. She just tilted her head and asked,

Do you want to swim back?

Of course, it was impossible to swim back. After all, ninjas ran on the water!

It was just that this place was relatively far from the land, and everyone had a family, so it was unrealistic for them to run back.

But Ashina suddenly revealed a look of realization, and he almost forgot that this young man in front of him was the child of Tobirama-sama, so how could he not know that ninjutsu?

Sure enough!

After Haru let the little girl, Kanna, stop the whale, he immediately walked in front of a few Uzumaki Clan people, "Have you heard of Flying Thunder God? Don't be afraid, I will be very light."

With a whoosh, Haru and the few people who had come into contact with him instantly disappeared.

"Everyone, don't panic. Have you all forgotten Tobirama-sama's Flying Thunder God? Everyone, wait in place. They will be back soon." Fll0w current novls on n/o/(v)/3l/b((in).(co/m)

Before he finished speaking, Haru once again appeared on the back of the whale, and then he took several people away again.

Just like this, he repeated this many times, and finally, he brought back the whole family of Ashina to Amegakure for the last time.

Then, Haru appeared again. This time, only he and the little girl were left.

"What is this? How did you disappear and come back with a whoosh? I didn't communicate with you, did I?" Kanna opened her eyes wide and asked with a puzzled face.

"This is a time space ninjutsu. Do you see this pattern? As long as there is this pattern, I can instantly arrive there." Haru pointed at the exposed skin of the whale, which had the QR code that he had left behind before.

"Do you still remember that I said that I would come back to you often in the future? It is because I know this ninjutsu. It is just that I am not sure if I can return to the island outside, so I did not promise anything."

After hearing this, the little girl, Kanna, was even happier in her heart.

"Then quickly try it. If you can, it will be great."

Haru was also thinking the same way, so he immediately tried to sense the direction of the spell coordinates.

Then he was stunned!

Because he could only vaguely sense the space there, but he could not accurately locate it. This meant that he could not directly go from the outside to the interior of the Land of Whirlpools.

The specific reason was not clear, but Haru was glad that he did not try to use Flying Thunder God to go back to the outside world because he was too proud.

Otherwise, it was hard to say whether he could come back or not, and it was difficult to go in again!

Fortunately, he was steady.

"No, there seems to be some kind of power that has affected my perception of Flying Thunder God Technique," Haru said truthfully.

There were only two reasons for such a result. One was the problem of the space ring realm, and the other was that someone had done it on purpose and had the ability to do so.

Haru thought about it and found that both possibilities were very high. Perhaps there were two factors.

Chapter end

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