I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Punishment (P3) [ 18]

Punishment (P3) [ 18]

"Guhh! Nyaah~ Ughh~ Haff~"

Looking at Rose, coughing and panting heavily as soon as he let go of her hair. She drew her head back quickly, as her lungs were completely out of oxygen. She swallowed a bunch of his thick milk, but still lots dripped out of her mouth.

Alex truly went harder on her in this blowjob, since her long tongue stimulatingly licked his cock and balls, making him lose the brakes and **ed her face savagely.

"Hahh~ That was damn good"

Laying down on his back, while gazing at his wrecked face succubus, Alex's mouth let out some grunts, as he felt a very pleasant sensation. Rose was still laying on her belly, too, tried her best to regain the steadiness of her breath.

"Come here, Rose. You know I'm not done yet"

Alex tapped on his thighs, informing Rose of his unfilled desire to have more pussy pounding. Certainly, he was tired, but the pleasure the cat girl provided was more than enough to keep him lustful.

"Nyaa~ B-But I'm too tired, Master Ohh~"

Hearing her Master still yearning for her hole. Rose glanced up, just to find a cold expression greeting her. She totally loved it! Being ordered around was her enjoyment, but indeed she was exhausted already, and barely could move.

Even so, she shakily rose up, and moved forward to his thighs. Placed her fat buttocks on his stomach, and feeling his hard hot cock between her bottom rounded cheeks.

Slap! Slap!

Alex felt his desire rising inside him. He groped Rose's fat butt cheeks, massaged and fondled them, then landed some beautiful spanks! However, his attention was all over her comely face.

Having an eye contact with his succubus. Looking at her fluffy cat ears, which looked like a fox's. After, he switched his eyes to her beautiful green eyes, which had two magical pink hearts, along with tears in the sides. Lowering his gaze to her busty, firm titties that had a pair of lascivious pink nipples.

It was so perfect, everything was perfect.

Rose also checked her Master's lovely face thoughtfully, unconsciously, she lowered her face while shutting her eyes, slowly going down to his lips, and pressing hers against them.

"Hm~ Hmm~ Mww~"

Alex involuntarily closed his eyes too, enjoying Rose taking the initiative. Slowly sucking on his lips, biting them, and gradually going in towards his tongue.

Ponderously tasting his tongue, while her lips continuously kissed his. Her steady breath quickly turned into a mess, as he also started doing his moves. Sucking her lips and playing with her tongue, while his hands jerked towards his dick, which was beautifully getting sandwiched by her soft reddened buttocks.

Plap~ Plap~ Plap~

Busy kissing her passionately, rather fiercely now. He groped his fatty cock, and began slapping it against her large ass, announcing the start of the fifth round!


Suddenly, Rose let out an abrupt moan, rather a startled meow! Alex had to push himself a little down, then he rammed his cock inside of her creampied hole. It was still filled with his warm cum, which didn't even affect her tightness!

Pluat~ Plat~ Plut~ Plap~

Even though, Rose was startled she quickly regained her composure, and started shaking her ass up and down, placing her hands near his armpits, and gazing at his face while biting her lip, and whining sweetly.

"Uh~ Nya~ Hmm~ Uhm~ So goood~ Nayh~"

Beautifully wiggling her rosy butt up and down on his cock, and in circles, slowly but so satisfyingly. Making his milk to spill out of her slutty hole, and smacking herself against his thighs.

Gradually, Rose was bouncing on him, causing her plump big breasts to play freely around. Alex couldn't help but stop them with his hands, and immediately crushed them, sinking his fingers in her soft flesh, while she was vigorously slapping her ass against his crotch!

Pahh~ Pahh! Pahh~ Pahh~

"Nyaah! Uhh! Hmm~ Ohh~ Squeeze them harder, please!~ Ohh~"

Squishing her large milk gland, and aggressively pressing on her hard nipple with his palm, while slowly adding more force into it! It only made Rose to go faster as she felt the urge to orgasm again!

She was the one on charge, but it felt not. She was submissively riding his massive cock, while he enjoyed the view of her whore-like face.

Feeling her Master's big rod piercing her insides, and bumping into her womb every time, with our forgetting the rough squeezing he was blessing her boobs with. Rose involuntarily drew out her tongue, as her hole discharged her juices.

"Ahh! Uhmm! Haff~ Ohh~ Master ** me please~ Nyaa~"

Panting so heavily, while her entire body quivered. Rose unwillingly let go of herself, and laid her milkers on his chest, and breathed on his ears, asking him to ** her already **ed cum sucking cunt.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

Gladly willing to fulfill his slut's desire. After all, it was his, a whore that loved to be punished roughly. Moving his hands to her fat bubble ass, squeezing her soft cheeks, then smacked them with his palm!

Still aggressively clasping on her butt, and spreading it apart pleasingly, then slowly raising it up, causing his veiny dick to be pulled back. Alex firmly held that beautiful ass, and bent his knees up.

Pahh! Pah! Pahh! Pahhh! Pahh! Pahh!

Without any mercy, Alex began thrusting his hips up and down, slamming Rose with his thighs, while holding her fat soft buttocks tightly!

"Uhmm~ Uhnm~ Nyaa~ Nhay~ Hmm~"

Surprisingly, Rose's moans and whines were not that loud. Mostly because she didn't want to burst his eardrum with her moans! Her mouth was near to his ear, but it was okay, as the kept-in whines were extremely piquing!

Pahhh! Pahh! Pahh! Pahh! Pahh!

Just making the slapping clapping the dominant noise in the whole room. Alex increased the speed, and smacked the hell of his succubus's ass and pussy! It was incredibly rough, to the point of making Rose squirted multiple times in seconds!

"Uhmm~ Aghh~"

Playing with his fingers all around Rose's butt, exploring every inch of her smooth skin, and slowly creeping towards her holes, exactly her asshole!

"Nyahh!??! Uhmm~ Uhhmm!! Ohhhm~"

Suddenly, without her expecting it, Alex rammed his middle finger inside her upper tight hole! Catching Ross by surprise, but also providing a whole new pleasure!


Even with him groping her ass while **ing her senseless. Alex couldn't stop from giving her more spanks with his left hand, as his right hand was still busy with her butt hole! His finger felt like crushing.

Pahhh! Pahhh! Pahhh!! Pahh! Pahh!

However, none of these stopped him from shoving another finger, stretching her virgin hole, while at the same time maintaining pounding her pussy.

"Uhhh~ Haff~ I'm cumming Ugh~"

Feeling the exhaustion growing in his body, as well as his urge to ejaculate! Alex's cock began throbbing violently with each ass-smack. After few minutes of that beautiful rough **ing, he finally felt the tingling sensation in his balls!

"Uhh! Ohh!! Fill me up again! Ohh! Naya! Ohh! Nyaah!"

Finally, without any control, Ross rose her head a little up, then sluttily letting her desires, using very loud vulgar moans! Her narrow-end tongue was dangling, and her eyes glanced up! Alex was able to see her long waited face, which made him only go faster back and forth, in both her holes!

Pahh! Pahh! Pahh! Pahh!! Pahhhhhh!


Three beautiful individual shots were fired from Alex's trembling cock, straight inside, touching every edge in Rose's clit canal, and amazingly watering it with his seed.

Alex immediately started feeling dizzy, as well as Rose. They both orgasm so many times. He ejaculated five times in a row in less than 1 hour! It has been almost 50 minutes since their lovely time start, or should we say shower time!

The bed white sheets were so wet in many spots, and the rest didn't survive from getting splashed with some drops too. Rose, the literal bed wetter, breathed deeply in his ear, as she felt her mind blacking out!

She was absolutely exhausted. Just right after he blessed her with his thick milk, she laid down on his chest again, not giving a ** about any one other than him. Today, no, just a couple of hours earlier, she met him along, with her queen.

Never in her whole life, she thought she would get **ed by a human! That human was now her absolute Master, which had full control on both of tempting holes! It was her first time, and undoubtedly it felt the best.

"Haff~ Nyaah~ Master~ I **ing love you~ Uhh~ Nyaah~"

Kissing his cheek slightly, whispering boldly into his ears, and still giving him some whines sand whimper, as she thoughtfully focused on the sensation of his milk streaming inside her occupied hole!

Certainly, Rose didn't love Alex that strongly as they just met, and it wasn't that good of a meeting. However, she slowly drew near him, after he gave her lots of his love. She continuously smooched his cheek, while feeling a cloud in her head! Unconsciously, she fainted! Or slept~

She was extremely tired and couldn't care about anything else than giving her Master a few kisses, and skin to skin hugs, before she passed out.

"Ohh~ You're mine, Rose"

Alex uttered in her ears too. She was already sleeping, and probably didn't hear him, but with the exhaustion his body was feeling, he didn't care about it, and instantly fell asleep too... Just to wake up to solve some disasters again...

Chapter end

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