I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Punishment (P1) [ 18]

Punishment (P1) [ 18]

Hello guys!

My apologies, but I want to change a little thing in Rose's appearance. I said in the previous chapter, that Rose's tail and ears are orange, but after rechecking it, I decided to change them to yellow. The only difference is the color, that's it. Anyway, enjoy the chapter!


"Nyaa~ Master, ** me~"

Wiggling her butt along with her soft long cat tail. Rose seductively moaned in a cute, yet tempting way. Her fluffy orange ears stood up straight while she glanced back at her charmed Master. Totally made Alex feel horny more than ever.

'I forget to tell you that she is a mix. She is a half-demon, with a cat bloodline, and a half-succubus. That's why she is extra prideful and arrogant'

Seeing that sight, two pink holes, one was dripping and wet with sticky juices, and the other was beautifully shut. Without forgetting the rounded, large buttocks. Alex froze in his place, while his cock glans were peaking out of his shorts! His dick was having a hard time, while looking at his seductive blonde kitty.

Without responding to Liza's late declaration. Alex slowly walked towards Rose, removing his shorts, and shirt, and getting fully naked. Ready to ** his succubus brains out.

Actually, what Liza said was quite important! It turned out that Rose was a full succubus, rather a half! Her mother was a succubus, and her father was a demon! It would a shocking thing, especially for him, as he always thought succubi could only breed with incubi. However, his mind was nowhere to think about such things.

(A/N: For those who still don't know. Succubi are the plural form of Succubus, and Incubus is the plural form of Incubi, which is a male version of a succubus)


"Nya! Hummm!~ Spank me more!"

Just after taking a glance of her voluptuous ass from above, watching two rounded soft watermelon size butt cheeks. Alex couldn't help but mark it with his palm, and make it bounce in waves~


"Uhmmn! Nyaa~ Uhh~"

Another hit landed on her other cheek, making it red, and causing Rose to involuntary shiver in pleasure. She was loving it! Even being a succubus, it was her first time tasting aggressiveness.

"Hahff! Master, punish me more! Nyon~"

Feeling goosebumps all over her body. Just to enjoy her punishment more, she raised one of her hands, and a small blue kind of circle appeared out of nowhere! She put her hands on it, making it disappear, then quickly after she pulled something Alex never expected!

'Wow! A double spanking crop. She has a collection too, huh? For your upcoming questions, powerful being in hell could create a space in the void, and keep their objects in there. It's more like an inventory, and I have too~'

After Rose pulled out a black double spanker. Liza immediately exclaimed, but also explained how she did that. It was a work of magic! Even with his mind filled with lust, Alex couldn't ignore what just happened!

Apparently, Liza had a space too, but never told him before. She had some interesting stuff there too, but not that necessary for him to do his job! Nevertheless, Rose's space was absolutely filled with indecent toys and tools!

"Nyaa~ Master, take it, and punish me harder!!"

Glancing back, and handing her Master the spanker. Her eyes glowed up, and her ass involuntarily jiggled around. The bed sheets were already so wet, and the real game didn't start yet.

Alex took the black double spanker, which had two layers of thick plastic, making clapping sounds every time it hits something. He was truly holding a beast in his hand that would definitely make Rose go crazy~


"Nayyyyyaaann!! Uhmmm! Ahhh!"

For the sake of trying it, and without wasting any time, Alex raised the spanker in his hand, then landed it on her ass! Cracking a well out of her pussy! He didn't hit her hard, but her butt was getting seriously so red!

"Moooore!!! M-Master, punish me!"

Even though she just squirted, and her Master just clapped her soft fat buttocks. Rose was nowhere to be satisfied! She pleaded even louder, as she let out her kitty's cute noises.


Without any mercy, Alex responded to his lascivious cat's begging. Spanking her ass harder and harder, and making them redder! Her butt getting beautifully rosy, with some spots fully red with blood. She wasn't injured, but her ass was wrecked.


"Hahhh! Hughh! Nayyan! Uhm!"

It didn't take a long time before Rose's upper body collapsed unwillingly on the bed, but left her ass well raised for her Master! The floor was already wet, and the white bedsheets were all wet under her.

"Get up, whore. I'm not done yet"

Alex pulled her blonde hair forcibly, and messily from behind, making her forcefully get back on her fours, even though her arms were shaking! Since Rose was a masochist, he needed to show as much coldness as he could!

After he made her stand on her fours again, he let go of her hair to pull on something even more interesting!

"Nyaaahh! M-Master, not my tail! Uhmm!"

Alex was curious about her cute soft cat's tail, it looked and felt so fluffy. He kind of expected it to be so sensitive for her. He pulled it a little up, not that aggressive, but for Rose, it was so unbearable!


It didn't end there, after groping her by her tail, he landed a palm on her red ass! He already threw the spanker, as Rose already got enough. Instead, he slammed his left hand down on it, plunged his fingers in her soft flesh senselessly, then drew his bottom body closer, placing his glans right on her juicy pink clit!


"Nyaaan!! So biggggg! Nay!"

After massaging his cock against her swollen, rosy bottom lips. Alex pushed his hips a little, resulting in his glans getting in, just getting immediately crushed by the unbearable tightness!

'Uuh~ Is she a virgin or what? Isn't she a succubus?...'

Feeling an extreme tightness, which was sucking his cock inside, and squeezing it from all sides. It felt like he was having her first time! Well, it was something you would never have expected from a succubus.

'I'm not sure, but she might be. High-tier succubi aren't typical as normal succubi. We go by the rules of families. Also, as we follow an old monarchy system, noble people aren't the same. Well, you can check yourself if you want~'

'I'm sure she is. I don't really know how your laws and traditions on hell work, but I'm more than happy to have me a virgin'


"Unyaan~ Uhmm~ Uhhh~ Ohhhh!!"

Hearing her uncertain answer. Alex decided to find out by himself. He slowly began ramming his dick inside. It felt extremely tight, just like he loves. On the way to her womb, he found something that made her heart jolt! A hymn! He felt a thin wall stopping him from going any further.

However, with all the happiness of **ing a virgin succubus. Alex slammed his hips against her fatty ass, making the rest of his cock to get completely buried inside her maiden pussy. Yet, his happiness couldn't be completed without rewarding her.


"Uhh!! Nayyaaa soo hot! Master's semen is burning my womb~!! Ohhh!!"

Just by shoving his entire cock inside for a glimpse of a second, it couldn't withstand being inside such a tight cum sucking cunt, and instantly ejaculated involuntarily!! Even Alex himself didn't have any control over it, and he couldn't do anything but let out his groans!

As expected from a succubus. It was so different having sex with a succubus than with a human. It was at least 2 times better! Which meant Alex's balls were going empty today!

Pahh! Pahh! Pahhh! Pahh!

Even so, trying to literally punish Rose for her bratty behavior. Immediately after filling up her hole with cum, he started thrusting back and forth, slowly at first, but increasing his speed after!


"Uh! Ahnyhh! Ohh! Nyaa! Nyane! Uhh!"

While still grasping her fluffy yellow tail, spanking her sore ass with his hand, and sinking it into her soft fat buttocks. Alex started getting more used to it. However, he still needed more violence!


Trying to get even further in his play. Alex pulled back his cock until his glans, then instantly slammed his hips against her ass! Unexpectedly, forcing her to get more inside the bed, as his glans was lovingly kissing her womb boundaries!

"Nyaahh! Uhh! Nyyh~ Ohh!"

Getting into the bad as well. Alex went on his knees while Rose was laying down on her upper body. Suddenly, after his rough ass-smacking! He groped her hair again, but this time instead of pulling her, he pushed hard into the mattress. Fucking her pussy from behind, while half of her face was mercilessly pressed.

Plut~ Plaut~ Plap~ Plup~

Rose's sticky transparent juices, along with his semen, and without forgetting a little bit of blood, made lewd obscene noises every time they welcomed his rod inside!

Pahh! Pahhh! Pahh! Pahh!

"Uhhh!nnnn!! Ahh!! Nayhh!!! Ohh!! Fuck me harderrrr!!"

Pressing her head against the mattress, groping her tail aggressively, and shaking his hips back and forth faster. Alex was slowly going berserk, and nothing was going to stop him!

"Uhm~ Shut up!"

Fucking her senselessly. Alex switched his hand from her tail straight to her plump boobies, which were also pressing against the bed. However, he slid his hand, and crushed them himself. Squeezing the hell out of them, while at the same time crisply smacking her pussy!

Pahh! Pahh! Pahh! Pahhh!

'Fuck! I urgently wanna cum!'

Pounding a succubus's cunt wasn't that easy, but it felt extremely pleasurable! Even though with all the stimulation he was putting on Ross. He was the one feeling the urge, to spill his milk inside!

"Ohhh! Uhn! Nyahh! Ohh!! Master's cum!! Nayhh! Ohhh!"

Moaning so loudly, just like his auntie Carla did. Rose felt her Master's cock throbbing inside her, rather, actually vibrating violently! However, her pussy tightened itself more, leaving him no choice but to cum!


Finally taking his hand off her head, squeezing her fat soft butt cheeks like dough, and pushing his hips immensely inward. Making his cumming cock deeper inside, and groaning happily, while hearing his cat's sweet moans.

Still, just after a few seconds. He pulled his soaked, erect dick back, filling all of her pussy canal with his semen. Gazing down at her. She was still in the same position, laying on the side of her face, her saliva drooling down at the bedsheets out of her open mouth, as she gasped for air. Staring at the void carelessly with her pink succubus's eyes.


"Nyaaah! M-Master, I'm still sensitive! Ohh! Uhh~"

Like always, Alex pulled his cock back, then slammed it back inside, making Rose's womb tremble, and resulting her to protest lewdly while stretching out her tongue!

"Mm~ I told you to **ing shut up, Rose~"

With his whole stick inside her. Alex leaned down to her ears, first making his dick dig even deeper, and secondly whispering in her ears with a smirk, while his eyes glowed in red...

Chapter end

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