I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – For Later

For Later

While being carried by Alex, her new Master, Rose glanced down as she smelled a very strong manly scent, which undoubtedly made here sleepy head dizzy!

However, just to find her previous host, sucking and licking on his fat massive cock carelessly, and swallows that thick white milk! Looking at that, Rose's green eyes glistened, and in... Red!

"Master! Why she is sucking your.... huge dick!!? I asked first!!"

As expected from a prideful succubus, Rose hatefully protested against Jane sucking his rod first! Indeed, she was the one who asked to suck his long stick. Even so, when she woke up, she found this mortal already tasted his milk!

That was totally unacceptable! Rose and Jane still had a lot of grudges going on between them, so of course they hated each other, and especially after Jane courageously slapped her beautiful face!

Jane was still licking all his cum thirstily, not even bothering to glance up at Rose, who was apposing ill intentions on her! It was getting a little bit out of control.

'Seems it's not going to work out for you. You're unlucky! It will take some time for them to get along, even after getting bonded by a harem tree'

Seeing how things were heading at, Liza announced with her sweet voice. She knew Rose well. She wasn't someone who would want to share their loved one with others, especially if she doesn't know them well.

Just being so pridefully, kind of messed up with the whole thing. Luckily, Liza had the [Harem Tree] skill, which would absolutely reduce all the hate and conflict between them.

However, Liza was certain it wouldn't work properly, as they both of them weren't calm yet, and still feel anxious. Rose just recovered her body, got her powers stolen, and got enslaved!

All the three of them happened to her for the first time in her whole long life! As for Jane, of course, you know how much she suffered and traumatized.

"Jane, that's enough, thanks for the help"

Knowing things would go the wrong way if he continued, Alex tried to stop Jane from getting any further. He wasn't in the mood for more problems. Both of the women were his, and he couldn't side with any one of them like before.

"As for you, Rose, I promise I will give you my full attention later"

Jane wasn't stopping, however, she heard what he said, and she wasn't a disobedient girl! She was quickly cleaning his cock and licking the last drops of his precious juice.

With that, Alex shed light on Rose, who was fixedly glaring at her rival! He switched his hand from her thick, soft thighs to her bouncy mountains! He groped and massaged her soft fatty buttocks, getting her attention immediately!

"Uhhmm~ Okay, Master!! I'm looking forward to it! Fuck me violently later~"

Rose's doe eyes went back to their original color immediately after hearing her Master's promise! She could tell he wasn't lying, and that quickly lighten up her mood.

Of course, she felt so much jealous as she knew another woman was getting her Master's love, yet, it felt so pleasant after knowing she was getting her turn soon.

"Hummm~ Mwaah~ Thank you for the meal, my Alex~"

Standing in front of him, while licking her fingers seductively. Jane took the chance and provoked Rose laughingly. Her eyes also began losing that two beautiful tiny small hearts.

Alex was surprised with that. Those hearts weren't her lust was fulfilled, or ignored for a long time. He did neither of the two, but they somehow disappeared willingly.

'Just like your charm, it's efficient if the person is having unstable emotions, especially saddens or anger. Her anger out leveled her lust, which caused it to drop down'

Liza was not lazy to explain more to Alex, after she saw his surprise as the lust pink hearts disappeared. Those hearts were a signal to the peak lust, and their fade clearly meant Jane's lust wasn't in its peak.

'Got it'

Immediately, Alex put Rose down, on her feet of course. She stood, clinching into his arms, as he clumsily dragged back his shorts. The mood became awkward, so he needed to brighten it.

"Shall we go? I will take you home, Jane"

Instantly after fixing his clothes, Alex suggested, rather demanded. Since Jane wasn't feeling that well emotionally. He didn't mind accompanying her to her house.

"Really?! Yes, sure, it's not far from here"

Jane's face shamelessly lit up, and a smile bloomed in her dirty face. It was dirty with dirty saliva and tears. However, she didn't care about it at all. Her purpose wasn't to impress anyone aside from her man.

'Swipe your hand on her face without touching it of course, I could clean it~'

Liza was having the same ideas about Jane's face. It wasn't ugly, but ruined. Unhesitantly, Alex did as she said, and swiped his palm above his teacher's face. Instantly, making it clean and beautiful as it was!

"Woahh! Y-You're really not a human anymore... Lucky you, the succubus inside you is much better than this bitch"

Feeling her face getting light and cozy, Jane caressed her cheeks just to find those so smooth and softer, better than any other day!

Jane already knew about Alex's and his succubus. However, she felt a little sad that Rose didn't fairly treat her as Liza did to Alex! Actually, if Liza wanted, she could have control over him a while go, but she kept her promise.

Without forgetting that, Alex was fully able to use magic and supernatural skills! Unlike of Jane, who didn't get anything literally from Rose.

"Uhm let's go already"

Having nothing else to say, Jane turned around, and soon came out of the alley! They spent around 40 minutes there, but it felt like it was the whole day.

Looking at her bare back, which her red dress didn't cover thoughtfully. Alex followed her and exited the alley too. Along with Rose, who was normally walking by his side.

She knew she was going into public, a human society, so she hid her supernatural parts with her magic, and silently followed her Master.

He quickly reached beside Jane, and silently followed her to her home. He still didn't know where she lived, so he couldn't lead the way. Jane also understood that, and guided him.

While slowly walking towards her place location, Alex found himself walking on the same route he takes for university! Turned out, Jane was living near in that area.

After a few more minutes of walking, Jane walked straight into a white 16-story building. It was her red painted apartment building. She turned around to Alex as her feet were few inches away from the building doors.

It didn't take long before she would utter her next words. She felt kind of bad bringing Alex all the way her, but it was an opportunity to get to know each other more.

"Uhaah As you could tell, this is where my apartment. I'm sorry for bringing you all the way here, but I wanted to show you where I live, I'm in the third floor, pay me a visit whenever you wish. Thank you for everything"

After letting out a cute yawn, Jane Gently uttered to Alex, who was smiling at her back. He didn't mind coming all the way to her apartment, as it going to be useful to know her address, she so near to the campus, and Alex had some free time between classes!

"Okay, I will visit you sometimes, also I will be seeing you at the campus. If you don't mind, can you give me your phone number? I wanna keep in touch with you"

Jane was definitely so tired and sleepy. She wasn't getting a proper sleep all those days, and her body wasn't well rested. Her muscles tension disappear after her man walked her home, she felt sleepy.

Alex wasn't going to bother her anymore, but he still needed her number to check on her, or she could call him if she needed something. He pulled out his phone, as well did Jane.

They quickly exchanged numbers, and Jane didn't hesitate to send him a test message to avoid any mistakes in writing the numbers. It was fine and reached her. Their exchange was successful.

"Thanks, see you around, take care"

With saying that, Jane went in slowly, and Alex also turned around along with the silent Rose, and started walking. She never spoke a word since he gave her a promise.

She was smart, so she didn't want to ruin her venomous mouth. Likewise, she held herself from yelling jealously at Jane, each time, she sweetly talked with Alex.

"Master, I wanna phone too! I wanna have your number, and send you messages too, especially nudy ones~"

However, with all what took place beside Jane's apartment door, Rose felt inferior without having her man's number, nor a phone in the first place.

She was familiar of how phones works, as she had used so many of them back home. However, it was going to be her first time using a human's one, and she couldn't hide her curiosity.

"Yeah, sure. There's a phone shop nearby, I could buy you something"

Alex beamed a smile at her face, then changed his destination towards an electronics shop he knew. He had $600 in his pocket, and Liza could add him an additional $300, if he needed it, so money wasn't a problem at all.

After that, both of them walked silently, yet smiling beautifully. He was still upset at Rose for what she carelessly did to Jane. However, since both of them were his, he couldn't blame either of them.

Walking slowly around, and before they could realize, they found themselves in front of the wanted shop, which was big, and glassy from the outside.

Without any time-wasting, Alex went into it, just to be stopped unconsciously by two young woman in front of him. Their backs looked unexpectedly so familiar!

Suddenly, one of the two turned around. Just to be shocked as much as he! It was undoubtedly... Lily! Beside her was her best friend Erin! Erin also turned around. However, instead of having a shocked face, she had a blushing!

Examining him throughout, boldly. Lily noticed a very tempting comely woman standing beside him, having a very serious face, but also a whore like dress! It was so revealing on Rose's body, as it was beautifully thick!

"Huh! What are you doing here, Alex? And...a prostitute?"


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Chapter end

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