I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Help [ 18]

Help [ 18]

"Alex...Help me"

Jane bite her bottom lip, while she rubbed her fingers against her palms. She was standing there embarrassingly, looking at Alex with her brown eyes, which deliberately acquired two pink hearts in them!

Watching Alex and Rose kiss so passionately and grope each other's bodies lewdly. Also, being in the presence of a lustful succubus, made her lust promptly build up, until it reached its peak.

Jane stood still in her place unmoving, looking at him while her kitty was burning hot! Her juices were already rolling down her exposed, smooth thighs. Just like Rose, she looked so tempting in her dress.

She already forgot about the suffering Rose imposed on her. That was because of Alex. She undoubtedly believed what he said, and now she let her lust on him. It wasn't controllable, anyway.

'Fufufu Again, you have two choices, you either deep** her throat, or make her faint. Choose wisely~"

Obviously, Liza was still having so much fun, watching Alex deal with his lustful women, who had a strong desire to ride his cock, and play with it.

Unfortunately, there were only two choices for Alex, either he ** Jane, or he make her pass out. There was the choice of leaving as he did with Ashley in the store, but since Jane still had the trauma that Rose caused her, so he couldn't leave her alone.

So there left two options. Still, the second choice was a little bit risky. If Alex hit her nape a little bit stronger, he might break the bones there. He still couldn't control his physical power as today was the first day he actually use it.

"Alex~ Hmm~ please~"

Seeing Alex not making any moves, Jane pleaded again. Unlike the savage succubus, she stayed in her place and wait for her man to come and bang her little sister, her rosy cunt!

That was very unusual for Jane. She was actually a playful and lighthearted person, who doesn't get shy like this; however, because of Rose, her personality changed a slight bit, hopefully just temporarily.

'Guess I have no decision'

Alex slowly stepped towards Jane, carrying Rose in his arms like a princess. Looking at Jane with very lustful eyes. Rose made him aroused, and so did Jane. Their well-developed body fit perfectly in that dress, super hot.

"Jane, suck it for me"

After getting so close to her, their faces were a few inches away from each other. Gazing at the reflection of themselves in their eyes. Alex ordered her to suck his erected dick!

He was barely holding himself. If he didn't ** Linda and Menina earlier in the theater, he would have jumped on Rose when she first seduced him. However, he kept his composure.

Even so, it was too much for him, and he urgently needed at least a blowjob! Upon hearing that, Jane slowly bent down. She never broke the eye contact between them.

Staring at him, while she slowly came down to his thighs, she could see Rose's rounded ass from there, but her only focus was her man's impeccable face.

He didn't have a view of Rose's fat ass, but instead, Jane's rosy hard nipples were plainly visible, as her boobies got pressed against her knees while she squatted. Clearly, Rose didn't bother by wearing a bra for Jane today!

It was Sunday, and undoubtedly she went outside with Jane's body just to **. However, the dress was of good quality, and also had multiple layers at the chest part, so her erected pink peaks weren't visible with it on. Further, her nipples came out for Alex to greet!

Rose was completely faint, so Alex couldn't leave her on the ground. She was his woman now too, and she doesn't deserve this kind of treatment, instead he still preparing for her punishment.

"Huff~ Alex~ Hmmm~ Haff~"

After getting down there, she haltingly dragged down his shorts, panting heavily, and sweating consistently. Just being between his thighs was very arousing. It was all because of his supernatural powers, which could make any woman near him feel boiling! In an erotic context, of course.

"Ahh! W-What was that!..."

Without averting her gaze from his handsome face, Jane shamelessly lowered his shorts down, along with his boxer, but suddenly someone warm slapped her chin from below!

After slapping her chin, it stayed kissing her neck! When finally looked down, a veiny meat rod greeted her eyes! Her face was close to Alex's crotch, and his dick was hard as a rock, so when she lowered his underwear, it accidentally slapped her chin...

"Massive...I understand why Rose was so crazy to suck it..."

Holding his dick in her hand and exanimating thoughtfully from all sides. She was fascinated, and forgot about acting "Shy". She saw 20 dicks in the last two weeks, but his was absolutely incomparable.

Slurp~ Slurp~ Slurp~

Without any time wasting, Jane shoved the glans into her mouth, and nonchalantly ducked into it, just to find it actually so delicious! She started sucking faster just right after she tasted it.

Gently licking the soft tip of his dick, as her lips were soaking his rod with its warmth. Gradually pushing more of his meat down her throat.

"Huhghh~ Ghhuhg~ Ughh~"

Willingly, Jane choked on his giant cock, shoving it down to her throat beautifully, while peeking up at him suggestively. Luckily, and Unluckily, she was kind of professional cocksucker now, and knew well how to please.

"Aghh~ Ohh~"

Jerking off his cock with her hand as she glided her lips over it, going gently but very stimulatingly on his burning hot cane. Sniffing it with her nose and getting her head immediately blurred!

Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!

'Fufufu she is losing it!'

Watching his teacher suck his dick along, Liza giggled as she saw Jane promptly losing her mind just by blowing him. No one could blame her, as it was something she couldn't keep under control.

"Hammm~ Huhmm~ Hah! Your cock is so thick and long, I can't take it all! Hummm~ Hauff~"

Even though Jane was going in accordingly, she couldn't even shove half of his dick inside her mouth! It was getting only thick the deeper she went, causing her lips to sting.

With that, she switched down to his large balls, and began sucking down, shoving each one separately inside her hot burning hot mouth, and still swiftly jacking off his cock!

"Aghh~ you are doing it well"

Alex couldn't help but praise Jane for her amazing work. She was doing so well, never missing a spot. If he wasn't carrying Rose, he would have deep **ed her throat, but it was kind of hopeless in this position.

Receiving his pleasure groans, Jane only went faster, putting both of his sagging nuts into her mouth, and wantonly rubbing his glans only, and with her slippery hand!

"Huggg! Uhhh~ Alex, ** my face please, and cum down my throat! Ohh! Ahhh~"

Feeling goosebumps each second passed, Jane continued licking his balls and sucking over and over again. Glancing up at his fat throbbing cock desperately. She couldn't hold herself, and went up back to it, stabbed it back to her mouth, and wrapped her arms around his thighs!

Slurp! Slurp~ Slurp!

She knew her man was carrying that stupid bitch succubus, so he couldn't properly ravage her, but no worries! She came up with a great idea.

Jane clinch into his thighs, and went back to sucking his banana, but desperately waiting for him to shower her throat with his love and semen.

"Uhh~ Thanks~"

Jane impressed Alex, she quickly found a solution to cure his unbearable desire. While carrying his succubus, he slowly began moving his hips back and forth, trying it out first.


"Gkugh! Ughu! Ghugh! Hummgh~"

Clinching into his thighs like claspers. Jane opened her mouth widely, and let her man slide his cock inside! Gagging on it, while gasping for air. Gradually, he was thrusting his whole cock inside, rolling to the back of her throat.

After getting used to it more, without any sympathy, he started going faster, the more his stick twitched inside. It was just a couple of minutes, and he already had the urge to cum.


Slapping his crotch against her face, and shoving his whole cock down her throat. Speeding up so fast, while she securely grasped his thighs, soon feeling a burning hot fluid pouring down to her tummy.

Gulps~ Gulps~ Gulps~

"Aghhhh~ Ohhuhh~"

Pushing his hips strongly and aggressively against Jane, making his whole cumming cock inside her mouth. Her eyes went teary, and saliva dropped down his chin, but she kept gulping his semen down to her belly.

"Huffff!! Hahhh! Ohh! Uhh! Ughhh!"

Jane was choking and needed air, so she broke her hug with his thighs, and pull herself back! Causing her man's cock to fire a little shot at her face.

Marking her face with his milk, Alex smiled faintly while gazing at the huffing Jane. she was breathing so heavily while wrapping her hand over her neck. It was the first time she sucked a huge rod, and it was incredibly amazing by all means!

Slurrrp~ Slurrrp~ Slurrrrrp~

Nevertheless, after taking a couple of seconds of a break, Jane immediately went back to her *Job* after she noticed drops of his addictive sweet thick milk dripping on the ground, totally wasteful.

To stop that, she took his rosy squishy glans into her mouth, and went into slurping on it, while at the same, rubbing his rod with her wet hand back and forth, getting all the cum out.


However, suddenly a cute, sweet humming noise filled Alex's ears. He was busy watching his teacher lick every drop of his fat long dick, but unexpectedly, some childish humming and yawing sounds hit his ears, causing him to look at its source.

Just find out that Rose was waking! Abruptly, her beautiful green eyes opened fully, and she strangely stared at her Master. She didn't know how she ended up sleeping, but now she woke up in his embrace.

She quickly analyzed the place and found out they were still in the alley. She had so many questions for him, but now, and for sure, one thing was on her mind!

"Humm~ Master, I smell a strong manly semen smell. Is it yours?"

Saying that, Rose took a peek down between his legs. She looked and acted obedient after she woke up, but after knowing what was happening down there, her eyes glowed...


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Chapter end

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