I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – My Succubus [Bonus chapter]

My Succubus [Bonus chapter]

"Huff~ Ahh~ I need Master's cock!! Oh~"

In a glimpse of a second, Rose came down to Alex's thighs, huffing heavily as her green eyes glowed in pink! Turned out, she was into suffering and humiliation, in an erotic context of course, and Alex throttling her made her finally lose it.

Not only that, but also he called her a slut, which clearly changed the way she sees Alex drastically! She thought at first he was just her queen's doll, but it appears out, he was way better despite how he looks!

"Aghhhhh!! Ughhhh!"

Indeed, Rose was a slut who love to be punished roughly, and it was the first time her desires were getting granted. She was about to lower Alex's back shorts to take a peek at his dick, but before she could do that, he bent down his upper body, hurriedly grabbed her blonde hair, and brought her away from his crotch!

'Hahaha! I never seen her act like this before. She must be so desperate to **. It's probably because her powers are so low, and need to be renewed, also she loves pain and humiliation, more than Erin'

Liza laughed while gazing at her slutty servant and friend. She never saw her act this furious before. Rose was a very prideful succubus, and would never kneel to suck a dick.

Nonetheless, her lust was out of control. As her queen said, it was most likely because she was out of powers, and her instinct ordered her to fill up herself again; or Alex's aggressive cold behavior inflamed her desires!

In addition, she having using Jane's body for sex, so her lust wasn't getting fulfilled in any way. She just watched and absorbed lust's energy. It was the same condition for Liza...

"Ghuuh! Master! Your cock, please! Huhh!"

Trying her best to reach for Alex's shorts, Rose begged as she felt even more desires grow inside her! Pulling her back by her smooth hair, just made it intense!

"A-Alex, what's gotten into her suddenly"

Finally, Jane bounced back from the shock, and asked Alex about what was going on with Rose abruptly! She also could see those pink hearts in her eyes, which were strangely lustful!

Somehow, after being possessed by a supernatural creature, Jane began seeing and feeling things a normal human couldn't comprehend!

She was gazing at Rose fighting to reach her man's crotch, truly being humiliated to a high degree. Rose was ultimately different from her usual nature. The prideful tone and expression were replaced with lascivious desperation.

"Uhm She went crazy, and apparently on me"

Alex was having no difficulties keeping Rose in her place. He turned around, and talked to Jane awkwardly. He wasn't used to talking to others about those supernatural things, but since Jane already knows everything, he didn't have any reason or way to hide it.

"But s-she begging you to let her b-blow you!"

Jane wasn't stupid, she knows Rose very well, also clearly this horny succubus was yelling to suck her man's cock! She did feel a lot awkward and jealous at the same time. Of course, another woman was trying to get into Alex's pants.

'You have two choices, you either deep** Rose's throat, or make her faint. She won't stop until she gets her vitamin D'

Of course, Liza was having the best time, as always. Absorbing the tremendous amount of lust her friend's body was releasing. However, she didn't obligate on Alex to go any further with her as Jane was still present.

Instead, she gave him a solution, and it was to make Rose faint. It wasn't a terrible solution, as losing control even more! She instead of fighting to get to her vitamin D, she starting rubbing her crotch desperately and shamelessly.

All the humiliation she put on Jane throughout the last couples weeks was returning to her! Alex had no choice but to make her pass out, as she was losing her brain to her desires, however, before he do that, he decided to degrade her even longer!

"Uggh!! Master Alex! Ahhh! Fuck me please!! Ohh!"

Rose moaned loudly as Alex pulled her up, and made her stand in front of him. She seductively studied his face, but her hand directly went to his crotch, and began stroking it!


"Damn, who gave you permission to touch me?"

While holding her blonde hair in a ponytail with her left her hand, Alex landed a slap on her soft cheek! Punishing her for touching him inappropriately without his consent. He still had a very cold expression while looking at her, huffing like a dog.


"Hmmmmm!! Hummm~ Aghhh! huff~"

"Remove your hand"

Just one slap didn't change her bratty behavior. She just started caressing him even harder and faster, making his crotch bulgy from all stimulation. Even so, Alex landed another slap on her cheek, much stronger than the previous one. Just trying to discipline this shameless succubus.

"Hughh!! Sorryyy Master! Hmhh~ Ummhh~ Just ** me, please!"


Finally, after the third slap, Rose drew her hand from Alex's crotch to hers, looking at him so desperately. She restlessly wanted to get railed by him!

'Shit, I started getting horny too, dammit, she is incredibly arousing'

Looking at her plump breasts, which were about to come out of her short, revealing dress, and glancing at drops of her juices racing down her thick thighs, in addition to her whore tempting face. Alex felt so aroused while staring at this succubus!

However, he couldn't do anything to her as Jane was watching everything. Of course, he wasn't cruel enough to ** another woman in front of her, especially her "enemy".

'Save her for later, also I suggest you enslave her. With what is going on, I guess she wouldn't stay my servant anymore'

Again, Liza suggested, but with a chuckle this time. Certainly, she wanted to see Rose between Alex's thighs, instead of being on her right side, it much more better!

Also, it seemed to be the only solution. Rose was nothing going to stop any time soon, in fact, she was getting crazier each second pass, so to make sure she wouldn't attack humans, it was the best to keep her under control.

'I forgot to tell you! She can enslave you, so if you don't enslave her keep your caution. Even though her powers are gone, she is still a pure-blooded succubus, and she probably can enslave you, despite you having my powers'

Liza added up very important information! Rose was a high tier succubus, so her charm is so powerful. It might not work on her queen's companion, but still there was a chance.

So if Alex decided not to enslave her now, she might attack him with a kiss in the future, and end up making him hers, and also making all his women her slaves! Obviously, that would be bad for him, and for his girls.

'Are you telling me I have to kiss her in front of Jane? That sounds absurd'

Jane was still giving anxiety to Alex, she suffered under Rose to the point of crying helplessly. Since she hated Rose, and Alex was her absolute man, obviously, she might react dangerously to their kiss!

'Quit be a pussy! Jane is literally your slave! Are you afraid of her? You need to keep things under control, with your full desire! Still, even if she reacted brokenly, I will use [Harem Tree]'

Liza protested against Alex's nervous behavior. Surely, Jane needed a lot of care at that moment, but the truth is, Liza wanted to see Rose getting banged by him.

The main reason was she would absorb more lust, since Rose, as a succubus, releases more than a normal human. That was one of the reasons Liza wanted to have her servant under him.

Also, they weren't in hell, so Rose didn't have any obligations to follow Liza's order. She did it before, just out of respect and the friendship they had!

"Master! Hhmm~ Uhmmm~ Fuck m— Hmm! Hammm~"

Alex made his decision. While holding her from her hair lewdly, he slowly brought her face near him, and as soon her reached him, she wrapped her arms around his waist. An unbreakable hug.

However, her face was still away from his, but gazing at her beautiful obscene face, Alex attacked her lips with his, as well as she did! Instantly, her tongue invaded his mouth, and she started sucking his insides!

Truly a succubus, who knew exactly how to kiss passionately, rather fiercely. However, Alex didn't let herself overwhelm him. He was the master! He quickly pushed her tongue back inside her mouth, using his tongue, slowly and without her full approval, he enslaved her!

"Hummm! Uhmmm~ Mmmm!"

As a noble high rank succubus, Rose had never been enslaved before. However, after her new Master won against her rosy tongue, she started feeling a very unusual attraction towards this mortal!

Of course, she knew what was happening! She quickly realized she was fully enslaved, but that only made her feel more aroused than ever. She hugged him tighter, and again attacked his crotch with her tender hand.

Nevertheless, this time, she slide her hand underneath his shorts, straight down to his massive erected dragon! unhesitantly, she began jerking him off with clothes on, as he deeply sucked on her tongue.

'Shit...It's getting out of control'

Alex wasn't getting overwhelmed, but Rose was getting out of hand. She undoubtedly was planning to ** with him, even though they were in an alley, beside crowded streets.

"Hahh~ Huff! Master, your dick is so big! Huff~ I want it insid—"

With things going further and further, Alex broke the kiss forcefully by pulling Rose back from her hair. Rose was completely messed up, and hearty eyes beamed at him.

However, without any warning, he hit her nape with his hand so swiftly, but gently, just enough to make her faint! That was exactly what happened. Fortunately, she was in his embrace, and she didn't end up falling on the ground like before.

Alex pulled out her hand, which was tightly gasping on his dick, and carried her in his arms as a princess, just to turn around to find a shocking sight!

Jane rubbing her crotch slowly while she gazed at him lovingly. Slowly her eyes glistened in pink, and two hearts appeared in them... Looking down at his bulgy big crotch, she suggestively bite her bottom lip.

"Alex...Uhmm Help me~"


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