I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – The Succubus Rose

The Succubus Rose


Jane roared at Rose out of hatred. She quickly recognized her voice. The same voice that have been playing in her head for the past two weeks.

Certainly, Jane was surprised to see Rose! The succubus looked just like humans, but had horns, a tail, and small bat wings! However, those supernatural body parts didn't scare her from screaming at the person who turned her life into hell!

Jane was about to stand up, but her whole body was shivering, so it was hard and slow, but in the end she rose up, still staring at Rose plainly. She unquestionably detested her.

Looking at this beautiful, seductive young woman, who was wearing the sexy red dress as hers. Jane never expected a cruel demon to look so beautiful, as if she was a devil disguised as an angel.

"Calm down, Jane. She helped us in erasing others' memory"

Alex stopped Jane from even trying to go to Rose. If he let her, that would lead to some headaches later. Rose was a succubus, and Jane was just a human, so even if Jane tried to inflict any physical harm, she wouldn't be able to.

Even though, Rose was at her lowest level now, she was still stronger than humans by many levels. Also, she was cruel like the place she came from, so if Jane pissed her off, she wouldn't be hesitant to attack her.

In addition, Alex had no relationship with this new succubus, so he couldn't just order her around. It seemed she only follows Liza's commands, which was normal, as Liza was her queen. Nevertheless, Liza left him to take care of everything, as it was his turn.

"What!!?? No **ing way this bitch helped in any way! I'm killing her today!!!"

Recalling all the hellish memories Rose left for her, Jane tried to break from Alex's arm helplessly, while tears rolled down her cheeks. He was hugging her like a normal hug, but she forcefully wanted to escape his embrace in order to avenge from the succubus.

However, instead of running away or staying in her place, Rose walked at Jane and Alex deliberately, rather pridefully. She was smirking faintly while looking at her victim's face. She never thought someday a human would threaten her! A noble high tier succubus!

"Why are you crying, little baby? You should be happy that I let tasted your mortal body the true pleasure of sex. You enjoyed it, right? So stop whining so dramatically~"

After walking proudly toward them, and after gazing at each others' thoughtfully. Rose chuckled while she enjoyed her victim's miserable expression. Even with her queen "siding" with this mortal, Rose didn't flinch while provoking Jane.

Hearing her provocation only made Jane more furious. She respected Alex's statement of Rose somehow helped them erase others' memories; she believed that, as it was coming from her man's mouth, but she couldn't contain herself anymore, and raised her hand above suddenly.


Raising her hand above, and landing a quick hard slap on Rose's face, making it turn around instantly. Alex saw that coming, but he didn't have the ability to stop it. He was embracing Jane, but her arms were free.

Rose was literally shaken up, and angry… Her senses were not functioning properly as she just woke up, and her entire power was stripped from her unexpectedly, so she couldn't foresee Jane's slap!

Turning her head slowly back, while caressing her red cheek. Rose was utterly dumbfounded at what Jane had just done. She smacked her face! A mortal slapped her beautiful, flawless face!

Never in her whole life, she thought someday a human, won't just threaten her, but also slap her! Her temper was rapidly raising, as she peered at Jane with disdain.

Her eyes slowly turned red, clearly a sign of anger. However, Jane remained unfazed while glaring back at her. To be honest, she was so scared, but also so outraged at Ross.

And her anger was much more than fear. She knew who was facing her, a succubus!! Still, she couldn't show her weakness after just slapping her.

What Alex was not wishing for was happening! Rose's fingers gathered together, forming fists in both of her hands. She was still putting them down beside her thighs, but with all the rage, she casually raised her right arm.

It was clear what was going to happen! Rose gradually lifted her right arm until it reached her plump breasts, then glared back at Jane with ill intentions. In the speed of light, her punch was fired at Jane's face!

"Ghughkh! Ghugh!!"

Luckily, those noises weren't coming from Jane, but from Rose!! Before she could fire her punch at her, Alex gasped on Rose's neck with his right hand instantly, pushed a little back, making her fist unreachable to Jane!

"Know your place, slut"

While his left arm was still wrapped around his teacher. Alex uttered with a serious, dangerous expression and a very cold voice. Glaring at Rose as his eyes glowed in red! He looked as if he was going to kill her savagely.

Rose's neck was small, and his hand was clutching it all. He applied force into his fingers, making her choke and gasp for air! Actually, if he applied more power, he would likely crush her neck.

He was absolutely furious at Rose! She brought herself to punch his woman. That was undoubtedly unacceptable. Even though Alex enslaved Jane just a couple of minutes ago, the bond between was incredibly strong.

With that, it was his ultimate duty to protect his women, no matter who was the abuser. Certainly he had the ability to do it. He was stronger than, Rose by so levels.

'Dope!! So cool. By the way, I don't mind if you killed her, she is immortal anyway'

Alex was amazed that Liza didn't stop him from attacking her servant, but she was carefree, and Rose was the one who earned this beating, so why should she butt in?

Without any doubts, Liza was the reason he was powerful. Not a human anymore.

Miraculously, or just luckily. Alex was gaining the same powers and skills as Liza. She didn't know what was the explanation for this unusual condition, but it was probably because they were sharing the same body, or she had a pure bloodline, which made him to receive the same amount of power she absorbed.

They didn't know for sure, but for certain, Alex was far from being played with now, and any attacks against him or any of his woman couldn't be tolerated!

"Guuhhg! Uhhgh! Ghugh!"

For sure, Rose was suffocating. Sh gasped for air, as she gazed at Alex with a terrified face. He was squeezing her neck so firmly. However, he lessened his grip to avoid her going nuts.

"You slut should never lay her hands on my girl"

Alex was actually having fun now! He still looked serious, but for the first time, he enjoyed overwhelming someone. He wasn't going crazy on Rose, still; he wanted to teach her a lesson.

Jane, as the main reason this happened, clinched into Alex's left side, looking at the succubus, who made her suffer, getting violently punished by her man! Jane couldn't feel any happier!

Seeing Rose suffering wasn't the main thing that made her heart jolt in happiness, but the fact that Alex stood up for her! She kind of knows he wasn't a normal human being, but still he was her super boy.

"Ghhuh! M-M-A....Uhgh!"

Alex was still choking her, even though the danger was gone now. However, he remained crushing her neck, but after Rose seemed to want to say something, he lessened the grip even more.

No one could tell what Rose was feeling at that moment, her face was kind of red, but she didn't resist or even try to attack Alex. She could beat his right arm if she wanted, but amazingly she didn't.

However, it was all getting clear. Rose's red scary eyes turned green like they were before. She was still getting clogged, but slowly two pinks hearts occupied her emerald like eyes!

'Damn, I forgot to tell you she is a masochist...'

Liza's sweet voice rang in Alex's head, just stunning him to the core! Unexpectedly, Rose was into pain and suffering, and his gasping on her throat so aggressively, just made her lust reach its peak!

"Hugh! M-Mast-ter! Hughh! Aghuh"

(A/N: Hehe guys, she is calling me !! Your Master is here!)

Alex's eyes opened wide, as well as Jane's. They both clearly heard Rose call him Master! Certainly, lust clouded her mind, and she easily acknowledged him as her Master!

With that, Alex's grip was loosened, and the horny Rose took the chance. She slid her neck back, and slipped away from his grasps. Alex was still cautious. He lifted his fists up to his chest. Rose was horny, but dangerous too.

"Hafff! Ah!! Master! Huff! Hafff"

Panting heavily while looking at Alex fixedly with her hearty eyes, but instead of despise she had when Jane slapped her, Rose was smiling after her new powerful Master abused her.

With all that lust, of course, she couldn't stay in her place just staring at him. In the glimpse of a second, she was standing closely in front of him. Nonetheless, before he could seize on her neck like before, she kneeled down to his legs!

"Huff~ Hughh~ I need Master's cock Ghfff~"

Chapter end

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