I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – My Teacher [Bonus Chapter]

My Teacher [Bonus Chapter]


Jane softly uttered while blankly looking at Alex. She didn't know that Liza took care of others, but she was the only one remaining. She still remembered everything that happened.

Unfortunately, Liza couldn't wipe out her memory too, because it was more than two weeks period of time, unlike the men she had sex with, which lasted only for a few minutes, and took a small space of their sweet memory with her.

She would like to erase Jane's memory too, but there were so many factors, she couldn't use her powers properly. She used 40% of her pure powers!! That was an incredible amount!

However, since she was on earth, on a human body as a host, having another succubus's unique powers instead of hers, and Mana's density wasn't helping at all, so she had to turn this vast amount of pure power into Mana for her magical spell.

The humans' world almost had 0% of Mana in it, so the flow of magic was extremely weak, and doing such a powerful spell with just her normal capacity of Mana surely wouldn't make any difference, so she had to sacrifice all that tremendous amount of power just to generate enough Mana for the spell.

In addition, she couldn't use her full strength by just being in Alex's body, she wouldn't want to destroy his body as a result. With all that, unfortunately, she had to use the pure life energy she stole from Rose. Truly a sacrifice.

'You should comfort her, otherwise Rose will freak when she finds her powers went in vain'

Even Liza felt sorry hearing Jane utter those words, but she did her best and even punished Rose for ruining her life. She left Rose with only 1% of her original powers, anything less than that would make her new physical body shatter into pieces.

Unlike hell, where it was okay to reach 0% and still could keep your physical body. The Mana concentration here on earth was different, you always need a little power to keep yourself alive. Just like water for humans.

'It's going to be the hardest part, but I will try'

Alex kneeled in front of Jane, slowly wrapped his hands around her, then gently pressed her against his chest. Her expression didn't change at first, but it was slowly switching while it was hidden in his chest.

No one could blame her for crying like a baby or asking Alex to kill her. Her life was completely ruined; she had surely lost her family, friends, and even her co-workers. She had sex with different men. Most of them were in touch with her before, and she kind of forced them to do it.

For her, it was all going to shatter sooner or later. Just imagining her mom finding out that she had sex with her dad and brother gave her goosebumps. Not to forget that she lost her boyfriend.

"Jane, everything is going to be fine. We took care of if"

Feeling his shirt getting wet, Alex whispered softly in her ears. He couldn't let her experience more misery, and decided to announce what his succubus Liza did.

However, Jane didn't respond to what he sweaty uttered; she just raised her crying face and looked at him expressionless again. She heard what he said, but confusion was all over her mind.

She asked him to take her life away, but instead he hugged her warmly and announced some no sense in her ears, saying he had already solved everything, which was entirely impossible.

'Should I tell her about the memory erasing? I mean, it is necessary for her to know, but that would make things a little complicated again'

Alex was a little hesitant to inform Jane about the memory erasing. That would lead to a couple of problems. She already knows of the existence of mythical creatures. However, she still didn't know that Alex had one too.

So he either tells her and says he was the one who did it, that wouldn't make him look like a human to her anymore, and could cause Jane to avoid him even more.

'Yes! It's necessary, just don't reveal my information, I don't want people to find out more about me yet'

Well, that gave him one option; telling her about what "He" did. It might create an awkward relationship with Jane, as she definitely had a lot going on for succubi, and Alex was basically a half one. A half incubus.

"Liza and I erased the memories of people you had sex with, including your father and brother"

'Also the landlord! So your words have more weight to them!'

"Uhm and your landlord. None of them remember the… intimate moments you had with them, so don't worry about it, and let's move on."

Alex slowly spoke, rather, announcing that he was not completely a human anymore, making Jane the first person to know this about him and about the succubus residing inside of him. Even so, her face lit up a little bit, but her eyes started sobbing again, a lot more than before.

This time, she took the initiative, and pushed herself forward and wrapped her shaking hands around his back, tightly hugging him as tears streamed down her cheeks.

From all what she saw during the last couple of weeks, along with what Rose keep saying about Alex being strangely special. Turned out he was possessed too, but at least with a righteous creature.

Jane felt warm as her brain slowly took in those mind-blowing pieces of information. Surprisingly, she believed him!

Certainly, she didn't believe him fully when he just mentioned her father and brother, but after he mentioned her landlord! She felt chills running through her body. Alex wasn't supposed to know about it.

With that, she felt a little better, and even believed what he said for certain, still thinking that he wasn't a normal human, was all her mind was ringing with right now. Nevertheless, the warmth wasn't something she could ignore.

Alex caressed her back gently while pondering about a way to make her feel better. Even with others having lost their memories, Jane still remembered everything, and recalling all those painful lustful moments was incredibly hellish.

However, it felt it was his responsibility to heal her heart, and there was only one way to do that. Alex gently pushed her back, gazed at her miserably lifeless face silently, before he held her chin with his fingers, raised her face up, and gently placed his lips over her.

'Woahhh! I thought you didn't like hoes~'

Before when Liza suggested to him to ** Jane, he refused because she was totally a whore who gets creampied with different men before class, but now, he even enslaved her, making her bonded to him forever! Turn out it wasn't by her will, and she was totally not.

Naturally, Jane was startled and even scared by the kiss her student landed on her. She was about to push him away, but feeling a very soothing warmth enter her body mildly. Jane closed her eyes, tightly hugged him, and clumsily kissed his soft lips back.

The feeling of warmth and safeness was promptly growing inside her heart, the more she kissed, the more she felt better! She was slowly losing her senses, forgetting about everything and enjoying the kiss with her new and absolute man.

Her emotions were hastily changing. She was even startled with all that was happening in her heart, but undoubtedly it was something warming and better for her.

"You're mine now"

Alex parted his lips away from Jane, but he kept both hands on her cheeks, staring at her solemnly, but his red devilish eyes beamed so sweetly at her, causing her heart to pound fast.

Indeed, Jane was certainly his now, and forever. She knew that herself. Feeling the strong bond between them made her fears all vanish, the feeling of having no one beside her faded, and her heart felt some safeness finally.

"Alex...Hug me...Please"

Looking at his gentle face, Jane was on the verge of crying again. She was truly in hell for the last two weeks, had no control over her body, just silently watching what Rose did with her body.

She had control over her body for the first few days, but after that, Rose mostly took control of her whole body and used it to her benefit. No matter how much she screamed in her mind, her voice never came out of her mouth. Undoubtedly the worst feeling, as if she had lost movement, like being paralyzed, as a patient who kept just watching the ceiling silently.

However, when Rose took her to have sex with two men in the alley. Even though, the succubus was going to lust with her body, she thanked God she didn't know those two men. Miraculously, her student, Alex, came and finally ended her misery.

As a response to her needs, Alex hugged her tightly, and held her head up on his shoulder while caressing her back gently. His awkwardness and unease faded after he enslaved her too. He was also feeling a lot better than before, enjoying the hug that lasted for over 10 minutes!

"Hnnnn....Hmmm... What's going on?"

After a few minutes of hugging his new woman, Rose's seductive voice echoed in both Alex's and Jane's ears, making them look in her direction, to find out that she had already regained consciousness, and was now getting up from the ground.

"Ohh! Queen! Why did you steal my powers? It's not fair!"

While getting up from the ground, Rose protested harmlessly against her queen, who had unexpectedly stolen all her powers, leaving her with 1%! At least, this time, she kept her physical body.


Suddenly, the woman in his embrace screamed at the weak succubus. Jane quickly recognized the voice that have been talking with her for the past two weeks.

However, it wasn't a happy meeting, Jane gazed with so much hatred and despise at Rose as if she was going to eat her alive…

Chapter end

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