I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Teacher Jane? [Bonus Chapter]

Teacher Jane? [Bonus Chapter]

"What are you doing here on earth, Rose?"

Using his mouth, Liza talked with Jane. No, Rose, and surprisingly that rose had some connection with Liza as if they knew each other before. Well, she wouldn't know her name if they didn't know each other, but nevertheless their relationship was special.

The so-called Rose immediately kneeled in front of him as soon as she felt her queen's aura emitting from the young man she always thought was strangely special. However, soon queen's question made her one billion percent sure of the identity of the person talking with her.

"I deeply apologize for my disrespectful behavior, Queen Isabella. I was kicked out of hell as well, and I possessed this woman's body for the sake of regeneration of my own physical structure"

This time Jane's feminine voice sounded more calm and steady, but it was giving Alex only shocks! From what he understood, turned out just like him, Jane was also possessed by a succubus!

Also, just like Liza who lost her body, Rose did lose her body as well, which it meant like she died, and kicked out of hell. As a hell creature, she couldn't go to heaven, so the only place left was the human world.

Surprisingly, Even Liza was also shocked to find a succubus possessing a human other than her, it was a very rare thing, but with the war that Lucifer waged on her and her race, it was kind of understandable that some were kicked out.

'Uhm… What's going on here?'

Even after he understood what happened to Jane, Alex's head was still ringing with so many questions. He just realized that he wasn't the only human who is possessed by a mythical creature.

'Ah! Oh yes, I see you could tell by now that your teacher is possessed by a succubus, and that succubus happened to be someone I know, her name is Rose, my servant, and kind of my childhood friend'

Liza was feeling all the nervousness in Alex's heart, he was only introduced to these supernatural events recently, and still wasn't used to it yet. However, unexpectedly he kept his composure, and serious face, helping her talk with her servant.

'Okay... Could you tell her to come out of my teacher?… I'm sure she would love to control her body again'

What was scary, was that Rose took control over Jane's whole body, and she was able to do whatever she wanted with it, including **ing with strangers for the sake of returning her powers… Alex didn't know his teacher well, but he was sure, if it wasn't for Rose, she wouldn't be this kind of a whore.

'Okay, I will order her to come out. I could tell she absorbed enough energy to build her physical body back, and also surely she caused to some problems'

Liza agreed to his proposal, as a succubus, she knew how shameless her people are, they won't hesitate to use humans for their benefits. After gaining their objective, they would leave them broken.

"Hey… Let's get the hell out here…we are surrounded with demons…"

After gaining a little bit of their conscious, and Rose's charm was cancelled after she left them. The two men, slowly, woke up and whispered to each other with a shallow voices, thinking they were not hearable.

However, Rose didn't object and let them leave after wearing back just half of their clothes, their faces were yellow! Certainly, they know something out of normal happening, they were normally chatting in front of their gym, but someway they found themselves kowtowing naked in an alley!

Well, Rose didn't have a chance to stop them from leaving anyways, she was the one bowing this time, not them. Still, she was kneeling with her own will and respect to her absolute queen.

"Rose, you can get up now. Also, I could tell you have enough energy now, so get out of her"

Alex's serious voice resounded again in Jane's ears, but meant for Rose. With that, she stood up, her eyes still glowing red, but her face was less pale now. Rather, she was happy she met Liza.

"Of course, I was planning to come out of her soon after today's preys. I already have 100 percent of my powers back, so I could remake my physical body. However, queen, I see you possessing a male"

Before she would get out of his teacher, Rose decided to ask some questions. She always felt something strange about Alex, but never thought her queen was possessing him.

That was all because Liza's aura was faint at that time, and couldn't be detected from afar. Therefore, she couldn't tell that she was inside his body. Still, today was the day she met her queen again!

And Surprisingly, she was possessing a young man instead of a female. Succubi are all females, and their powers are more compatible with females more than males, but Liza didn't do so and resided in a young man.

"He is much better than females for me, also I didn't choose him randomly"

Alex was listening to their conversation with a weird feeling, he felt he was being left out. Rose seemed to think her queen was having full control on Alex, just like she did with Jane. However, he remained silent until his time comes.

"Hmmm... Probably, he looks so charming, and dangerous too, looking at him definitely arouses me, but I sense something strange about him, as if he is looking at me…Are you sure you have full control over him?

Rose began her examination of Alex, looking all over his face, and body. However, she was feeling anxious as she could sense something was odd with his eyes. She could feel that her queen wasn't the only one looking at her.

"Well, no, I don't have any control over him, just his vocals now. Also, I don't have any plans to take over him, he decided to help me on his own"

Liza revealed a shock to Rose! Her face immediately turned into a surprise. Not taking control over his body, and pushing his soul as a secondary, was certainly not practical for her, and something a creature of hell would do.

But she also relieved and reassured Alex, he could feel that she wasn't lying nor had any ill intentions. That made him feel a lot more relaxed. Of course, he wouldn't feel happy if someday he woke up to find his body taken from him.

"W-What?! Then why are his eyes red? Oh!!! Stupid me, his eyes were always red, I thought you fully got him…Hi there, Alex"

Rose blurted out of surprise, she could see Alex's eyes were so unique, reddish and devilish, the same color as Jane's eyes were now. However, recalling that Alex had always had red eyes, Rose understood, and awkwardly greeted him.

Speaking of eyes, she also remembered that her queen's eyes were pink, and like humans, it was the same for succubi, the plural of a succubus, they have different eye colors, but a lot more unique than humans'.

"Hello, Rose…Uhm...Could you get out of my teacher?"

Responding awkwardly back to her, demanding her to get back to her queen's orders. It definitely felt uneasy to talk with her, though, he knows the existence of supernatural creatures, it was difficult to communicate with them.

Especially, when they were in control of your own teacher! Alex was more worried about Jane's reaction, she undoubtedly knew what was going on, just like Liza, she could see and hear what was happening, but couldn't do anything, or control her body.

"Oh! Okay, give me a couple of minutes!"

With that, immediately Jane's body started emitting a red aura, along with red smoke coming from the ground. Soon, a magic detailed circle appeared on the side of Jane's body, glowing with red too.

It looked so devilish and weird at the same time, however, soon, a red large bubble formed above it. Alex couldn't see what was happening inside as it was smokey. But, for a glimpse of a second, he saw something going inside it in the speed of light!

Nevertheless, he understood what just happened! Jane immediately kneeled on her knees again, as she was unconscious. Beyond any doubt, Rose just left her body!

After few minutes, the bubble started shrinking, but with an opening on the top, which slowly revealed two small black horns, along with a blonde hair… Gradually unveiling Rose's face and body.

"It's good to be back!"

A very seductive and tempting voice resounded in Alex's ears, looking with a shocked face at the succubus's in front of him! A blonde comely young woman with beautiful emerald eyes was gazing at him with a smile.

Alluring, was the only word that could describe her. With an oval flawless pretty face, along with a well-developed body, covering it with the same red dress Jane was wearing.

Her physics were just like humans. No, much more better! Alex couldn't help but drool while looking at her, at her big soft breasts, slim curvy body, and thick smooth thighs, which anyone would wish their faces to get sandwiched with them.

Her body was so tempting, but Alex contained himself, and kept gazing at her, exanimating her more; staring at her playful black tail that had a heart-shaped end, black small horns, and two small bat wings on her upper back!

"Fuck Fuck Fuck! Dammit Rose!"

However, before Alex or Liza could comment on her astonishing hourglass figure, a terrified voice came from the side, and it belonged to his teacher, Jane…

It seemed she regained her conscious, but remained kneeling while her whole body shivered. Tears began rolling down her cheeks, as she held her head with both hands, as if she was about to scream!

"Dammit!!!! Rose! You ruined my life!!!! You made ** my father and brother!"

Tears falling on the ground, as she gasped on her head. Alex couldn't see her face as she was bowing it down, but he knew she had a very terrified expression…

Chapter end

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