I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Movie Date (P1) [ 18]

Movie Date (P1) [ 18]

"Ready for the movie, Alex?~"

While sitting on the wooden bench calmly, Menina uttered with a grin, her appearance was still the same, unlike Linda who dyed her hair pink.

Both of the girls were sitting still on the bench, under an oak tree, Alex was surprised when he heard Linda's seductive voice. However, he stayed cool while looking at the two.

In addition, both of them were wearing seductive clothes. Linda was putting on a tiny blue jean shorts, along with a pink tank top, as for Menina, she was having on a net black halter top, with a black skirt. Both of them looked appealing to the maximum!

"You here too?"

Linda didn't tell him about bringing her friend along, he thought it would be just them together, but like they say the more, the better!

"Yeah, this bitch was all over me when I said I'm going on a date with you, she is clingy as **, she even bought her movie ticket!"

Linda announced with an annoyed expression as she stood up. She didn't seem to like Menina nosing up on her date with her darling! However, she accepted it in the end, and let her come.

"If you don't like it, go ** yourself, it's not like you own the movie theater, or him"

Menina stood as well and came near Alex as she cast off Linda was a smirk. She was totally active talker unlike the previous time. It would be a lie if Alex wasn't impressed by her free going behavior.

"Knock it off, anyways, I have a question for my darling~ was that girl you kissed yesterday, your girlfriend? Cause I'm pissed off because you lied to me!"

After finishing it off with her friend, Linda shed light on Alex, talking about the incident that happened yesterday, when she was coming off Mary's store, bumping into Alex, along with a young woman, who was Anna.

Surprisingly, while arguing with Anna, she sought a kiss from Alex, and he gave it carelessly, even when she was watching them! Watching them with a broken heart.

However, just right before their date start, Linda brought up, to whether she gets her hopes up or down. She took him seriously, and despite her playful nature, she was yearning for his heart.

"No, she is not my girlfriend, she just has the same condition as you"

Alex moved his hands to the front, to prevent Linda from getting closer, nevertheless he had a warm smile while looking at her, she was mad, rather, sad.

"Yay! That's great!"

So quickly, Linda's face lit up in happiness after hearing his answer, she jumped a few times, causing her plump tits to bounce up and down!

At that moment, surely one would actually guess she was 23 years old! Playing around like a kid.

Indeed, Anna wasn't his girlfriend, but Linda unusually and instantly believed him, even though he looked like a total playboy.

"Shut it down, you're making a fuss"

Menina complained about Linda's childlike jumps like a granny. However, her face was all smiles, and devilish ones! Peeking at him from the corner of her eye like a succubus.

"We should go now, if you don't want our movie date to end before it even starts"

Seeing enough of Linda's joyful face, Alex uttered and left for the movie theater nearby. The movie was starting soon, despite he came 30 minutes earlier before its starts, time was flying.

"Yes~ Let's go, darling~"

After Alex went away, heading to where their date going to take place, Linda and Menina followed on the sides, but Linda quickly clinched into his arm while calling him darling, obviously, she was still jealous of Anna!

Having another clingy girl around wasn't that bad to him, it was fine, especially the part where they squish their busty boobies against his arm! Sandwiching it with their soft flesh, totally unimaginable sensation.

Still, it was only Anna and Linda who acted like that, Menina and others just kept themselves just close enough, not courage to hug him in public.

"By the way! You like my hair? I dyed it yesterday, it looks nice, doesn't?"

While passing half the way silently, Linda broke the silence and shook her head, making her smooth shiny pink hair to fly freely. Her hair was long, cascading down to her waist, too silky and pretty.

"It looks nice, you look pretty with it"

Gazing at her appealing hair, Alex nodded in approval. It was totally cute and pretty on her. It was pink as it was her favorite color.

Nonetheless, Alex was impressed by how bold Linda was, dyeing with an outstanding color, just drawing more attention to her, and to her half naked body shamelessly. She was a type who enjoyed attention, along with admiration.

"Thanks, babe! I'm happy you like it!"

Again, Linda's face sparkled in joy, but this time, she refrained from jumping playfully. She was hugging his arm as if he was going to leave her soon.

Not only that, it was the line where her jealousy faded, getting praised by him, made her immediately switch calling him to "Babe", which was the equivalent of saying darling or honey.

Nevertheless, they kept walking for a couple more minutes, and soon they reached their destination. Linda already had the tickets for her and for him, as for Menina, she bought hers.

Alex found out the movie was about a romantic dramatic story. He wasn't that much into drama, still, it was his date, and he didn't mind giving it a try.

"It's almost empty"

After entering getting their drinks, popcorn, and other snacks, the three of them entered the movie theater, and a regular looking auditorium welcomed their sights. However, it was almost empty!

"Yes, this slut chose the lowest rating movie they have, and decided to come in the morning, so obviously, they won't be here a lot of people"

Menina declared annoyingly, but on the inside, her heart was pounding from joy! She could clearly tell what Linda's intentions were.

'She just came her to suck your dick more comfortably, I love this hoe! You gotta enslave her!'

Liza was quiet for a while, but once things were taking a lewd path, she spoke happily, as she was finally getting some lust to absorb!

"Fufufu let's find our seats~"

Linda didn't respond to her friend's comment, she just went and began looking for her seat and Alex's. Shortly, she found them, as they were in the farthest middle! In the middle row, and four rows away from the doors.

It was the same for Menina, yesterday she took Linda's ticket and saw her seat number, so she reserved hers beside it. All the three of them went there, and sat!

Unexpectedly, Alex was in the middle, sandwiched by two beautiful young woman, and thrilled to "watch" the movie.

That was happened, after a couple more minutes, a few more people came in, the lights went off and the film started. Luckily, no one was behind them, so Alex felt at ease.

'Darn it, I ate half of it, and the movie just started'

Watching the film intro, and feeling his hand already downed so much into his popcorn bucket, with looking down it, Alex kind of complained! Popcorn isn't supposed to end before even the movie starts.

"I can share mine with you"

Noticing his gloomy expression, Menina immediately knew what was the reason and placed her bucket on the hand rest. Alex had his arm rest on it, and it kind of touch hers accidentally, making her face to flush slightly.

He still had half, but he thanked her and returned to watching the big ass screen recklessly.

It started out slow, in addition to a repetitive story, it was clear why it had a bad rating. However, he kept watching hoping it would get interesting, and expectedly, it did!

"Goddammit, I'm not watching this bull**"

To his surprise, it wasn't Linda who started! It was her friend, Menina. The movie was just too bad, instead, she went down on her four and crawled between his legs. The space was decent, and she had no difficulties.

Being on her bare knees, and having a blush on her fair face, Menina slowly groped and rubbed Alex's crotch with clothes still on. She was still hesitant, and needed a little push.

"What the **, you horny slut, you ruined my surprise!"

Linda yelled so loudly, fortunately Liza already put a barrier around, making sure no one hears their conversations, and what was going to happen next.

Even though, Linda showed some irritation in her voice, she came down as well, just next to Menina, giving her the last push she needed, pulling down his shorts and revealing his fat sleeping dragon.

"Oh my god, it's so thick, more like fat"

"Yeah, it's still soft though..."

Linda and Menina quietly blurted out, finally agreeing on something. Linda slowly moved her hand, and began stroking it slowly, it felt so soft and tender, as for Menina, she groped his large smooth balls, and massaged, slowly waking up his snake.

"I told you he is packing!"

Just right after his dick took its final form, Linda exclaimed as her hand became smaller compared to his massive rod! The smell was already corrupted their minds, and she didn't mind sharing her date with her friend now.

Lick~ Slurp~ Lick~ Slurp~

The smell, the size, and the hot temperature, all of them clouded their heads, and without any hesitation, they were licking and sucking his cock! Especially Linda, as she was the one who groped it first.

"Hummm~ Uhmm~ Mwhhh~ Babe, your massive cock can't even fit in my mouth~"

Slurping on his glans, sucking it and licking it all over, Linda felt it difficult to shove it into her mouth, as it wasn't that wide. However, Alex stayed silent watching the movie fixedly, along with pulling his body forward more, for Menina, and patting Linda's head.

Slurp~ Slurp~ Slurp~

"Hummm~ Wahmmmmm~ Ahhhmmmm~"

After Alex leaned back more, his bottom body came forward, making his nuts well visible for Menina! She immediately began sucking them earnestly, below her friend, who was practicing her sucking skills on his rod.

"Ohh~ Huhmmmm~ Babe, I love your dick~ Uhmmm~"

It didn't take very long for them to master it, Linda even started rubbing her crotch while hastily sucking on her favorite popsicle, she unhesitantly shoved lots of it inside, after her lips got used to it.

"Uhmmm~ I love your big balls too~ Mhhhwwwm~"

Menina sucked and kissed his hairless nuts gently, yet swiftly, while at the same time contributed on rubbing his rod, helping her friend to get what they both want!

Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!

"Aghh~ good job, girls"

It would be his second load since the morning, and Alex was on urge to come already, also it was his second double blowjob, and it was hard to endure! He patted Menina head this time, while eating his popcorn, enjoying the movie.


Rubbing the hell of her kitty above clothes, while ramming his fat meaty cock inside her mouth, Linda's eyes glistened in pink, a pair of heart appeared, causing her to increase her speed and perfectly sucking it.

"Ghhgh~ I'm cumming~"

As soon Alex announced the obvious, Linda stopped sucking his cock and came down more, drawing out her rosy tongue, and waiting for a load.

Menina did the same as well, aligning her face right beside hers, looking at his dick getting promptly stroked with his firm big hand. Linda's hearts sparkled even more, and Menina's slowly turned pink as well.

"Aghhhh~ Ohhh~"

Soon, one long shot of semen came out, straight to Linda's slutty face, staining her cheeks, nose and mouth, and the second shot flew to Menina, but up, on her cheeks and above.

"Woah! So **ing sweet"

After swallowing the cum that landed on her mouth, Linda exclaimed, and immediately flew more, sucked on his glans and getting the remaining milk.

"Linda, leave some for me!"

Menina pushed her friend to the side and began sucking his dick, her eyes were occupied by those hearts, and she couldn't help but lust more and more.

However, Linda wasn't going to allow it that easily. After cleaning her face while her fingers, scooping his delicious addictive milk, while letting Menina milk some, and at the same time pulling out her shorts. She pushed Menina to the side, but this time, it was for a different reason!

"Ohhh!! Fuck~ It's so big, It might not fit inside~ Uhmmmm~~"

Pushing Menina to the side, standing up crooked, Linda came between his legs, squatting his dick, and pointed it at her pink clit while whining and biting her lip His manhood was big, and she was concerned, of course, in a slutty way.

"Oh? Let me play with you then"

Retaining his eyes off the screen, a pair of two fat rounded buttocks came to his view, along with a dripping wet pussy. Alex attention was stolen by that astonishing view. He groped her fatty, soft butt, and plunged it into his cock!

"Ahhhh!~ Offgg~ Ahhhh~ Fuck! It's so **ing huge! Fuck me please Ahhhh"

Linda legs already became jello, as her womb was getting passionately kissed by his rosy glans. She was sitting on his lap, pressing her thick thighs on his, and feeling his rod happily melting her insides.

With all the pleasure he was feeling, Alex felt a lot better than before. He couldn't help but focus more on **ing both those horny women, as it was definitely his duty!

"It is a good movie, but between it and **ing your pussy, I choose the second one~"

Chapter end

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