I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Accepted


"We get married?!!"

Carla's face made a dumbfounded expression, certainly she wasn't expecting Laura to suggest such thing, even though it was about her and her son! She didn't look mad, rather secretly happy.

"Y-Yeah, you guys in a relationship? You can't have s-sex in the night you meet in six months without having a l-love relationship"

Laura, Alex's mom, explained further what she said. No one could blame her for thinking like that, Carla hadn't seen Alex in months as she was out of the city, so for her, she thought they are in a secret relationship, since they had sex the night they met.

Also, Laura saw the blush on her friend's face when Alex returned home, it certainly meant something was going between them. With all that, she decided to ask them when they were getting married!

"W-We are not thinking about that n-now"

Carla quickly waved both of her hands in front of her face, trying to cover her blush. Alex didn't enslave her yet, but she certainly liked him, as if he was her crush, so it was normal to get embarrassed.

Also, she couldn't deny the "relationship" between her and Alex, as she couldn't say that she **ed with her son the night they met, like without any love interest. It would truly be and sound weird to her.

Without forgetting that she was 37 years old, she was already late for marriage, so Laura had a back-up to her sudden suggestion, even though her son would be a husband of a woman more than double his age, but undoubtedly, Carla was an outstanding beauty.

"O-Okay, I understand, you guys get along with e-each other. H-However, You should go to shower, b-breakfast is ready downstairs"

Quickly understanding what was going on, Laura didn't want to pressure them anymore, and make things more awkward. She still had a blush on, while talking with them, but she swiftly shook her head, and went downstairs.

"Hah~ Laura is the best..."

Looking at her best friend disappearing after going downstairs, Carla uttered with a smile, her face was red, but she was happy her friend didn't kill her! Turn out Laura was okay with it, even though awkwardness was the default mood that morning, it was worth it!

"Yes, come here"

Alex smiled at Carla as he opened his arms, she was standing beside, but once looking at his inviting arms, her face flushed even more, and went hugged him, thinking it would just be a hug.

"Hummmm~ Ahmmm~"

Hugging for a few seconds while gazing at each other face, Alex lower his face, and kissed her tempting lips unexpectedly.

After his mom kind of permitted their relationship, he enslaved her! Making his auntie one of his lifelong women.

The sudden warm bond forming in her heart towards Alex, Carla hugged Alex even tighter as she enjoyed the passionate kiss to the fullest, feeling as if she was truly his lover.

"Oh~ I need to go shower quickly, we stink"

Parting his lips away off hers, after feeling the connection was completed, and the lustful Carla was his. Alex decided to go shower, as he smelled from all the love juices and the sweat.

Carla nodded her head, and went to her room, she was going to shower too, but she didn't want to go with Alex as she didn't want to make things even awkward for Laura.

Alex went downstairs to the bathroom, went into the shower, and began showering. He was feeling hella awkward, unlike what he looked.

Because of his lust, his mom now think he is in a relationship with Carla, however he brushed it off, showered and did some of his usual practice.

He was already getting good at controlling his powers, slowly making unnatural changes within the real world.

After about 15 minutes, Alex came out of the bathroom, kind of tired, but satisfied with the hot relaxing shower. Carla went in right away after came out, began showering, and soon coming out fresh too.

Wearing a tight white straps dress, showing her plump breasts, and large rounded ass. She was seductive at the maximum as she went to the kitchen to have breakfast, along with the other too.

"S-So how long you guys in a relationship? Why d-didn't you tell m-me?"

After both of them came out of the showers, they went to the kitchen to have breakfast on the table there. The kitchen was spacious, and the table perfectly fit in.

Alex and Carla were sitting next to each other while his mother was still on the opposite side, it was still awkward between them all, so his mom broke the silence, hoping to make things back to normal after some clarification.


"Just recently, It happened quickly, so Carla didn't have time to tell you"

Carla face became pale after getting questioned, however, Alex came to rescue. He didn't give his mother the exact date, as they were not dating in the first place, and yesterday was their first meeting in a long time.

But going along with their lie, he swiftly came up with a story. His mom wasn't nosy about their relationship, but he knew she would still ask Carla for more details after they have time alone without him.

"I-I get it now, it's a shock for me, but I can't be a-against your r-relationship if you l-love each other"

While eating, Laura uttered again, making things a little better for them, Surprisingly she was so cool about their rushed relationship, as she shouldn't control their love life.

"S-sorry for not telling you, Laura, but I do love Alex..."

Apologizing then clinching into Alex's arm courageously while announcing her unexpected love, certainly there more than just liking towards Alex after he enslaved her few minutes earlier. However it wasn't that strong.

"T-That's great, t-take care of him, Carla"

Laura was so surprised by her friend's announcement and behavior, she never saw her act like this before, yet, she felt happy knowing her reclusive son got himself a good woman like her.

The rest of the breakfast went silently after that, it was less awkward than before, but still it was a huge thing for the three of them.

"Excuse me, I gotta go out now"

After finishing his meal, looking at his phone, and finding out that it was already 8 PM. Alex uttered as he stood up from his chair. He had a lot of plans for today, and going to the gym was one of them.

"What are you heading to?"

After Alex suddenly stood from his seat, Carla curiously asked. She didn't know what was Alex routine, as she hadn't been with his in months.

Also, Laura, his mom was curious too, it was the first Sunday in a long time, he goes out in such a time.

"Just to the gym, I registered in one yesterday, just to get me working"

Alex smiled faintly for both, and making them look back at him with impression, especially his mom, she didn't expect her lazy son to start going to the gym as all he did was studying and reading.

Nevertheless, she nodded her head with a smile, so did Carla. After that, he went upstairs, put some spare clothes in his black backpack after wearing gray shorts along with a white T-shirt, then he head outside.

"Wahh! That was so risky"

Alex let out a sigh after stepping into the pavement, going straight to the gym. It was a tough morning, but it was worth it. He cleared things with his mom, and gotten himself another hottie!

'Yes! I'm glad everything went so smoothly! You shouldn't worry about everything, sometimes things are simpler than you think'

Liza cheerful voice echoed in his ease head. She was right about getting too worried with everything, Alex didn't do anything, and things got cleared and fixed without any troubles.

With hearing that, Alex agreed with a nod, and continued walking towards the gym, which he reached in few more minutes.

He was tempted to go check on Mary and Ashley at their new house, but recalling his goals, he entered the gym.

The same lobby he was in yesterday greeted him. The gym lady, Cristina wasn't on her desk, instead there was a handsome-buffed guy. But, it was fine, Alex was here to lift weights, not Cristina's fat ass.

"May I get your name or your gym card?"

The male assistant greeted Alex with a smile as he stood in front of him. Alex didn't have his card yet, so told him his name. It was normal to check for unfamiliar guise.

"Alex Evans, your gym card isn't made yet, but it will be done soon, you may go in, I wish you luck"

After searching on their database, and finding Alex, the gym guy uttered with a smile, permitting him to go inside the actual gym, He went to the big double glass door, opened it, just to find a big sale, filled with materials, and people.

There were a lot of people in, since it was morning. However, the sale was big and spacious, so everyone was exercising comfortably. Alex went in, and put his backpack in one of the lockers besides the door.

Afterwards, he put his wireless earbuds, turned on some music and began working out silently. He started with his arms, since they looked small.

He lifted the lightest dumbbell and started training. Without forgetting that he could lift anything in the entire gym with no problems, but to avoid making others suspicious, he started out low-key.

Also, Liza told him that he would have drastic quick improvement just from a little lifting, so he didn't complain, and carried on his work. It continued for about 15 minutes before he went to something else.

Working on his arms, shoulders, and chest, Alex knew what to do, and didn't need an assistant or a coach, also having a supernatural body, no way he would get hurt.




Everything went on quickly, and an hour already passed since he started, Alex wasn't tired, but that was enough for today. He went, and took out his backpack, then went to the showers.

'Woah! There are some changes already'

Upon undressing, and going into the shower, there was a body mirror by the door, and Liza exclaimed in amazement.

There were certainly some changes in his body. His arms, shoulders and chest muscles were differently better than before, however, to Alex it wasn't that noticeable.

Nonetheless, he nodded his head lightly, the improvements were supposed to be quick, as she already promised. She declared herself that he would get shredded within a week, and that exactly what he wanted.

After looking at his naked body for a few more seconds, Alex went in to shower, the shower wasn't crowded, just a couple of guys, who slightly peeked at his manhood in envy.

Since he took a bath just this morning, he showered quickly as he didn't want to damage his hair or skin from the excessive showering. Alex wore the spare clothes he brought in his backpack, and went out of the shower.

Just like his previous outfit, he wore a black shorts along with a white shirt again. It was cloudy and cold outside, but since he had Liza's magic heating, he wasn't worried of catching a cold.

Having nothing else to do in the gym, he took his bag, and exited the gym sale.

He was already hungry again from working out. But planned on going to his apartment to check on the girls, if they were still there, and make something to eat.

However, after coming out, looking towards the welcome desk. Two women greeted his sight. One was Cristina, the gym owner, and his seductive woman, but the other he didn't know her, she was leaning on Cristina's desk while chatting with her.

She had a medium length red hair, and beautiful big dark brown eyes. Her pale face looked quite tough and serious, and her body was much more.

She was wearing black leggings, along with a black sports bra, which covered her medium size boobies, however, under her melons, there was a beautiful six-pack! From the first sight, anyone could tell she was working on the gym too, working hard.

Nevertheless, she wasn't that big or had that many muscles, she had her feminine touch with some beautiful abs, along with shredded arms. Alex pretend he wasn't gazing at her, and passed by.

But suddenly he forcibly stopped as a hand pulled him from his shoulder. Alex wasn't surprised at all, as he could tell the red haired leaked out her intentions, by peeking at him consistently.

"Hey, playboy, where do you think you were looking at?"

Chapter end

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