I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Night With Auntie (P2) [ 18]

Night With Auntie (P2) [ 18]

Glancing lovingly up at the young man who was restlessly **ing her face, pulling her face inward by her ponytail, and making his fat cumming cock to rest in her throat entirely.

"Gugghhh! Ghhhuh! Aghhh! Oghhhg!"

Staying up like that for a few more seconds, after Carla gulped every drop of his fluid down to her stomach, she gasped for air, as she was undoubtedly suffocating!

"Aghhuuugh! Guggh! Coughh! Fuck! Ohh! Hufff! Haff!"

Alex wasn't cruel to make her suffer anymore. He was sure every of his woman enjoy his roughness and aggressive, but to a certain level. However, he chuckled as he thought of doing the same things he was doing to his auntie with Erin.

Erin was definitely a masochist, who truly loved humiliation and suffering, sexually of course.

"On your fours, auntie~"

Having no time to think about his other woman, Alex gazed down at Carla, who was panting so heavily, while her body shivered. Giving her no break.

Despite being determined to enslave Carla, and turning her into his woman, Alex sometimes called her "Auntie" to recall her of the relationship they had all those years.

Surprisingly, that made her feel more excited! What's more exciting that **ing your best friend's son, who you were always like his aunt.

"Hufff~ Y-Y still wanna **?! Hufff~ You have already torn out my pussy! Ahh~ Ohh~"

Even with complaining about her pussy being already wrecked and cream pied, Carla did as he said, came on her four, pulled her tummy inward and her ass upward, making her fatty buttocks to jiggle up and down a little.

Alex looked at her ass in amazement, rather in lust, his eyes glowed as he gawked at her creampied dripping pussy, and her pink delicious butthole, having no **ing way to hold himself back, he rammed his dick inside!

"Ohhh!! A-Alex?!! Ohhhh! That's my b-butthole! Ahhh!! Ohh! Huff!! Ahh! Oh!"

Indeed, he shoved his dick back inside her, but not into her cumsucking cunt! Instead, in her extremely tight asshole! Stretching in it to the maximum, and thrusting half of his rod inside!

Taking hold of her fat soft bubble butt with his hands like claspers, sinking his fingers into her soft buttocks, and slamming his whole cock inside her virgin anus!


"Ohhh~ very nice~ You were just whining about your torn out pussy, so I went for your tasty butthole instead, auntie Carla~"

Carla's pussy was undoubtedly wrecked already, and couldn't go for another round, even though she wasn't a virgin, still, she didn't have sex in quite a long time, and Alex's beast quickly worn her out!

However, her fresh rosy butthole was all waiting for his love, so he followed his instincts! Having his second anal sex, certainly enjoying it.

Plap~ Plat~ Plap~ Plut~

"Ahh!! Ohh! My ass!! Ohh! It's getting Oahh! Fucked!! Oh! Uh! Ah!! Yes! Harder!! Alex!"

Going slowly on her at first, making her truly enjoy his dick in her asshole, Carla drew out her tongue like a thirsty dog, and started yearning for me violence!

This time Liza didn't put her magical lube on his dick, however, it was wet and slippery enough to work on Carla's anus.

Plat! Pahh! Plut! Plap! Pahh! Plukh!

Alex wasn't lazy to fulfill her pleadings, he groped her tender slim waist, and began gradually increasing his speed, causing the clapping slapping sounds to finally be produced by her hips slamming against her bouncy restless ass cheeks!

"AGhh!! Ohh! Uh! Ah! Fuck! Fuck me harder! Oh! Uh! Uhhhh!"

Carla squirted, a waterfall of her juices was continuously pouring on his bed, making all wet, as her ass got **ed, feeling a hot burning stick going in and out senselessly!


As his habit, Alex smacked the hell out of her buttocks, making them red instantly! Also increasing his plunging speed, crisply smacking his balls against her dripping pussy.

Pah! Pahh! Plap! Pahh! Pahhh! Pahhh!

"Hahhh! Ohhh! Alex!! Harder!! Creampie my butthole too! Ahh! Ohh! Uhh! Fuck! Yes! Ohh!!"

Moaning so loudly, and carelessly as her whole body trembled from the force Alex was slamming against her, making her mind spin, and her eyes glow in pink.

Feeling his dick getting crushed as soon he began throbbing, Carla immediately knew he was cumming soon, so she squeezed his brains out looking for his hot thick milk!


Giving her one more spank, while groping her waist tightly, Alex glanced at her head, finding a very suitable efficient support to grip on instead.


"Ohh! Uhh! My h-hair!?! Ohh! Pull it harder!! Oh!! Uhh! Ah! Ohhh! Fuck! Harder! Ohhh!*"

Looking at her comely silky hair, Alex instinctively pulled her hair back with his hands, and spanking her ass aggressively with the other hand, not only that, but pounding her ass at the same time roughly!

Pahh! Phhh! Pahh! Phh! Phhh! Pahh!

"Aghhghh~ Ohh~"

Instantly after, Alex grunted as he let out his cum inside his auntie's asshole, filling it up with burning hot fluid, causing both of their heads to spin in lust.

Carla involuntarily collapsed on the bed, panting so heavily, while feeling her best friend's milk residing in both of her stretched holes.

"Auntie, don't pass out, I'm still not done~"

Alex whispered in her ears, leaning over her, making his cock to swim in the cum, he let out in her ass. He was feeling tired, but the lust wasn't fulfilled yet.

Without asking for her consent or anything, He pulled her body to the side of the bed, made her lay on her back, facing him. Looking at her voluptuous body, he leaned down on her, making her legs go up on his shoulders, then lifted her up!

Adjusting his dick, he easily plunged his fat cock back into her lonely pussy! Groping her from her armpits, Alex began hammering her insides again!

Plut! Plat! Plap! Plukh !

"Ohh!!! Fuckk! Yes!! Ohhh! Uhh! Ahhh! Uhh! Alex!! Fuck me Hardeerrrr!! Ahh! Ohh!"

Carla's moans never went any quieter, only louder and louder, she was surprised from the sudden position change, but her surprised face quickly turned into a whore like one again.

'Ahh~ Get even more kinker! How about a tour over the house in midnight?'

Suddenly, Liza's sweet voice rang in his head, coming up with a great idea for him!

'Nice idea, keep the barrier around us'

Shortly Alex replied, he was surprised by this sudden suggestion, but quickly thought of that possibility, and he agreed. His mom was sleeping, and there was a soundproof barrier around them, so why not?

"Haghh! Ohh! Uh!! Ohhhh!?!! Uhh~"

Carla was enjoying the rough pussy pounding, moaning so loudly while consistently squirting on the floor. However, suddenly her whole body spun, turning around, while still getting **ed in the air!

To make her aware of the tour, they were going to have. Alex switched her position, making her turn her back to him. Having such a great opportunity, not only switched their position, but also the hole!

With his supernatural strength, she weighed like a feather to him! Carrying a mature, grown up woman in her last thirties, was no problem!

"Hhauhh! Uhh! Ahh! Ohh! Where are we going!! Laura will catch us! Ohh! Uhh! Fuck!! Don't! Ohh!"

Feeling his fat cock again piercing her widely open creampied asshole again, as he held her from the thick thighs, and kept **ing her. However, that wasn't what startled her, but Alex going towards the door, and opening it!

She was worried about Alex's mother, Laura, seeing them, but not worried about her hearing her loud vulgar moans! She was totally a slut, but still had audacity.

At least she was a delicate slut, who cared about the consequences, while lusting over his almighty cock, unlike his other sluts, who cared less about others.

Still, she put her palm on her mouth, making her involuntary moans and whines shallow, truly she was nervous of her friend finding out that she was having sex with her son, the night she met him in 6 months!

Plut! Plaut! Palp! Plutt! Plukh!

Fucking her tight anus, making her pussy drip on the wooden floor, while walking slowly on the hallway, straight towards his mom's room.

"Hmmm!! Hmmm!! Uhmmm! Ohhn!!! Ahhmm!"

Alex stood in front of his mother's bedroom, holding his auntie tightly from her thighs, pulling her shaking legs up, then nailing her asshole from behind! She was desperately shutting her mouth by both of her hands, silencing her whore mouth.

"Aghh~ Shhhh! My mom's might hear us, shut up, Auntie, we will get caught~"

Whispering in her ears with a chuckle, still his playful words, made her head ring while thinking of it. She couldn't help but feel so aroused, cumming on the floor, and looking at her juices sliding into her friend's room!

Carla's body was shaking so violatingly, from the feeling of shame, excitement, and pleasure, her body was experiencing lots of new emotions and feelings, however, she couldn't do anything, but let Alex bang her.

Plaut! Plakh! Plaat!! Plup! Plut!

"Hey, auntie, do you want me to creampie your butthole again, and in front of my mom's bedroom? Imagine her reaction if she saw this~"

Whispering in her ears like a devil, arousing her imagination, while slamming his throbbing cock inside her squeezing asshole. He was about to give her a refill again, and she couldn't help, but nod her head shakily in approval!

"Ahhmmmm! Hmmmm!! Y-Yes! Fill my slutty butthole again with your hot semen! Hmmmm! Ohhmmmh! Uhmmm!"

Removing her hands just for a few seconds to announce her lustful desires. Alex took it even further. His dick was throbbing crazily, yet he shamelessly opened his mom's bedroom door!!

A woman sleeping in her bed naturally, normally. Looking at her sleeping face, Carla's eyes sparkled so glowingly in pink, then went up, glancing up at the roof, as her palms forcibly shut her mouth. Streams of her fluid were pouring down the floor, leaving a track behind them!

Put! Plap! Plap! Pahh! Plaut!

The wet noises, along with the slapping sounds, corrupted her mind, thinking that Laura could hear them. She shut her mouth unwillingly, but she couldn't do anything about the other lewd sounds.

Shamelessly, Alex slowly walked to his mom's mattress, still thrusting in and out, aggressively, as his big brother fought to break from the tight squeezing hole!

"Aghhhh~ Fuckkk!"

Shortly, as he was feeling extremely aroused as well, Alex let out his semen out into his auntie beloved anus, filling it up more than before causing his milk to gush out to the floor, getting mixed with her love juices.

As for her, the only word that could describe her, was dominated! Not only her love juices that came out, also her saliva and tears.

Alex kneeled down, making her face so close to her friend's, looking at her with a lustful slut expression, which totally expressed "Your son **ed me so hard" .

Looking at his mom peacefully sleeping, Alex didn't want to stay there further, he already tortured Carla enough by his mom. However, he stood up, started thrusting his erected again! He was still hard as a rock! Making the wet digging noises to be heard clearly over his ears.

Pluat! Plap! Plut! Plup!

"Hummmmm!!! Ahnmmm! Unhnmmm! Ohmmmm! Hfffmmmm!!"

Carla was taken by surprise, she was peacefully watching her friend's beautiful flawless sleeping face, while feeling her son's hot seed inside her ass, suddenly he stood up, carrying her like before, and carrying on **ing her brains out!

Nonetheless, this time, he went outside, closing the door behind him, and going on the hallway slowly back to his room. He was already exhausted from all the intense sex he was having.

Busting his auntie four times, going for the fifth already. Alex legs wobble a little, but he kept doing what he loved the most, **ing! Slowly going to his bedroom while, at the same time, pulling up and down his auntie's body on his cock.

"Aghh! Ohh!! Ahhh! Uhh! Ohh! Fuck! Yes! Fuck me! Harder! Ohh! Ohh! Fuckkk!! Alex!! Fuck me!!! Oahh!"

As soon as he went inside his room, and closed the door behind him, Carla switched her hands from her mouth, to hugging her neck from behind. She was totally a slut, enjoying every thrust he fired into her.

Doing his job perfectly, Alex went to his bed, and got up into it. He laid down Carla on her tummy then begin smacking his balls against her pussy again.

His legs were tired, and his body was losing its energy, causing him to slow down his pace, then stopping, pulling back his cock, almost out of her butthole.

"Ohh! Uhh!!? W-Why you did stop?! Fuck me please! I want your—"


"Aghhhhhhhhh!! Ohhh~ Ahh~"

Before Carla could whimper for his cock, Alex fired his shot! Slamming his whole dick inside her in one go, making her orgasm immediately, and raising her red peach for more smacking!


"Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhh~ Huffff~"

Another fire shot landed on her red fat buttocks, causing them to tremble, and wiggle from pressure, as well as causing her to squirt again! However, what made her go crazy, was the twitching and the jerking his dick was doing!


"Hmmmmmmmmmm!!! Ahhhh! Uhhhh!"

Both the semen in her pussy and asshole were shaking from the pressure, as well as his meat rod shaking inside her! Truly a magnificent feeling, especially after knowing that the next shot was the last one!

Pulling his cock back until only his glans was still in, enjoying getting squeezed by her tight butthole. His cock's veins looked they were about to pop out, as it throbbed so violently.

His mind was slowly blurting out, but determined to deliver his last shot. Carla's mind was also clouded, she was totally not ready for his next move, but she couldn't help but raise her butt up, while she clasped on his pillow.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Uhhh!!! Ohhnn! Huhhh~ Ah~ Huhh~"

Carla's mouth opened so widely, as she felt a hammering power lowered on her ass, feeling his cock tearing apart her anus, and pour his seed in there, moaning so loudly, and panting so heavily for a couple of seconds. She lost conscious from the intense pleasure.

Alex's mind was fully blurred. He cummed five times after Liza's renewal, his body was shaking so heavily, as he breathed heavily. He pulled his cock out, and immediately fell on the bed next to his beloved auntie, instantly sleeping, after almost two hours of rough sex.





It didn't take a long time before, morning sun rays creeped into his room, straight on his face, as he didn't cover his windows with the blinders. Waking up dazzlingly, glancing up at Carla with half asleep mind.

She was still sleeping on her tummy, naked from head to toe, full of sweat, and dripping with his juices. He recalled slowly what happened, as he laid down back, but suddenly something made him startled to the core...


"Are you awake, hone—

Chapter end

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