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Meaningful Discussions

"Huh?? Fucking no! I won't allow it!"

Anna instinctively yelled to oppose Mary's abrupt question. Unexpectedly, Mary asked if Anna would agree to her marrying Alex, which was normally something any of his women would like to do.

With that, Anna was no exception, and even with the new bond between her and Mary, she still would strongly object. That was an expected reaction any of his women would have.

'I won't allow it either'

Liza also disagreed, but unlike Anna, Alex couldn't understand why so, luckily, this time it was not that much of an objection, compared to how she reacted when the gym lady, Cristina, asked him to marry her.

Liza didn't show her strong opposition, as she was embarrassed from last time, also Anna was here, so she didn't have to step in, just remained silent, like him, since he was the center of this little fight.

Fortunately, there was no hate or any other bad feelings and intentions between both women, which made their quarrel a little more peaceful.

"I expected that, but you are not the one who decided in the end. Right, hubby?"

Mary turned around, laying down on her tummy, supporting her chin with both hands, and looking at Anna with a smirk, implying that she was much better, and Alex would choose her as his wife.

"Of course, but I'm sure darling won't leave such a beautiful hot young woman like me, and marry an old hag he-he"

Anna smirked back at Mary, striking the age gap between her and Alex. The topic they were talking about, was so serious, but somehow they just playfully argued, as if it was a normal matter between them.

"You can't make a wife out of hoe~ I'm sure hubby would choose a mature woman like me, who knows how to please her husband, instead of being a bitch all the time!"

The smile on Mary's face never vanished, it just got wider, as well as Anna smirked, they were insulting each other but none of them was getting angry or pissed. Alex was able to sense their current feelings, and he was sure they were just playing around.

Anna was about to response again, but suddenly interrupted.

"Enough, girls, Let's get going"

Alex came in between with a smile, he was feeling a little awkward, he wasn't ready for the marriage thing, and also he wasn't used to Anna getting along with Mary that much. It was good, but made him feel slightly uneasy.

"Okay, darling~"

Anna smiled beautifully, then turned around, and glanced back at Mary with a grin. Alex was confused, but with seeing where Mary's eyes were pointing at, he knew right away Anna's intention.

"Fufufu I have a big ass too"

Mary giggled while lightly spanking her big peach from behind. Anna was turning around to leave, but decided to show Mary her fat rounded ass, as it was her trump card!

Her rounded ass cheeks were beautifully peeking out of her small black shorts. She could make any man drool over it!

However, Mary was unfazed, Anna's buttocks were large and curvaceous than hers, but still her ass was no less seductive, it was big and beautiful as a peach.

Without saying anything, Anna stepped out of the room with a smile on her face, even though Mary didn't faze over her voluptuous ass, she knew it was her win!

'I still win~'

Somehow, even Liza was participating in their "Ass battle". Alex didn't see exactly how Liza's ass looked, but he was sure it was something out of the world. She was a succubus, after all.

"Hubby, I'm sorry, but could you take care of the store for a little bit more? I can't stand on my legs at all, they're fragile, because you **ed me so roughly today!"

Glancing back at Mary who was still laying on her daughter's bed comfortably, she asked if her hubby could look over her store, while she regains some strength in her body.

Alex didn't go that hard on her, as he did to Anna and the library girl, Erin. However, Mary, and Ashley seriously orgasmed a lot, Ashley's pink bedsheets were so wet in many spots!

"Sure, no problems, rest your body well"

While wearing back his green apron, Alex smiled at Mary gently, making her blush slightly. He was going to stay working even if Mary was okay. It was Saturday, so instead of going home to do nothing, it would be much better to stay to help his yummy mummy.

With that being said, Alex left the room, and closed it behind him. It was near the restrooms, and he didn't want anyone to take a peek inside, if he left it open.

Time went on slowly as Alex served his clients, most of them were women, and the boring conversation was repeating every time, declining their invites and offers politely, while keeping his fake smile.

Everything went smoothly, and he was earning a good chunk of money for Mary, he also put one hundred dollars out of his six in the money drawer as a bonus. He wanted that lots of money to make her easily agree to the apartment deal.

'I think splitting the rent is the best option available right now, right? I'm sure both of them won't agree to have me paying full rent'

No matter how much shameless Mary was in terms of accepting his help, he was sure she would strongly object to him paying for her expenses. He was already doing too much, and still doing, to that she was extremely grateful.

'Yes, I think so too. There are three rooms too, so it's reasonable. With that, I guess she would likely accept it after being a little persistent'

Liza also agreed, she could see that Mary and Ashley weren't living in the best condition, but not wanting to trouble Alex, splitting the rent was the best option.

"Thank you very much, hubby~"

While pondering on that matter, Mary sneaked like a ninja behind him. She was all smiles while looking at his handsome face, totally satisfied emotionally and sexually.

"No problems, also will you be permanently calling me hubby?"

Alex turned fully at his beautiful woman, taller than her, he beamed down at her sweetly, as he asked a very important question! After she "caught" him banging her daughter, Mary inhesitantly began calling him "Hubby".

For a young man, being called husband affectionately, was moving some feelings in his heart! It was too abrupt, and he was still not used to it.

"I just love calling you that. I love you so much, and I consider you as my h-husband... Don't you l-like it?"

Mary's blushed from ear to ear, as she looked down in embarrassment, she was still a shy woman, who was embarrassed in front of her "Husband".

"No, I like it, I just thought it was too sudden"

Alex waved his hand in denial, after hearing Mary's heart melting answer, he decided to let her call him that, as it was very lovely, even though, they weren't married.

Mary nodded her head embarrassingly, then went to check on her store progress. Today she had many customers, so she went to check the money first.

"500 dollars, very good"

Mary uttered with a soft smile, but her eyes were sparkling in happiness. It was only 4 and a half o'clock, and she already earned more than she earned yesterday, 5 times more.

Earning a decent amount of money every day was all what she needed. She already had a debt, paying salaries for employees, and taking care of herself and Ashley. It was lots of expenses, but with her current progress, it won't be a problem.

"Uhmm I have something to discuss with you"

While Mary was counting her earnings, Alex took the chance to talk about the apartment matter. He was nervous, as it wasn't something he had control over its outcome.

"I did this without your consent, but don't worry about it...I rented an apartment for the three of us today...I don't want you guys to stay here"

Alex anxiously uttered his little secret, protesting on the fact she lived in her store. Ashley might have a decent bed, but Mary was sleeping on the couch in the manger desk room!

"That's too kind of you! I can't accept it, sorry"

Just as he expected, Mary kind of panicked as she heard what he did, she knew he was a student, who doesn't have any other income other than his part-time job.

"We can split the rent between us, It not that expensive..."

Alex's nervousness only rise, but he kept his calm face, in order to keep Mary calm as well.

"How much is the rent?"

Calming down after knowing her hubby won't be paying the whole rent. She asked about the actual rent price.

"Uhhm... Only a $1000 a month, we can split $500 each"

Having no way to tell her the actual rent prices, to avoid ruining everything. If she knew he actually rented it with $2500, she would freak out! $1000 was a lot too, but he couldn't go any lower, as the apartment was spacious and luxurious.

"Consider me in, I can handle $330 a month too"

Before Mary could respond, Ashley came from behind, announcing her approval of the idea of splitting rent, making her mother reconsider her decision, also whispering something in her ears, which made her slightly blush!

"Mom, daddy would be living with us! You can't let this chance slip out of your hand. For me, I won't mind paying $1000 alone just to be under the same roof as him!"

Ashley softly whispered in her mommy's ears, causing her face to reddened in embarrassment. However, Alex heard everything, he nodded with a smile, he didn't think of that, as well as Mary.

How come she didn't think her hubby would be living under the same roof as her if she agreed! That changed everything!

"O-Okay, I accept your overnice offer. We can split the rent, but what is the location?"

This time, Mary agreed with a blush, but also asked an important question. She didn't want to live far away from her store.

"Don't worry about that, it's just ten minutes walk from here, and the address is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"

(A/N: For those who would ask, it's in Mars.)

"That's nice! I'm really excited to see it, could we go take a look?"

After knowing, it was just a few minutes away from her, and in a popular nice area. Mary was thrilled to see her new home! She was against at first, but everything changed now.

"Of course, we can go take a look. I already brought three keys"

Alex took out two keys out of his pocket, and handed them to both of his woman.

Both of them were clearly happy to see their new place. It wasn't like Mary was against having a real home, but she wasn't happy with Alex doing too much for her, but now she was feeling less guilty as he had to pay only $330 a month.

Nonetheless, she didn't know Alex just lightly lied to her, he would actually pay $1330 a month, while her and Ashley would pay $330. However, unlike them, he had a very fast and pleasant source of income, which was sex!

Just since the morning until now, without including the money he spent, and gave to Mary. He had $500 in his pocket, 25% of the original rent price, which he started just today.

"Let's go!"

Mary proceeded with closing her store temporary, leaving along with Alex and Ashley, heading directly to their new place location. It wasn't that far, so they quickly reached the area.

"It so fancy! This is an expensive area, are you sure it's only $1000 a month?"

While looking around in the nice quiet area. It looked so fancy, it even had a small park in it! It wasn't that large, but very beautiful, and green.

"Yes.... Also, I got a discount from the owner, I know her for some time"

His women were already getting suspicious, so he had to come up with a back plan! Even though he didn't get any discounts from Jessica, he was sure she was charmed by him now, to the point of wanting to get known to eachother.

Getting a little bit convinced, Ashley and Mary walked along with Alex, entering their flat, heading up towards their apartment. However, just in the lobby, a very beautiful, elegant woman stepped out of the elevator, gazing at the three of them calmly.

"What a naughty tenant you're, already bringing women in"

Chapter end

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