I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Sisters [ 18]

Sisters [ 18]


Alex's body gave up, and he laid down on the bed like a dead man. Despite having his body vigor regained by Liza, cumming a lot was making that strength to disappear instantly, as his muscles fully relaxed

'Congrats! You're going to be a father soon'

Liza chuckled playfully, making him return his senses to the real world. She was totally the devil at that moment, but for the sake of absorbing twice lust from him, she made him do something he might regret!


Regret was already going up in Alex, as soon he realized what unconsciously did. Under the succubus and lust influence, he knocked up a woman!

'Don't be like that, it worth it, I regained 30 percent of my powers! Also, she is an old woman, so she won't get pregnant that easily!'

Feeling the annoyance, regret, and guilt rising in Alex, Liza hurriedly said up with the news! Both of them were good news.

But Alex could feel some lies in her talking, but couldn't ask as he thought of Liza's new skill.

Now, she regained that percentage of power she needed, she could use [Harem Tree] to make everything easy going with his women, as they were nagging over him a lot.

Also, the possibility of Mary not getting pregnant that easily, made him a little bit calm, even though she was already convinced, and prepared she was pregnant. However, he was still anxious as he could feel he was missing something.

'I hope it's worth impregnating Mary for'

Alex was pondering a lot, while lying on the bed staring at the ceiling blankly, for an 18 years old male, he was not prepared to have a child, though, Mary was not obligating on him to take any responsibility.

'Okay, you will see!'

Alex was laying down next to Mary normally, resting on the pillow along with her, while Ashley was laying on her stomach, the opposite direction of their.

Suddenly! A thin white string slowly came out of his chest divided into two lines, one penetrated Ashley's chest and one Mary's, and soon, another string formed between the two women. Shortly, the magical scene came to end.

'Uhm That's it?'

After that magical scene came to an end, Alex asked, as he didn't feel or see any changes. Even the feeling of connection he felt when he used [Lust Enslavement Kiss] didn't occur.

'It's not about you! You already have a bond with both of them, but now they have a strong connection with each other too. You won't notice that drastic changes in those two, as they're already getting along with each other'

Liza explained upon Alex's frown. He wasn't that impressed, as he didn't feel anything. However, for sure there was an action, and from both of them!


Suddenly, Ashley body raised, and she tremblingly laid in top of Alex, kissing his soft lips, and resting on his burning body. Mary also moved, but she only hugged Alex from the side, gazing at him so lovingly.

"Hmmm~ Ohhh~ Daddy's cock is still so hard, very long and thick~ Ohh! Uhh!~"

Looking and kissing his handsome face gently, Ashley began rubbing her daddy's veiny rod with her soft buttocks, squeezing it there, and pressing it against both of the pink holes, as it pointed proudly at the roof.

"Ashley, let me help you please your daddy~"

Mary giggled and laid on Alex's legs, pressing her fat rounded ass against her daughter's, creating a beautiful soft hole with them for their man's long cock, which was poking out of it lewdly.

"Humf! Ah~ Oh! Uh~So goood! Ah~ Uh~ Oh~"

Both girls whined as a hard, burning hot stick stroke against their wet pussies! Just caressing it against them, made both of them go crazy!

'How does it feel to have two women at the same time?'

Liza uttered playfully. For the first time, Alex had a threesome today, it wasn't that perfect as there was no intimacy or sync between the two women, still it felt incredibly good! It was only getting good after their new connection.


Alex uttered with soft voice. Looking at Ashley blushing lewd face, Alex groped her from the cheeks and kissed her rosy lips aggressively, doing it for several minutes, without caring about the time!

"Ahh~ Ohh~ Sorry, Ashley, I can't hold it anymore! Ahhhh!~"

Mary suddenly pushed Ashley forward, using her large butt, then immediately sat on her hubby's cock, making it rammed into her needy cum soaked hole!

"Uhmm! That's unfair, mommy~"

Ashley complained, but soon her pouting face disappeared, as her daddy began sucking and licking rosy hard nipples! At the same time, Mary was determined to get creampied again, making sure she gets pregnant.

Plut! Plukh! Plat! Pllluat!

"Aghh! Uh!"

Aside from the girls' loud moans, Alex was groaned so loudly, while sucking on Ashley's rosy peaks, Mary was slamming her whole body against hi crotch, truly making his empty balls to tremble from the pressure.

"Ah! Oh! Uh! Hubby, fill me up! Oh! Hmmm~ Ah! Ah! Oh!"

Mary kept going, and even going faster and harder, pulling her whole body up, then lowering it all on his, expect of her legs, her body weight was on him!

Pah! Pah! Phah! Pahh!

"Hummm!!! Daddy! W-Where are p-putting your fingers in! Hummm! Ahhh!"

While sucking, and biting her shivering nipples gently, Alex hands were available, so he instantly took them to Ashley's butt, and began fondling her ass, but accidentally shoving his finger in her butthole!

Looking at her trembling body, Alex shoved two fingers, while giving her slippery pussy three! Occupying both of her pink holes, and making her quiver in pleasure.

Pahhh! Pahhh! Pahh! Paah!

"Fuck! Oh~ Yes~Ah! Oh! Fuck yes!! Um~"

The sounds of her ass slapping against his abdomen was getting overly loud, but suddenly a loud crack noises echoed in the whole room, not enough to stop Mary from continuing!


"Uhmmmmmm! Ahhh! Ohh! Fuck, ** **!!! Ohhh!"

Mary gaudy moan, as she slammed her ass one more time, so strongly, as she felt vibration occurring within her pussy, but the best part, was Alex's semen shot inside her vigorously, at the same time her gushing fluid came out hurriedly!

Even Ashley moaned loudly as she squirted, but her mom's moans overwhelmed hers. Alex listened sweet moans as he groaned softly, however, he had a blank face, while remaining silent.

"Mommy, you broke my bed!"

After a couple of minutes of resting, fulfilled her cunt desires, Ashley raised her body, lifting her soft boobies off her Daddy's face, and glancing back at her mommy, who was laying down on her stomach, with her creampied, and still occupied hole overflowing with cum.

From all the force, and the weight of her, Mary recklessly broke Ashley's bed. Her bed was just small, and its structure made of wood, surely not made for adults to ** on it.

The damage was ambiguous to the three, but they could guess it was related to the poor structure.

"It's okay, I will buy another one"

Alex uttered with a smile, he still didn't tell them about the furnitured apartment he was renting, which had three separated bed, much bigger than this one.

Still, he still thought of buying a bigger bed to replace that one, as he could tell he was going to spend lots of time "sleeping" in that room.

"Thank you, daddy!"

Ashley beamed a smile on Alex, gave him lots of light kisses, feeling so much love growing up for her daddy, she hugged her face lightly.

Knock! Knock!

"Hey! Come out already, you sluts. It has been over an hour, my shift already ended!"

Suddenly, Anna's annoyed slipped into the room, after a couple of knocks. Without realizing Alex spent lots of time having his first threesome, it was over an hour, nearly 4pm.

What was surprising that Anna didn't bust in, though the door was unlocked, she probably felt horrible realizing her darling was humping on other women.

'Tell her to come in, so I can add her to your harem'

However, Liza had another opinion, but it was clever, Anna was going to be shocked after she sees what was going on in Ashley's bed, but it was for the sake of getting along with her new "sisters".

"Uhmm Anna, could get in?"

Alex felt a little awkward, he was still not sure whether to have Anna see that scene, she was a hot temper, and certainly wouldn't like what he was doing.


Hearing her darling's request, Anna immediately went in, stunned with what she saw.

He was laying down, having Ashley's plump breasts resting on his upper chest near his neck, while her face was resting on his nap beautifully, and Mary sitting on his cock with her overflowing pussy!

Both women looked so exhausted, couldn't even rise their face after she came in, but her darling's was fixedly looking at her shocked face. She knew those two sluts were **ing with her darling, but she didn't expect that! A mother and a daughter having sex with the same man at the same time!

'Here we go~'

Like the previous time, a thin white string went from Alex's chest to Anna's, shortly another one came out of her, divided into two, and shot in both her darling's sluts. Truly making some noticeable changes.

"Hey sluts! Get your assess off! I'm leaving soon, I have other things to do"

Still, Anna yelled, but this time, her voice didn't contain any distain, nor her face had that disgusted irritated look. She still complained, but with no despise. Alex was totally dumbfounded now, the skill actually worked!

Anna felt something penetrated her chest, and went straight to heart, she felt so much warmth towards her darling, much more than before, in addition, she felt so familiar with both the women, Mary and Ashley, as if she knew them for years!

It was totally strange for her, but somehow she couldn't have any bad feelings for the two girls anymore, as if they were her beloved sisters!

It felt weird even for Ashley and Mary, they both felt the same connection with Anna, as if she was no longer a stranger, totally felt like she was a family member.

"Come on! You stupid sluts, all you do is **ing, while I'm working"

Anna yelled again after receiving no response, but in gently as if she was acting the role of the big sister, who was scolding her other sisters.

'It gonna take me a while to get used to it'

Alex uttered in his thoughts, as he saw the drastic change in Anna behavior, she was still a bitch, but a gentle one. He slowly pushed Ashley's body to the side, making her lay there, then did the same to Mary. Stood up, gazing at Anna with a smile.

"Darling~ how could you let those bitches suck you dry! Look at your poor cock"

Looking at Alex's handsome, then slowly lowered her gaze down, just to see a fat half erected cock hanging between his thighs, covered in semen, and sticky fluids!

"Hhmmmm~ Delicious as always~"

Having no way to hold herself back, Anna came near, and soaked her hand with her darling's cock, then licked it vulgarly. Alex was sure the old Anna would never stain her hand with Mary's juices, let alone to drink it!

"Let them rest, I will take care of the store. Also, you should go take care of your business"

After Anna drank enough juices off his cock, Alex uttered as he grabbed his clothes, and began wearing them back. He could clearly see that Ashley was already sleeping, while Mary exhaustedly laid next to her.

Even though women could orgasm a lot of times normally, they still feel exhausted and relaxed after sex just like men, but Alex having a little strength left in his body, he decided to let them take a nap.

"Okay, darling! My shift already ended, and I need to go"

Anna beamed at her darling. Unlike him, she had less working hours, and her Saturday's shift starts 11pm ends at 4pm, but, he finished at 4pm as well, but she could tell he would still work more.

"You're spoiling them too much!"

However, Anna couldn't help but protest cutely, of course she wouldn't love to see her darling exploited. Yet, he seemed to be happy about it. For sure, he was too kind.

"Am I not spoiling a lot too?"

Alex smirked at Anna, making her blush instantly. He never complained her clingy nor bitch behavior even when they're outside, letting do and say everything she desired.

"Yeah, Yeah, you do spoil me a lot darling, thanks~"

Anna averted her gaze with a flushed face, she was totally thinking of a different spoiling other than that.

However, she was about to turn around to leave after her darling fully dressed, but Mary's voice made her stop, and in a dumbfounded way!

"Hey, Anna, will you be okay if I married Alex?"

Chapter end

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