I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Mother and Daughter? [ 18]

Mother and Daughter? [ 18]

After few knocks on the door, a sweet voice rang in both Ashley and Alex. He was kind of surprised, as he thought none of the two women would bring themselves to have a threesome...Also to know about it!

"I can hear you **ing, let me join you, please~"

The voice was much clearer this time, and Alex was aware of the identity of the horny woman, who begged to join... It was Mary! Ashley's beloved mother.

'She heard us **ing?... That's means you didn't put soundproof barrier around us?!'

Alex quickly realized what was going on! Of course, Mary wouldn't want to take part in sex if she didn't hear them.

'Oops I forgot to put it~'

Liza chuckled, she undoubtedly didn't activate it on purpose, as she was liking the idea of two women at the same time! It meant she could absorb twice the amount of lust.

'What I can say? Enjoy your first threesome'

Liza added joyfully, she was a succubus, who would gladly do anything to make things obscene more for her, leaving the barrier inactivated, so she let Anna and Mary hear Ashley's loud moans!

'How am I going to do it? I already came 9 times today, and I feel exhausted now'

Alex's body was getting worn out, his semen volume and capacity were both enhanced and large, so he had no big problems with that, but still he got tired, as having sex was no easy task.

'No worries! I can cast a healing spell on you, and make you a horse again! If you agreed, I might gain enough powers to use [Harem Tree]! You would have your own family soon~'

Alex had lots of sex today, and he was able to give a tremendous lust for Liza to absorb. Her powers were returning so promptly, and she might be able to use her harem skill if he laid again.

Feeling Alex desire for more after her announcement, Liza cast her spell on him, and his agility and vigor were rising again, making him feel like he just woke up from a deep well rested sleep.

Liza was true when she said she would make him feel like a horse! He felt he was one. Filled with strength and stamina, it made him determined, but content to have more.

'Also, here is your reward! I hope this makes you desire it more~''

Suddenly, a white ball of smoky energy appeared in Alex's hand, and soon three hundreds dollar seated in his hand beautifully!

Fortunately, Ashley wad still sitting on his cock while laying down on her upper body, giving him a beautiful view of her smooth back and ass, she didn't see the energy in his hand.

"Yes, come in, Mary"

Alex put the money in his shorts pockets, they were thrown in the bed next to him. He called for the horny woman who was impatiently waiting behind the door.

Immediately after hearing his approval, and as he expected, Mary came in, her face was all smiles, and her eyes were glowing pink too. She didn't have sex today, unlike Anna, and her lust was already at its peak!

"Alex! Hmmmmmm~"

As soon as Mary saw the indecent sight in front of her eyes, she bit her bottom lip, and moaned involuntary. Her daughter was laying her big soft ass on her daddy's cock, while resting on the bed.

Truly a magnificent view, to think she would be happy to see her daughter getting **ed, Mary closed the door behind, and started undressing, getting fully naked in seconds, and exposing her well-developed mature body.

"Where is Anna?"

Alex pushed Ashley's bouncy ass away, making his hard cock leave her creampied pussy.

Shortly he stood up next to the bed, facing his mature MILF, and gazing at her mature voluptuous body lustfully.

"She said she doesn't want to join, and decided to stay to look over the store"

Looking at the huge veiny rod, Mary closed distance, and groped it vulgarly, rubbing it softly while staring at him with a loving smile. She lost her mind, after she saw her daughter laying down on her bed, tiredly.

"Hubby~ Fuck me hard too, please"

Mary whispered in her man's ear as she began jerking his soaked cock faster. She could see it covered in his cum, daughter's juices, and a little bit of blood!

"Hmmmm! Hwwmwmwm~"

Alex couldn't hold it anymore, he grabbed Mary's fat soft buttocks from behind, pressed her bottom body against his, and started sucking on her rosy lips.

""Aghhmm~ Hmmm~ Ahghh! Ohhh~ Humm~"

Putting his dick between her thick thighs, and thrusting it back and forth, rubbing it so aggressively with her wet pink clit, making lewd loud clap sounds, and causing Mary to moan involuntarily with her occupied lips!

Massaging her fatty butt cheeks strongly, sucking and kissing her lips, and pounding her pussy from outside, Alex's eyes glowed in lust.

"Come here"

Alex jumped on the bed, laid down next to Ashley, inviting Mary to get on top of him. However, The Sleeping Beauty wasn't actual sleep, and couldn't let that happen!

"I'm not done with daddy yet, wait for your turn, mommy~"

Ashley suddenly raise her body, and went on top of Alex, her eyes were so moist, but sparkled in pink! She boldly took Alex cock, and shoved it on her needy pussy, then aggressively sat on it!

"Ahhhh! It's f-feels so gooood! Daddy's cock makes my head spin~"

As soon his meat rod knocked on her full womb, Ashley stretched her tongue out, breathing so heavily as she orgasmed once again!

Plut~ Plakh~ Pllaut~

"Aghh~ Let me help you, Mary"

Alex groaned as Ashley aggressively smacked her body down on his. However, he didn't forget about Mary, who was laying beside him, staring at her daughter's pussy, which was getting aggressively wrecked with Alex's fat cock!

She couldn't help but rub her slippery burning clit with her hand speedily, but hearing her hubby's call, her face lit up, and sat where he wanted... His face!

"Ahhh~ Ohhh~ Uhhhh~ Ashley! Your daddy is eating me out! Ahhh~ Uhhh!"

Mary went on top of Alex, exactly on his face! Facing her daughter, who was busy with pounding her tight pussy with her daddy's fat rod! Both women lost themselves, and filled their minds with pleasure.

Pahh! Pah! Paatt! Pat! Pahh!

The sound of Ashley smacking her rounded soft ass won against the sounds of the wet noise her slippery was making, along with Alex eating Mary's pussy. She increased the speed, as her body could no longer contain itself from trembling!

"Aghh Fucking good~"

Alex felt his balls getting heavily slapped with his slut, still he felt incredibly good! He busy licking and sucking on Mary's dripping wet pussy, which only got more moist as he continued.

"Ahhg! Ohh! Yes! Uh! Daddy! Ah! Oh! Yes!"

"Oh! Harder! Uhh~ Ohh~ Hubby~ Eat my slutty pussy! Ohh! Uh!"

Both Mary and Ashley loud pleading moans echoed in the whole room, fortunately Liza set a barrier this time properly!

Hearing those slutty dirty calls, especially from Mary, who was calling him "Hubby" now, referring to him as her husband. Alex shoved his tongue inside of her hot cave!

"Hmmmmmmmm! Uhhhhhmmmm!"

Just to receive Mary's loud whines and whimpers. He began licking her insides, while holding of fat buttocks firmly from the sides, making sure she doesn't run away, as her whole body was trembled violently!

'How about I make things better?~'

Liza's joyful voice rang in his clouded head, making him feel confused at first, but joyed later as her plan came to light!

"Ahh!! W-Why is it so l-long? Ahhh!!! Uhh!! Ohh! Y-Your t-tongue is so **ing longggg! Uhhh!"

Mary's body shook even more strongly, and goosebumps never left her mature body. She felt as if her body was ascending to heaven, as she felt her hubby's tongue getting further, reaching deeper and giving her insides aggressive licks!

Alex was surprised after he felt his tongue stretched about 2 inches long narrowly. However, he quickly got used to it, and started doing the job, his tongue was expanded for, and it was licking Mary's g spot!

"Huuwmwmwmmm!! Ahh! Oh! Ahhh!"

The shivering increased, and no matter how much she orgasmed, Alex was going no slow. Having no way to escape as she was tightly clasped by his hands, Mary leaned over, and hugged her daughter for help!

Ashley was also busy riding her daddy's cock, but her mother warm hug, made her switch her attention to her, looking at her lustful face, and wanting her to taste more pleasure.

"Ahh! Uhh! A-Ashely! S-Stop it Ahh~ Ohh! Uhh! Hmmm!"

Giving her beloved mother no warning, Ashley bite her rosy hard nipples gently, giving her mom more chills!


Soon, loud moans echoed all over the room, and Mary's body fell down on the side upside down Alex's, laying there while panting so heavily. As for Alex, his whole face was soaked! Including some parts of his raven hair.

While licking Mary's insides, she trembled violently as waterfall gushed of her hole, tasting her true pussy juices. Alex lessen his grip, and let her rest for a while. He focused more on Ashley now!


"D-Daddy!!!! Ohhhhhhhh!"

While having no weight on his face like before, Alex pulled his hips back into the bed, and fired them up, smacking them so aggressively against Ashley's soft rounded buttocks!

"Show Daddy your ass"

Alex uttered with calm voice, his cock was throbbing so violently, but he looked so relaxed. Ashley pounded on his cock for several minutes, and it was time to give her a reward!

As soon as she heard her daddy's request, Ashley jumped off his rod, and stood on her four, showing her red ass, and soft buttocks. Looking at her ruined dirty pussy, he immediately shoved his dick inside, and began thrusting!

"Ahh! Oh! Uh! Ah! Daddy! Harder! Fuck me h-harder! Uh! Ah!"

Alex was already going so hard on her and her virgin pussy wasn't going to hold it for a long time, so he did as she said, and began going so faster, determined to creampied her again!

Pahh! Pahh! Pahhhh! Pah! Pahh!


Smacking his hips so roughly against her ass, making it bounce in waves from the pressure. Alex's cock was getting squeezed so tightly, tightly enough to make his milk instantly come out!

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Haff! Huff!"

Without saying anything, Ashley fell sleeping on the bed as both of her legs and hands couldn't help but jolt from the pleasure!

Mary was totally awake, looking her daughter's lustful ruined face beside her, Mary smiled lewdly, as she knew it was her turn next! She was truly exhausted already, and orgasmed many times, but her pussy was burning for Alex's cock.

"Hubby~ ruin my pussy too~ "

Turning around on her back, lifting her legs up, and holding her thighs with her hands hugging. Mary's rosy eyes glistened as she invited her man to wreck her pussy!

Alex smiled as he looked at her, he clasped on her feet, spread hers legs apart, then pushed them inward, exposing her pink flower, which was going to receive his nectar too!

"Ahh! I miss your cock! Ohh! Uhh! Fuck me! Uhh!"

Feeling his long awaited dick penetrating her lonely cunt, Mary welcomed with her loud moans! Only to make her whine more, Alex rammed his entire thing inside, as well as he pressed his whole body against her.

"So tight, but wet"

Alex commented as he tasted his Milf's pussy with his dick, even though she wasn't a virgin, her pussy was like one, but slippery from the juices.

Plut! Plakh! Pullt! Plakh!

Having no time to waste, He began moving his hips, he had a good grip on Mary, and that eased his task, hammering her pussy easily and effortlessly!

"Ahgh~ You're totally a slut"

Looking at her lewd face, Alex uttered with a groan. Her face was a whore like, she drew her tongue out, breathing heavily from it, and glancing up sluttily!

"Y-Yes! Ah! Ah! I'm your slut! Ohh! Uh! Fuck me harder! Knock me on again! Uh! Oh! Ahh!"

Mary's saliva involuntarily rolling down her chin, as her whole body jolted like jello, from both the pressure of her hubby's nailing, and her already satisfied dirty body!

'Impregnat her! Make the lie into a reality'

Upon hearing Mary's pleading, Liza strongly suggested. She certainly was asking him to breed his woman, and for real now! Filling up her womb to give birth to his child.

Unexpectedly, Alex nodded lightly in agreement! He was totally out of his mind, too. However, Liza could feel he was a little nervous, and it was normal.

Pahh! Pahh! Patt! Puhh!

Only hearing the slapping clapping sounds, and Mary's loud sweet moans, as they were the only thing that made stay in real world!

'Come on! She's already expecting a child! Don't be a pussy, and knock her up!'

Liza devilishly grinned, Alex already agreed, but his succubus totally convinced him! He deactivated his skill [Infertile Semen] and was ready to become a dad! He surely lost it, didn't think well.

"Ahh! Oh! G-Give it to me! Fill me up! Ahh! Oh! Uh! Creampie my slutty pussy!"

Aside from Liza, Mary was also cravings a lot, making Alex totally crazy, crazy enough to shot his fertile semen inside!!

"Aghhh! Ohh!"

Alex groaned so vulgarly, as shots of his milks went inside of Mary's womb, it wasn't a lot, not sure if it was enough to make a woman in her thirties pregnant. However, Liza only responded with a playful chuckle!

'Congratulations, daddy, you are going to have a big family~'

Chapter end

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