I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Ashley's Love [ 18]

Ashley's Love [ 18]

Ashley came into the store shockingly, she was in quite a miserable state, her face was kind of wet, but not with water. She slowly came inside, her lips were trembling slightly, and her eyes were a little moist.

"What happened??"

Alex asked worriedly while looking at her. She wasn't hurt, but her emotional state wasn't that stable.


Ashley made eye contact with Alex, and quickly averted her gaze away, it wasn't because of embarrassment this time.

With saying that, she quickly went to her room, and closed the room behind her. Leaving Alex all concerned and troubled.

"Sorry, girls, I need to go check on Ashley"

Anna and Mary were still under the desk, but Anna was the only one who was still playing with his cock, Mary was feeling a little concerned too after seeing Alex's anxious face.

She knew her daughter returned, and from Alex's anxious face, she could tell Ashley wasn't in a good condition.

"What happened to her?"

Mary stood up next to Alex, her face became troubled too, it was her daughter after all.

"I don't know, that's why I'm going to check on her"

Not giving Anna more time to play, Alex took his big toy, and put it in back to its place. He pulled up his shorts, he headed towards Ashley's room.

As for the girls, Mary and Anna stayed to take care of the store. He knocked on the door, and Ashley's hastily answered.


She couldn't tell who was knocking on her door, but guessed it was Alex, as her mom nor Anna weren't anywhere around when she came back.

"Yes, could we talk?"

Alex was sure something bad happened, and it ruined Ashley's walk. She went out for a walk, to relieve her stress, but she still came back with it.

'Should I open it?'

Liza uttered playfully, Ashley didn't open the door after Alex's knocked on it, and said his presence, so she suggested if she could forcefully open that door.

'No, she will open it herself'

After enslaving her, and making her all his, he was sure Ashley was more comfortable with him now, and she would be likely to open the door after he asked once.

As he guessed, after a couple of seconds of more waiting, the brown wooden door opened, and a feminine cute young woman peeked off the side.

"Can I get in?"

Seeing her cute face peeking at him, he asked for her constant, as the door was only half open. Hearing his question, Ashley shyly nodded, and opened the door wider.

A small girly room greeted Alex's sight, it was small but wonderfully nice, and simple. It had only a decent sized pink sheeted bed, a desk and small closet.

"I-I'm sorry, I don't have anywhere you could sit in"

Ashley blushed cutely as her daddy fully entered her room! Despite having her walk ruined, feeling all sad, but still she couldn't help but feel embarrassed, yet, happy.

Her room was nice, but what Alex was gazing lovingly and dazzlingly, was her body! Ashley didn't have her hoodie on, as it was wet, she was just wearing a sports bra along with the same black shorts she was having on earlier.

It was the first Alex saw the real size of her boobies! They were busty, just like her mom's, she was wearing a tight sports bra, but her boobs still looked plump.

"Y-You can sit here"

Noticing his lustful gaze, Ashley quickly went next to her bed, sat on it, and patted on the soft mattress beside her, not closely, but still intimately.

Alex shook his head, and sat beside Ashley. The main reason he went into her room wasn't for gazing lustfully, but to know what happened.

"What's happened outside? Are you alright?"

To begin with, Alex asked what happened, it wasn't raining and somehow her hoodie was wet, also her mood was bad, like the sky that day.

"N-Nothing happen, d-don't worry about it"

Again, Ashley averted her gaze when Alex asked. She was too worried to tell him what happened. For some reason, he shouldn't know about it.

'Bribe her with a kiss!'

Her succubus natural couldn't make her any less obscene, Liza was somehow determined to make things spicy between them at any cost!

"If you told me, I will give you a kiss"

Alex was not lazy, and took by Liza's plan. It was good, he would get to kiss his beautiful woman, and know what did happen outside at the same time.


Ashley glanced back at Alex, her face was kind of serious, she was hesitant to tell Alex but if that was going to earn her a kiss, then she would likely to agree. No one could leave such a tempting offer!


Likewise, Alex put some seriousness on his handsome face, just to make Ashley more certain. He was going to kiss her even if she didn't tell him, but he used that in his favor, as she was still trying to fulfill the desires she had.

"It's just something stupid… I was walking in the street normally, suddenly a fancy car pulled up... It was John, he spilled a can of beer on me, and left laughing...I'm sorry for troubling you, I didn't want to tell you because you would get entangled with him. He is dangerous"

"John?... The yellow-head bastard?"

Alex already forgot who was John. However, he soon recalled him, after going on a tour in his recent memories. John was the asshole who bullied Ashley. He surely was a rich-spoiled dickhead.

Alex met him once after he came down off the rooftop along with Ashley. He met him, along with his twin sister and girlfriend, when he wanted to bring an umbrella to his young woman. John was totally a jerk at that time, and a bully on top of that.

With carrying a lot of hatred for bullies, Alex was certain to make John suffer too. He got bullied too, all his life, because of his eyes colors, which enriched that despise he had for such people.

"Promise me to not get involved with him!"

Seeing the anger grow in her daddy's face, Ashley yelled in worry, she could tell he was thinking of ways to make John taste pain!

It was a wonderful thing for her. Her daddy was outraged, because she was humiliated and bullied, but since John was privileged and hella rich, it was risky to fight him back, so she was worried.

'I'm looking forward to seeing a spoiled kid piss his pants too'

Liza grinned, she was into humiliating people, especially jerks, and bullies.

"Okay, Okay, do you still want the kiss?"

Alex knew Ashley would strongly object to any of his revenge ways, so he decided to switch the topic to another more interesting. He was inside a girl's room! Speaking of that, it was his first visit ever!


Ashley face immediately turned red, she was feeling extremely embarrassed, still she wanted it, another sweet kiss from her man, which would surely lead to further events.

Hearing her positive answer, Alex came near, wrapped his arms around her waist, so she doesn't escape, and kissed her rosy trembling lips, awakening the unfulfilled lust and desires in her body.

"Humm~ Uhhmm~ Mwmm~"

After getting used to the kiss, and getting fiercely sucked on her pink soft lips, Ashley was getting promptly aroused, as well as Alex.

"Mwhhh~ Daddy, pop my cherry~"

Ashley parted her lips away, breathing heavily and deeply, and her eyes sparkled in pink, her lust already reached its peak, and she couldn't hold herself anymore.

Hearing her pleading, Alex smiled and quickly moved to her plump breasts, swiftly took off her back sports bra, revealing her rosy trembling nipples.

"Hyahhh~ Hwmmmm~ Ahhh~ Daddy~"

Ashley's moans echoed all over the room, he pushed her on the bed, made her lay on it, and jumped on top of her, then began sucking and pinching her hard pink peaks.

Alex was pretty horny for Ashley too, and he wanted to taste her, also she was calling him daddy all comfortably and recklessly, she didn't know that it made him more lost in lust!

"Hmm! Ahhh~ Daddy, It's ticklish! Ahhh~"

After sucking, licking, and biting her erected nipples, Alex began going down slowly, licking and kissing her fit cute tummy, going all the way down to her private area!

However, she was still wearing her shorts on, but they were light and easy to remove.

After giving her cute belly lots of kiss and licks, he slowly pulled down her shorts, along with a sports thong, which was matching her bra.

"Uhhmm~ Daddy, give me your cock~"

Not feeling a bit embarrassed with her daddy looking directly at her recently shaved wet pussy. Her honey-like eyes already lost their original color, as the pink hearts sparkled.

Excitement was all over him, Alex caressed the top of her clit gently with his hand, he was caressing the succubus womb tattoo, which no one could see but him. It was a mark, which signified that Ashley was completely his.

"Daddyyy~ come on"

Ashley began rubbing her slippery cave with her hand impatiently, she was at her limit, and Alex was dazed by her sexiness. However, her pleading moans, he quickly removed his shirt and shorts too.

'I wonder how many times your shorts were taken off today'

Liza chuckled. Alex engaged in sexual intercourses today more than before, he ejaculated 8 times already, and he was still going.

"Daddy's here"

Alex grinned after he removed all his clothes, gazing down at the naked beauty, who rubbed her pussy faster, after he did so.

He went down, stopped and pushed away Ashley's wanton hand, then licked her dripping clit all the way.


A loud whine rang in his ears, Alshey body trembled, as she glanced back while stretching her tongue out, making him taste more of her sweet juices, as she orgasmed immediately!

Alex face was covered in her juices, but he learned back, smiling proudly, he made her squirt with just one lick. Nevertheless, he was going to smile a lot, as he pointed his fat cock into her slippery unexplored cave.

"Huff~ Ohh~ Jam me with your huge dick aggressively, daddy Ohh~"

Even while panting heavily, Ashley glanced up, and moaned in lust, after she felt a huge burning hot stick place above her pink kitty. She instantly knew it was the meat rod she was longing for!

Alex did as she begged needfully, he caressed his glans against her pussy swollen lips, then slowly shoved his thing in!

"Aghh~ So tight"

Feeling his dick barely holding up from the crushing tightness, Alex couldn't help but push even more as a response to that squeezing! Then suddenly, he smacked the whole rod in!

"Ahhhhhhh! Ohh! So biiiig! It f-feels so good! Ahhhh!"

Ashley immediately orgasmed again, and again, feeling her insides getting invaded, and her hymen getting aggressively torn. Luckily for her, her daddy was only pleasure!

"Ahh! m-move it, daddy! Pound my pussy, please!"

Feeling her pussy getting so much itchy. Itchy for some pussy **ing, she wanted Alex to start thrusting immediately, as she was feeling so pussy burning pleasure, unbeatable pleasure!

Plut~ Plag~ Plukh~

In spite of being so wet, Ashley was so tight, and Alex couldn't go any faster without using his enhanced strength.

"Ah~ Oh~ Uh~ Fuck~ Harder! Daddy~ Ehh~"

Ashley quickly got used to her man's fat cock, and she pleaded for more roughness, to which he gladly did.

"Come here, slut"

Alex grinned, groped his little slut from the waist, then pulled her to him, making her sit on his lap, as he was on his knees in her bed! Purposely, making his dick to kiss fiercely her virgin womb.

"Huhh~ Ohhh~ D-Daddy! My pussy is burning~ Ahhh~"

Holding her thin waist, and pulling her up and down on him, Ashley was feeling a burning sensation on her whole body, plunging on his fat cock, and getting sucked on her breasts.

Pah~ Pahh! Phah~ Pahh~

Hugging him from the neck tightly, pressing her busty titties against his mouth, and thrusting her cunt on him in sync with his pussy slaying pulls, Ashley was totally his whore!

Alex wasn't cumming any soon, and he stayed like that for several minutes, as Ashley's pussy was fresh, and he couldn't go fully rough on the first time, to avoid any injuries.

"Uhm~ Ohh~ Ah~ Auhh~ Hmm~ Ahhh!"

With getting bored with that position, but also feeling the urge to cum grow significantly, Alex suddenly turned around Ashley's body, making her back to face him, then pushed her forward, causing her to stand on her fours, while still having that cock on her.

"Shake your hips, my slut~"

Alex was still on his knees, he was concerned about him wrecking her clit if he went doggstyle, so he decided to let her finish the rest as he was busting it soon!

Plut! Plakh! Pahhh! Platt!

Smack~ Smack~ Smack~

Unlike what he expected, Ashley went on rough since the beginning! Lowering her big ass aggressively on his cock, making her fat soft buttocks to bounce, and her tight pussy to drip! At the same time making wet noises, along with her ass claps.

"Ah! Ehuh! Oh! Daddy, fill me up with your delicious thick semen~ please, daddy~ Ahhh~ Oh! Breed me like mom~ Ahh~"

Ashley moans got louder, she couldn't contain herself from yearning for her daddy's seed inside her womb! Impregnating her, like her mom!



Alex spanked Ashley's fatty ass, leaving his hand mark on it, but making her increase her speed while huffing like a thirsty dog! He was cumming soon, and he needed more speed.

"Huff! Uhhn! Ahh! Yes! Fuck! Yes! Yes! Ah! Hah! Ahhhh!"

Ashley's arms immediately gave up, as she felt hot, burning fluid making its way inside her womb forcefully. Alex couldn't hold himself anymore, and he let out his seed of his wholly buried dick, it was entirely inside his slut's twat, filling up her womb.

"Hooh~ Aghh~ That was so good"

Alex uttered with a pleased face as he huffed as well, Ashley was still pushing tightly her plump ass on him, making his throbbing cock emit ever drop of semen inside!

Ashley was no longer a virgin, and she went from being one, to a totally cumsucking slut, her lust blinded her mind, and she did everything instinctively.

Caressing her fat soft buttocks, sinking his fingers in it, and massaging them aggressively, Alex was dazzled, but suddenly someone knocked on the door!

"Mind if I join you?"

Chapter end

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