I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – My Daddy

My Daddy

"Daddy... Please" Alshey pleaded with her glistening eyes, not caring about her mom, nor Anna, who were looking at her with a true stunned expressions.


Unlike before, Alex was the first one to let out his voice after Ashley. For the first time, he was truly shocked.

Never in his lonely life, and even in his current life, he thought someday a young woman would call him "daddy" with the most lewd face a girl could ever make!

'That's nice! She saved a lot of efforts for me'

Liza sweet voice rang in Alex's mind, but he didn't pay any attention to it. His mind was all about the magical word "daddy"

The shock in Alex's face was no less than the one on Anna's, she was absolutely speechless. She thought Ashley was an innocent young woman, but it turned out the total opposite!

No grown woman calls a man she isn't related to, daddy, without any motive, and not any normal motive. That was what made Anna lose it.

As for the mother, Mary was no less than Anna if it wasn't even worst. She was shaken when she heard that word, it was magical even for her as a mother.

"I heard it earlier, Mama is pregnant by you, so you're my daddy now"

Receiving no response from her daddy, Ashley could see the confusion and the shock on his face, so she proceeded with explaining why she called him that suddenly.

She smiled boldly at him while looking at him with a trembling body, and with her honey-like eyes, which were no longer looked brown from all the pink glowing light, the succubus hearts caused.

To what she wasn't hoping for, the shocked even grow more on Alex's face, even all the two other dumbfounded women.

Just like Anna, Alex could tell that Ashley was eavesdropping on their conversation, while she was on the restroom, hearing all the talking about sex and love, made her lust increase, and ended up by her confessing her love unexpectedly.

However, he wasn't sure she heard them talking about the pregnancy part, and quickly forgot about it as Ashley didn't mention it, but it turned out to be different! Ashley definitely heard everything.

Now when she lost all her mind to lust, she let out all her thoughts freely, and inhesitantly confessing another of her desires, a desire to have a daddy for the first time!

"!!!... What did you say??!"

Anna gasped strongly, and let out a deep sigh, getting her mind back from the heavens, realizing what Ashley just courageously said. She was undoubtedly stunned, but she couldn't contain herself from screaming in surprise!


Anna's loud yell, brought Mary back to reality, but having nothing to say other calling out for her daughter with an embarrassed expression.

Unlike Anna who was slowly losing all her sense today, Mary was feeling quite happy after her daughter recognized Alex, and even called him daddy... Which meant she was the mommy!

However, along with that happiness, there was a huge shock, she never thought her daughter would become slutty enough to act like that in front of her.


Before Ashley could say her next sentence, her mouth got closed forcefully and suddenly, without any interfering from any of the three. Her mouth looked normally closed, as if she was willingly closing it.

'I shut her up, I'm sorry for all the troubles, I hope this makes up for you~ You better take care of things quickly'

Liza apologized with a chuckle, she apologized, because she was the one who left [Touch of Pleasure] purposely activated, giving Ashley the last push she needed to lose herself to lust.

Ashley was certainly going to throw another bomb, but fortunately, Liza stopped her with her magic before she could do anything.

She felt confused after losing the ability to move her lips, but her burning body, made all worry disappear, only focusing on her inflamed cunt.

'Damn! How am I going to take care of this?'

Alex uttered with frustrating, he was a young man, and hearing the magical word, made him lose his mind for a little, coming back just to find a mess.

Things escalated pretty quickly, making the relationship between the four, a little complicated, no, very complicated. Even after shutting up Ashley, awkwardness was and still the default mood that day.

"What the **!? There's no way, my darling, is your daddy. He is already my daddy!"

After understanding what was happening, Anna quickly protested against her darling being a daddy of someone other than her, as he was basically her everything.

Anna was actually angry this time, she had been coping with all the things, which were consistently happening in front of her face, and Ashley was what made her anger, and annoyance reached its peak.

Jealousy was on top of all those emotions, any woman wouldn't even like their man to be looked at by another woman, let alone sleeping with him, which Mary did, and calling him daddy, which Ashley shamelessly said.

The only thing made her contain herself back from getting her revenge, was the fact she didn't have any official love relationship with her darling, as they could be considered only friends.

With that, she couldn't do anything about it, releasing anger or even hurting her darling's darlings wasn't something she would want to do.

"Hmmm~ Hufff~ Uhmmmm~"

Even with her mouth firmly closed, Ashley let out some horny whines, as if she was getting set on fire. She couldn't speak, but she could whimper freely.

"Damn it! I'm not staying here anymore!"

Hearing and looking at Ashley slutty face, and her whore like whines, Anna couldn't handle it anymore, took off her apron, and made her way to the exit, but with dragging her darling along with her from his arm.

Alex saw that coming, and he didn't resist Anna pulling, it was what he was waiting for as he had no idea to make things better, but on his way along with Anna, he glanced back, and blinked, apologizing to Mary.

And she quickly understood his intentions, and nodded her head quickly. She also had no idea how to make things any better, but the best way, was Anna leaving.

It would be kind of normal, if it was just her, Ashley, and Alex, since all of them know each other well. Mary would likely to accepted her daughter weird attraction towards her man...

Speaking of Ashley, she was about to go after her daddy, but her legs were fixed on the ground by Liza's magic, just feeling the clouding lust within her fading as her absolute man left.

Slowly returning to her normal senses, Ashley face became totally red, from ear to ear, and she tried to hide it from her mother, who was standing in front of her with a complicated expression.

"Uhm...It's Okay, Ashley, go to your room and rest"

Looking at drops of her daughter's juices racing each other down her thighs, along with her red face, and panting mouth. Mary suggested with a faint smile.

She understood what was happening to her daughter as it happened to her before, and she experienced just earlier when escaped to her room, it was weird and sudden, but it felt mind-blowing, an intense lust that could cloud anyone's head.

As a mature woman, even with feeling hella awkward, she tried to remain calm with her daughter, mentioning anything about what happened just now, would definitely bring unwanted problems.

Ashley nodded lightly with her ashamed face, and went quickly to her room. After Liza felt the resistance stopped, she let go of Ashley. Alex was still outside near the store door, along with the pissed off Anna.

Mary let out a deep sigh, her face was blushing lightly, but she calmly brought a wiping mop, and began wiping her daughter's love juices off the floor...

As for the two outside, Anna was so irritated, and Alex had nothing to do other than looking at her. He didn't know how to make a jealous girl feel better.

"Why everyone seems to want to take my darling from me"

Anna murmured annoyingly while looking around, she had no idea of how to make things less complex either, but she was happy her darling came along with her.

"Wanna go on a quick date? There's a nice cafe there, how about we go there to relieve our stress"

Alex was looking around too, and he saw a cafe across the street, it was the same cafe the gal Linda waited in to get his phone number. It looked nice, and bringing Anna to it as a date, was definitely going to make things slightly better.

"Huh? Yes! Sure"

Anna felt confused at first, but following her darling's pointing hand, she saw a cafe across the street, and after hearing the word 'date', her mood already was getting better.

Alex smiled sweetly at Anna, hold her hand gently with his, then crossed the street, going directly to the wanted location. It was just across the street, so they quickly reached and entered it.

"Let's go upstairs, It's less crowded there"

After looking around the simple looking, yet elegant cafe, Alex uttered with a smile. There were some available tables in the ground floor, but he decided to go upstairs, as he could sense not a lot of people were there.

"This is nice~"

Anna happily said, after she sat on a comfy black chair. They sat in a table on the corner, looking through the glass outside, it was quiet upstairs, and Anna was totally happy about it.

She already forgot what happened on the store, and focused only on gazing at her handsome darling, who was happily sitting across her.

The waiter quickly came after, took their orders and left. Alex ordered an avocado juice and Anna wanted a hot chocolate, along with strawberry cupcakes. Their order quickly came after chit-chatting for a couple of minutes.

"I'm sorry for earlier, darling, I know I don't have any right to object your desires, but it really feels hard for me when I see you with other women"

After taking a small sip of her chocolate, Anna uttered apologizingly, she knew she shouldn't have gotten angry then, but she couldn't help it.

"It's fine, I understood your intentions"

Alex waved his hands in front of Anna while smiling faintly. He was glad Anna apologized, it was his fault for making her jealous, but it shouldn't be like that, as he wasn't dating her.

"Thanks darling, I should also apologize to Mary... and Ashley, I don't know how she became like that, but strangely I also experienced that before"

Anna pondered. She recalled how she acted, and how she felt when her darling went full on her, she didn't know why it happened, and that made her slightly understand Ashley.

"I don't really know...Hmmm...probably because you're so hot and seductive! Sometimes I think you are probably possessed by a succubus! One glance from you and I get horny~"

Anna giggled playfully, without realizing she said exactly what Alex going through.

"I will take that as a compliment"

Alex smiled warmly, it wasn't a lie if he said he felt frightened after Anna pointed out at an absolute fact, but seeing her playfully drink her chocolate, while eating her cupcakes, he felt relieved.

He was nervous of telling people of his new powers, he couldn't just tell Anna he was possessed by a succubus queen, who made him sleep with her in the first place. It was totally a fantasy to everyone else, and it shouldn't be told yet.

Nevertheless, Alex chatted happily with Anna, they just talked mostly about college things and each other issues, but it was fun for them. It certainly made bad mood fade.

"You will stay working, right? You won't quit?"

Alex asked Anna curiously, with all what was going on, he was certain that she was having the worst times of her life there, also she declared she wouldn't stay there anymore earlier.

"I will stay, I'm really broke now, and I could be homeless at any seconds, I live with my mom and sister. My mom is such a nuisance, she could kick me out anytime!"

Anna chortled, she was having a lot of issues in her family, and she couldn't afford losing her new job, even though the wage was low, it was easier for her to get in.

"Also! I can't let those sluts have you all! For now on, I will also become your slut, and protect you~"

Anna grinned while looking at Alex lustily. She understood she couldn't stop Alex, nor his other sluts, so instead, why not let her anger on something else?

'I'm not excited for that'

Alex nodded lightly with a sweet smile, he wasn't sure if he could feel happy about his work condition after that.

Both of the happy couple carried on their chit-chats lively, talking about everything, getting known to each other, and without realizing, they spent over one hour on the cafe! But they couldn't care any less.

"It is cloudy, It might rain"

While looking outside the window, Anna calmy murmured aftwr looking at the gry sky, the weather today was bad as well, it was cloudy, and about to rain.

"Yes, how are you feeling now? Wanna return to the store with me?"

Alex asked Anna multiple questions, an hour already passed, and he could see few people going in and out the store. The picture Anna posted worked! Still, didn't bring that many customers.

"Yeah, I'm fine now, thanks to you darling~ we can go, I need to go apologize, and get back to work"

Anna stood up from her seat, and beamed a big smile on Alex, making him feel so relieved. Somehow, he made her anger vanish, but he learned the importance of his existence in her life.

With that being said, Alex went and paid the bill. Liza already placed $300 in his pocket as a form of apology for earlier, and he still had that $50 from the gym fees.

After paying the bill, and leaving the cafe, Alex held Anna's hand again, as they crossed the street again towards Mary's store, Anna was delighted and happy with the hand holding that day.

Quickly crossed the street with him, but suddenly stopped in the pavement near the store, as someone her darling seemed to know talked with them.

"I thought you were single~ You broke this lady's poor heart"

A seductive feminine voice came out of a beautiful blonde gal, who standing in front of the door of the store, wearing revealing indecent clothes.

Just looking at the two couple holding hands with a devilish smile.... She was none other than the slutty gal Linda...

Chapter end

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