I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Quick Developments [ 18]

Quick Developments [ 18]

Ashley suddenly kneeled down in front of Alex, and pulled his shorts down slowly, along with his boxer, leaving his bottom body naked.

"Hey?" Alex had a dumbfounded expression.

After he parted away his lips away from his new woman, and after gazing at her man lovely man lovingly for a few seconds.

Alshely couldn't contain her burning desire, and involuntarily craved for Alex's manhood, along with instinctively looking for it.

Looking at the limp dick in front of her face, Ashley breath became even heavier and deeper. His cock was big and fat even when it was just in its little brother form.

'She can't hold it anymore, I'm sure she was craving since she ate your semen yesterday, also my zone is pretty strong now. By the way I'm a hundred percent sure she was jilling off her kitty, before she came out of the bathroom'

Receiving no response from the lust-driven Ashley, Liza explained with a chuckle, announcing the beginning of Ashley slutty life.

'Not only that, after enslaving her, her lust was building up promptly, so you can't judge her for kneeling for your cock. Instead you should ** her brains out as she wants!' Liza added joyfully.

Alex looked down at Ashley, who was gazing lovingly at his dick that was slowly getting up, calmly. However, his eyes were awaking with lust too, just the same as hers.

'How about the other girls? You are not the one who is gonna get caught' Alex uttered worriedly.

He was still concerned about his other two women, who were surely fingering their pussies while thinking of his rod now, but not forever.

However, with all the argument that were rising because of jealousy, surely if Anna and Mary came out, and found Ashley sucking his dick, they would go nuts!

Especially Anna, certainly she would mostly likely burn every cell in her brain out of anger!

'Don't worry about that! It's just a little quick blowjob'

Playing the role of the devil on the left shoulder, Liza encouraged Alex to let his new woman take care of his rising rod. He was getting stimulated from Ashley's persistent, unfazed gaze.

"It's getting so big and thicker..."

Ashley's eyes opened wide, but she spoke with a calm voice as her man's dick already went above her head, making her gaze at it from the bottom lustily.

She was so calm about it, as her lust was reaching its peak, and she had no time for unnecessary shyness.

Yes, Ashley was truly relaxed, her cheeks and ears were red beet, like an extremely embarrassed person, but her voice and gaze were tranquil and sharp.

"Ashley, suck it"

Having no way to stop at the moment, Alex decided to go for that quick blowjob, as his devilish succubus encouraged.

As soon as Ashley heard the start sign, she opened her mouth widely, just to let out her hot breath on the fat meaty stick above her head.

Shorty, she held into it with her small hand firmly, brought it down to her face, and inhesitantly shoved the glans inside her burning hot mouth.

The first time in her life, she would taste and even see a real life cock.


As soon she tasted the most delicious popsicle she ever had, Ashley whined in pleasure with her occupied mouth.

Not only the taste, what clouded her innocent mind, but also the strong lewd smell!

After getting used to the mouthwatering taste, and the mind clouding scent, Ashley began moving her head in and out gently and slowly.

Slurp~ Slurp~ Slurp~

She went on slowly, as it was her first time, and her mouth was small. Her man's veiny dick was so massive, and of course she couldn't swallow even half of it.

Alex didn't want to go hard on her at first, he let her take her time and learn, even though he didn't have much time, as the horny women might return any time soon.

"Ahhggh~ Haff~ Ohh~ so sweet~ Ahh~" Ashley let out some involuntare sweet moan, as she licked and sucked her now favorite rod.

'There is no way I will cum any time soon with this' Alex said with a concerned tone.

She clumsily licked his glans as while holding at his dick unmoving, that was understandable from a virgin, but that was way too far from making Alex, who ejaculated sex times already feeling the urge.

Giving Cristina three loads, and Anna three, his sagging balls were kind of empty, but that wasn't the problem, as he had a fast semen reproducing.

The problem was he wasn't was feeling that strong urge to cum, as he already bent his lust before, and Ashley's sucking techniques were perfect.

"I'm sorry for this, Ashley" Alex uttered with grin, and held her cute chubby cheeks with both his palms firmly.

"Ahhhggfff! Hafffff!" Before even she could respond, she felt her man's cock going down her throat forcefully, stretching her virgin lips to the maximum.

Alex wasn't feeling it just from some licks, so he had to go full on Ashley, even though she was just a new dick sucker.

Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!

The wet noises echoed even louder than before, and Ashley whines became even intenser, as she couldn't breathe at all.

Her face was turning even redder, and her honey-like eyes getting teary, along with her saliva dripping on the floor.

Even with roughness of Alex, Alshely stayed still in her place, and clasping on his bare thighs with her trembling hands. She was totally loving it apparently!

"Agh~" Alex closed his eyes and hus mouth formed into an O, as he let out a groan, while shaking his hips back and forth fastly.

Ashley's tight mouth was definitely a pleasurable hole, totally the best.

He was going aggressive, but not fully, as he didn't jam his whole thing in, despite that Ashley was feeling so overwhelmed, even before he went all on her.

With no time-wasting, Alex slowed down a little bit to collect her brown long hair in his hand. Shortly after, he held it as a ponytail, then began shaking his waist like before.

"Aghh! Ohhg! Hafff~ Uthhh~ Ahgh~"

Ashley was gasping for air, but got nothing, Alex's fat cock closed her whole air canal, making her in shortage of air, but drowning her in pleasure instead.

Slap~ Slap~ Slap~

Going deeper enough, Alex's sagging balls began slapping against her chin and neck, every time he pushed his abdomen strongly in.

His nuts got even bigger after Liza's possession, not only getting their functionality enhanced, but also their size and appeal.

'Hurry up! Once two others finish satisfying their with their fingers, my zone won't work strongly on them' Liza uttered.

She was totally absorbing all the lust off of the four people around her happily, but she couldn't ignore that she could cause Alex some problems with her greed.

Hearing his succubus's sweet concerned voice in his head, Alex began going even faster and rougher, pushing his dick all in, making some drop of tears to roll down Ashley cheeks.

But to her fortune and unfortunate, Alex was finishing soon, as he couldn't hold it anymore. Her throat was tight and slippery, and exactly what to get him on!


"Aaghh! Agh! Hmff! Hmmmmmmm!!" Ashely let out slutty whines and whimper, but soon she let a loud moan, as she felt hot burning fluid going straight to her stomach.

"Aghh~" Alex let out a groan, cumming seven time just in less than four hours wasn't easy, but thanks to his powers, he let a waterfall of semen in Ashley will no problems.

"Hmmm~ Huhhhg~ Ahhh~"

Alex pulled his cumming dick back to her mouth, to give her some air to breath, and time to taste his sweet milk, but soon he drew it all out, just to get a whore like move from Ashley.

"Hmmm~" Ashley opened widely her mouth, and stretched her white tongue obscenely, showing what Alex did to her covered in semen mouth.

She became totally a slut, just because of experiencing some deep throat **ing. However, no one could blame her, as she totally drowned in lust!

"Get up, Ashley, your mom is coming out soon" Alex pulled his shorts up, his dick was still hard as a rock, but he couldn't let it freely hang down his thighs.

"Please no~ I want you to ** my virgin pussy" Ashley boldly and courageously uttered, while rubbing her crotch with her unsteady hand.

Her eyes were begun faintly glowing pink, as the two small hearts were about to appear in them. She continued caressing her virgin kitty above her wet clothes recklessly.

Just like Anna, she was wearing black shorts, they were light, and Alex could see the wetness in them, though they were black.

Unlike him, who finished, Ashley was just starting, giving her some mouth pounding only made her lust rise even more than before, almost at its peak, craving for that meaty dick that wrecked her throat, inside her.


A door opening sound echoed inside the store, but making both startled, but only Alex looked at its direction, just to find, a short blue haired young woman coming out of the bathroom.

She was none other than his woman, Anna.

Unlike before, She looked totally fine now, but her face was blushing lightly as she noticed her darling's consistent gaze on her.

However, soon her blushing face turn into a complicated one, as she noticed Ashley kneeling in front of him.

"What are you doing, Ashley?" Anna calmly asked, but her face had a strange expression.

She was standing behind Ashley, so she had no idea the sexy Anna was behind her.

Ashley didn't notice her, not just because she was standing behind her, but also because lust corrupted her mind.

"Uhm She just helped me tie my shoes, right?, Ashley" Alex pointed at his tied back and white sneakers, he was trying his best to wake her up.

Ashley was kneeling so closely to him, so it looked like she could have been tieing his shoes, that why he made that bad lie.

"Darling, that's bad! You can't make others tie your shoes!" Anna objected Alex's made up reasons.

In spite of her bitch behavior, Anna was totally a good, righteous person, and she protested on her darling making others his servants.

As Liza stated before, enslaving women wasn't like the typical enslavement, he gets to only enslave their lust and desires. Their free would totally remain for them.

Even with that, Alex was surely if he ordered Anna to tie his shoes, she would gladly do it. She stood against exploitation, not against her darling's order.

"She was the one who wanted to do it so badly, so I let her do it" Alex tapped on Ashley shoulders lightly, and smiled awkwardly at Anna.

With that, Ashley stood up, uttering no words, while fixing her stare on Alex, giving Anna no attention. She was regaining some consciousness with was happening, but her lust was still eating her body.

She just stood in front of Alex, looking at his face lovingly with a flushed expression, however, she controlled herself a little, resisting the desire to jump on him.

Not turning around to Anna was actually the best decision, as her face was absolutely ruined, her cute innocent face was filled with tears, saliva, and some semen.

"What this strong smell? It's so familiar"

With having no more things to talk to, Anna noticed a good smell entering her nose, and she had to sniff around.

She was smelling a strong, obscene scent, that she was familiar with. That scent was... Semen's. Luckily, Anna was still figuring it out by taking some more sniffs, and Alex had to do something about it quickly!

Looking around him, he saw a bug spray seated on the cashier desk beside her. That gave him a great idea to remove his smell.

"A spider behind you!" Alex yelled and pointed behind Anna, just to make her shout in startle.

"Eyyyek! Where?!!"

Turning around, and finding nothing, Anna turned back quickly, and looked at Alex with a pale face. Today, he learned that Anna truly had a phobia of spiders.

"I blew it off with the spray"

Nevertheless, Alex lie was helpful, and after Anna turned around, he sprayed some, and the horrible smell of the bug spray replaced his cum's smell.


Before they could carry on their conversation, another clicking door sound echoed, and a mature woman came out. It was her mommy yummy, Mary.

Just like she said, she changed her outfit, but not that much difference than the previous one. She wore a red short-sleeved blouse, along a black tight jean, then her green apron on the top.

Unlike Anna, Mary had only a sweet smile on her face with no blush as she came to others. Despite her mature face that was glowing with beauty, her body was definitely still radiating with lust.

"A bug spray? It smells horrible" Mary turned on the AC of her store, to get out the terrible smell of the spray.

She was having a weird expression on her face. She could see that Anna's face was pale out of fear, and her daughter standing in front of Alex weirdly, while drops of sparkling fluid rolled down her thighs.

'I think you will get caught' Liza chuckled.

With Ashley ruined face, Alex was definitely going to get caught, so he swiftly took a towel paper, and wiped Ashley face with it.

It looked weird to Anna and Mary, as they couldn't see Ashley face that was Alex wiping nervously. However, that wasn't what Liza meant when she said he will get caught...

"Ahh~" As soon Alex hand touched Ashley's face, she let out a soft moan, making him startled!

'Why [Touch of Pleasure] is still activated...' Alex continued wiping her face, but trying not to touch her skin with his fingers at all.

'It's not my fault! It's actually become a passive skill now hehe' Liza giggled nervously.

Alex could tell that she lied, and she purposely let it activated, but he couldn't care about any less, as the two other woman came near to them even more, after hearing Ashley's soft whines.

"Ashley, are you okay?" Mary asked with a concerned tone, as she was gazing at her daughter face, which was decent now, but it was reddened while looking at Alex fixedly.

Anna as well came near, to take a look, but she became worried too, but as she saw her darling's face turning into a terrified one.

What both girls couldn't see, were two small pink hearts slowly occupying Ashley's brown eyes, after he gave her one last push with his incredibly pleasurable hand.

Still! What terrified him wasn't only that Ashley lust reached its peak in such unsuitable moment, but it was her moving lips, as they were about to utter something, something very lewd obviously!


Chapter end

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