I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Library's Pleasure [Part 1]

Library's Pleasure [Part 1]

Alice's phone started ringing before she could continue her sentence, making their passionate time to get interrupted.

"Oh, it's my friend! I forgot I promised her we will meet before my class start! I'm sorry, Alex, I need to go, see you later!" Alice said hastily, and she walked away quickly.

She didn't go hurriedly just because she forgot she promised to meet her friend this morning, but also because Alice was so embarrassed; she orgasmed while standing in the middle of the streets, and she almost said the dirtiest sentence a woman could ever say.

Alice didn't know what was going on with her, getting aroused outside and even orgasming just by a tap by Alex's hand, it was bewildering for her, but she didn't hate it as she felt a lot of pleasure. A pleasure she never experienced before, even when she played with her body.

After Alice disappeared from his sight, Alex sighed, then he started walking again. He was nervous about what was going to happen if Alice's friend didn't phone called her.

He didn't expect it to reach this far! It was his first time touching a woman inappropriately. Though, Alice didn't finish her sentence, Alex knew well what she was going to say.

Despite being prepared physically, Alex wasn't prepared mentally, anyone wouldn't be prepared for it, if your crush that you always watched from distance suddenly said she wants you to ** her, you would normally freak out and feel embarrassed.

Even Alex with his new powers hadn't a prediction that this would happen, as he didn't think it's will be so. He wasn't fully aware of how efficient Liza's skills were on others; it made a girl that paid little attention to him during that mouth, craved for him.

'Your prey left, but don't worry, I'm sure she will come to you by her own will and desire' Liza grinned as she felt her powers already corrupted Alice's mind.

"What were thinking about? Did you seriously want her to have sex with me now?? We are outside"

Returning to the real world and recalling where he was and what he did, Alex responded to Liza's grinning with a complicated expression.

'No, I was just testing my powers on her, and I had to make her taste pleasure, so she will go crazy for more! Prepare yourself well for it~' Liza explained her intentions, still, it felt complex to the virgin Alex.

Afterward, later walking for a couple more minutes. Alex reached the university gate, and he immediately noticed a difference in how people looked at him now, instead of pity and creepy expressions he had received since he was born, it was the total opposite now! Males and females were looking at him with surprise, along with admiration.

As totally as some who was self-conscious about his looks the whole time, Alex felt quite pleased with this change.

Walking happily towards the conference room, Alex soon reached there and sat on an empty seat. He was delightful inside, but pretty expressionless outside.




After a couple of hours, Alex's classes ended and, like every day, he went to the college library to do more research about what he just learned. He was a total nerd and cared only about studying then.

He entered the library; then went to the library assistant, usually a student at this college, who volunteered to help organize the library and help students look for books in their spare time.

That time, it was a girl! Her name was Erin, a short girl with a thick body! Her appearance was quite outstanding, she had dyed purple hair with some blue hair highlights, Not only that! Those blue highlights were matching with her beautiful blue eyes, which looked like gems.

As for her body, she was thick, quite chubby, and short, smaller than most women in her age. However, the thickness of her body was outstanding, as her boobs, ass, and thighs were totally out of the world!

Erin was a 19 year old student, one year ahead of Alex, and one year older.

From the time he observed her, Erin was always expressionless to an extent when he meets her, just doing her work typically, and caring less about him.

However, it was different today. Alex slowly walked to the welcome desk, where she was sitting peacefully. Just like he planned, he was going to ask for the book he wanted.

Nevertheless, Alex smirked after he noticed Erin staring at him with a surprised blushing face since he came in the library.

"Hey, can you please help me find a book?" Alex asked with a big smile, and he placed a note on the desk.

He was feeling awkward inside, but he kept his cool, because of that, he didn't receive any reply or action from her, she was just staring fixedly at him without blinking her wide open eyes!

"Um… Hey? Can you please help me find this book?"

Looking at her amazed expression, Alex instantly realized she was charmed by how he looked, just like Alice earlier, so he decided to ask her once again, as his book won't come and find him.

Hearing the sweat manly voice in her head, Erin came back from heaven, and realized that she was peering at Alex without flickering! She couldn't help but panic.

But before she could even clumsily apologize for her weirdness, Alex waved his hand in front of her, stopping her.

"It's okay, can you help me find this book?"

With having no time to waste, the nerdy Alex pointed at the paper note on the desk with a smile. He was feeling awkward, so he didn't want to make things complicated for both of them.

All fascinated faces everyone had while looking at him today, were making him feel unease. He wasn't used to receiving all that much positive attention. However, he was getting used to it.

"L-Let m-me see" Erin muttered with a shaking embarrassed voice as she read the small paper Alex placed on the desk.

"S-Someone just returned it earlier, I-I will go find it in the back"

After reading the note, Erin stated. After, she went to search in a small bookshelf behind her desk.

She remembered that someone just returned that book, and she put it there along with other returned books. Erin went directly there looking for it, showing Alex her fat rounded ass, which was peeking out of her short purple skirt.

'Hey, should we add her to the 'preys' list? She isn't prettier than Alice, but she is so cute, and her body is well-developed, exactly what you prefer' Liza asked with a devilish grin.

"Well, She is cute and I don't mind it..."

After knowing how things worked and after going more confidence in his looks, Alex knew it was time for him to start moving forward. He couldn't always stay quiet about his feelings and desires.

Before, it was definitely impossible for him even to say a word to a female, but now since he has Liza's powers in his hand, he no longer needed to hold back.

Liza activated both her skills, [Touch of Pleasure] and [Succubus Zone}, immediately after, Alex began seeing changes in Erin!

Erin started feeling the heat rising in her body, and not just any heat! She was feeling super aroused, and her lust was directly focused on the handsome guy behind her.

Feeling her kitty burning, she pressed her thick thighs together and rubbed them simultaneously in a lewd way, just like Alice did this morning.

While experiencing extraordinary stimulation down there, Erin finally found the book Alex was looking for, then brought it to him nervously while looking down out of embarrassment. She walked slowly, and her face was red beet.

"H-Here is the b-book you're l-looking for..." Erin uttered in a trembling, soft voice, then passed a book to the handsome man in front of her.

Looking at her trembling hand, which was holding the book, Alex took the chance and touched it as he took the book.

"Ahh~ Hmmm!"

Erin felt like an electrical wave coming from Alex's hand and directly towards her wet flower. Alex touched her hand for a glimpse of a second, but she felt a vast amount of pleasure. A pleasure she wanted to experience again...

However, Alex grabbed the book calmly, and went to sit in his usual place.

He usually sits alone on an old green couch at the back. No one sits or goes there for many reasons, but the main reason was because it was far from the windows, so sunlight doesn't reach well that spot, but it wasn't a problem for Alex, as long he was far from others than it was fine.

He sat down, placed his black backpack beside him, put the book on a large wooden table in front of him, and started reading it.

After a few minutes of fixed reading, Alex heard footsteps coming in his direction, but he didn't raise his head from his book until that person reached the table.

Alex looked up, just to find a familiar person, It was Erin; she was holding her hand together tightly in front of her crotch. Her facial expression was epic! She was blushing so hard, while panting deeply.

"I–I know it's a w-weird r-request… But can you t–touch m–me?" Erin said nervously, she was having the toughest moments of her life, and Alex seemed the only one who could help.

Somehow, Alex wasn't surprised by Erin's request at all, Liza told him that whenever he charmed a girl, and made her taste his pleasure, she would always come again for more.

"Sure, where?" Alex answered calmly, but with a smile.

Erin's flushing face lit up, she thought he would refuse her weird desire, but the pleasure she received from his fingers was extraordinary, and she couldn't help but ask for more!


Suddenly and unexpectedly, Erin lifted her purple skirt up! Then pointed at her wet white panties shamelessly.

Alex was shocked, but he quickly regained his composure. He knew that he needed to make first moves from now on. Even if he could make women so aroused and charmed, he still needed to take the lead.

"Yeah, sure...Come near" Alex responded with a calm expression like he knew this will happen.

Unlike outside, Alex's heart was literally pounding! Also, Erin was surprised that Alex accepted her strange request, but she was happy he accepted it again! Her wet cave was craving his touches as well as she.

After hearing that, Erin walked forward, but the table was between them, so she went to the left side of the table. Alex also moved from the middle of the couch to the left side, so he could touch Erin's kitty as she yearned.

She stood there in front of Alex with a tomato face, closing her blue eyes from embarrassment, while lifting up her skirt boldly, waiting for his heavenly hand.

"Ahhhh~ Hmmm~ Ohmmm~"

With [Touch of Pleasure] activated, Alex moved his fingers towards her clit, and as soon as they touched it, Erin let out loud sweet moans, fortunately, no one was around, and the library was almost empty from 10 am to 12 pm, the time he was in there.

More wetness spread on the white soft clothes he was touching, as Erin felt a blissful pleasure coming from Alex's hand, making her cunt burn in hotness.

Surprisingly, it was so much better than the sensation; she felt when he touched her hand. He kept his finger touching it for a few seconds, but after he began moving them up and down slowly.

Erin opened her eyes wide, and she lifted her head above from the joy her body was getting, her thick thighs were jolting! She absolutely loved it, but soon that pleasure disappeared, and instantly after she looked down confusedly, and realized Alex pull his hand away from her needy pussy.

"C–can you p–please touch me m–more?" Erin asked with a shaking, cute voice. She was about to orgasm but the heavenly sensation faded!

"Yeah, I will touch you more if you touched me here" Alex uttered with an innocent smile while pointing at his bulgy crotch.

With his powers, Alex's job wasn't just pleasing girls, he also wanted to feel that divine feeling, for the first time...

Chapter end

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