I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Anna's Skills [ 18]

Anna's Skills [ 18]

"Darling, please ** me~" Anna entreated, while gazing lustfully at Alex's handsome face with her full of lust green eyes, along with biting her bottom lips lasciviously.

They were still snuggling in the middle of the street. Luckily, it was in houses area, and it was quiet and empty.

"Hmm~ Beg me even more" Alex smiled sweetly while looking at the astonishing woman in his arms, who was begging him to ravage her body.

Despite having sex just recently with Cristina, Alex didn't mind more. The succubus powers in his body were growing promptly, making him almost horny all the time.

Plus, gaining a decent experience, information, and skills regarding sex. Alex became totally a shameless person, who willingly desired and asked more and more.

"Ah~ Darling, please pound my slutty pussy with your massive cock~ Please" Anna shameless yearned, and begged for Alex's dick.

Hearing those vulgar courageous words coming from the sweet Anna, his heart skipped a beat.

Though, he became such a shameless person, who loved obscenities, he still felt embarrassment, yet excitement running all over his body,going exactly towards his dick, and making it hard instantly.

"That's what I'm gladly gonna do" Alex groped Anna's fat buttocks with his firm big hands, then attacked her lips with his.

Receiving these licentious attacks from her darling, Anna as well launched her naughty attacks as well. She pressed her stacked body against his tightly, causing her plump titties to get squashed and expand to the sides.

That wasn't everything! Feeling her peachy ass getting fondled mildly by her darling as if he was playing with two big balls made of cottons. No matter how much strength he put, his fingers immediately sink in her flesh, so effortlessly.

She began attacking seriously too. Anna wrapped one of her arms around Alex, but the other one was slowly jerking toward his crotch, holding into the bulgy area his cock created.

From all the stimulation, both of their lust levels were hastily rising, and their gentiles normally reacted to it, making them drown in the pleasure of vulgar intimacy. His dick got hard as a rock, and her pussy began dripping wet.

"Hmmm~ Hummmuh~ Hufff~" Anna whined in pleasure while her lips were completely occupied by Alex's.

Their tongues collided against each other, battling for which one would get into the other's mouth. Yet, Alex won this time, and his tongue made his way in, sucking her cheek's insides.

'Hey, You're in the middle of the street, you should find a place where you can ** her' Liza's gentle Ladylike voice rang in Alex head.

Alex was completely emerged in kissing and kissing Anna's voluptuous rosy lips, to the point of forgetting about his surroundings, luckily the succubus sweet voice woke him up.

'Yeah, I didn't think about that'

Alex uttered back through telepathy to Liza, while maintaining the passionate kissing, and the skanky groping, as it was feeling incredibly good even for him.

He didn't plan on going this far with Anna at first, he thought they would just meet, then go to the store directly, but Anna was extremely horny as she didn't receive her darling love for days.

'Your house is nearby, go there and continue~' Liza spoke with a joyful tone as usually, and assisting Alex.

Fortunately her jealousy disappeared, and now it got replaced with satisfaction and happiness, as Alex was about to do Anna as well after Cristina.

"Hmmmm~ Huffff~ It feels so good~ Ah~"

Alex parted his lips away from Anna's, looking at her face that became like a content slut's one from the long, fierce kiss. Unconsciously, they kissed for over 10 minutes continuously while groping and squeezing each other sensitive region.

Even after parting their flawless faces away from each other, they were still in an embrace, as well as their wanton hands on each other's gentiles.

"Darling, I really want to **, I can't hold it anymore~"

Anna rubbed her crotch with her left hand as her right hand was still stroking Alex's cock vulgarly, stimulating his brother with his shorts' fabric.

"Let's go" Alex uttered with a calm face, but his red eyes were glowing with lust.

Having no options other than going to his house to continue what his woman started, Alex took Anna's hand and pulled her gently with him towards his place. It didn't take long before the horny couple reached it.

"This is your house? It so near to my house" Anna spoke with a big happy smile.

Her smile was so big and beautiful, expressing the unbelievable happiness she was feeling after knowing Alex's house was just about three blocks away from hers. That meant she could meet with her darling more often.

Anna looked curiously around his house after they went in it, looking at the living room, the kitchen table that was just near it, and everything around. Alex's house wasn't that big and luxurious as his apartment, but it was tidy and clean.

"Let's go upstairs"

Leaving Anna to peer freely around his house for a few seconds, it was time to return to their obscene moments, as Alex couldn't hold it anymore.

Anna nodded her head, and beamed a lewd smile at Alex. Then she went with him upstairs to his room.

Despite being curious about the place her darling lived in, she was still super aroused and horny while still thinking about what could happen to her after they go up.

"So tidy" Anna exclaimed in amazement again as she scanned Alex's room, it was so clean, tidy and so simple.

But what caught her attention was his bed, imagining her darling ravaging her there, she couldn't help but get aroused even more, and return her whole attention to him.

"I'm going to grant you your wish" Alex smiled devilishly, and pushed Anna gently on his white sheeted bed.

After pushing her seductively on his bed, Alex immediately took off his clothes, standing tall and naked in front of Anna, who was biting her bottom lip, while at Alex's body.

Soon, her eyes slowly glistened in pink as two pink tiny hearts appeared in the middle of them.

'She has been holding for a long time, three days, right? Make sure to wreck that needy pussy~' Liza vulgarly demanded again.

She was right, It had been over three days since Alex banged Anna, it was her first time at that time, and this would be the second time her pussy would take Alex's cock in.

Anna swiftly stood on her four in the bed, coming to the edge of the bed from the footboard side, going towards her darling, who was standing closely there naked.

Staring at his giant cock, which was firmly pointing at the ceiling, and throbbing lightly, while it released a mind-blowing manly scent, lewd enough to make Anna shove it in her mouth immediately after she smelled it.

"Hmmm~ so delicious and sweet, it's driving me crazy Ah~ Hufffm~"

Anna sucked her darling's squishy pink glans, sucking its sweet pre-cum and licking it from below for more. She was doing it gently and slowly, as she didn't use her hands at all, because they were clasping on the footboard of the mattress.

"Ahmm~" Alex whined sweetly.

Anna was focusing only on his glans, which was usually the most sensitive part of the penis. That made him feel tickles, but a huge amount of pleasure going down his spine.

"Hehe~ So cute, I will make you feel even more good~"

Hearing Alex's sweet groans and whines, Anna glanced up at him, and giggled devilishly as she found the best way to make her towering darling feel good.

"Ahh! Ohhh~ damn..." Alex groaned in pleasure as Anna gave his sensitive dick's tip a good slow long kick.

Knowing how to torture her darling from the intense pleasure, Anna drew out her rosy long narrow tongue, then licked his glans from the bottom all the way to the top, gave it a good noodle suck, then went down again with her skillful tongue.

Slurrrp~ Slurrrp~ Slurrrrp~

Alex didn't move from his place, he didn't want to go hard on Anna, as she new to this, he let her do as she pleased. But to his surprise, she was the one who was going hard on him.

He thought she would clumsily and terribly suck his dick, but it turned out wrong, she wasn't sucking his dick at all, just the glans, but it felt ten times better than any blowjob he received before!

"Ahh~ How is it, darling? You like it? You want more?~" Anna asked with a grin after she slowly licked his glans's bottom slowly and continuously with her tongue narrow tip.

"Yes~ I love it" Alex body trembled in the tremendous pleasure was receiving from Anna's tongue skills.

"Hehe~ Good boy~ you deserve more" Anna giggled again in content.

She was feeling super happy after knowing that she was pleasing her man. That was her only objective, and to get to it, she took off her white t-shirt, then throw it aside.

Alex glanced dazedly at the pair of melons that were squished, and covered with a luscious tight caged black bra. Soon, her caged melons set free after Anna unbuttoned her obscene looking bra.

Silently retuning to her job, but this time instead of going on her fours, she squeezed her plump soft titties with her palms, making them tight enough, she closed herself to Alex's twitching needy cock, then lowered her chest on it.

"Oh~ so soft and warm" Alex frowned in pleasure as half of his dick got disappeared in Anna's soft flesh.

"Oh, I forgot about the lubricant~ Dummy me" Anna smiled. She opened her mouth, and pulled her tongue out.

Shortly, streams of her sweet sparkling saliva fell in the hole, she created to receive Alex's cock. However, it was already occupying it, so her sticky mouth juices fell on it instead.

After putting enough saliva, Anna began working. She started moving her squeezed breasts up and down smoothly, while her tongue was busy licking and sucking his glans.

'Oh my god~ where did she learn this from" Alex groaned in his thoughts, as his mouth was shut with the back of his hand.

Feeling his dick going through a tight soft tunnel, and getting licked and sucked at the end of it, he couldn't help but feel the urge to cum.

Slurp~ Plut~ Pukh~ Slurrrp~

Wet lewd noises, mixed with slurping and licking noises, echoed all over the room, and it just went louder and slipperier as Anna began plunging faster.

"Wanna cum? Ahh~ Yes, please, give me your thick sweet semen~ Humm~ please"

Feeling her darling's cock throbbing so violently in her plump breasts, Anna couldn't contain herself from yearning for his thick milk.

With the desire to grant her wish, Alex moved his hands, and placed them on top of her hands, then squeezed her soft huge breasts even tighter.

Shortly, He began moving his hips back and forth, making his veiny rod to slid all the way up to kiss her chin.

"Ohh~ please give it to me~ Ahhh~ shoot it in my dirty mouth Hmmm~ Ahh~"

With throbbing getting intenser just like Alex's thrust. Anna whimpered sweetly, and moaned for her darling's delicious thick fluid, while stretching her tongue out fully, waiting to receive it impatiently.

"Aghhh~" Alex let out a loud manly groaned while glancing up at the ceiling with his closed eyes.

Shots of his thick milk flew out of his dick towards Anna's stretched tongue, and her lustful face, making her more like a slut's one. His throbbing cock let out three long shots of cum, and the rest streamed in her soft titties normally.

"Fufufu~ my darling's sweet seed, I'm getting addicted to it Ahh~" Anna immediately swallowed the cum in her mouth, and began scooping and licking the remaining on her face and breasts.

"You were damn good, you absolutely deserve a reward" Alex smirked at Anna after he calmed himself.

His body stopped trembling, but his dick was still fully erected in Anna's breasts, and she was still licking all the cum off it like a puppy.

However, as soon she heard Alex's satisfied sweet voice, she glanced up at him with a big lewd smile. She finished licking every drop of his sweet milk, and finally let go of her soft milk glands.

"Really?! I'm fully ready for my reward~ Oh, I also have a surprise for you, darling!" Anna looked at Alex with a grin, then turned around on her four.

Showing her soft fat buttocks, which most of them were clearly visible even with her shorts on. Alex was thrilled to know what Anna got for him, but slowly his excitement turn into surprise!

After showing her peachy big butt to her darling and jiggling it for him. She let go off her hands, but stayed on her knees.

Anna laid down on her bare breast, raised her ass up more, and started taking her shorts slowly and obscenely.

A very lascivious black G-string underwear welcomed his sight, making him stunned. However, her vulgar lingerie wasn't the reason he was surprised!

"A butt plug..." Alex blurted out unconsciously while looking at a heart-shaped pink crystal plugged into Anna's butthole with a stunned expression.

"Yes, darling~ How is my surprise? You told me before that you will ravage my butt hole with your thick, long cock, do you remember?" Anna glanced back, and the pink hearts in her eyes sparkled in lust.

Wiggling her fat ass, and slowly pulling down her obscene panties as well, Anna giggled in excitement, while the pink butt plug was getting squeezed by her plump curvy ass cheeks.

"Do you like my surprise? I had to get ready for this, so please ** my tight asshole with your massive veiny rod~ Reward me, me, your slut~ Hmmm~"

Hearing the pleading sweet voice ringing in his dazed mind, while he was gawking at the pink butt plug unwillingly. Alex felt a tremendous amount of lust promptly building up in his body, a desire to rip and wreck his woman's asshole...

Chapter end

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