I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – You're Mine [ 18]

You're Mine [ 18]

As soon as Cristina heard what Alex said, informing her that there would be another round of this heavenly pounding, she lifted her body up, raising her fat buttocks off his thighs.

Even though her hips were lifted to the maximum, Alex's veiny rod was still inside, just his rosy glans though. However, he pushed Cristina to the side gently, causing her to land on her fours. She was kneeling like a puppy on the black leathery couch.

Cristina was a virgin just a few minutes ago, but she professionally bent her belly inward, and raised her larger curvaceous ass up. Alex dazed as he peered at the perfect fat peach in front of him that was overflowing with so many juices.

'She is doing so great! I like her' Liza exclaimed in happy. Cristina was doing incredibly good on her first time, letting all the lust in her body out on Alex.

That exactly what made Liza content, the more slutty the woman Alex **ed the better, simply because the amount of the lust released was huge!

Alex nodded his head in approval, he also liked Cristina shameless actions, and he was so thrilled to shove in hard cock inside of her tight cum sucking cunt again.

With no ability to hold it back, Alex took initiative this time, and started their second round, at the same time doing some gym exercising.

"Hmmm~ Hmmm" Cristina moaned softly as he rubbed his glans against her soaked vagina.

A lot of different juices were coming out of it, cum, blood, and sticky women's juices, with having no time to clean up that dirty hole. Alex groped on her soft buttocks with his hand, then plunged his entire cock in!

"Aahhh~ Ohhh~" Cristina's insides tremble from the pressure that was created by Alex's meat rod knocking on her womb boundaries.

Put~ Plut~ Plat~ Plug~

Alex started off slow, seizing on this seductive woman's huge buttock with all his ten fingers, causing his fingers to drown and disappear in this soft fat flesh.

Cristina's ass was so perfect, so curvy and big, even bigger than Anna's, but since Cristina was surely exercising on the gym as well, she took care of her ass with a lot of squats every day.

Trying to make her huge ass rounded and juicy, with her so much effort, the results were absolutely mouthwatering. A lot of men hit on her because of her voluptuous fat butt. However, being social awkward as an adult was definitely an obstacle, and a red flag to some.

However! Today, a very handsome man came to finally love and care for the ass she worked on all the time! Massaging it, spanking it, and groping it aggressively and even gently.


While plunging his cock out and in slowly, trying to get used to the tightness, also worried about ripping Cristina's recently virgin pussy.

At the same time, gazing at the pair of bouncy buttocks, which were jiggling freely. Out of his fetish, Alex raised his palm and landed it on them violently!

"Ahhhhhh! Ohhhh~ Hmmm~ Ah~ Ah~ Oh~" Feeling a painful, yet so pleasurable spank landed on her ass cheeks, Cristina couldn't help but wet herself again.

'I became addicted to spanking' Alex chuckled.

Every time he sees an ass, his desire to spank it grow instantly, making him a true ass lover. However, he knew not every woman liked spanking, but since it was so pleasurable because of his golden hands. There was no reason to hold it back.

'Ahh~ Spank those asses harder, and pound those pussies rougher, rain me with lust~' Liza let out a sweet moan, as she absorbed the lust coming from both of Alex and Cristina.

Not only Alex and Cristina that were drowned into lust, Liza was also sinking in those lusty moments, enjoying watching live passionate sex.

Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank!

"Ah! Ah! Oh! Eh! Hmm~"

Cristina's peach was turning red from the aggressive hits, making her feel so much pleasure from each one, while squirting every time involuntarily.

'Damn, she is so tight now' Alex blurted out as he felt his cock surrounded with tight meaty walls, crushing his huge snake, and making it throb from the unbearable pressure.

'Just cum~ You are doing pretty good with holding it back normally' Liza uttered with a satisfied tone.

It already was 7 minutes since the round two began, and Alex was feeling the urge to cum again, he held it back for several minutes without using his skill, which was incredibly good for an average human!

Also, his semen count and volume were tremendous large compared to other men, giving him the ability to cum so many times in a row with no problems.

With having such an incredible skill, plus being able to hold it back normally for several minutes, delaying his ejaculation was totally unnecessary anymore.

Pah! Pahhh! Pahh! Pahh!

Suddenly, with his cock throbbing so violently inside Cristina's slippery, yet so tight pussy, Alex increased his thrusting speed, causing his hips to smash with her fat buttocks.

Smacking her cunt with his sagging balls, ripping it with his meat rod, and spanking her wobbly ass. Cristina reached the peak of pleasure, a mighty pleasure, that cannot be experienced even in heaven.

"Ah! Eh~ Ah! Oh! Hmm! Fuck~ Ah" With her mind being clouded with so much lust, Cristina whined boldly like never before.

While nailing her wet pussy with his stick, Alex got curious about her other pink hole, which shut down. It was pink just like her bottom flower, but much tighter.

"Ahhhhhhhh! Ohhhh! Ahghhhf~" Sweat loud moans roamed inside the room, and echoed in Alex's ears, as he unexpectedly shoved his thumb inside her well closed butthole.

Alex felt her pussy wrapping around him even tighter than before, as soon his suddenly rammed his finger in it, resulting both his finger and dick to get crushed by the intense pressure.

'Aghhh~ I'm cumming for sure now' Alex shook his hips even faster, making Cristina's body to shake along with him, then he ejaculated inside while letting manly groans.

"Ahh~ Ohhgh~ Fuck it..." Alex thrust his dick even deeper while his whole body trembled as well, as his thick milk spilled out of it rushedly, like a river inside a tunnel.

Because of the sudden incredible orgasm's shivers, Alex laid back on the couch as his body jolted inpleasure, resulting his dick to drew out of her dirty tunnel, that had so much white stuff flowing down of it, and dripping on the couch.

Surprisingly, Alex couldn't move his body from the intense rush of pleasure and goosebumps. However, he stayed laying down as he gazed at the trembling slutty lady in front of him.

"Ahh~ Ohh~ Hmmm~ Hmmff~" Cristina panted heavily as she was feeling every bone in her body jouncing, making her feel an unimaginable pleasant feeling.

"I-I want more~ Hmmm~ Ahh~ " She glanced back with her hearty eyes at Alex who was comfortably laying down on her larger couch, then at his massive rod, that was still fully erected and hard, ready to ravage her rosy pussy even more.

As it was predicted, Cristina held that long thick stick with her shaky hand, made it stand up, pointed it at her cumsucking clit, then sat on it abruptly! Making her fat butt to slam down on Alex's bottom stomach.

"Hmmm~ s-so good! Ahhhmm~" Cristina began shaking her dump truck ass up and down, while being on her knees, and holding on Alex's as a support.

Looking at her peachy ass bounce every time it landed on him, along with her love nectar spilling and dripping all over him. Alex stared at this incredible sight with a blessed face.

'So damn good, I really like her, you should make sure to enslave her later~' Liza personally liked Cristina, despite being a virgin just few minutes ago, she was doing so good while taking the lead.

'Ohh~ Yes, I do like her too, she is already mine' Alex smirked as he kept gazing at her cunt getting ripped aggressively, but effortlessly from his side.

Plaut! Plukh! Plat! Plagh!

Despite being a professional virgin, Cristina moves weren't in sync, she just slammed her body on his aggressively and so promptly, still It was so pleasurable and incredibly satisfying.

"Ahg~ so good Ah~" Alex let some groans, that were unhearable because of Cristina's whore-like moans and whines.

Feeling wonderful being inside her tight pussy, Alex groped her tender rounded ass cheeks again, but this time, he started pulling down and up again, making everything go even faster.

"Ahhh~Ahhh~ Ohhh~ Ehhh~ Hmmm~ Ahhh~" Cristina squirted many times in a row, and her body gave up from the intense pleasure, so she let Alex carry on, while she savored it.


Alex spanked her fat soft buttocks with his hand, every time her body raise up, giving him a chance to give few aggressive hits to it.

A minute after a minute, Alex watched his hands pulling up and down such a lascivious body involuntarily on his rod, making it all the way inside, and knocking on her full uterus, which was about to receive another load again!

The urge started growing,he groped her soft butt cheeks even more aggressively, making his fingers to leave 10 reddened spots in her tender pale flesh, at the same time, he pulled it down roughly as he was about to cum again!

Pahhh! Pah! Pah! Pahh!

The clapping sounds got louder, as well as crispy wet noises, making a beautiful hymn in their love making time... But soon it reached to an end, as Alex finally poured his thick milk in her insides. Creampieing her lustful pussy three times in a row!

Immediately after, Cristina let go of herself and landed laying on her stomach on the couch, causing her bouncy mountains to jiggle beautifully. She was panting so heavily as she rested between Alex's legs.

Alex as well began breathing unsteady. However, he was feeling so much energy and power in inside of him, unlike Cristina who laid down on between his thighs exhausted.

'That was satisfying~ How about for the fourth round?' Liza grinned in satisfaction, her powers were returning so promptly thanks to Alex. Yet, she couldn't help but get greedy for more.

'I would love to, but she was a virgin just recently, and I'm afraid if I railed her more, she might get injured' Alex uttered as he lifted his body, and sat properly on the couch.

Alex was right, his dick was so big, that most women won't be able to take all for the first time if it wasn't for his powers, but Cristina gladly did! Three times in a row, and for over a half an hour! It was the first time Alex have sex with a virgin woman for this long.

'Okay~ but make sure to make this beautiful slutty cunt exclusive for you' Liza really liked Cristina. She insisted on Alex making her his, so she could watch them ** again and again.

Alex nodded his head in agreement, and began lightly spanking on her voluptuous fat ass, causing more of his thick semen to gush out of her beautiful slutty cunt.

After a few minutes of resting, Cristina's breath was finally getting steady, and her body almost stopped trembling. Shortly, she also raised herself, and sat on the couch beside him, while unconsciously leaning her head on his shoulder.

'She isn't just sexy, but also cute' Alex said with a smile, while gazing at Cristina who was still closing her eyes, feeling her first man hot fluid flowing inside her womb.

"Cristina, you're mine" Alex smiled faintly, then placed his lips on hers, surprising her first but making her feel so much warmth inside her body after.

A beautiful succubus pink tattoo above her wrecked hole was getting permanently placed in there. Alex caressed it while he kissed Cristina passionately.

Feeling a strong connection formed between her and her man, Cristina slowly parted her lips away, then opened her beautiful big eyes that still had those small hearts occupying them, and looked at him with a loving gaze.

"Alex...Can you marry me please?"

Chapter end

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