I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Two Young Women

Two Young Women

"Hello there" Alex regained his composure, and spoke with his expressionless face.

He was inside the sales office, along with a stunning young woman, who was actually the landlord of those nice expensive flats!

From what she said, her name was Jessica, a comely woman, with an astonishing curvaceous body, and natural beautiful face. Wearing a black pencil skirt along with a blue sleeved blouse, besides having a shining golden necklace on her neck.

With all that, Alex could tell she was probably in her mid-twenties, as she looked so mature and elegant.

"Welcome, sir, what I can do for you?" Jessica smiled faintly as she sat in her big, tidy desk.

Alex was currently inside the big room inside the small white building besides the residences. It was quite an empty room, but very elegant and tidy.

Jessica was behind her desk, sitting on a black chair, while resting her arms on its armrest, and leaning her back on the backrest, and looking at Alex with a calm look on her face.

What was surprising about all of this was Jessica expressionless face, unlike the other woman, she didn't look charmed at all by Alex's good looks. She just kept a faint smile with a normal expression, that had no blush in it.

'She is so good at acting' Liza uttered as she could see behind the beautiful woman that was just sitting on the black chair unfazed.

Alex nodded his head lightly, after focusing a little, he could sens faint lusty emotions coming from her body as her flower slowly got watered with her lovely juices.

"I want to rent an apartment" Alex smiled faintly at Jessica, he was still standing, but after uttering his intention and his purpose of coming. Jessica signed him to sit on one of the two chairs besides her desk.

"What's the apartment you're looking for?" Jessica smiled faintly again at the sitting Alex, trying to make a new tenant.

With that being said, Alex pulled his phone out, going back to the same apartment he saw on their website, then showed it to Jessica, since he couldn't remember the name or the address of the apartment.

"Oh! It's available, but it's quite expensive" Jessica lifted her surprised face up, and looked at Alex.

He looked so young to her, and he was just wearing simple unbranded clothes. Alex didn't seem to be someone who could afford to live in such an expensive area.

"Don't worry, I have the money for it" Reading Jessica's face, he could tell what she was thinking about.

However! Unlike how simple his apparel looked, his pocket was saying the opposite! Well, no, he was actually broke just like he looked like...but at least he had enough money to pay for one month.

"I apologize. Should we go take a look, so you could make your decision with no regrets"

Jessica apologized for her ruched conclusion, and stood up from her seat, revealing her bottom body, which had a black expensive looking pencil skirt that reached to her knee.

Alex stood up as well, gazing at the beautiful woman in front of him, who undoubtedly looked so elegant and pretty.

However, despite being with the most attractive guy in the world! She didn't show any unusual reaction.

But that didn't make Alex feel any bad, as he could feel that she was aroused. She looked normal outside, but on the inside she was inflamed as her body was getting slowly hot.

Noticing Alex's persistent stare on her, she averted her gaze, and quit the office building while heading towards the targeted apartment.

After Jessica left, Alex followed closely from behind, looking at her curvy ass boldly. Her ass was just an average size, however, it looked so delicious and tasty to eat out.

Jessica's mature body was well-developed, her body sensitive parts weren't exactly that big, but they still looked so voluptuous and captivating, also so arousing.

Just walking behind her, made Alex feel quite turned on, it was just the morning and his cock and semen were still fresh.

However, Alex calmed himself a little by taking some deep breaths, then he increased his walking pace to walk just beside the elegant young woman, and avoiding looking at her privates.

It would be so great if Alex had such an attractive woman as his breakfast today, but since he was already busy with the apartment thing, he shouldn't make it complicated.

Also, Alex was cautious about Jessica being in a relationship already. With his weird succubus's powers, he could tell that Jessica didn't have sex in a while, and her uterus was longing for semen. However, he kept his caution.

After just a couple of minutes, Alex and Jessica reached the building that had the apartment he wanted. The building was 12 stories, and it looked so nice, also near to the main street.

With silently walking, both of them entered the building, and went to the elevator. The apartment wasn't that far, it was on the second floor, and you could reach it quickly with stairs, however Jessica chose the elevator, as she was wearing high heels.

"Here we are" Jessica uttered as she pulled out a bunch of keys, then opened the door after unlocking it.

After entering, a beautiful looking living room greeted his sight, it was quite small, but so elegant and beautiful. The whole apartment was furnished as it was mentioned on the company website before.

"Take your time" Jessica smiled faintly with a welcoming gesture.

Alex became comfortable and went exploring, sitting on the white couches in the living room, checking the glass table with his hand, while looking at the turned off big TV, which was carefully put on a wooden low wooden elegant table.

Also, going exploring the three rooms, which all of them had decent sized bedrooms, with closets and drawers. Then going to the kitchen that had every item anyone would need for cooking.

Finally, going to the large bathroom, that had a good-sized toilet and shower. They were quite distance from each other, and that what Alex wanted.

Besides that, what was perfect! Was a big bathtub that could easily fit in two people.

"I like it, I want it" Alex returned to Jessica, she was sitting on a black nice chair besides the door, while waiting for him.

"That's great. However, it's $2500 per month, no delays, otherwise you will get kick out" Jessica smiled faintly.

She was a businesswoman, who knew how to run a successful business properly.

'She is pissing me off! How could she stay calm outside, while her body is burning inside! I feel offended because of that' Liza spoke in annoyance.

Alex also could feel her lust reaching high levels, but she still kept the mature elegant face as she talked with him, who had a succubus's queen charm!

'Hey, don't do something stupid again, just leave her alone. I can ** Mary as much as you want when I go back to the store' Alex tried to calm down Liza.

He was worried about Liza activating her powers on Jessica carelessly, Alex knew nothing about her, and he was always worried about destroying someone's love life.

Alex couldn't tell if she was married or had a boyfriend, but it would be better if he stayed out until he confirmed.

With the pleasure he gives, he was sure that any woman would yearn for more after tasting it, which meant ruining their lives and relationships.

"Okay, Okay, I'm calm now" after a few seconds of hearing Alex saying he would ** Mary's brains out when he gets back, Liza quickly behaved herself.

"I understand, let's go" Alex uttered with a light smile, informing to Jessica that he already understood her terms.

With a light nod, Jessica went out, going back to her office.

After a couple of minutes, they reached there. Jessica sat on her desk chair like before, and Alex sat on the available chair for clients.

"Okay, could I see your ID?"





After over ten minutes, Alex was done with the paper work, and paid for the current month, emptying his pocket from every dollar he had, but receiving the keys. Three keys to be exact.

Alex already told Jessica about how many people would live in the apartment, and Jessica gladly handed copies of the key for everyone.

With that, he stood up from his seat, putting the three keys in his pocket, glancing a little more at the stunning beauty, before he leaves.

But! What he was afraid of happened. Jessica cheeks started getting red, and her breath became heavier. Looking at him with lust filled eyes, Alex could tell what was the reason.

'You don't listen at all' Alex uttered with an expressionless face, he wasn't mad nor happy at what Liza did. Activating her succubus zone without any warning.

'Hehe, I'm sorry for acting by myself again, but I would love to see this bitch crawling on her four to suck your cock' Liza chuckled in a joyful voice as she finally saw the lewd expression on Jessica face, which she wanted.

'Not today' Alex wasn't ready to make his move on Jessica, even though she was craving for him now.

"Thank you" Not wanting to stay anymore, to avoid making things more hard and intense for Jessica, Alex waved his hand and exited the building, then the residences area

'You are just too nice! If I was in your place, I would be banging her carelessly now' With Alex walking in the streets, Liza uttered with dissatisfaction.

She knew Alex obeyed the rule of never stealing someone's else girl, but Jessica was someone who made her doubt her charm for a second, which made her a little irritated.

'Don't worry, your charm is super powerful, and it was working properly. Don't forget that you are not on your full power, and you're the most powerful and beautiful succubus queen in the whole universe. It just happened she has a good poker face' Alex was trying to calm Liza, he knew exactly what made her mad at Jessica.

"Yes! You're right, my Alex~" Liza sweetly uttered after hearing Alex genuine praise. Hearing those words, made her happy and calm down immediately.

Alex nodded, and kept walking slowly on the pavement, looking at people passing by.

'Oh, there's a gym there! You should go register in, it's so near to your new place' Liza uttered with joyful tone, unlike before.

There was a gym just beside Alex. He looked at its glass, to see the gym equipments behind for showing off, and advertisements on the glass.

'I don't have any money on me' Alex uttered as he shoved out of his hands on his shorts pockets.

All the money he had was given for the rent of this month, leaving him on zero dollars. However, soon flowing energy waves were occurring in his right pocket, that had his right hand in, and soon he could feel a small paper in his hand.

'No excuses now!' Liza spoke. She was trying to encourage Alex to join the gym as soon as possible, changing his unhealthy lifestyle, while gaining the shape he wanted.

Alex went into the gym swiftly, he also wanted to join as soon as possible to change his body for better, but laziness was capturing him.

While walking straight, Alex reached the welcome desk, which had a beautiful young woman in it, beautiful but rather sexy...

Her face was so pretty, but her body was something else. Alex couldn't hold himself from looking at her plump breasts, which looked it about to spill out of her white sport bra.

She was sitting in the welcome desk, hiding her bottom body with it, but exposing her lascivious upper body, along with her bewitching face.

Unlike Jessica, this young woman had a blush on her oval face, as she gazed fixedly at Alex with a pair of rose-red colored eyes, which had the same color as her long smooth hair.

"H-Hello sir, I'm Cristina, the owner of this gym, h-how can I help you-u?"

Chapter end

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