I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – My Yogurt [ 18]

My Yogurt [ 18]

"Mom, are you there?" Ashley's voice rang in both lust-driven lovers' ears, coming from the product shelves, making both of them startled.

"Quickly hide!" Alex whispered to Mary with an anxious voice.

Mary was completely naked from head to toe, and didn't have time to wear her clothes back. Alex was also naked, but just his bottom body, fortunately everything under his stomach was completely covered with the cashier desk.

Hearing Alex abrupt order as well as her daughter shouting, even the lustful Mary felt worried. However, she did as Alex said and pulled Alex's fat cock from her wet vagina, then kneeled on the ground, hiding herself from her beloved daughter.

Being interrupted middle way somehow didn't stop the slutty Mary from continuing herself. As soon she kneeled, Alex's dick greeted her sight, and its manly lewd scent made her worry disappear, and it replaced with lust. She began jerking him off gently and carelessly.

'She is so shameless' Alex uttered with a pleased expression, as he peeked down at Mary who was stroking his cock unblushingly.

'Shouldn't you have a threesome instead?' Liza suggested with a grin, but soon her dauntless proposal got rejected.

'No, Ashley is still a virgin, plus it's her mom, who she's just start properly talking with her today' Alex responded with anxious tone. Even though Mary was hidden, he was still worried.

He was used to Liza's vulgar nature. She thinks only about lusty things, even in critical and risky moments.

Liza didn't want to argue more, as she could understand that Ashley needs to be alone in her first time.

"Alex? What are you doing here..." Ashley finally reached the cashier, and asked with a puzzled face, while carrying a small shopping bag.

"Hey, your mom hired me, I will be working here starting today" Alex said with sweet smile, as he gazed at Ashley flawless face.

He could see her face as she stood in front of him, surprisingly all her bruises and injuries were all gone, and her smooth skin was glistening in perfection, however, she was still having some magical plasters on her face.

She was wearing a gray baggy hoodie with white straps in the arms, along with a black tight jean, that thighned itself on her beautiful long legs. However, she was having the hood on, hiding her brown long hair and parts of her outstanding pretty face.

As soon as she heard what Alex said, her cute face lit up! She smiled faintly as she looked at him, wearing a green convenience store apron.

Despite attempting suicide multiple times, but after Alex and her mom listened and comforted her, she was feeling a lot better than before, however she still felt slightly awkward talking with the two.

It was pretty normal, since both know that she tried to take away her life because of intense bullying. She was ashamed of her past mistakes, but she slowly opened up to them.

"Really? That's great!" Ashley smiled so sweetly, but soon her face turned flushing after realizing what she said excitedly.

After getting saved by Alex, and getting help from him. she began developing a new impression of him.

"T-Thank you for helping my mom" Ashley suddenly bowed down with her embarrassed face and hiding it.

She could tell that Alex helped and still helping her mom as well, just by working with her was a big help. Alex was a handsome guy and finding a high paying part-time job was easy as drinking water.

Not only that, she could tell that he helped her emotionally too, after talking with Alex and mom earlier, she found the same unique manly scent stuck in her mom's clothes... quickly realising that Alex was intimate with her mom.

However, Alshely didn't feel weird or awkward with her mom nor Alex. After learning Mary's painful past, she was grateful for Alex help...and also hugs.

"Where is my mom?" After lifting up her face, Ashley asked again promptly.

"She went outside and left me go to take care of the store" Alex slightly peeked down at Mary, who was impatiently jerking off his cock, looking for more delicious semen.

"Okay, I go change my clothes and come help you" Ashley uttered with a faint smile and a blushing face, then went to the same room she went into yesterday.

'You don't have much time, shake your balls quickly' Liza chuckled.

Alex glanced down at Mary, who was still jerking off his cock, but nothing was coming out even after rubbing it for a few minutes, and her patience was running out.

However, Alex was here to rescue! He placed his hand on her cheeks and as soon she felt them, she stood up facing Alex with a lewd slutty expression.

"Alex, please ** me~ Ahh~" Mary leaned back on the desk, and spread her wet pink cave with her fingers, showing Alex the way.

With no time-wasting, Alex lifted her thigh and pointed his fat pink glans at her own welcoming cunt, then with no warnings, he plunged his entire cock inside!

"Hmmmmmmm~ Ahh~ Ohhh~"

Mary's insides tremble from the pleasure, getting invaded roughly by his snake, and knocking on her lonely empty womb.

Plut...Plut...Plat! Plugh!

After getting used to the tightness of Mary's insides, he began thrusting rougher and faster, trying to finish before her beloved daughter returned.

"Ahh~ Ohh~ Hmm~ it f-feels so good~ Ah~" Feeling so much pleasure rushing through her lewd body as her plump breasts bounced up and down in sync, she moaned involuntary.

With no time to enjoy the slow sex, Alex lifted her right leg up to his shoulder, groped her bouncy busty buttocks, and thrust his hips back and forth, pounding her dirty cum sucking cunt, and making it drip with its obscene juices

Plut! Plat!...Plugh! Pluut!

Alex could feel how her voluptuous buttocks felt so soft and fluffy in his hand. He could feel the hotness of her loins, and the hardness of her rosy nipples.

"Ah~ Oh~ Ehh~ A–Alex! Ahhh~"

Feeling her pussy getting ripped mercilessly as her bare leg hang up on his shoulder, Mary was feeling so incredibly good!

"Hah~ Ah~ Hmmmf~ Don't be so rough~ Humm~ Oh~"

Having her pussy getting pounded roughly as Alex massaged her buttocks with his big hand, smacking his balls against her slutty cunt, and making her insides tremble in pleasure. Her only support was the desk behind her.

"Ohh~ We don't have much time" Alex remarked, reminding the reckless Mary of her daughter that might come back anytime soon.

With every second passed, a drop of sweat formed on Mary's elastic skin, and the feeling of orgasming was reaching its peak every time.

Pahh! Paah! Pah! Pah!

Increasing his thrusting speed, Alex as well was feeling the urge to cum building up, he did pretty well holding it up, though Mary was playing with his dick all the time.

Feeling the throbbing increased in Alex's divine dragon, Mary hugged Alex and pressed her body against his, even though, her right leg was on his shoulder, while the other one was on the ground. She didn't feel any discomfort as she only cared about her Alex thick semen in her wet needy pussy.

"Ahh~ Hah! Give it to me please~ Ohhh~ Ahhh~ Hummmhah~" Mary pleaded lewdly as Alex increased his speed, making her insides shake from the roughness, and her womb ready to receive his hot fluid.

"Ahhhh~ Ohh~ Ah~ f-**! Ahhhhhh!"

"Aghhhgh~ Ahhgh!" Alex groaned and pushed his hips so roughly, forcing Mary's butt to sit on the desk suddenly, as his cock began firing his seed into her.

Mary's lips parted away, letting her dirty mouth let out a primal moan, as she squirted while Alex's hot semen forcibly invaded her womb.

Looking at his woman, which her eyes were glowing pink with those rosy hearts in them with a satisfied expression, then looking down at her open lascivious rosy lips, he couldn't help but place his on them.

"Hmmm~ Humm~" Mary closed her eyes as soon Alex closed her wanton lips with his.

Sucking her juicy tongue, and bitting her pink, beautiful lips, Alex lost his mind. His cock was still occupying Mary's octopus-like pussy, that sucked every drop of his milk out its canal, and feed it to her womb.

After a few passionate seconds, Alex pulled out his still erected dick out, and let go of her smooth soft leg. Letting his hot fluid gush out and slid down her thighs like a waterfall.

Looking at that sight, it was mesmerizing. Mary's trembling sitting body, especially the pink womb tattoo that was beautifully placed above her wrecked and creampied pussy.

'It would be great if you **ed her more' Liza said with a chuckle, she was regenerating alot of her power and Mana, and was greedy for more.

'Yes, I would love to do it more, but I can't now' Alex uttered back with a calm voice. Looking at his Mary's dirty pink pussy, it made him only want more.

"Hohh~ dress up, Ashley is here" Alex sighed as he looked at his hard big brother, slowly returning limp, and into his small brother.

"Ahh~ Ohh~ A-Ashley is here?" Returning some of her conscious as her pink hearts disappeared, Mary began regaining awareness of what was going on around her.

She knew that Ashley returned back, and went to the other room to change her clothes, but after getting drowned in lust, she only cared about Alex.

"Yes, dress up quickly" Alex quickly wipe off the love juices off his cock with a paper towel, and started wearing his black pants.

"My clothes are wet, I will also go change" Mary said with a blush as she looked her pants and lingerie, which were completely soaked in her juices.

Alex nodded as a response, and peered at Mary, who was walking sluttily naked inside her store, then entering the manger room to change her clothes.


Just after a couple of seconds, Ashley came out! Wearing a beautiful black crop top, along with a black chiffon jacket, which both looked stunning on her. As for her bottom body, she was just wearing some simple gray shorts, that barely covered her smooth thighs.

The clothes she was wearing suited her, and she definitely looked so beautiful like her mother, but it was an unusual type of clothing.

She usually wore a baggy hoodie to cover her face, hair and body, but this time her brown smooth thick hair was well visible as well as her charming face, that had no bruises on it, nor band-aids.

"Hey, I'm back" Ashley uttered with a soft voice, and a flushed face, she noticed Alex's persistent Impressed gaze on her, which made her heart jolt in happiness and embarrassment.

She came near, and stood close to Alex, she was blushing so hard while looking at the ground, but her face had a faint smile on it.

"Welcome back" Alex smiled beautifully at Ashley, pretending he didn't ** her mom just where she was standing now.

"What is this? A spilled yogurt?" Ashley suddenly leaned over the desk with her face, observing the white, thick fluid that was laying on the counter desk.

'That's my cum...' Alex glanced at what Ashley was talking about it, to find out that he forgot to clean the desk...and some of his semen spilled on It while Mary was sitting there.

"It smells so good" Ashley eyes lit up as she sniffed the unknown white fluid.

"I-I accidentally slipped out some of my yogurt earlier, and I didn't notice it, let me clean it" Alex said with an awkward smile as Ashley sniffed his cum.

Without paying attention to what Alex nor averting her gaze from the good smelling yogurt, Ashley did the unexpected...

"Hummmm~ it's so sweet, too!"

Chapter end

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