I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Dazzling Foreplay [Part 2] [ 18]

Dazzling Foreplay [Part 2] [ 18]

The two girls leaned on the counter desk to peek down at what Alex was glancing down, every time satisfyingly.

Alex was totally unaware of what both girls were about to do, he didn't notice them slowly closing to him. He just kept staring at the lewd Mary, who was covered in his cum, while she happily ate and drank it.

"Huh? What are you staring at?" Linda uttered in a soft voice with a muddled expression.

Both girls glanced at what he was looking down at, and found just Alex's legs, which had pants on normally.

Both girls saw nothing irregular, nor weird. It was just the ground with Alex's legs standing on them typically.

Suddenly hearing Linda's soft voice just near his ears, Alex hurriedly glanced up.

He had an anxious expression, combined with confused looking eyes. After understanding what Linda incomprehensibly uttered, his confusion grew even more.

"Why are you staring lovingly down at nothing?" Menina finally spoke, but in a garble way.

She finally revealed her sweet feminine voice, that could make anyone feel relaxed and soothed after hearing it.

Hearing Menina's gentle voice, Alex switched his gaze to her, then down at Mary who was still licking semen off his cock carelessly, then again up at both tilted head girls.

Alex was totally confused, but soon Liza pridefully explained, making his questions disappear.

'Be grateful, I saved your ass again hehe' Liza giggled in a prideful tone, yet playful.

'What did you do...' Alex had a puzzled face as he asked the succubus queen Liza.

'Hehe, I made an illusion! Both girls see everything normal down there unlike what it really is' Liza chuckled as she proudly introduced another fantastic skill of hers.

'Woah! That's great, thanks' Alex excitedly stated, he was thrilled to use another skill of Liza's supernatural skills, but didn't forget to thank her.

'Don't get overexcited, I can use it only for a few seconds' Liza bitterly said, her pure powers were still low to use such a powerful skill.

Nodding his head lightly as a response to Liza, Alex returned his attention to both girls.

"I apologize, I have some stomach pain, and I think I will go to the bathroom. As for my number, you can ask me after my shift is done, If there's nothing else I can help you with, please leave" Alex uttered with a soft voice and a fake big smile.

Feeling that the lust driven Mary still yearning for more of his love, licking all over his still erected cock as if she was licking on an ice-cream.

Alex needed to satisfy her desires, he was also at his limits and he couldn't hold it anymore, but both captivated girls were still standing in front of him unmoving.

"Oh~ Unlucky me. Okay, but I will come another time~" Linda said with a disappointed but friendly expression. However, soon her pretty face return smiley like usual.

Even after getting rejected and told to leave, the joyful lovely expression on her bewitching face didn't leave, it just grew more beautiful as she was saying bye.

The silent Menina nodded lightly with a faint smile, she was definitely charmed by Alex as well, and didn't complain about his unfriendly rejection.

Taking the plastic bag, which their groceries were in, Linda winked at Alex with a provocative smile, then left along with her friend Menina.

But unexpectedly, Linda stopped on her way suddenly. She glanced back at Alex with a smile but with a reddened face, then she suddenly she lifted her pink short skirt!

Revealing her fat, curvaceous and callipygian peach! It looked so soft and squeezable. Not only that, her satiny pink pantie, which was just a tight string coming down her ass crack, covering nothing of her lascivious butt cheeks.

'You shouldn't waste an ass like that!' Liza boldly spoke after looking at Linda's mouthwatering ass.

She didn't mind add more girls unlike Alex.

'I have something better already' Alex smiled at the blushing Linda, while thinking of his MILF beauty.

Noticing his persistent courageous gaze, Linda hurriedly let got of her pink small skirt and left quickly along with Menina, who witnessed Linda's vulgar act with a blush.

After both girls exited the store, Alex turned his whole attention to the woman, who licked everything off his cock, cleaning it all, but still looking for more.

Looking at her pretty mature face, he placed his big hand on her plump rosy cheek, and as soon as she felt it, she stood up, gazing at her man with loving expression.

However her upper body totally naked!

Not only that, her blue tight jeans were totally wet in the crotch area! As if she peed herself. While sucking and serving Alex's cock, she unwillingly squirted many times from the unbearable pleasure!

Gazing lovingly at the pair of trembling pink peaks, which were located on Mary's perfect shaped bouncy mountains. Alex dazzled and fixed his eyes on them.

Alex was definitely an ass guy, that preferred ass over boobs, but looking at Mary's busty voluptuous titties, he couldn't help but feel extremely aroused.

He moved both of his clumsy hands towards them, then slowly groped them. As he foresaw, his ten fingers instantly sank in those soft, well-endowed melons.

"Ah~ harder please~" Mary's lips parted away as she felt incredibly good after his hands gently squeezed her milkers.

Looking at Mary's beautiful needy honey-like eyes that had a pair of small lascivious rosy hearts occupying them. Alex had the full permission to go for it thoughtlessly.

With no hesitation, Alex leaned his head over, burying his face in those soft sultry mountains, then began pinching both nipples with wanton fingers, while at the same time licking and kissing every inch of her softies.

"Ah~ My Alex~ More please~ Ohh~" Mary closed her eyes and opened her lips to let out her sweet pleading moans for Alex to hear, while at the same time wrapping his head in her palms gently.

Since she switch from calling Alex 'darling' to his name, that signified that her jealousy was slowly disappearing as Alex gave his full attention and love.

Hearing his mature woman moans and whines just right beside his ears. Alex moved his face to her right boob, to be exact, his mouth! His gently licked the trembling rosy nipple with his full tongue, soaking every spot around it with his saliva.

"Hmmmm~ Ah~ Ohh~"

Feeling her right boob getting licked and sucked on by Alex's mouth, while her left one, was mercilessly getting crushed and squeeze with his hand, Mary couldn't help but moan loudly and sweetly.

'Try biting it softly, I'm sure she would go crazy~" Liza suggested and guided Alex to how gently take care of Mary's milk glands!

Spending some time with Alex, she certainly could tell that he loved the butt more than the breasts, because of that she needed to show him to please a woman from her upper body.

Hearing Liza's suggestions in his head, Alex drew his tongue back into his mouth, then formed his mouth into a gentle biting opening.

With no hesitation to take Liza's suggestions, he slowly closed his mouth after placing Mary's pink in it.

"Hmmmmmmmmmmmahh!" Mary freely let out a loud, sweet moan as she suddenly felt Alex's teeth bitting her poor love-needing nipple.

As soon Alex bite her nipple, she felt a huge rush of pleasure coming through her body, giving her goosebumps, and making her involuntarily squirt in her pants!

While keeping biting Mary's nipples gently while playing and crushing her plump breasts, making her unwillingly orgasm from his gentle, yet aggressive touches.

"F–Fuck!~ Ohhh~ Hmm~ Ahhh~"

The pleasure was making Mary slowly lose control about everything, Alex was overthrowing her overwhelming natural, and making her moan loudly just from his skilled foreplay.

But for a mature woman like Mary, losing wasn't in her dictionary. She swiftly jerked her hand down toward Alex's wet hard cock, and began stroking it shamelessly.

'Damn, I can't hold it anymore...' Alex's lust was slowly building up, and he wanted to bend it down on Mary as soon as possible.

While Mary jerked off his long thick dick with her unsteady hand, he sucked on her breasts like a baby.

But this time he lowered his hands toward her privates as well, and began clumsily unzipping and removing her tight pants without looking down.

Shortly, he successfully unzipped Mary's blue jeans, and pulled them down, along with her soaked blue sultry panties, exposing her shaved wet clit, that could make any man drool from its beauty, just as much it was drooling with her juices now.

Lifting his handsome lustful face off her busty titties. He bent down a little, and pulled Mary's pants down, then abruptly removed it completely. It was so tight on her thick thighs, and plump ass, but with his unnatural strength, Alex pulled it out quickly.

"I can't hold it anymore" Alex uttered with a pleading tone as well, while looking at Mary with a lusful expression.

He lifted Mary's leg with his left hand, then rubbed his cock with her dripping wet cunt. So desperate to put it in there.

"Ahh~ Don't hold it~ Ahh~ Ravage me with your thick long cock~ Please Hmm~" Mary smiled lewdly at Alex and she bit her bottom lip as her eyes glistened.

Just like Alex, she was desperate to get **ed, and by him. Her pussy was so extra wet today from the long foreplay, and she couldn't hold her desire of getting it wrecked anymore.

Alex held Mary's right thigh with his hand and kept rubbing his glans against her flower sticky lips, trying to find the right hole, and after finding it, he inhesitantly plunged his entire cock inside her in one go!

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" Mary let out a primal, loud moan and squirted immediately as his brother hit her womb boundaries aggressively, knocking on her empty womb.

After making Mary orgasm just after putting it, Alex smirked and began thrusting back and forth slowly and gently.

Plut~ Plat~ Plukh~

Alex thrust gently and slowly his hips in and out, making his dick slid back and forth in her slippery tight insides.

Despite her pussy being so wet and slippery, it maintained the pressure Alex was seeking for.

'Sorry to interrupt. You know I love you having sex freely, but you're in a public store, people might see through glass. I can't use invisibility now, my Mana core is almost empty after using the illusion, so you should go inside the room' Liza uttered with an apologetic tone.

Even though she was regenerating a huge amount of Mana while Alex **ed his girls, she still use most of it with her skills.

Her sweet voice woke up Alex a little and began looking at his surroundings, realising that he was still in Mary's store, and he needed to change the place.

Suddenly, he heard the store bell ringing sound and soon a familiar voice...

Ding Dong~

"Mom, are you there?" A girly soft voice rang in Alex's ears, and he could certainly tell that it belongs to... Mary's daughter, Ashley.

'Damn, I can't ** in peace..."

Chapter end

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