I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Dazzling Foreplay! [ 18]

Dazzling Foreplay! [ 18]

Alex was startled by Linda's sudden question. After suddenly closing his eyes and groaning while his whole body trembled, it made Linda suspicious of what he was doing.

"No, I'm just having some pain in my stomach, is there anything else I can help you with you?" After calming himself and collecting his thoughts, Alex uttered with a big, gentle smile.

His smile was astonishing to the point of making both girls blush in embarrassment.

"I-I understand, I was just joking!" Linda blew her hands in front of her face, trying her best to vanish and hide her reddened face.

Even after Alex saying he wasn't doing anything indecent down there, Linda was still a little suspicious.

"But seriously, are you jerking off your pipe or what?~" Linda spread away her open blouse with her hand, exposing her pink lascivious bra, and showing her big titties to Alex.

She implied that Alex was jerking off while gawking at her tempting body and smooth, flawless skin.

Any girl would get disgusted if stranger did that in her presence, but since he was handsome and charming, it was something great and fine.

Hearing Linda's bold question, he turned his whole attention on them. Alex unconsciously gave her a long stare, peering at her body and face.

Linda had a beautiful smooth long blonde hair, along with a pair of pearl like pink eyes. Alex could tell she liked pink, since she wore it all over her body, from her jewelry and accessories to her eyes' colored contacts.

Also, she was wearing too much colorful jewelry, but what captivated Alex's eyes, was a pink collar on her neck, that had a small golden heart inside of it, perfectly in the middle of the choker.

After gazing at Linda thoughtfully, Alex switched his stares to the silent girl behind her.

Her name was Menina, she had an unusual name, but it sounds cute for him. Her clothes were a little more modest than Linda's, but they were still revealing a lot of her smooth pale skin.

Unlike Linda, she wasn't wearing many accessories and jewelry, however, she just had a cross necklace and a black cap on, which perfectly suited her dark personally. Her outfit and expressionless face, made her look mysterious.

Even though her mysterious nature was still on, a blush never left her attractive oval face and plumpy cheeks. Alex was too handsome, and she couldn't ignore it.

"Huh? No, I'm not doing anything" Alex frowned at first, but remembering that Mary's face was still between his thighs, he smiled sweetly, so both girls switch subject from embarrassment.

Trying to make them dazzled with his beautiful smile, and making Linda's nosy bold behaviour diminish. Not only that, he also raised his right hand, which was on Mary's head before, then placed it on the desk infront of them.

Hearing a well friendly conversation going between Alex and Linda. Mary got even more jealous and took her punishment further...

She untied her white blouse, slowly revealed her plump breasts, which were covered by a captivating looking blue bra.

Alex was totally unaware of what was happening under down there.

"So handsome~ Can't you be a little more kind, and give me your number?" Linda moved her body seductively, making her plump boobies bounce up and down.

"I'm sorry, I can't do that while working, I will give it to you if you asked me after work" Alex smiled slightly, and waved his hand in front of Linda.

He lied to her, there was no rule that prohibited him from giving his contract information to customers.

But he tried to refuse Linda politely, since he was still not used to the girls he had at the moment, he couldn't afford to add more.

Also, Alex was required to build strong relationships with his women. Since he enslaved them, he was obligated to take care of their emotional and sexual desires.

If he just hooked up with every woman he saw, that would make all the woman in the world to belong to him! But sadly they would miserably belong to him.

"Oh~ Don't worry about! No one would know that you gave me your number! C'mon~" Linda said with a calm expression and clingy tone, yet her pink eyes contained some unexpected affection towards Alex.

With no awareness to what was about to happen down there, under the cashier counter desk, Alex smiled, and he was about to find another way to refuse Linda's persistent request.

"Sorry, I can't infringe the store polic—"

Before Alex could finish his sentence, he suddenly felt two soft warm mountains wrapping around his erected cock, covering almost every inch of it, with its tenderness and fluffiness.

Shortly, he felt a warm slippery feeling on his glans, making his legs jolt in unbearable pleasure. At the same time, forcing his eyes to shut as he felt his hard stick insides aggressively getting sucked out.

Out of jealousy and a controllable lust, Mary removed her blouse and bra, then wrapped tightly her gigantic breasts on Alex's veiny rod, and sandwiched it.

Not only that! Even after trying to cover her favorite popsicle entirely, his pink squishy glans, popped out from the pressured breasts, but Mary quickly found a solution and covered it up with her cum sucking mouth!

'Damn...' Alex cursed in his thoughts, he wasn't mad nor angry, but he was too afraid of losing control over his mind, while the two girls were standing in front of him and tilting their head in confusion.

"Are you okay?" Linda asked with a worried expression, after confirming that Alex's wasn't jerking off nor **ing someone there, she believed his first story, which explained his weird behavior with an unexpected stomach pain.

"I'm fine, don'—" Alex again paused middle way of his sentence.

His expression changed from an expressionless to a pleased frown, as he began feeling aggressive yet gentle moves from Mary. She started jerking her soft boobs up and down on his brother, while at the same time giving his rosy cock's tip some gentle sucks and licks.

"Ahghh~" Alex couldn't help but left out a groan as he closed his vampire-like eyes.

It wasn't his fault, Mary's boobs felt incredibly good, he felt like getting squished by the softest and the warmest flesh he could ever imagine getting squeezed with.

However, he couldn't help but glance down to see what was happening! Just like how he felt, he saw Mary shamelessly giving his heaven-like boob job while at the same time boldly sucking on his glans, swallowing every drop of cum in its canal!

That's not what captivated Alex's eyes, a beautiful two pink hearts were beautifully occupying Mary's honey-like eyes!

Receiving Alex's loving gaze, Mary glanced up and smiled with her occupied lips, then soon returned to her lifetime job, but this time more swiftly and roughly.


Alex let out grunts involuntarily. He could feel her hard nipples hitting his crotch area obscenely, while she happily squeezed her man up and down.

Slurrrrp~ Slurrrp~ Slurrrp!

It only got more intense, the MILF beauty lust already reached its peak, and she unwillingly released it on Alex.

"Ahh~ It feels so damn good, I love your thick long cock between my slutty breasts~ Ohhh~" Mary uttered slutty as she glanced up at Alex, who was uncontrollably closing his eyes.

Since Liza's barrier was on, the two confused girls couldn't hear the mature Mary blurting out lewdly and unconsciously.

She completely lost control over her mind and just followed her instinct. Pleasing herself and most importantly satisfying Alex.

"Hey..." After a couple of minutes of long worried observation, Linda finally brought herself to talk. Even though she was just a stranger, her face was all worry.

Even the mysterious silent girl had a worried confused expression on her beautiful flawless face, as looked at Alex who looked like he was groaning in pain, while shutting his catchy eyes consistently.

Instead of replying and looking at the two worried girls, Alex kept glancing down at the desk, while firmly clasping on it with both hands. Feeling unbearable pleasure, he couldn't help but want to cum!

"Fuck~ Oh! Yeah~ Ahh~" Mary pulled out his throbbing fat cock and began stroking and rubbing it against her nipples, while at the same time jerking it off with her hand.

Quickly, her rosy hard nipples got soaked with her saliva from Alex's rod.

No matter how much Alex's dick was soaked by her mouth, it can never reach the wetness of her pussy, as well as her underwear and even her pants!

"Ohh~ My darling, cum for me~ I want your sticky and thick delicious milk all over my breasts~ Hmmm~" Mary lewdly pleaded for his milk, which was undeniably sweet and addictive.

With no power to hold it up anymore, Alex was about to cum involuntarily!

Feeling the throbbing increase, Mary instinctively increased her hand job speed as she pointed his meaty gun at her plump melons.

Sluk! Slok! Slak!

Wet slicking noises formed as Mary's swiftly rubbed his slippery rod with her wet hands, causing it to tremble more, and soon to shoot its milk!

"Aghhhggh~" Alex let out a loud manly groan as his cock shot arrows of white thick fluid, which successfully landed on two big bouncy mountains, that had two shaky hard pink peeks on them.

"Thank you, darling~" Mary scooped Alex's thick, hot milk off her breasts and drank it gladly.

Alex glanced down at Mary, who was sucking and scooping every drop of his cum, he couldn't believe that he felt so incredibly good just from some foreplay.

But what Alex didn't notice, is that Linda and Menina worry was getting out of hand. However, they couldn't help but feel so curious about what the handsome Alex was consistently glancing down at.

Staring at him glancing down with a satisfied expression and while panting heavily, both girls decided to take a look as well...

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